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  1. I agree with this. In CA, our gas has a lot of alcohol, and kills rubber. I went to Gates Barricade fuel injection hose, and stopped having problems with hoses getting hard from heat and chemical rot. I also recommend going to silicon vacuum hoses. I haven't had any issues with them drying out like rubber vacuum hoses.
  2. I've seen them called "furniture bolts", "book bolts", and "elevator bolts".
  3. Here's the fuel line routing. This is for a A/C car that has a return vent line. The fuel line is rubber from the corner of the frame rail, to the pump. Then from the pump to the carb. My 64 AC car uses 3/8 fuel hoses.
  4. I sometimes still work in photoshop, but not like I used to. I've kinda been there, done that with it. I've been photo editing cars since the late 90's. Here's a personal favorite I did probably 10 years ago. The Willys coupe is one of my favorite cars, and I wanted to hone my skills at the time.
  5. I first tried using Blender and programs like that, but like you, had a problem with polygons. Solid modeling is very interesting, it's more like shaping clay. Much easier to deal with, and understand the shapes. Although trying to view a 3d shape on a 2d screen still messes with my head!
  6. glad to help! I was concerned about the cable binding, so I loaded it up some with Gibb's. The firewall hole was a bit nerve-wracking, I must have checked the location 10 times before committing to it.
  7. There's no replacement part for it. This seems to be the most common issue on first gen Riv's. I'm planning on making a new one from delrin, cut to size. I'm thinking a low profile bolt to hold it in place at the pivot. It seems to happen from the window being pushed on to close the door.
  8. I've thought that too. No weird sounds out of the motor, and it moves under it's own power, so it's a leap of faith.
  9. I've wanted to get into 3D modeling to do renders like that, and try out custom ideas that can be viewed from any angle. I used to be really involved in photo editing trying out custom ideas.
  10. I've read on other sites a rebuild with good parts and someone that knows what they're doing is around $6K. Part of the reason I jumped on my 64 so quickly was that the motor and trans were rebuilt. The motors seem to respond well to upgrades, I'd have a hard time not saving up for TomT's roller rockers.
  11. Absolutely incredible workmanship! Especially for fabricating that bed. Any other pics of it by chance?
  12. Roof and bed looks like late 60's elcamino. They even managed to make it a hard top. Incredible craftsmanship.
  13. Nice! Big fan of Ivo's cars. It would be cool if you could get it with the trailer and dragster as a set. I have the 4 engine "Showboat" dragster diecast, it's incredible.
  14. Eh, it'll be fine. I have a fire extinguisher. Like the saying goes, you gotta crack some shells if you want some eggs and a wiring fire. I once caught the dash on my mustang on fire. Not a big deal, just get the battery unhooked. Had to replace a few wires, it was annoying.
  15. FWIW, they're commercially available 3D models. He's most likely using 3DSMax to edit them. Not an easy task, pretty difficult.