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  1. Gary if you get a gooseneck I think you would be very happy. I’ve hauled horses (I know it’s not the same thing but) from Wyoming to New Mexico and Florida to Quebec and most places in between with tag alongs and goosenecks. The goosenecks ride easier, stop better and handle a lot better, the horses seem to like it better too! Heck you can haul it with that Studebaker and load the Expedition onto the rig. Have fun. Dave S
  2. SC38DLS


    I think the subject on soft fuel parts has been well covered. Some have also gotten technical on hard components like valves. In simple terms older cars had a softer valve in them and the new gas can burn them therefore causing engine problems. Most old cars that are used regularly have had an engine complete or partial rebuild. When that happens new valves which are hardened (compared to old type valves) are installed and the gas does not effect them. I’m driving a 38 Studebaker as the second car in the garage. It came out of a barn after sitting for 40+ years. The engine, trans, brakes and electrical were all rebuilt at this time. No problem with gas. The fuel pump was rebuilt also so it holds up with new gas. Have fun Dave S
  3. Henery II insisted the car was designed based on market research with the public and would give them everything they wanted in a car. It was introduced about the time Ford went public and lost somewhere around $250 millions a large part of which was before the car ever was produced. Other execs tried to tell him it was a looser but he would not listen. I guess you might say it was his way or the highway. Today it’s still considered one of the biggest failures in business. I think that may qualify as an ego move but that is just my opinion. Dave S
  4. I saw it in Chicago. It was a box they thru some odd looking almost oval on the front to break up the box look. Someone hit it with an ugly stick multiple times. Didn’t like it then still don’t like it now. I once heard it described as a failed idea to please a spoiled egotistical guy that wanted that name on a the car, so it was built. Dave S
  5. SC38DLS

    Possibly the greatest car sale story of all time

    Then they have the nerve to take a really big dump! Dave S
  6. SC38DLS

    Possibly the greatest car sale story of all time

    Bhigdog — don’t you know you should never buy anything that eats while you sleep!! Dave S
  7. SC38DLS

    Dad and some of his cars

    Your pop had some great looking cars. Dave S
  8. SC38DLS

    Anyone Here Install Their Own Glass?

    I’ve done a few and the rope trick works well. I would see if you can find a you tube video of how to do it. It’s easy if you take your time, be patient and most importantly be sure you have the rubber placed properly. Have fun. Dave S
  9. SC38DLS

    Hudson auction

    Grog. I asked that question on Monday!! It took until late Saturday to get a reply. I would have watched it but had no idea how to get the to it. Just didn’t do the right search, my error. But a while ago there was a good thread about incomplete threads and/or thread starters that don’t bother to come back to the thread. I guess this was just one of those. Too bad. Dave S
  10. SC38DLS

    Cooper Duesenberg at auction

    This 1933 boat tail was on the cover of the 33 shop manual. The owner purchased it from the son of the Duesenberg/Cord/Auburn factory and has the paperwork to prove it. He also has a few other cars. His business partner has a P51 Mustang plus a few cars. They are all drivers, babied but drivers.
  11. SC38DLS

    Classic car fraud scheme shut down

    So is the bridge .....
  12. SC38DLS

    Classic car fraud scheme shut down

    I have bridge for sale ........... Dave S
  13. The valve problem I mentioned earlier still bothers me. A guess as it was 45 years ago I built the 289 but it could be a weak valve spring. At idle not enough pressure to open and close properly and at speed it is opening enough to not notice the rough action. Does it run and sound ok at speed or can you hear a little miss if you listen real good? Again it’s just a guess but as others have said a compression test would answer a lot of questions. Good luck. Gave fun Dave S
  14. I had a 289 I built up with better valves, cam, pistons, headers, carb, heads in other words it was powerful. The best thing I did was put ecklin points, spark plug connectors, distributor cap and coil on it. All of the connections including the points were gold plated. I had a custom made 11 quart oil pan and ran 50 weight racing oil all year, even in the Chicago winters. It started at the touch of the starter no matter how cold or long it sat. If you go back to the old points system I would check to see if NAPA still sells that setup my two cents says vacuum but you may possibly have a sticky valve. I don’t really know why that came to mind but you may want your mechanic to check it. Just a nagging memory Good luck Dave S
  15. SC38DLS

    Hudson auction

    Going where? Dave S