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  1. Just a bump so people know this excellent carb is still available for now. Thanx
  2. You have a great weekend Country. Make the best of it.
  3. I think I may have just found my own answer. According to my parts book, the club coupe takes a part# 1238 271. This is part# 1238 267. Is this right and if so does anyone have the correct one I need and possible trade for a rather nice NOS stone deflector? Guess I will be modifying another one. Good thing I'm pretty good at fabricating. Just hate when it's not necessary.
  4. I have now purchased 2 rear gravel guards for my '47 Windsor club coupe that were listed to fit my car. Neither do. The gravel guards are too long to fit between the rear fenders. Are the 6 and 8 cylinders different? The first one was supposed to be for a 6 cylinder club coupe. It had the same issue as this NOS one I just received which it's listed as follows from the seller; "Fits 1946-1947-1948 Chrysler---2 Dr sedan, 4 Dr sedan, Town sedan, Conv., coupe, 7 sedan & limo (Info taken from Chrysler parts book)" After that what do I do. I modified the first one to fit my car (3rd picture) and was hoping this one would bolt right on. NOT! What's wrong with my car?
  5. This is s very helpful topic
  6. Thanx for looking
  7. Thanx again. I just hope it helps someone get their car running good. It operates prefect. John Plaskan does great work as I'm sure you do also. He goes to most of the shows and swap meets around the country like the Turkey Rod Run, Hershey, etc. peddling his wares. Nice guy also. I appreciate your help. I still need to find the linkage that connects the automatic choke to the butterfly. I fabricated the other one that was missing on the EV1.
  8. With the popularity of food trucks this would make a great "snack" truck. Homemade donuts or something similar. The uniqueness of the truck would help sell a delicious product. Nice wheels and motor would attract the customers.
  9. As some of you know my 47 Windsor came with the wrong carb to use with the fluid drive tranny. However I did have it rebuilt and rebushed by John Plaskan of John Plaskan antique auto parts before I found out this fact. The car runs fantastic and idles prefect. I finally found the correct carb for my Windsor and will now be selling the Stromberg which is factory correct for some Chrysler products. It has only been operated for tuning and testing of the electrical system. Most likely less than an hour of operation. I have it listed on eBay with a starting bid of $250. Which is the cost of the rebuild. Buy it now price is 385.00. If someone on the forum needs this carb I will make a generous allowance because of the tremendous help the forum has shown towards me. So in short, this is a sure thing. Not an older rebuild or NOS or a "has been sitting on the shelf" carb. Bolt it on and you're running. Plain n simple. I hope this ends up helping someone. Now I am sending the correct carb to John for rebuilding. I hope to have the 47 up and running in a couple months. Fingers crossed.
  10. Ya gotta get lucky once in a while. I fabricated the linkage on the side of the carb. Hopefully I got the length close. However if someone has the correct one and also the linkage that connects the automatic choke on the manifold to the top of the carb, I sure could use them. Slight bending will adjust enough, I think.
  11. I finally found and bought the correct Carter B&B carb. The only thing missing is the choke rod that goes from the upper butterfly to the lower dog cam and the linkage that connects to the choke to the carb. Thanx for everyone's help.
  12. Keep an eye on eBay. I just bought one at a very reasonable price. It cleaned up to look almost new. On another note in reference to parting out the Royal, do you have the pair of cowl mounted mirrors? I also need the small clip the hides the seam on the outer stainless steel window trim?
  13. Do you have a picture of the 870862 terminal plate? Thanx
  14. I'm sure there aren't many out there and a lot of people wanting them but I would like to add one to my 1947 Windsor club coupe. Not particular about condition. I can restore or refurbish if I can obtain one economically. Thanx for any help.