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  1. Are 225-60-16 tires OK on 1988 Reatta ?

    Check HERE then use the site to see.
  2. 1995-1999 Riviera Wheel Center Cap

    Maybe- you could rub it down with #0000 steel wool & Mother's? After you get as much luster as possible- do the other 3 to match? Just a thought.
  3. 1995-1999 Riviera Wheel Center Cap

    Hey DAVES89 the link you provided is wrong.
  4. car cover

    Thank you, Barney. Depending on your climate- you might not need to worry about freezing and splitting the jug open. A few tablespoons of salt would help. We use a lot of them in my area- firewood pile, cars, seasonal equipment, etc. The day my '89 transmission broke- it was THIS WEATHER. By the time I could get a good look at it- it was THIS WEATHER (as in photo on that day) then- got to work in THIS WEATHER I can't wait to leave here pretty soon.
  5. 1995-1999 Riviera Wheel Center Cap

    I would think- what you need to know is are the '88-'90 center caps interchangeable with a '91 wheel? Does anyone out there have the means to check?
  6. car cover

    1 gallon plastic jugs, 3/4 filled with water work great. Convenient handle to carry, tie to. Even in freezing weather- you have 8 lbs. of weight.
  7. Junkyard Gems

  8. 1989 Transmission Lag

    Yes, I agree with 2seater- under load you really need a powerful ignition. I would also change any questionable fluid and filter, and closely examine the Modulator, and it's vacuum source. Climbing hills lowers the manifold vacuum, and you need all you can get to run the systems. A leaky HVAC vacuum line, accumulator, faulty check valve, cracked hose, and check the large cap near the EGR, where a brake booster would normally plug in.
  9. Reatta for parts in N. Texas salvage yard

    Fair enough- I must've read it the wrong way. I apologize, Barney. I will remove the post if you see fit, just let me know.
  10. Reatta for parts in N. Texas salvage yard

    Did you read my post, and check the link I provided- or am I on your "ignore list" as well? HERE No, of course it doesn't have an "R" like a Reatta. According to this list what are you referring to? They have many beautiful choices for our rims under "LeSabre".
  11. Reatta for parts in N. Texas salvage yard

    THIS is one of the very few companies- who discovered a "separate market" and buy them from various Yards. I can't personally vouch for their quality, but at least the quantity is there. S&H is what costs, so they probably have a contract with a Carrier for a flat rate, inside the Continental US, as they say. The prices seem legit, clear photos.
  12. Considering buying a Reatta

  13. What a Horible Shame

    The market for "Car Care Products" has nearly tripled over the "Maintenance" category for +20 years now, and Manufacturers have caught on; GQ Public cares more about looks- than function. Everyone wants a clean, shiny car. The choices for wash, wax, polish, scrub, dust, vacuum, shampoo, freshen, etc. are as huge and as numerous for choices as breakfast cereal. Yet- underneath- what do we have? On your back, media blast, wire brush, and POR-15 or something similar to a "truck bed liner" product, which is black, and mostly "unseen". Bare steel brake and fuel lines, and drain holes that haven't seen a drop of water since creation. In my professional years- I'd see beautiful cars, trashed underbody, scared to lift it. Beater, daily drivers- that were rock solid where it counted. People are the same way.
  14. air cleaner top.

    Hopefully- the manifold vacuum has been enough to hold it down tight. Try to remove it while running, at idle and 2k-ish RPM.