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  1. Rear Turn Signal- Color Preference?

    That's exactly what I'm talking about. The module is 3 separate pieces- reflector, color/diffuser, clear lens. What I'm proposing- is to cut out 1 bulb's worth of the red plastic, and splice in amber. You would need to be up close with a flashlight to see it unless it is lit from behind. It would be cosmetically invisible.
  2. Rear Turn Signal- Color Preference?

    I think installing turn signals on the side of the front fenders like modern cars have is a great idea, and of course- LED. There are many brands and shape/types to choose from- this is what I'm thinking about, to put on my Reatta- As for the rear- years ago, when I was restoring my tail light module- I seriously thought about removing a portion of the red lens, and splice in amber sections, 1 for each side (you can buy them online now, as "fog light covers") maybe 1 bulb each, before the outer 194 marker bulb? Run the turn signal wires- and viola. I just really miss amber turn signals in the rear, and they're much more visible, too. 1 amber blinking LED bulb would be plenty to get attention, or just use an OEM 1156 bulb. So- when the brake is applied- you'd still have the normal amount of red, but you'd be minus 2 "tail" lights, near the edges. Your comments would be appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Found for sale in the UK

    Isn't there a Member of ROJ named "Hemming" that is in Germany? He might be interested. Last I knew- he was having major TEVES problems.
  4. Found for sale in the UK

  5. E-85

    Since I am not allowed to post links to information- I will simply say to use your favorite Search Engine (mine is Yahoo) and search "what effect does acetone have on ethanol".
  6. E-85

    Valid question. It is like brake fluid; by it's hygroscopic nature, it attracts moisture from the air (humidity). That's why it's not used in boats or aircraft, and only ethanol free fuel is used for those applications.
  7. E-85

    There is a website that locates it for you...
  8. Not trying to lecture- "older" videos were recorded with older equipment. All of the digitizing actually slightly degrades the information, little by little- losing quality. The "Buick KH" series from Rivlanta were originally VHS. The format must be changed, to upload to YouTube, probably MP4. All the resolution possible really won't make a difference- actually- the larger setting at your 1024x768 @30Hz will be grainy. I use a 32" LCD HDTV as my monitor, and have a decent GPU video card. I run at 1080i 32bpp (1920x1080 @60Hz) and have a fast internet connection- so I can watch higher resolution videos (720p). Bottom line: The VHS stuff looks like VHS- no matter what you do. The "medium" size is just fine for here. If the viewer wants to- they can hit the fullscreen button.
  9. Power enhancement ideas

    That's such an insanely powerful setup- I'd be scared to drive it. I think Quicksilver is awesome.
  10. Considering buying a Reatta

    I live in Upstate, NY (smack dab middle) and we've had 10% corn in the "Regular" grade for many years now. We do have ethanol-free "Super" 91 octane, too. I have used both in my '89, and can say there's not a huge difference. I have a new "Delco" type ignition, with Bosch Double Platinum plugs- so it fires irregardless. The 91 stuff does have a tiny bit more highway pep. I have used 10W-40 all year around here, and in Winter I add 1 pint of conventional ATF for easier starting and extra cleaning. The cap reads a much thinner grade (5W-30) to pass the Emissions tests of the time. No way would I use that now, after 172k +29 years.
  11. Because of it's nature- it's nearly impossible to get paint to stick to anodized aluminum. The only real way to "clean" it- is to have it electrochemically stripped, then anodized again. Even a "self etching" primer wouldn't work. To knock down the "bling" of a shiny bumper, and make it easier to maintain- you could add color (of body?) to the anodizing solution. I remember reading here before- an owner had the bumpers redone. It's not hugely expensive. Our bumpers are probably done with sulfuric acid. There are Shops all around the Country.
  12. Yes. That is exactly what I'm talking about. No, not the wheel wells- those are black (dark) on almost every vehicle I've ever seen, or worked on. I'm strictly referring to how the black lower portions (Air Dam, rocker panels, Modesty Cover) make the body appear to be higher than it actually is. Take 3 photos of your own red, and Photoshop red in those areas- to see what I mean. The only color that isn't dramatic with this effect is black (for obvious reasons). Every other color would effectively "lower" the car. Wasn't painting the molding the same as body color an option, like "pinstripe delete"? Many owners paint the mirrors, too. For $28k in 1989- Each unto his own.