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  1. all of them ,that's which ones you need, all of them
  2. Just found this thread great shed whish I could build a timber shed here, have enough timber on my land to build one but way to many white ants (termites)
  3. oh and the blower housing and motor
  4. interested in evaporator box centre dash vent and 3 grove pulley cash waiting
  5. only way to do it
  6. oh do I know the feeling of some one else pulling a part and putting a car back together the rear end of my car had no bushes and the track rods were finger tight
  7. Cheers mate
  8. if you decide to move it on I would be interested in most of it
  9. are 1956 and 1957 headlight switches the same ? Cheers Gavin
  10. any body ? if I have to I'm happy to buy complete run channels with good seals
  11. another seal question ,what are folks using for there rear quarter window weather strips in particular the channel that they slid into on the roof
  12. I have a special 46R to be exact and while I have a moment, does anyone know of a weather strip for the top bailey channel on the rear window for a 2 door hard top
  13. are the special and roadmaster doors the same ? reason I ask is I just found a vender with the outer door seal that is listed as fitting special and roadmaster and is much cheaper for a pair like half the price and even with the ridicules shipping is $100 cheaper landed than any thing else I can find Cheers Gavin
  14. thanks for the leads gents,have been a bit busy of late my tower crane finally came down(4 months late) and I have some time off to work on the house ,so have been building retaining walls 83m 279' and 1m or 3' high out of 1/2 ton sand stone blocks and then laying 300sqm or 984 sq feet of turf .so the poor old Buick has not seen much love but after new years we will be having a play me thinks Cheers Gav
  15. the most important part is post heat must be take to a straw colour then buried in sand or an oven to cool slowly or the weld will harden and crack