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  1. Matt great colour combo Being English , got to like English green, is that the same as British racing green , very popular on 50s British sports cars. Elpad any idea of asking price for 57 convertible thanks guys pilgrim
  2. Whoever dumped this , must be pretty sick now 😏
  3. This spring has been a nightmare, just one problem after another , last 2 months:- 2 punctures 2 fuel leaks new fuel line carb refurb brake failure, new seals master cylinder gear box oil leaks , plug and gasket, Battery failure. but today drove Ruby home. Needs tlc garage left windows open so interior covered in dust , red body looks tan! will enjoy clean up tomorrow, take wife for drive and supper , back on the road!!😄😄 ill make it a good restaurant as won't mention the $500 spent 😉
  4. Beutiful car , states what classic means in classic car!
  5. Amusing read , 26 posts , a lot of views , some logical , some not. no resolution , favourite quote 'a turd by any other name is still a turd!' my opinion , term NOS , been used for to long , to many users , it's a fait accompli, There is about as much chance of changing the term 'hamburger' as it is usually a beef burger 😄
  6. Comparing looks , like the 59 best , strange phenomenon about bricks 47 to 60 , I often prefer the previous years design
  7. Matt, Really like car , trim gives it an expensive European classic look , like a pre war merc. what sort of money will she fetch 40 k plus I imagine. cheers pilgrim
  8. John , first photos I've actually seen of your 56 , very nice! cheers pilgrim
  9. elpad must be great place to live , love Art Deco re pics like the minimum trim 😉
  10. Same knobs as my 53
  11. 60 flat top , with you on 50 plus years , married 3 times in that time , women all started out skinny , didn't last, must be me. so perhaps we do agree. however love 61/62 corvette 😊 Cheers pilgrim
  12. Like the top one best, even better if it was a convertible with top down😊
  13. Matching grill and ribs , not for me
  14. Great man cave , love it