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  1. Pilgrim65

    "53 Buick suspension

    My 53 special didn’t sit level and once up on ramp we noticed rear LH side frame /body mounts were shot , by supporting body independently they were easily replaced
  2. Looking at reg plates , guess Canada Nova Scotia area , looks nice.
  3. Pilgrim65

    1954 Dodge Royal 500 Indy 500 Pace Car Convertible Hemi.

    Is the other car a 1940s triumph
  4. Pilgrim65

    WTB 1949 Buick Roadmaster Convertible

    Sir John, Just curious , what was your opinion of the yellow one offered for sale , I thought it looked pretty good and reasonable price for a road master.
  5. Pilgrim65

    54 Buick wildcat

    Agree , pretty bad , if that was original colour ,didn’t stand a chance.
  6. Pilgrim65

    54 Buick wildcat

    Apologies if this subject has been on forum before , I haven’t seen it. while looking at European eBay sites at American classics and particularly Buick’s , on the Italian site a tee shirt was for sale with a Buick wildcat image . I thought wow that’s a nice , how come I ve never heard of it , heard of later wildcats , but never 54, so I googled it , sure enough 2 exist , one in a museum and the other a replica . Which I looked up interesting story of how it came to be , looks amazing. beutiful styling , bit corvette, but I love corvettes , shame Buick didn’t put into production , would be sort after now. cheers pilgrim
  7. With you John on a couple of issues . When you have a pretty car common problem , greasy finger prints always on front wings and doors as folks stand alongside for must have photo, have pepper trees here in Cyprus overhanging my drive , so sap a regular problem to, so always cleaning . Worst problem for me was the seams on my car cover left fine scratches in gloss finish , till I realised what they where , now place cover inside out , doesn’t look so good, seems to work. 😁 keep up the good work . cheers pilgrim
  8. Pilgrim65

    Turkish delight

    Been told brass era 1903 Cadillac, thanks
  9. Pilgrim65

    Turkish delight

    For you victorianlynn
  10. Pilgrim65

    Settle a friendly debate

    Thanks for that , I feel my guess wasn’t to bad because the body shape and trim to my taste on the car here looks better and to me make it appear worth more.
  11. Pilgrim65

    Settle a friendly debate

    Thanks , appreciated , that will do for me as I said 250k 😊 , but won’t gloat as their 150 k might not be far off on a bad day
  12. Pilgrim65

    Settle a friendly debate

    While visiting the first Istanbul classic Car show with club friends , I saw beutiful all original 1930 V16 Cadillac , one of only eight still around so lm informed . Not an expert but told its concours , certainly looks amazing my colleagues and I have differing views on value as I seen a couple other examples a few years back when market was better based my guess on that , but my friends say I’m to high so an informed ballpark figure would be appreciated cheers pilgrim
  13. Pilgrim65

    Turkish delight

    Tasty mustangs to
  14. Pilgrim65

    Turkish delight

    Ivan , I will look again at brass era car in morning , thanks for interest few more of my favourite cars pilgrim