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  1. which one do you most regret missing?

    When I was 19, I had a friend who was in the army , we used to go to a jazz and blues club He had been based locally , but one night told me he was being transferred to west Germany and would I like to buy his car . It was a jaguar D type , painted pink!! , it was the 60s mad times in Uk . We used drive round town with me sat holding the rear bulge. As I was a friend he offered to me for £250 about $750 at the time , I had most of the money and my aunt offered me my missing 30 pounds . However my Dad wouldn’t insure it for me , I would have been the named driver , my mum was scared I kill myself as they knew it was a quick car. I couldn’t afford to insure it myself as it would have cost as much as the car. I know the car now is a fortune , however I’m realistic , as I know if someone had offered me a good profit say a year later I would have sold it. Crystal ball would have been useful😆
  2. Name the cars on my birthday card

    Cheers , I got 2 out of 6 , should have got the triumph being British , masarati was a tough one
  3. It was my birthday this week and my step daughter knowing I like classic cars , sent me the attached card with various classic car images, i think the makers badges have been removed or left off , probably to avoid copyright issues , so task of identifying a bit harder for me , so I thought for a bit of fun I’d ask for you classic car enthusiast friends for a bit of help. below is my choices yellow , probably early 50s dodge or des Soto Bright red , Ferrari or lancia Red , lotus or Ferrari beige , late 50s Chevy or Plymouth white, 60s Buick riveria or Lincoln blue early 40s Ford over you folks , will be interesting to see what they actually represent thanks for help pilgrim
  4. Discovery Channel Called Today About the 57 Skyliner

    A star is borne , step aside Judy Garland 😊
  5. Did You Ever Own.....

    Citroen DS 55 , one of my all time favourite cars , way ahead of its time thought it looked like a space ship
  6. Did You Ever Own.....

    The Vanden plas versions , of bmc cars were beautifully finished , your model was actually the car I hired for my first wedding in 1968 and friend used to give me a lift to work in a Vanden plas 1100 , class lift!!
  7. Did You Ever Own.....

    Reading throw the posts ,notice a few cars I’ve owned , Vauxhall victor , my first car , rusty, Morris minor , tough , Renault 20 , marvellous. In addition pre 75, Vauxhall’s cresta , Vauxhall Ventura , singer gazelle , Austin 1800 , Austin A40 , Hillman minx and best of all jaguar mk9
  8. Did You Ever Own.....

    Being from the UK humbers were quite common when I was a boy , some people called them ‘ poor mans rolls Royce ‘ remember they had lovely leather and beutiful wood veneers . Super snipes were top of range I think and were large cars by English standards and often were chosen as wedding cars and official cars for council and government top dogs. Class cars , but design wise not that attractive, I preferred the Alvis which was around at the same time , may have been dearer , but being still at school physical appearance was the primary factor my favourite cars, usually sports cars Jaguar XK 120 and my all time favourite a corvette!!

    Apparently sold that’s good news for owner and me , have been severely tempted ever since it appeared on forum particularly by price and what appears for a straight forward cosmetic restoration. However ,, thankfully Bernie cooled my interest with his post mentioning 25k restoration costs , probably assuming car was still in US , but I think it would cost me a fair bit more with shipping of car and cost of likely parts plus shipping to Cyprus and the deadly import tax . Probably adding a further12k at least , which brings total to approx 50k , to rich for me at present and not such a bargain as I thought. If I had 50 k to spend seen a couple beauties for sale on this forum recently , a roadmaster and a super both fully restored and costing less. I find this forum very interesting , and specially like following the progress of the restoration projects often posted on here, I am always amazed at the finished cars and applaud the skills and diversity of skills shown by many of the forum members . That’s why the potential of this 54 tempted me . 😊 Good luck to new owner , however, probably make me jealous if results of restoration are eventually posted. Cest la vie ! 😟
  10. Apologies didn’t see this thread , but posted on your herald thread.

    Notice the A40 Austin Somerset in first photo, i had a 52 as my second car in 68 , great tough car. wondered how many ended up in states , wouldn’t mind seeing any other photos you have . Saw what looked like a convertible on this forum and just this week saw a poster of a 50s British actress Diana Dors, sitting in what looked like an A40 or maybe an A90 , wasn’t aware they were produced as a convertible , must be quite rare. apologies for going off topic . good luck with herald. regards pilgrim
  12. 1947-1965 Buick parts

    Hi have a 53 special convertible has a spotlight mounted on windscreen surround , my lamp Ok ,but completely empty ,so need guts cheers pilgrim
  13. Best wishes from the UK , to all classic car lovers and my like minded friends on this forum hope you have a wonderful time pilgrim

    Makes me cringe , bet that didn’t do the interior any good. Very Christmassy though 😊
  15. Favorite Pictures of My Post War Buick

    Sat watching TV , it’s a Cold dark night , heating up. Bit depressed my team lost today, but Browsing iPad photos saw this and it took me back to wonderful hot and happy days with Ruby last summer. Cheered me up.😊