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  1. Getting closer

    Excellent work. Congratulations. Good luck with future steps.
  2. What Is It? 2017/06/18 0821

    For me, it looks like a Chrysler
  3. Stan Hywet Car Show Fathers Day

    Unfortunately, I am not there. Can you post some photos from the car show? This year, the list of participants is really interesting.
  4. where is possible to read the full article? Thank you in advance.
  5. It is very similar to Mascot radiator cap
  6. Hershey 1962

    I noticed the same. People are so elegant there, it looks like really special event for all of them.
  7. Driving a 1933 Chevrolet Master 5 Window Coupe

    Nice car and probable excellent feelings to drive it. What was your average speed during your trip?
  8. Time Lapse Engine rebuild in 2 minutes

    Thank you for uploading this video. I will never rebuild my engine but it was interesting to see everything from the inside.
  9. Vendor Issue

    Did you finally resolve the situation? If not please tell the name of the store and its location.
  10. What car did this grill come from??

    It look like this grill is from Essex Terraplane (1932)
  11. Need rear end transport

    Do you still need it?
  12. Tow vehicle for sale Chevy Duramax

    Nice truck and competitive price for it. Good luck with your sale.
  13. Dream Garage

    Really nice place to store these amazing cars.
  14. ERA Racer

    Nice work! So, did you finally finished this project?
  15. Similar sign was sold for $1000 (