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    This was done with a rattle can but it is also offered in a type you can spray from spray equipment. I have used the black from RPM for more than 20 years. This brand is new to me for wrinkle finish although I have used their heat resistant and header paint for many years. This one is from VHT. One thing about wrinkle finish is that you must follow the instructions almost to the letter. I have expedited the drying and wrinkling effect with heat before with good success. Almost mandatory in cold climates. VHT seems to be available in black, red, blue and gray. They all seem to be pretty heat resistant once cured and offer a durable coating. The RPM I always referred to as typewriter paint. Like the vintage typewriters had. I use extensively on motorcycle parts and valve cover inserts. Great for detailing.

    Yeah, kinda. Once ya figure out a system it's not too bad. But worth the outcome. I ended up measuring the length of the rectangle sides and tearing a lot of pieces of tape to size. Then just slapped em on. I have a custom paint and body shop so I'm used to masking things tediously. Even though not totally authentic, I like using wrinkle finish for contrasting detail. Like I said, the final product is worth the time and effort.
  3. Thanx. That's what I needed to know. I just wanted to make sure this one wont work before buying another. This is what came on the car and I wasn't around when the tranny was rebuilt and reassembled
  4. If anyone has first hand experience with this as far as knowing if the 2 prong switch in miner is correct or if there is a part number located on the switch, please let met know if mine can still be correct and possibly one prong is simply grounded.
  5. BEFORE: ^^^^^ BEFORE: ^^^^^ AFTER: ^^^^^ AFTER: ^^^^^ I couldn't afford to have my grill rechromed so I got hold of a descent condition grill and needed a way to improve the look of the harmonica insert section of the grill. I use wrinkle finish paint in my shop all the time but in the past have only found black and that wouldn't look right. Then I searched for other colors and found a very nice grey that I thought would look correct. After a few hours of prep and a lot of taping this is the outcome. It did what I wanted in hiding the pits in the painted portion of the grill. Plus it produces a hardened protection to help prevent future oxidation. I scuffed the insert sections with a purple scotch pad to open up the the pits then used the wrinkle finish paint exactly according to instructions. It produces a fine wrinkle that looks almost factory. Here's a before and after. This can help in many other areas for detail, especially under the hood. Hope it helps in your future projects.
  6. I'm in no hurry. The mechanic that was helping with that project just baled on me so the rest is up to me from here. I can finish the electrical but will take me a little longer than it would have taken him. This is the problem dealing with proper with mental conditions.
  7. Thanx. I saw that also but it's odd that the one that was sold was listed as a neutral safety switch. Most neutral safety stitches look like mine with 2 leads instead of one
  8. Not the outer moldings but the garnish molding that surrounds the quarter window on the inside. But this is a club coupe which is different than other ones. The stainless steel window molding clips should come of fairly easy but I'm good with metal so I can most likely straighten a slight bend out of it. You also mentioned hub caps. I have had a lil trouble in that area also. I ended up using a set from I believe a 50 or 51. What is the measurement on your hubcaps please? I don't need fog lamps as I have had my housings rechromed. But ya never know. We have to start figuring out what kinda deal you want for any parts I can use.
  9. Valence looks to be in descent shape. Mine already has the holes for mounting fog lamps I also need rocker moldings for my club coupe. And now I need the interrupter switch on the fluid drive tranny. I still need the rear quarter garnish moldings and 1 stainless side window trim piece that hides the seam where the 2 ends meet. We'll keep trying. LOL
  10. The one that sold is listed as a neutral safety switch which mine does look like and what my mechanic thought it was. The interrupters are different. I wish I could use the neutral safety switch but don't believe they do the same operation.
  11. That was my thoughts. To me it looks like a brake light switch. But who knows. Now I just have to find someone selling the correct interrupter switch.
  12. These are pictures of the complete harness section that does the interior and the 3 different operations of the fluid drive. As in kickdown mode. 3rd speed and 4th speed operations.
  13. I have a 47 Windsor and it is not the same. Actually I bought it in hopes I could use it instead on mine because I liked the design much more but it won't fit the contour of the front of the hood. I just purchases another rear valance but it to doesn't fit. I listed a thread on the correct part number for the one I need. I could use a front also but I have one I already did most of the repairs. There are still other miscellaneous parts if you want to go further.
  14. nope. The only thing I ever found out about the rebuilder is that it was a shop in Miami. And the best timeline I have is that it was done around 5 years ago. My only hope it to find one here, on EBay or Andy Bernbaum. My mechanic was thinking the same as you that we'd just ground the other post but I'm not a big fan of guesswork and my thought is that it is already self grounded through its housing. Did you have a chance to go over the wiring diagrams? I'll start my search for a single pole interrupter switch.