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  1. ABS Brake Book

    Legally? No. I highly doubt the Mods would allow such a "copyright infringement". The Owner/Publisher could easily suit this .org website out of existence. Remember- how Reatta.net had to shut down the .pdf FSM? OTOH- you could easily scan it all, and burn to DVD, and privately sell each copy. Does it contain "extra" info our FSM doesn't? I would say- $20-$25 + S&H would be fair. 10-pack of DVD-R at WalMart is about $8 + tax. After the initial 1 time scanning labor- you'd make out really well. Make a few to start, then make to order, so no waste.
  2. 1989 dash not dimming at night

    Sir- Are you aware- that the links in your Signature, all lead to a Wood Duck? =
  3. 1991 Reatta Air Conditioning Interrmittent

    There is a thread here, regarding when we discovered that it's failure would cause AC issues. I believe the "quick fix" that was determined was to unplug it, jumper the plug, and tape it up, hung up with a zip tie. It was also determined- that an extension with Crows foot, going down behind engine- could reach the flats on the switch to remove/tighten. A new switch can be found HERE It's purpose- is while the car isn't rolling, (parallel park) and the AC compressor is engaged, and you turn the steering wheel- the ECM will temporarily shut off the AC compressor- to prevent the engine from stalling. You can test your switch from your driver's seat. With engine running, AC on full, enter diagnostics, "ECM INPUTS" EI78, and turn the wheel. If an "X" appears, the switch worked- but not necessarily every time. When you have checked for any stored fault codes- has EO46 (current or history) ever showed?
  4. ABS Pressure switch replacement

    You could plug in your wired connectors, then spray inside the socket with WD-40 or PAM cooking spray- then carefully pipe in a "harder" silicone, such as Ultra black or Ultra blue, or a "bathroom type" caulking, let it harden, then carefully pull it out, to make a plug.
  5. 1991 Reatta Air Conditioning Interrmittent

    Yes. Here is a photo of it, for your reference.
  6. ABS Pressure switch replacement

    It would be nice- http://www.cardone.com/Products/Product-Detail?productId=123411&p=rock&jsn=1318
  7. Service manual

    I really enjoyed the .pdf version- print out what you need, take it out to greasy garage- instead of a heavy, $100 fragile book.
  8. ABS Pressure switch replacement

    Would these suffice as terminals? https://www.amazon.com/Baomain-Insulated-Connector-Electrical-Terminal/dp/B01962MW2G/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1507921714&sr=8-1&keywords=2.8+x+0.5mm+female+spade+connector I'm remembering KDirk was tinkering with this idea, a while ago...
  9. ABS Pressure switch replacement

    http://www.rockauto.com/en/parts/acdelco,25530882,brake+pressure+warning+switch,4268 https://www.amazon.com/ACDelco-25530882-Original-Equipment-Pressure/dp/B0010GFRD8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1507921410&sr=8-1&keywords=acdelco+25530882
  10. Service manual

    Yes, so this would be the "cheapest and correct" choice- http://www.ebay.com/itm/1990-Buick-Riviera-Reatta-Service-Shop-Manual-Original-/253202200681?hash=item3af406f869:g:180AAOSw~CFY6XEF&vxp=mtr
  11. Service manual

  12. 1990 electrical issue

  13. Looking for any history of a Buick Reatta

    Barney- could you please contact whomever runs that site, that the listing of Dash Resources Digital Dash Solutions Carl Cowles 140 Frederick St., Bristol, CT 06010, 860-583 0629 Last known quote was $150 exchange is no longer in service. I just called (2:45pm EST) and spoke to the Proprietor; they are no longer in business. Thank you.
  14. Dash plastic/rubber "sticky" - Solutions?

    Yes- Benzene and it's esters will very easily remove the liquid ingredients of plastics. Pick your poison with this one http://www.goofoffproducts.com/msds-cpsia It is a very light oil, with lemon & orange extracts. It will dissolve most rubber-based glues. https://googone.com/uploads/msds/GG_Original_SDS.pdf
  15. Dash plastic/rubber "sticky" - Solutions?

    The very ingredients that it's made from- are separating; the next step will probably be splitting & cracking, like an over ripe melon. The "sticky rubber" is probably the Butyl Acetate, (one of it's components) leeching from the vinyl. I would not use any type of cleaner (solvent) to try to remove this. Get a bottle of quality cocoanut oil suntan lotion, and liberally coat the entire dashboard. Leave it on, as long as possible, until it soaks back into the vinyl. 1 heavy application should do it. Try to not wipe it off- it will eventually soak in. The rear parts would benefit from a treatment, too.