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  1. Looking for the hubcaps pictured. Would like a decent set of four. Not afraid to do some light repair if need be. Singles or full sets considered. Happy to pickup at Hershey.
  2. Irontrap

    FREE - 1950 Buick Super

    Also interested and can grab anytime if the interested party backs out. In PA. Nice gesture by you!
  3. Irontrap

    Help me ID a 1930's Mystery Dash

    I agree it looks like some sort of car part! My friend just grabbed the dash for me because he thought it looked interesting. I'll be taking a trip to visit this old yard and pull some parts, so I'll definitely look harder at that!
  4. A friend found this for me when he was digging around an old junkyard and I'm having trouble place what it was out of originally. Initially I was thinking something more high-end like a Pierce Arrow, Packard, Lasalle, etc. but not quite sure and my google searches have been exhausted. Any help is appreciated! -Matt
  5. Hi Carl, I bought out the remaining collection of parts from a gentleman local to me. He had been collecting, buying, and selling Cadillac parts for 50 years or more. I took 2 pickup truck loads and an 18' trailer load out. I'm still going through it all but I have stuff from the 40's up through the early 70's. Not many bumpers or body panels but tons of interior parts, exterior trim, emblems, switches, lights and related trim, etc etc. Shoot me an email with what you're after and I can take a look.
  6. Photo added to the original post and here with the engine number. I added some updated pics now that I have it at my storage area on an ebay ad. Read/See More here: I will gladly deal/sell it off of Ebay if contacted directly.
  7. Came in a lot of parts (mostly Cadillac) I purchased from a collectors estate. This was supposidely running on the bench years ago but some parts were removed over the years to scavenge for a friends car. We haven't tried to turn it over yet, but I'd bet it's at least partially stuck. It has been stored inside in a dry barn on a pallet for the last 30-ish years and hasn't been outside in the weather. It shows in the condition. I attached pictures I first took of it and can provide additional photos is anyone needs. Happy to ship it anywhere if you cover the costs. Asking $500 for the engine. Please email me or call me as I don't monitor this site as often as I should! -Matt 6one0 NineZero6 6344 or Thanks for looking.
  8. Thank you for the help that's the one! Appreciate the quick response! -Matt
  9. I got a big load of parts from an estate a few weeks back mainly for the Ford stuff but in the pile were some parts the family told me were from their grandfathers 1927 Chrysler Model 60 Roadster. The bumpers look it and the spare tire cover says Chrysler 60 on it, but the trunk lid I received I can't seem to match up with pics online. It's about as nice as I've ever seen for an original paint part, but I want to make sure I properly advertise this stuff for sale so no one is disappointed! I can post additional photos if need be. Any help would be appreciated! -Matt