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  1. just an update, have purchased good quality chrome polish and with a toothbrush set to improving rust spots . pretty good results , although showing pitting, 3 of the 6 are presentable , the other 3 are passable , but plan to replace with repos later in year. thanks again for help cheers pilgrim
  2. Cutie , best yet
  3. guess so , she misses me
  4. Not superstitious, but think there's a naughty gremlin who's taken a fancy to my car while back Uk a friend rang me and told me my front offside tyre was flat, he organised local tyre shop to sort , thought back on , job done! when I came back to Cyprus tyre looked ok, but couldn't start car , did my usual trick , taking off air filter and holding hand over carb , no luck, bought some easy start bingo started and ran for a few seconds, then died . Tought perhaps fuel pump needs a jog , so used plenty of easy start , car ran for 30 seconds and died. Definitely fuel problem, took off fuel line near carb , nothing , tried to suck petrol , nothing , disappointed , probably fuel pump broken or blocked , bit beyond my current mechanic skills , so organised car club mechanics .They did simiar checks , then went under car and found damaged fuel line ! obviously caused by tyre fitter jack. Replaced with new copper fuel line , off we go. Next day tyre flat again! got to be that gremlin
  5. thanks guys for advice, have noted website of repos and will buy if my attempts at cleaning are not acceptable cheers pilgrim
  6. Hi Special education my special is a 53 , those repos sound interesting could you pm me with details many thanks pilgrim
  7. Morning Guys Just arrived back in Cyprus , was excited about taking Ruby out for first run of year, took cover off and whilst cleaning and polishing noticed rust in belly of portholes, bit disappointing as always dry them after washing. Whats best to use chrome cleaner or washing up pad , suppose once pitted that's it . may remove next winter and have rechromed in uk, cheers pilgrim
  8. Like it when you catch the
  9. I wouldn't complain either !
  10. Great car and period photo , like the 20s clothes
  11. 60 flat top thats exactly where I am "ge that seems slow"" but on the case now , thanks to you guys. cheers pilgrim
  12. Agree style with class !
  13. JohnD1956 agree with your theory on high school , but mentioned in another post the wish to replicate our college time cars , highlights the difference in standard of living in the 50s and 60s between US and U.K. As I've no wish to have my transport. To make a comparison I went to college from 63 to 68 I stated with a 1952 Austin A40 bought for about 50 dollars , moving up to a victor estate , both what we termed bangers. Only a few of my compatriots had better , some drove imps, minis , frog eye sprites , mga s and couple of triumphs mostly few years old , obviously some parents helped so some kids had newer models, but no one had luxury like jags or big healeys. Most College attendees are aged 17 to 21 . Therefore how old were the cars high school kids in states at that time . Were they driving cars like mine 53 convertible or corvettes mustangs , Tbirds and the like . Big difference, wow if I'd had a car like that , could have dated half the college females ! That's probably why I crave such beauties now. i also concur regarding driving speeds , very happy driving Ruby at 50/55 , probably considered boring by your muscle car enthusiasts. My friend in Arizona , said I could have bought an amazing Camero for the same money. I think he has a 2005 or 2007 beast. Actually don't often exceed 70 in my juke either, so he may be a little impatient when he visits next month. He should have come 20 years ago when I had a cobra replica with a 427 under the hood , one scary motor! cheers pilgrim
  14. Envy you guys 3100 cars to look at, lucky if we get 31pre 70s . also as an ignorant Brit on matters concerning Chevy and Buick , if there was so many bel airs and little or no buicks at show, wondered did they make a lot more 50s chevys than Buick or have they lasted better, still amazing , was it advertised as a Chevy show cheers pilgrim
  15. Hi guys , just a note on the subject when I imported my 53 into north Cyprus , registration dept told me it's the only one registered ,so won't be seeing many Buicks either. cheers pilgrim