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  1. Is Craig still alive or did he pass?
  2. "She"?

    Most of mine were referred to as “she”. Because they had great curves and lines, pleasant to look at unlike most guys I know! The current one is called the “Beast” (the car not the wife) only because my better half doesn’t really like to ride in it.
  3. Title

    You may want to find a cop that is a car guy (I had no trouble doing that when I went for my registration) and have him check the engine # vs the title info (after you have already verified it is a correct match for what’s on the title) get his name, badge # and a phone number if he is willing to give it to you. Then if the registration people give you a hard time tell them you had the police check it first and give them the cops info. They will most likely back off or worst case call him or go check the numbers themselves. It works pretty well.
  4. Bet you haven't seen one of these:

    You should head to "ROAD AMERICA" in Elkhart WI for the JUNE SPRINTS. We loved watching the mini races with about 40 of them running 3 abreast around the track. It was great fun.
  5. An Antique Vanity Plate?

    You may want to check to see if you can display a year correct formatted plate and have your antique plates in the car. In KY as long as the plate number/vanity info is not in use by a current normal license plate you can display the vanity/antique plate and keep the actual registered plate in the car. To be safe from a cop or parking czar patrol person that does not know this law I keep a copy of the actual law in the glove box. I got this plate online from ebay for about $40 -- I think it wwas a german company. . They can do just about anything you need
  6. Is this car worth buying as an investment?

    Is it possible to make a profit on this car? The good points based on what we can see: its stored inside it’s a 2 door paint looks ok and may be able to be buffed out chrome looks reasonable door panels look ok dash looks ok problems from what we know can see or can’t see cost of $9000 is too high based on our bias seats need to be redone needs tires don't know if it runs (or even has a complete engine) transmission condition is unknown is there rust in unseen areas does it have a clean title is all glass in good condition what is wiring like what is exhaust condition im sure others can add to this list but with this info I can’t see making a profit on a fast flip at that price or even a $5000 initial purchase price. It’s just too high If, as others have said, it is purchased as a learning experience or as a buy it, get it running and drive it for fun it may be worth while. But only if the fact you will most likely have an overall net loss is acceptable. The car may be worth more it five years but the value of the dollar will be lower and the cost to redo it five years from now will be higher. Just my opinion based on buying, restoring, using and then selling 6 or 7 old cars. Some more desired than this car and some less. Hope all of these Post help you out and don’t just confuse the matter. Have fun. Dave S
  7. Shop rate — $75.00 hour if you help shop rate —. $150.00 hour if you need it on time as promised —. Priceless
  8. Is this car worth buying as an investment?

    I bought a 49 Ford pick up for $1500 put another 7-8000 into it. Did all the work myself over 10 years when time and $$ allowed. Drove it twice and sold it. Lost 3500 to 4000 I also met a group of guys that still meet once or twice a year just to talk old trucks. They come from all over the country there are usually 15 of us or so. They still let me come with the 38 Studebaker. I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again to have the learning experience and new friends is (as they say in the commercial) PRICELESS!
  9. Is there a way

    This subject has always intrigued me. I have been told there are less than 50 1938 Studebaker State Commanders left from the 11,000+ made with less than a dozen drivable. Most were scrapped because of weight. I’ve been told there are 400+ left and 2000 left. How can anyone make a statement like that and be serious if there is no way except a possible registration system that has no real way of being sure they are accurate. I would really like to know how to find out but have little hope I ever will get an accurate answer. Please let me know if you find a way. Dave S
  10. US Trip

    If you are staying in downtown Chicago uno’s and duo’s or Lawreys are a short cab ride. Grant park along the lake is great and the field museum, planetarium is also a short ride. Weather can be all over the board but usually cool to cold in November. You may even be able to catch a bears game. If you rent a car parking can get expensive. There is an el train from O’Hara to downtown but be careful if late at night. Downtown at night is ok on Michigan ave don’t go wandering to far off of it unless in the old town area. Chicago has a high crime rate as does Washington compared to Australia so be aware, alert and safe.
  11. US Trip

    Uno’s Or due’s pizza in old town Chicago. Gino’s is good also. If you like prime rib “Lawrey’s” in the old McCormick mansion is good. Food in Chicago is great. Have fun
  12. 37 Coupe Express on eBay

    I don’t know about 37 but I got the production order for my 38 with no trouble.
  13. Drone appearance!

    I looked it up and if the drone weighs between .55 lbs and 55 lbs you need to register it. If you don’t and crash it or get a complaint you are in legal trouble. You need a license to fly IF you use it for commercial use not private entertainment commercial flight only in class G air space leaves most major cities out. Class G airspace* Must keep the aircraft in sight (visual line-of-sight)* Must fly under 400 feet* Must fly during the day* Must fly at or below 100 mph* Must yield right of way to manned aircraft* Must NOT fly over people* Must NOT fly from a moving vehicle* * All of these rules are subject to
  14. Drone appearance!

    That had to be one heck of a drone. Capable of carrying a large payload as opposed to a small camera is the only reason I could imagine for the license. Do you have a picture of it? Personally I think they should be licensed or outlawed unless written permission is granted to fly over private propert at anything less than 5000 feet
  15. Drone appearance!

    I find it hard to believe you need a pilots license to fly a drone when they are relaxing requirements on actual pilots. A valid drivers license makes you legal to fly an ultralight aircraft now. You would be nuts to do it with out training but legal all the same. A drone is restricted around airports and flight patterns. A lot of realtors in rural areas are using them with owners permission to film horse farms for sale around here. It gives an overall view of a farm for a prospective buyer. When we sold are farm the realtor did not have any experience or license to do it but he was smart enough to have us sign a realese.