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  1. I've got a 38 State Commander and do not know if they would be the same but here are pics of front and rear doors. Hope that helps.
  2. The amazing thing is a lot of the new cars are using a universal very similar to mine. Mercedes has used one like it for a few years. Studebaker was just ahead of the times in many ways.
  3. Just heard from the drive shaft shop. They have found two yokes that match mine and will fit a standard universal. They ordered them & I will post part numbers as soon as I get them. I will install them then measure for the shaft length that he will then make to size. Any one need an old shaft I will have one available but it will need universals.
  4. John I did let HMN know and the ads were gone next issue. I will remember to check future issues for the same car showing up under a different seller just to be sure.
  5. I saw an HMN ad for a Jag MK IX in Vancouver that looked and sounded like what I was looking for at the time. After many phone calls and additional pics sent a trip from Lexington Ky was taken only to find out the pics were 20 years old and the description was a fairytale. Found another in NJ. Told the owner I didn't want to have the same experience and was assured it was not the case. Same result. I had seen the ad for the car pictured above in HMN for a few months but it was one very blurry front end pic and a limited description. So my interest was very low. It was about 100 miles from home so a Saturday adventure was in order. I called the owner and set up a meeting. When he opened the garage door my expectations were pleasantly surprise with a car that matched the description and pics the owner had sent me. The ads in HMN can be very misleading for a number of reasons but they give us a very good place to at least start a search for what we are looking for. I like the publications and know they can not control what is actually being sold or if the seller is giving accurate information. The ads actual cost are usually a small percentage of any of these cars selling price. I have always felt adversting cost when selling and wasted trips when buying are just part of being in this hobby. When I think of the cost difference between a flight and an ad the ad is cheap. In my opinion HMN is a good selling tool for the cost. Have fun
  6. I assume you know this but it is always good to have a reminder. Fill the tank with water to be sure all fumes and gas are out of it before you start to cut it. Even if you are using a saw or grinder as oppose to a torch as sparks and fumes don't mix.
  7. My wife will look good driving around in a Coral & white 57! Can't wait to pick it up.
  8. Yes it is and I will be happy to remove that problem for you. Just let me know when I can pick it up 😀
  9. Well that shows you how much I know about them. The convertible top motor came out of a wrecked Ford of that era as that is what CC used in the boats to shift the trans on the Chevy V8 engines from forward to reverse. You had to remember to do it long before you wanted the boat to stop when pulling into a slip as they took time to work.
  10. VL2 the only thing I know about retractable is they are complicated. I was able to pull a hydraulic motor out of one in a junk yard back in the late 60s. We used it as the shift motor in a 49 Chris craft constellation yarcht I restored. Good luck finding someone that knows anything about them.
  11. Thanks Spinneyhill I will check it out. Dave S
  12. Got the splines off and taking my it in tomorrow. Will post pics of the shaft and splines once it is done. I will try and get part numbers for the splines and universals and post that with length of shaft. The fellow at the shop thought it was doable but would not commit until he sees the splines. He said he likes a challenge and has done a few other antique cars that had different set ups than normal. So I have hope. I will check with SI but have no idea who or how to get in touch with Jerry Kurtz. I just got into Studebaker's about two years ago when I purchased this State Commander. Had Austin Healys, MG's and a 49 Ford F3 pickup prior to this one. Had to give them up because of a bad back. Thanks for the help it is appreciated.
  13. The shop thinks they can build one that will replace the broken u joints with modern ones. They need to find yokes with the same spline pattern and count. I just hope it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I will get part numbers of what works and post them.
  14. We bought a new 1972 camero. Had it two weeks and the engine blew up. Called the dealer and they sent a tow truck. When they lifted it the windshield shattered. The driver said no big deal happens all the time. Got a new engine this one lasted about two months and blew up. Same thing on the windshield. Got another new engine this one lasted over 200,000 miles. But for about three or four months after the last engine was put in every time we turned right it sounded like a bottle rolled across the trunk. The dealer could not find anything wrong and they said they could not make it happen. One time it made a loud clunk and we never heard it again. Have no idea what fell off the car but it didn't effect anything.
  15. I had no idea what I was doing or what machine to buy. I went on eBay and bought a $50 Sears machine. It works well on the cloth material I used. Material was made for auto/commercial use what ever that means. The hardest part was making the rope and getting a tight fit on it. I ended up modifying the shoe (wild guess as to that name) so I could get the rope closer to the needle. I also pinned all the roping before starting the sewing. Pins make it easier to control it all. I practiced on scrap material for about 20 minutes and said what the heck go for it. Front is finished. Starting back next then doors. Again not show or professional quality but very serviceable. Try it have fun it is not hard as long as you accept it not being perfect.