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  1. Gas tank

    Measure the area the tank is going into and then go to “just tanks” or search gas tanks on line. Most sites go by size or model/ year. Many options will work but the size of opening is the controlling factor. I did this on my 49 Ford F3 and had three or four options to choose from. Welcome to the AACA site, it’s a nice looking truck. Have fun. Dave S
  2. MG’s, Jaguars, Austin Healy’s and other foreign sport cars can be grouped into similar families and usually have a longer year span than US car groups. Dave S
  3. Need title for news article

    Nick8086. Good eyes on being able to make that out. These old eyes just weren’t sure even after you mentioned it. Good story about it also. It would be neat to find out where and the condition it is today. Dave S
  4. March April The Antique Automobile

    As a “professional” in the magazine business for over 45 years and currently working with about 50 monthly magazines yours (I do not do any work for) is the only one I look forward to receiving and reading. Editors and Publishers ask me if I read their ‘letters from the ed/pub’ this issue and I usually say no. I receive these 50 plus 5 or 6 industry and postal reg related pubs I need to read and two or three subscribed to pubs. I like the AACA one the best. Hats 🎩 off to you, West, Steve and your staff you do a very good job 👍 Dave S
  5. March April The Antique Automobile

    Mr Fields it almost sounds like you only want to see what you like or think important be in print. Also as if you have never made a typo error, which I find almost impossible if you use today’s technology which seems to have control and a mind of its own when I type. Spellcheck can drive you nuts sometimes. As far as content in an issue, usually an editorial calendar is made up many months in advance. If your suggestions come in a month or so before an issue is going to press and the editors took that suggestion I would expect many more errors would occur due to the rush to cobble those articles together. I’m sure if you consider your time spent on a single 8 page newsletter production you could not disagree. I hope you find some satisfaction of accomplishment for the work on the newsletter you produce even though there does not seem to be any awards show to so honor you. Dave S
  6. March April The Antique Automobile

    The magazine business has only gotten harder and harder as proof of this just look at how many have disappeared. Most have had cut backs in not only staff but in quality. Print cost have gone way up, finding and keeping a quality printer is harder as many have closed or been bought out by the big guys. When that happens production speed usually takes precedence over quality. How do I know, been in the magazine circulation business for over 45 years. I did the processing for over 250 magazines in that time and there are only about 50 of those left in business. Production/mailing cost and lack of advertising was the reason most went out of business. This publication has maintained its quality with limited staff and I’m sure production/layout and in house editorial staff. Enjoy this quality and accept an occasional error as if it is a stone chip on a driver quality prewar beauty. Dave S
  7. Toys R Us old picture

    Well it certainly is not a State Commander
  8. Need title for news article

    I agree completely
  9. Need title for news article

    Is that what you think the script says on the side of the car?
  10. Saw this 1955 Buick today....

    Well a week long celebration (certainly warranted) definitely explains the lapse in knowledge on a 63 year old car. How many more daughters or sons may be getting married so we can prepare for any future phenomenon lapses from you. Understand that shatters our expectations of your knowledge. Lucky you have a very valid excuse. Have fun Dave S
  11. Classic Car hit by Semi - Michigan

    Barry. I’ve found most physical problems just take time to heal or figure out how to work around them. I played football from the time I was in third grade thru college in the late 60’s. The era of playing hurt or sit on the bench. Concussions (thank goodness only one or two bad ones) cracked ribs, blown knees, dislocated shoulder and crushed disk in my back resulting in 17 operations for replacement parts in knees and shoulders and general repairs. I would do it all over again because I loved the game the teammates and the challenge. Now at 70+ in can be hard to do something’s on the cars and other needs of normal life. I do what I can and hire out the rest. Hang in there, time will help. I agree completely about seat belts. When I bought the Studebaker the first thing I did was put 3 point seat belts in it. Won’t drive a car without them. Get better, wish your wife well. Have fun Dave S
  12. Classic Car hit by Semi - Michigan

    Barry I’m sorry this has continued to cause you and your wife heartaches. If talking about it helps then I’m sure many on this site would help. If continuing this thread causes you more pain by bringing up bad memories then tell us and as you say the moderator can shut it down. I’m sure John meant this in his post. Please know that we were all relieved you and your wife survived this accident and hope your lives will return to normal as soon as possible. I’ve never met you but it sounds like you have a lot of personal contacts and friends that would love to see you and your wife attending shows again soon. Your wife must be a special lady and I hope she can regain her obvious love of these old cars soon. Dave S
  13. Saw this 1955 Buick today....

    Congratulations on your daughters wedding. The 56 Buick has a for sale sign that says it’s a 55 Buick. I’m sure it’s just left over celebration effects. Dave S
  14. Need title for news article

    “It takes a woman’s touch to keep things running” dave S
  15. cleaning out warehouse

    I use to race a 1600 MK II at the Blackhawk track near Rockford IL loved that car. Dave S