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    collector cars in California fire

    Mr Earl i too hope that report is a mistake I know that we are all car crazys and love our stuff and i say the next with that understanding most of those cars will be missed but were probably insured and many will get something back but you really have to feel for the people who have lost everything houses/business and they might never recover or it will take many years for them to get back to normal where i live we went through SANDY in 2012, I personally didn't do to bad but there are people in my area who still are not back in their homes Its just a shame, and GOD BLESS those who didn't make it

    98 Lesabre rear seat

    Have you compared the back of the seat when it is out to see if the brackets look the same shape from your pics it looks like the seat frame might be bent. It is pretty easy to do if you are not careful.

    Autumn Buicks

    Took my wife's 14 Lacrosse to the Boy Scout Thanksgiving feast for our Troop tonight at Schiff Scout Camp and parked near an old LIRR caboose used as an office.

    collector cars in California fire

    I have seen on the NPR site pics of a burned out shop with a Rambler I think and an El Camino in the background. I know we love our old cars but when it comes down to it you can always get another antique but if your gone that's not an option. Please listen to the warnings. And take them seriously!

    Favorite Pictures of My Buick Reatta

    check out the 2 Reatta's that showed up at our Long Island chapter friendship meet this past weekend. both are for sale. keep an eye on our for sale on our website. they should be listed soon at


    my mom and my grandmother with their probably new 62 Lesabre and some young guy pretending to drive, this falls under "start them young"
  7. 37 of us down on Long Island drove their Buicks to the chapter fall back friendship meet at Arnold Buick go to that should show you a bunch of great Buick pics from Nov 4 check these out for a preview, mine is the 57, great day for a show!

    headlight aiming

    I had my headlights disassembled earlier this year to do some detailing/bodywork what you are trying to do is relatively easy Put the headlights up and pull the plugs off the bulbs ( BE AWARE WHEN YOU HOOK UP THE HEADLAMP WITH POWER IT MIGHT WANT TO DROP THE LIGHTS BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR FINGERS WHEN PLUGGING BACK IN THE LIGHTS) remove the plastic decorative trim (4 torx screws) my suggestion is to take the headlamp cover off (body painted part) this is held on with 4 nuts i think are 10mm don't loose the washers and note the position of them Barney your knowledge of these cars is exceptional but i have to respectfully point out the stainless ring is only to hold the headlamp bulb sealed beam in with 4 screws take this off THE BACK OF IT IS SHARP and take the headlamp bulb out the headlamp bucket is the black metal part that the bulb sits in, this has a spring for tension, pop the spring off the bucket with one of the hook tools that look like a screwdriver at this point the bucket should be loose and can be wiggled out of the adjusting screws, the slots are at an angle, remove the bucket the 2 adjusting screws go into plastic retainer/nuts these can be removed by compressing the clips and pushing them out the back of the housing take the adjuster to your parts store to match up, if they don't have it you can go to an auto body supply store but you might have to buy a box of 10 reverse the procedure to install and remember to have your headlights aimed you need to have DOT approved bulbs in with the 3 little tips on the front glass as complicated as this sounds it is relatively straight forward

    Autumn Buicks

    The colors are just starting to turn on the island so this might not look like an autumn picture but it is. A very blustery day on the South shore of Long Island on the Great South Bay, Robert Moses Causeway bridge in the distance. To windy to even put the top down. But still great chance to drive the Reatta

    Hershey 2018

    MrEarl Shore Buick was in Sunrise Highway in Bellmore it was A 50s-60s modern building tall full glass front those letters were on the front of the building. the franchise went out during the consolidation GM did with Buick pairing with GMC. Shore was a single car line point so the Buick point was moved to Sun in Wantagh, who had GMC (they sponsor our LI chapter show). the building was finally torn down about 3 years ago and is now a big parking lot for the Big appliance store PC Richards which is across the side street. i remember going to look at the last gen Riviera Silver Arrow they had on the floor. i was unable to come up with a pic i am going to contact another member of our chapter that might have more info on the dealer and letters.The drawing above as nice as it is is nothing like the actual building. nice score
  11. My sons 2005 Century under 50k after a Deer decided to jump in front of it last night, he is OK the air bags did their job, thank GOD. Man do i hate this pic
  13. Went to a local all make car show with some chapter members today. It was a charity event for the John Theissen Children's Foundation. Got quite exciting when the Football player signing autographs was Ottis Anderson, Superbowl MVP in 1991 who received a 1991 red Reatta conv. from Buick. He came over to my car and was thrilled to see one just like the one he received in '91. Pretty cool day

    Favorite Pictures of My Buick Reatta

    Went to a local all make car show with some chapter members today. It was a charity event for the John Theissen Children's Foundation. Got quite exciting when the Football player signing autographs was Ottis Anderson, Superbowl MVP in 1991 who received a 1991 red Reatta conv. from Buick. He came over to my car and was thrilled to see one just like the one he received in '91. Pretty cool day
  15. I know this isn't quite the weekend but with all the rainy weather we started early. Took the 60 to the LI chapter meeting Thursday night it looked good next to a 70 and 71 GS, Beautiful night

    Favorite Pictures of My Buick Reatta

    Real nice cars. I have 2 questions, where did you get the steering wheel cover with the Buick logo. And. When you put your window up or down the stickers don't get peeled off?

    Yet 1 more question on tail light retoration

    2 questions The spar varnish you use is that anything like the helsman spray by minwax? And The adhesive pad that hold on the hood emblem anyone have a source or how to reproduce the circle pad the factory used?

    91 Reattas in Trade Schools

    There always seem to be stories around Indy pace cars. I have a consumer 75 Buick pace car so when you get to 75 contact me I can tell u what I have picked up over the years. Once racing is involved everything gets more interesting


    I had to remove the complete right (passenger) headlamp assembly recently doing some work. On the radiator support there is a metal tag riveted on with stamped numbers. What is this tag for and is there a break down if the numbers/codes.


    Thanks Barney my VIN is 900336 red and tan top. The C05 on the tag is the spo code for a convertible as mine is.i think the first letter in the upper left is the year code, because if the red tag you posted is an 88 and mine a 91 that works. I don't know why mine wouldn't have the stripe code though. Now please be aware my car on the window sticker was not delivered to a dealer but went to BMD show cars, don't know if that matters. I am attaching my SPID label not a great pic but the only one I have handy. I think the test tags are real interesting. Thanks again


    Thanks,yes I did notice the VIN my tag is 13 digits later than my VIN and that VIN is not a color match at all so hopefully Barney can she'd more light on the subject

    Reatta Pace Cars

    I know this has been mentioned before but for the newer members who might not be aware of it, The 88 PPG Reatta pace car. Here are a few pics. And I'm going on record I really like the lower aero treatment all around, it's a shame no one made this as a kit. I believe the pic without the light bar is later than the others the last I knew some years ago it was in a private collection here on Long Island, it had been up for sale with a big pricetag


    Has anyone recolored by paint or dye their Reatta steering wheel. my steering wheel is color worn and faded in spots but still intact and i would like to save it if possible. looking for input on what anyone may have done with good or bad results Thanks ahead of time
  24. My wife and I went to an evening car show 3 to 8 at the Food and Fun deli nice show sponsored by the local Caddy club. We took the 91 Reatta for a nice 35 miles felt great. The only Reatta at the show with just one other Buick, check out the pic with the Allante, GM cousins


    WOW, Great pics, how many of us wish we could stroll through those pits taking it all in. interesting things, top pic looks like 2 Century hardtops and a 2 door Special sedan, and they have license plates "driven to the race" in the lower pic on the 55 its interesting to note the sweep spear molding is still on the car, i guess this was before safety rules. Curious if anyone knows what track this was, pretty long straightaway a couple of cars including the 55 have NC hometowns but that just goes with stock car racing anywhere in the country I am sure someone was racing from North Carolina in those days!