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  1. Steelbreeze

    1947 Windsor high beam indicator location?

    Yes we found that to be correct about the 47 high beam indicator which is why we moved it to the shift lever. I wanted both my turn signal indicators to work like normal cars. Is the radio for sale? I have restored mine with new face dial and refurb. I suppose I could put my parts on that one if yours aren't already new and if you are selling it, also depending on the price. And what features your radio has. Lemme know and thanx a lot.
  2. I'll give it another try but it wouldn't work last time. But I'll give it a whirl.
  3. The manual I have has installation instructions with the stainless in the rubber also for the windshield.
  4. On mine it is actually installed in the rubber. I installed the rear window this way and tried to see if the front went in the way you said and it will not. Same as the rear the rubber, it is installed as you said, then the stainless is inserted into the slit in the rubber after the window is in.
  5. Thanx, I'll try and find the listing and number and give them a call
  6. I cannot seem to find anyone that carries the correct windshield gasket for my 47 Windsor club coupe that has the stainless trim around the glass. Odd part is that Steele Rubber carries the gasket by the foot that accepts the trim but not a one piece gasket. They also do carry a one piece gasket for my car that does NOT have the groove for the SS trim. They offer a service to vulcanize the gasket sold by the foot, thereby making a one piece gasket, but they want me to send a template of the glass in order to make what I need. Which will be at an additional cost. I have been searching for the one piece gasket for a year or more. Does anyone know where I can simply order a one piece gasket that will accept the stainless steel trim for my 1947 Chrysler Windsor club coupe? Thanx for any help anyone can offer.
  7. Brian, hers the link to the guy selling woody kits. Obviously he has the patterns, so maybe you can contact him and work a deal on the parts you are in need of. In any case, good luck with your project. I hope this helps a lil bit.
  8. I just saw someone on eBay I think that offers a wood kit that seemed reasonable. Maybe he would sell you some paterns or offer only select pieces that you need rather than the whole kit.
  9. The car starts and runs but I still haven't completed getting it on the road. No issues so far other than o was told a voltage reducer will not work for the clock. Someone wrote to me that they could convert it for around 80 bucks but I can't find that correspondence. Good luck and let me know if I can help. We also installed a modern wiring harness with fuse terminal.
  10. I just moved my warehouse but do still have the ornament. I will have to look in some boxes in order to find it. It's been a while but I think I paid somewhere around 350-400 for it. It really is a beautiful specimen for being original. The flaws I isolated in the pictures are not very visible in person. But I want people to see what they are buying so there's no disappointments. I would love to know that it was installed on a nice model Chrysler. It is worthy of a town and country in my opinion. I manage a high end restoration shop here in south Florida. Let me know if you are in a hurry.
  11. Steelbreeze


    I am in need of the transmission interrupter switch. For some reason the one that is currently installed has 2 prongs on the top instead of only one. The transmission and engine were fully rebuilt before I acquired the car and this is what was on it. And I can't afford the close to two hundred bucks some people want for theirs. I'll just have to wait for a break or for someone wanting to trade out for another part I may have.
  12. Steelbreeze


    Would be easier and cheaper to get the correct carb than to change transmissions. Besides having the correct functionality. As you see I was in the same predicament
  13. Steelbreeze


    Yes I did get the correct carb. The micro switch was our first option until the carburetor became available. Now I'm just looking for the correct interrupter switch. The one that came on mine from them rebuilding the trans doesn't seem to be correct. Mine has 2 prongs and should only have 1
  14. Very old topic but next time check with John Plaskan @ He is an excellent carb rebuilder and has an unlimited source of old carb parts. He's in Webster Florida. 813 713-5820.
  15. I am still in need of the correct interrupter switch for my M5 tranny. I can't afford the one on eBay. Way outta my price range. If anyone knows of one available please let met know.