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  1. My daily driver is the 38 Studebaker State Commander. My 4 legged friends loves the back seat and sticking her head out the window.
  2. How the heck are you going to drive that beautiful machine when it is surrounded by STUFF. Clean up your garage then drive the wheels off it. Wait a minute I think the pot is calling the kettle black! I better go clean up the garage. Have fun with it Very good looking
  3. I have to Brag

    I agree that 57 is just beautiful. The colors just scream the 50s. Which is very cool. Drive the heck out of it and just have fun.
  4. I have to Brag

    Jack M must be a good guy and you are very good to point that out. Most of the people that I've run into on this forum are very helpful and giving. I'm sure Jack went the extra mile of actually working on your car because you come across as a very decent individual that recognizes and acknowledges others talents. Congratulations to you both.
  5. LOOKING FOR A RED FORD F100 (1950S)

    Try this forum it is specific for 48-54 Ford pickups
  6. 5000th birthday

    12,000. 9,000. 5,000. 26,454. I'm at 254 counting this one! But I get to read and enjoy all that you post so I'll count all of them also. Does that seem reasonable?
  7. 1950 FORD Truck TAG Decoding HELP

    You may want to go to Ford Truck Enthusiast forum. Go to the older truck section called 48-54 F1, F100 & Larger they will ill be able to help you with anything on an 1950 F6 and they are a bunch of nice guys. They like pictures and if you post them you will get more answers. They can tell you where to get parts also. What are the wheels like? Do you know about "widow makers"?
  8. My daughter has worked in the documentary film industry and taught film studies at the college level for years. She has no patience for a person claiming they checked facts when she knows it's wrong. Then the person says well I check it with two sources on the internet and Wikipedia! Younger people think that is a valid source. If you have never understood what real fact checking is you get errors like this that the writer will argue is correct.
  9. upgradeing cant wait

    Good looking car. We need more pics ! Have fun
  10. The first one was a 49 or 50 that had the bumper that he could leave behind when the Feds caught him. Then he had a 57 Ford.
  11. What's your thought ?

    CarlLaFONG - I bet you won't do that to a bike again!
  12. Auburnseeker you may want to try a fellow in REYNOLDSBURG OHIO by the name of ART GRANDLE. He rebuilds old tube radios and did mine (in 2011) for the 38 Studebaker. I think he also sells some he has rebuilt. Don't have a phone for him but his address is/was 52 Thomas Ln, Reynoldsburg OH 43068. Mine is the old PHILCO box under the dash by steering column with the remote dash controls and speaker in the head liner.
  13. Is it a flat 8 or 6 ? An 8 would really make it sweet
  14. Front end shake

    Ball joints, tie rods and be sure to check lug nuts. I had a friend that had new tires put on and on the way home he said the car started shaking. He kept driving it and stopped by my place on the way. I popped the hub caps and he had 1 lug nut left on and the wheel was a mess. The tire place forgot to tighten them and took responsibility. Check the lug nuts!
  15. That looks good. The bucket list is shorter and the best part is you can enjoy it for a long time. Congratulations. Have fun