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  1. He not only wants to sell the car but is trying to recover the cost of storage for 25 years! He also believes there is gold dust in that dirt. I believe that is a result of seeing to many TV shows that hype dirt on a barn find makes it move valuable.
  2. Fh4ever. The window rubber is all new. All the paper work is in a storage box as we had to downsize due to my back. I think it was from Studebaker international but I was buying so many parts from different places I could be wrong. We did rear windows, windshield & glass, 4 vents, hood vent, and front sides. Did not touch rear sides. Below are pics of drivers door. You can see the by they need to be updated
  3. Fh4ever. Life got in the way on the door panels. Hope to start them next week. Also need to figure out why the drivers side rear door window only goes half way down. The passenger side rear goes all the way down. My riding buddy has to use the rear vent window.
  4. Being an old guy but not an "Olds" guy does a 37 Straight Eight tell everyone enough to know what you need. I've found giving as much model info helps find what you need. In the 50's or 60's they had 88's and 98's and probably other models. Did they in the 30's?
  5. You may want to check out this thread, it was started in early May. Transporting car from Canada By Robert G. Smits, May 2
  6. Fh4 I did get the drive shaft done. The hard part was the new yokes are laser cut for the grooves and the trans and pinion shafts are close but no cigar cut from 1938. So each groove and spline had to be hand filed and then test fitted until all matched up to fit. That was a lot of filing. Finished last Wednesday and have driven it a few times. It runs much smoother than before and does not have the vibration or rumble anymore. The new shaft is lighter and a little smaller in diameter but works well Dave S
  7. The only way I could find the original color was from a piece from the back seat when I took it out. As far as the head liner I have no idea as mine is in very good shape and the interior shop wanted $1200 to replace it on top of the $7000 for the seats and doors. I could not/would not afford it for a daily driver non show car. I plan on doing the doors in the next week or so and will let you know how the door material is attached. That is assuming a 38 is the same as the 39. Dave S
  8. May be hauling a gooseneck horse trailer. Wants the exhaust well above the trailer. I've seen other trucks like that at shows.
  9. That gives you the right to sue too!
  10. You should try here as a number of guys have redone fire trucks like this. Post the pic and you will get a number of replays. One fellow - Chicago Fire Patrol" in FL has a beautiful restored truck. Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums Older, Classic & Antique Trucks > 1948 - 1956 F1, F100 & Larger F-Series Trucks
  11. Just a thought and I am not trying to confuse matters. That 350 could be a stock replacement 350 or a 400+ hp built 350. Without looking or knowing what the internals (cam, pistons, valves and lifters....) all you know is it is a 350 block. The power it produces will be good for resale purposes as a tri5 Chevy is a desirable car in the rod or original field. I don't see where it makes a difference in the title pursuit unless TX requires you to give the engine year of mfg. Do they title by body/chassis year or engine year? You have the engine number. I would get the TX version of the title in my name, once I have that I would then take it and apply for a title in OR where you have the car located. A resale has a better chance of happening locally with a "hot rodded" car (modern drive train as opposed to original) with a local title than an out of state title. Again just a thought. Have fun. Dave S
  12. You can switch from auto to manual fairly easily. Change bell housing and fly wheel to what ever you want to use. I know it's not liked here but I once put a Ford 289 in an Austin Healy using the Austin trans just made an adapting plate. I was young and couldn't afford a new Healy engine.
  13. There is a place near San Deigo - La Mesa -- I think, called Ken's Thunderbirds. He is an expert on retractable Fords. He may just be able to help. My brother has gotten parts from him for his bird. I will try to get a phone number and send it to you. You also could try the Ford Enthusiast Forum. Good luck
  14. I may be wrong as they may not have been convicted but were prosecuted I believe they were Fifer and Small for corruption and Stratton for tax evasion the other might have been a Sect of State not a governor but he got caught with the shoe boxes full of money - at the time you had to pay for your license plates with cash. He was just keeping a lot of it.
  15. Isn't"The 33" or "The Z3" a name? I think each should do what ever makes you happy and allows you to have fun. I don't think it hurts anyone so go for it and enjoy. The proud owner of "The Beast" So I'm nuts - I'm having fun