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  1. 1969 Avanti II

    So you’re in the same boat I am
  2. 1969 Avanti II

    ‘‘Tis the Christmas & Holiday season. I always thought the difference was round and square headlights. What do I know .....?????
  3. 1969 Avanti II

    Snarky Studebaker friends! Heck most Studebaker people will say that!
  4. 1935 Dictator Universal Joints

    Type c are really amazing. Rubber with layers of wire screening inside. The rubber got hard and cracked so the bolts were loose. Doing about 30 miles an hour when mine got that way was a little nerve racking. Luckily I was only a few blocks from home and nursed it home. Dave S
  5. Spotted Santa Today

    Why do you think it is a disguise?
  6. 1935 Dictator Universal Joints

    If he has universals like mine were on my 38 - good luck. I checked every possible source and came up blank. Dave S
  7. Computer problems with my ASUS, laptop any help?

    Auburnseeker glad it worked out for you. The best thing you can do is backups. Does not matter what brand you have, as your current screen problem shows, $hit happens and dodo occurs on anything electronic. Backups save hassles. Have fun Dave S
  8. Spotted Santa Today

    His Rudolph has a green nose !
  9. Computer problems with my ASUS, laptop any help?

    Apples have a lot of positive points IF you use their software. If you have custom software for your business that is PC compatible it most likely will not be compatible to Macs. If you are using the computer for internet search’s and storage of data Macs are great as others have stated. If you go the PC route buy a good machine not a cheap one or you will be in same boat a few years from now. We never buy any software that is less than a year old. We recently looked at upgrading to Windows 10 but choose to wait as it still has compatibility issues that require too many updates and custom software changes. Windows 7 still works well and we know it, again it was at least a year old before we went to it. Realistically access your needs for now and expectations for a year from now and buy based on those needs. Good luck in your decision. Dave S
  10. Computer problems with my ASUS, laptop any help?

    Tigerdirect has Macs and their pricing is usually very good but I don’t use them and know nothing about them. Best Buy has six month or twelve month no interest on most computers. Good luck Dave S
  11. Computer problems with my ASUS, laptop any help?

    You may want to check out i have used them for a number of years to purchase laptops for my company. I own a computer service bureau for circulation fulfillment of publications. We keep the data bases of the subscribers to about 110 magazines. They have always had good buys and a variety of machines that fit our needs. Good luck, I know how frustrating it is to have computer problems. By the way we have never had good experiences with ASUS machine - they just don’t hold up to office type daily use. Dave S
  12. Winter Driving Stories

    A friend of mine had a 50 Dodge or DeSoto (can’t remember which) when we were in high school, that we would pile 3 or 4 couples in to go to local hamburger joints or whatever. When we had a sudden snow one weekend the guys decided it would be a lot of fun to tie a 20 foot or so rope to the bumper and put a few of us on a toboggan to be towed around. Tom (the owner) drove with the rest of us on an 8 man toboggan. All went well until he took a left turn just before reaching the top of a hill. The toboggan kept going straight over the top of the hill and down toward the busiest part of the small town we lived in. About 10 blocks later we finally stopped when we crashed into bushes as the street ended into Main Street. Tom managed to go around the block and followed us down the hill honking the horn at each intersection. We didn’t know he had a police escort most of the way down the hill until we stopped laughing and untangled ourselves. The cops tried to be stern but in the end they couldn’t help but laughing about it. No one got hurt or a ticket. The cops warned us to not do it again. We all piled into the 50, tied the toboggan to the roof and went off to our favorite hamburger joint. The Dodge or DeSoto had fluid drive and was really easy to drive on snow. We had a lot of fun in that car.
  13. Advice on a Bentley please.

    A white car or maroon car is a nice way to take a quite peaceful ride in too! Dave S
  14. I was in the Army in 67 stationed at FT Belvoir VA just outside DC. I had just gotten orders to go across the pond in Jan. I had my 62 Thunderbird on base and was going to head home for Christmas leave. It started snowing the day before and a bunch of guys had their flights cancelled and asked if I had room to get to Chicago. Six of us and our duffel bags packed in the tied closed trunk of that four seater Tbird for a 500 mile blizzard conditions drive. I think the only reason we made the 17 hour trip was the weight in the car kept it from sliding off the road. I just couldn’t say no to anyone as we all knew this may be the last Christmas any of us may be at home. We laughed, sang when we couldn’t get a rock radio station, ate to many hamburgers, fries and yes beers and told too many funny stories. Two of the guys didn’t make it home after that and the rest of us still talk to each other and remember that trip. Merry Christmas 🎄
  15. Advice on a Bentley please.

    Are you thinking of this as a show car or a driver? How’s the interior? How many miles are on it? As asked above RHD or LHD? How’s the glass? How are the brakes? Wheel & tires? Paint? All of this will be expensive some can be done in time. All will help in getting a value on it and I’m sure guys that really know these cars would be able to give you better answers. Pics help also