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  1. Are there any tours in California in 2018???

    Thank you Mary it sounds nice, wish there were more tours out here. The one in Sonora last year was outstanding! Mark thanks I will look into the HCCA. Dale
  2. I haven't seen anything on a tour in California (or close) this year, are there plans for one?
  3. Anyone live in or near Bloomington, In ?

    BTT still need help!
  4. source for window regulator springs

    Thank you Terry I will check with Regulator Roy, if I find another source for these Mark I will share it here. Turlock Swap Meet is coming up the last week in January. I vaguely remember seeing a large source at the meet. I will get a business card.
  5. Hi Does anyone know of a source for window regulator springs other than places like Vintage Ford or The Filling station? Thanks
  6. Lincoln Model K

    Hi John and JAK, I agree with both of you, I really don't care for Facebook at all, some people live on it, share every moment of there day... not me. Here is how I ended up on it. I collect and restore American Austins and Bantam, I have 8 of them. Our club crated a FB page for American Austin and Bantam (ABS) and I was hearing of activity on it that I should know of, I thought that all this info will be in the news letter at some point, didn't happen. So I joined FB just to keep up with the info, parts, cars and discussions. I recently crated the FB page for the Lincoln K because of the lack of activity on the Lincoln Owners Club page. If you don't go there sign up you don't get notifications of posts so it's kind of stagnate. The plus side of the FB page is you get notified immediately if you follow it. I hope more Lincoln K people join the FB page, it would be nice to share info and discuss the cars more often. Lynn
  7. Anyone live in or near Bloomington, In ?

    I sent you a PM Thanks!
  8. Lincoln Model K

    I recently started a Lincoln "K" facebook site, feel free to post you want ad there. https://www.facebook.com/groups/108645673031162/ Lynn
  9. Inside Window Trim, anyone recognize these?

    Hi I went back and looked at the wood a little closer, it looks more like Cherry than Walnut to me but I'm not a wood expert and I don't know if they used Cherry for something like this. I did take another photo with a tape measure for size. I would like to find the correct home for these. I can take more photos if you need any. Thanks Lynn
  10. HELP I bought a 34 Lincoln out of Bloomington a few years back. It is missing a few parts. The man I bough it from passed away earlier this year. The man he bought if from lived at the address shown on the photo attached, his kids live there now or run an auction there. He had a habit of taking things apart and not quit putting them all back on. I would like someone to go by and see if they still have the parts missing. I have a smugmug page with a short listing the parts needed and a photo what they look like, it's only a few pieces. please let me know if you can help. I tried calling but they never answer or return any of my calls. Lynn
  11. Does anyone recognize these? I'm guessing mid 20's or later, look like it could be mahogany. probably a coupe, passenger and driver side. Thank you Lynn
  12. Wanted! Courtesy lights

    Looking for some round courtesy light lenses and bezels. I have the housing with bulb but need the rest. The housing measures 3.0" dia. and has an ID of 2.5" it has two pins that the bezel locks on, the OD must be larger than 3.0" to cover the housing, I'm assuming there are two ears or something that slid into the 2.5" ID and holds it on . see photos. Thank You!
  13. Private Swap Meet - Pre War Packard Parts

    If you have a couple of these in your pile let me know Dale 209 815-1189

    Marty, which one of the cars on your list do you plan on bringing to Sonora? For the meet chairman is there a itinerary available? Lynn

    Thanks Wayne!