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  1. Looking for a complete Carter EV 2 for a 47 Chrysler fluid drive car. Original condition ok. NOS not necessary. Thanx for any help.
  2. I'm sure there aren't many out there and a lot of people wanting them but I would like to add one to my 1947 Windsor club coupe. Not particular about condition. I can restore or refurbish if I can obtain one economically. Thanx for any help.
  3. Thanx much. Very helpful.
  4. Can't find the listing. The only one I can find has been listed for quite a while and is a 2 barrel. If you see again please post a link or an item #. Thanx
  5. I will try to remember to do this tomorrow
  6. Can you post pix of these or send to Or text to 954 558 1382 Thanx much. I'll try and look up numbers
  7. First of all it's the Stromberg that camber on some. We are either going to have to adapt one of these switches or most likely just use a micro switch to accomplish the same thing
  8. I can't unmount the tires to take a measurement but I did know these are not the wheels that originally came with the car. In the beginning it was in the hands of a scammer which is why I need some of the parts that I do. I would rather the wider wheels but it's not that crucial. I would need then shipped to 33009. Do you have all 5? Thanx
  9. As I stated in the post. The clips are on the wheels. But there must be variations. The hubcap I believe is correct it's my wheels that are wrong. EVEN THO THEY HAVE THE 5 CLIPS. Do you have a set that might be correct?
  10. The wheels on my 1948 Windsor must not be correct. I bought what I believed to be the correct dog dish style hub cap with Chrysler script. I think it is a 10", and when I tried to put on the wheel it will not come close to snapping in place. They do have the clips but the size does not fit. I ended up purchasing a set of one piece hubcaps I believe for a 1950 and they fit and look good but ultimately I would like to get the 2 piece wheel covers that have the hubcap and trim ring. But I need the correct wheels to start. Is there a part number i should look for? This is a picture of my current hubcaps.
  11. This thread has been moved to the correct section: Chrysler products. Now if the admin could please eliminate this thread. Thanx and sorry for my mistake. Didn't mean to offend someone
  12. I have that on my cowl vent knob. Seems there are a few variations along the way. My inside vent knob was different as well as my lighter. It works for me
  13. In looking for my high beam indicator lens we realized either my Windsor does not have one or it is one that uses one of the "turn indicator" lights for the high beam. I wanted both turn signal indicators to work as normal so I thought, why not have the shift knob glow when using the high beam. It's an easy DIY job. We are running the wires from the high beam switch that normally would go to the instrument panel light, up the steering column and thru the hollow shift lever. Connecting it to a low mcd LED. The result is a nice low glow that does not transmit thru the side. So it doesn't blind you. Only the ribs reflect the light and the dome in the center. So if anyone wants a little something different this is small easy fix and doesn't hurt the authenticity of a great old car. You can use for whatever kind of use you want. Even your alarm warning light.
  14. It's from my 47 Windsor
  15. I would like to find the correct switch but if not we are just going to use a micro switch to do the same thing. Please keep checking though. If you have the little stainless piece with a complete molding I will buy the whole piece if necessary