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  1. 48 convert. not mine, 30k

    Think Scam , Seen same model and colour car on eBay for 72 k , but think may be different car , just be careful
  2. Day Brightener for Art Deco Fans

    Love Art Deco , being ignorant of many 30s American cars , please identify for me . thanks
  3. "She"?

    Having never been to show in the US , and having no young kids., not sure if comment is derogatory or not 😄
  4. "She"?

    Read all responses , particularly like , 'objects of desire ' and ' needs attention, unpredictable and high maintenance , but the clincher for me is the curves , take a look at Ruby , has to be feminine 😀😀
  5. Great pics , loved the 59/60 Electra s and the maroon skylark , didn't like how to spoil a BMW 2002 😊
  6. What are your thoughts on this car?

    Cords are amazing design creations , sacrilege to alter , bit like tacking bits on to a Henry Moore sculpture, sad

    Might take the risk with her if she wanted to drive my car 😉

    Stunning , won't be doing many miles on those hot shoes , but who cares 😊
  9. Great stuff , enjoyed, like to visit the Royal Hotel 😊
  10. John Lewis Collection For Sale

    Have a John Lewis upmarket department chain in U.K. Wonder if any family connection.
  11. Teens touring.

    Great photo , very interesting, changes my perspective on car ownership of early part of century , Obviously popular in NZ wonder what percentage of population owned a car. thanks for posting
  12. Been worried to go far recently as have oil leak from Torque ball seal, have parts now , but haven't had time to repair , so have been monitoring size of oil spill in car port and looked bad .. refilling gearbox not the simplest task unless on ramp as car needs to be level, not achievable with my jack . So went to friends garage yesterday , up on ramp 15 mins done, good news too only needed 1/2 pint amazed. Thought the worst. So with greater confidence took Ruby and wife to Town for coffee Saturday and up the coast Sunday for a swim and picnic on the beach . Roof down living the dream!!😁😁

    Striking colour , love it ,but wonder does it devalue car
  14. 1916-17 Oldsmobile 7 passenger V8 big touring car.

    Hi collector , be honest I'm not currently in the market to buy , but your posts have really caught my attention, love the diversity of the cars you have shown up to date and you have indicated you have others likely to be offered for sale , wondered what other treasures you are going to reveal , can't wait to see. Cheers pillgrim
  15. 1956 Buick Special hesitation issue

    Lucky boy , not bad for a first car 😊