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  1. Saling a Solar tail light for a friend price $450
  2. Nash34

    Early Pope fender

    I have an early Pope fender for sale. Believed to be 1902 or 03. Has brackets on it. Missing a couple bolts. Located in Central Kansas.
  3. Nash34

    Lyona Vally show

    Ad for local church that is putting on the car, truck and tractor show. Looks likeit will be a lot of fun for everyone.
  4. Nash34


    4-cylinder splitdorf mag for for sale on eBay.
  5. Nash34

    1915 Regal

    Yes 1915 was considered the model D. It had a conventional front axle setup. With a cantilever rear end. So the rear end mounted on the end of the springs and not the center to help keep the car sitting lower. Regal also has a full floating rear axle. All in one starter generator unit for the light 4. Also the first year to use a V8 in the it the big model. The doors themselves won't be bad to make. It's not having any of the door latchs or hinge hardware that will make things difficult.
  6. Nash34

    1915 Regal

    Thanks for responding Al When I got this car it was already apart. Luckily it was a teacher that took the car apart and did a pretty good job if keeping everything organized. Kept some decent notes. Whats missing is radiator, hood, all four doors, dash and its components.
  7. Nash34

    1915 Regal

    It there anyone that own or know some one that own a 1914-1918 Regal. Would be interested in talking to them about regal.
  8. Nash34

    WTB starter switch

    Maybe a photo would help. I have a 15 regal that use it. In the book I got for the starter unit it show a Franklin engine. I take it they use this system for a while Franklin automobiles.
  9. Nash34

    WTB starter switch

    I am looking for a dyneto starter switch. For a model A or B dyneto starter unit. Thanks
  10. Nash34

    WTB starter switch

    I am looking for a dyneto starter switch. For a model A or B dyneto starter unit. Thanks
  11. Nash34

    Nash Lafayette 36

    Willing to part out. Let me know what you need.
  12. Nash34

    1923 Model S

    Feek I was able to join the IHC pre-40 truck Facebook page. Have had very good response. One of the issues we are having was inconsistent spark. We believe that two issues that could be causing this . The coil is going bad or the rotor is so pitted that it's not making good contact.