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  1. I worked at Toyota bodyshop for 6 years.... Since you have already eliminated the two most common sources of water leaks (plugged A/C drain and Sunroof drains) I would seriously be looking around the windshield if has been replaced during the life of the vehicle (very likely at this point), I have seen some brutal glass installs before.... glass guys so careless they actually cut open the a-pillars removing the old glass.... Chances are the windshield is going to have to come out to really check though. My second guess would be water entry around the roof rack if you have one. Some Toyotas have the rack bolted though the roof.... you have to access the bolts by dropping the headliner. I don't recall if Rav4's are this way.
  2. Can't really comment on the 70's, But I don't think the proceeding decades were much better. My grandfather worked at a Ford dealership in the late 50's.... he told me plenty of stories when I was young. Cars with no oil in the engines, no oil in the rear diffs, brakes leaking (he said they were usually on top of the hauler so they ruined the paint jobs on the cars below them), etc. While he worked there he bought a brand new Ford... not sure which model. Driving it home he heard an intermittent rattle.... drove him crazy for a few days trying to diagnose it on the drive to and from work. He finally traced it to one of the rear doors, pulled the trim panel and found an wrench inside the door. I think I still have the wrench in my toolbox.... Same car... shortly after delivery my grandmother complained the carpet was lumpy on the passenger side. He didn't ride on that side and told her under no uncertain terms she was crazy... but she persisted and one weekend he pulled and seat and pulled up the carpet to find the mummified remains of a sandwich. In the 60's his brand new '65 Impala SS snapped the crank in less than 5,000 miles.... although being a 4-speed car owned by an avid street racer... he might of had something to do with that one
  3. Very interesting.... The frames appear to be identical to the bare White frame I have for my Speedster build.
  4. Looking good
  5. Haven't been able to do much in the garage in the last couple of weeks... but I snagged another important part... a correct mag switch for dual ignition. The price on this one hurt a bit but it looks to be in good shape. If I gather up a few more parts... I'll have to stop talking and start building
  6. Huge breakthrough today... I have wheels! After mulling over what kind of wheels to run I decided to go with #6 Buffalo hubs and centers, the rims are 27" Goodyear Quick detach which I'll have drilled, dimpled and laced. I feel I got the parts for a very fair price, I think I could possibly have all 4 wheels done with tires for the price I was told to expect for 1 Rudge-Whitworth hub and wheel. I was worried 27" wheels would be too large but I think they balance nicely with the size of the engine without getting that "monster truck tire" look you sometimes see with the firetruck speedsters. Even with the 27" wheels I will likely have less than a foot of ground clearance below the engine and belly pans. The engine right now is at about the height I expect it to be in the car... the hood and cowl are going to be Beast of Turin tall....
  7. edinmass, Is the fire truck collector in Huston or Houston? The only reason I ask is supposedly there is a large fire truck collector here in Houston that I am trying to track down... IIRC all of the fire truck forums are no longer active.
  8. I've had pretty good luck on eBay finding small parts such as gauges at reasonable prices. But wading through the new junk is tedious... not to mention since I'm building a speedster I'm not searching for parts for a specific make... makes searching a chore. Searching for "brass era" or "horseless carriage" brings up mostly the same pieces that have been listed over and over again for the last year...
  9. Not much new on Speedster, Haven't had much free time in the last month to work out in the garage. One afternoon while mixing up some ATF and acetone to soak my valves and pistons and decided to take a peek inside my transaxle. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised at the condition of the gears under the goo... I don't see any damage to the gears from grinding into gear. Hate to think that I may have to learn to drive a non-synchro on a gearbox so nice.... I also picked up a couple more gauges... a pressure gauge and fuel gauge. The fuel gauge is from the late 20's I believe but I plan to build a more period correct face for it (and it was very inexpensive).
  10. Yeah but they sure sound good with open exhaust stacks Me... I'm holding out hope to someday I'll be able to snag a Liberty V-12....
  11. Here are some pics of the parts I have: The striping on the seats is definitely firetruck-esque, but I haven't seen any exact matches. I'm near 100% certain the radiator is from a Stutz.... just not sure what size truck. I don't have any pics of the other side as it is so heavy its tough to move easily. The emblem is missing. The Stutz fire trucks I have seen have large, distinctive looking dust caps on the hubs that appear to clamp on. My front hubs appear very similar if not exact.
  12. Curtis OX-5 aero engines seem to have been quite popular in race cars of the period. Still sought after for Speedster and vintage racer builds today.
  13. I've owned 2 classic Challengers, both 1970 models. The first was my first car (father-son resto project) that is still in the family, the second came along later with the intentions of building a 440+6 R/T clone. Sadly the second was just too far gone to save (at the time) and it ended up donating its roof structure so a real R/T that had a tree land on it could live. Wonderful cars with lots of clever engineering touches that really set them apart from other vehicles from the period. Parts availability has improved but still nowhere near that of GM and Ford. Sadly, most Mopar guys are firm believers in one of George Carlin's famous quotes.... "Your stuff is s**t, and their s**t is stuff". Too many years of bad dealings with vendors and individuals selling perfumed junk at astronomical prices really soured me on vintage Mopars. Out of a half dozen only one remains in the stable.... my original 1970... waiting for its turn to be finished now 20 years later. Well... that one and one more
  14. Hey guys, Anybody know of a good source of info on Stutz firetrucks? I have what I believe is a radiator from one, and possibly a front axle and some seats. Haven't found too many good pictures on the 'net. The front axle and seats will likely end up in my speedster, but since one of my spindles is bad I'd love to know if Stutz made the parts in-house or if it they sourced parts from one of the larger companies. Thanks in advance.
  15. I won't lie.... if that Stanley chassis was mine... I'd be building one heck of a "Steam Speedster" Very nice find indeed.