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  1. SC38DLS

    Bending glass

    Just because my mom taught me to be polite (she had a way of wacking us with a hair brush) I’ll wait and be last in line. Dave S
  2. SC38DLS

    '57 Buick totaled in Hamilton, Ohio

    My farther in laws late 60’s Electra 225 had that same motor mount problem. He asked me to take it for a ride as he thought something was acting up. I started it, put it in gear and it took off. Luckily I knew to put it in neutral and it released the torque and the engine fell back in place. My FIL was very upset with me for racing his beloved 225 until I showed him the broken motor mount. Buick had that problem with that linkage design for a number of years. So Bernie I think you may be right about the cause. It would be interesting to see that mount. Dave S
  3. SC38DLS

    Jack Juratovic RIP

    Sorry for his families and your loss, Steve. Dave S
  4. SC38DLS

    Craigslist Score

    That’s a great score! And free, even better. Dave S
  5. SC38DLS

    Got a new car for my birthday today!

    Happy birthday Keiser. One question - can you fit in it? 😗 Dave S
  6. SC38DLS

    Should I daily drive a classic car?

    When I got my Hagerty insurance I put in a value of $15,000 and Hagerty agreed. If it is totaled they pay me $15000 less my deductible. It must be garage kept and not driven over 5000 miles a year. The cost with unlimited towing on a flat bed not a hook is $147 a year. I’m an older guy just 8 years younger than the car) and I do not think they will insure a 16 year old driver. I drive it as my daily driver but we ( my wife that is ) has another car we use for most social and household errand trips. The two blondes below get to ride on most trips and my wife doesn’t mind at all. Dave S
  7. I only mentioned the 68 when I saw the list of cars and the name of the film. My daughter has been in film & TV production for two major cable television stations for years. They were (both of these channels) sticklers for accuracy as they are long standing household names. As supervising producer for the network she made sure everything was double checked and accurate. I personally couldn’t tell you a 67 from any other Camaro, nor would I care. I just don’t believe in alternate facts😃. I will watch the film, our little town of Versailles has been the local for a couple movies. The Flim Flam Man, and most recently Elizabethtown. Orlando Bloom drove up and down main street multiple times to get all of the shots they needed. Dave S
  8. I don’t think you want a 68 Camaro in a film called “summer of 67”. ! Dave S
  9. The fog lights help at night but clear lens may be better. These are original to the 38 Studebaker State Commander model. I do not know if they were dealer or factory installed.
  10. SC38DLS

    Should I daily drive a classic car?

    Your friend is lucky he doesn’t break the wire wheels on the DeSoto
  11. SC38DLS

    Million $$$$ Beetle

    There is a fellow with a mid 60’s vette that shows up at Lexington KY cars & coffee that has less than 30 miles on it. It was originally purchased by a coal mine owner and he like it so much he put it in his office. When he passed and the mine was either closed or sold his wife sold the car. The only miles the new owner has put on it is getting it on and off the trailer. He did have to have the engine and trans redone as every seal was dried out. He does start it regularly now. Beautiful car but just a true trailer queen. Not what I would want. Dave S
  12. SC38DLS

    Should I daily drive a classic car?

    Keiser You need to chop the top at least 4 inches if you go with the mags to make it look right. But 68 horses just may burn all that rubber right off the first time you pop the clutch !!
  13. SC38DLS

    Should I daily drive a classic car?

    Hey Keiser31. Are you dropping an LS1 with a MustangII front end and a Jag or Ford 9 inch rear end and 4 wheel disk into that daily driver to make it reliable? Or will it be a boring unreliable old car that is dangerous to drive like mine? Just wondering? Dave S
  14. SC38DLS

    Ford V8 sedan 1946

    I remember in the early 50’s my grandfather using whitewall paint on his postwar car tires. He use to say “ we couldn’t get whitewalls when it was new why pay for them now?” He was a character to say the least Dave S
  15. Craig. As I said I was 12 I don’t think I even knew of kilometers! A 200 mph car. — and that’s what it would be to a 12 year old car/truck crazy kid — would think it’s just cool!! Hell today being a 72 year old car/truck crazy kid I still think it would be cool!! Have fun Dave S