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  1. It sure sounds like they did just that.
  2. You are correct in that this part of the restoration was performed before I received the vehicle. When the owner said it was rebuilt with "all new parts" I assumed he meant those that are normally replaced. Me not being a mechanic, I don't know exactly which these are. I can do a perfect paint job but leave the greasy end to others. LOL I don't recall the shop that did the work but at the time (3 years ago) was told by many that he was a very good and thorough rebuilder. It did run very smooth when we started it but haven't had the chance to drive yet. Thanx for the input. Now if I could only find someone to help with the aftermarket harness I might be able to get it on the road.
  3. I personally did not have my '47 251 rebuilt but supposedly they used all new parts. So I am wondering what the likelihood that they would have acquired the hardened valve seats and alloy exhaust valves? The owner was a "spare no expense" type guy and wanted it made better than when new. The work was preformed about 4 years ago. Would a rebuilder have access to these parts?
  4. I'll have my accountant get a shipping quote and pass it along. Just remember they did a lousy chrome job but if your good with a die grinder or dremmel it can be shaped right. Then chromed again or painted
  5. I have one in steel that was rechromed but they did a horrible job. It could be fine tuned and painted. I ended up buying a brass one¦ so if you want the rechromed one just pay for shipping and it's yours. Mark
  6. Yeah, mine are better than this. Rechroming is not an option with what they charge for pot metal. Was quoted between 6-8 grand to do the complete grill. Way to rich for me.
  7. I'm still looking for the quarter window garnish moldings. And the top right and left whiskers for the grill. I need help with the car in South Florida if anyone on the forum is down here. Can exchange some paint and bodywork for good electrical work. I'll get this thing on the road yet.
  8. Any good grill parts? I need right and left top whiskers and the middle and lower center horizontal bars. Possibly the 2 harmonica sections but mine aren't terrible. Thanx
  9. I have recently seen them on eBay and the price seemed reasonable
  10. Yes those are the "whiskers" I am referring to. The parts I don't need for the grill I have already found NOS that were affordable. If you would part with your top ones I guess we should exchange pictures to see which are better. I purchased a hood wing for a 49-50 in hopes it would fit but it is slightly different and would take a little hood mod that I don't wanna do since my 47 was restored totally bone stock. But it also is NOS and beautiful. I have it listed on eBay and hope someone gets to make good use of it. The chrome is excellent. As far as the mirrors, cough cough. A grand? not me. LOL We'll see how it works out. If you want to email me pictures of the whiskers send to STEELBREEEEZE@AOL.COM. Thanx, Mark
  11. No problems. I may have misread something. Another item I am looking for are the cowl mounted mirrors. Since you said they are the same in the front, maybe someone has a set of these. And I thought I had my grill problems figured out but as it stands I will still need the left and right top whiskers on the side and the top and middle bars in the center. I am not looking for show quality but something to look good on a daily driver with less pittage than my current ones. I sure wish there were somebody in south Florida that knew these cars mechanical so I can get it on the road. Everything has been rebuilt with all new parts but I just need to get the car motivated. And my budget is next to nothing unfortunately. This car deserves a much more prosperous owner. LOL I do paint and body to trade. (Fingers crossed)
  12. I am looking to buy some parts not sell. If you or him have some parts feel free to contact me. Please no thread jumping. Does he have and good extra parts for sale?
  13. I doubt it also.
  14. No one on the forum has any idea of a good place to locate parts for a coupe? No clues at all?