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  1. Hood ornament looks Art Deco bit like I had Devil in the Wind
  2. Nice !!! going to bid , but will have to be a bargain for me as would have to ship and have nowhere to keep her , hey but what the hell! as said worth a punt.
  3. Hi guys , amazing collections , Buick bits hard to find over here , but managed to find fob that matches Ruby ( but probably a miniature skylark, can only dream!) have had a couple Teashirts done for cruising and meets , another one has Buick service logo. make smart wear. cheers pilgrim
  4. Matt, Read the whole blog , impressive , well done, but sad ending I was loving that car. cheers pilgrim
  5. Amazing cars , enjoyed viewing , appreciate the posting. cheers pilgrim
  6. Cheers Guys , John , you say the closest you'll ever get to Cyprus, but if any of you ever do a European tour , or cruise the eastern Med , cruise ships call in to Limassol, just pm me and we'll be there with Ruby to meet you. cheers pilgrim
  7. Lost my dad when I was 21 , he was only 42 , but throughout my happy childhood dad always had 3 or 4 old cars he was tinkering with , it was his hobby , out of necessity I'm afraid as he couldn't afford newer cars , usually kept one road worthy for us , I played in the others guess that's how I got the bug . Thanks Dad , happy Father's Day.
  8. Hi Ron amazing cars and set up . however when you found the magic lantern and the genie granted you 3 wishes cars first dream garage second what's your 3rd . 😁 Pilgrim
  9. Apologise if I sound thick or this has been asked before , this thread is about changing lights to LED on reatta , two questions spring to mind , are the headlights brighter and secondly would I benefit changing my bulbs to LED on my 53 special Buick if that's possible , noting I'm still 6v system. cheers pilgrim
  10. 1953 Mack love facts and found your analysis of fisher plate amazing , going to look mine up when I get back to cyprus next week , I'll post be great if you can tell me any details about my 53 cheers pilgrim
  11. I often let people sit inside for photo , which they usually ask me to help , that's fun because they appreciate the car , but standing on hood , is not on , and is the fault of 'wally''parents or I'm just a grumpy old man.😄 Jurys out.
  12. Cheers Elpad think the leopard print is the tackiest finish I've ever seen on a car , nearly brought my breakfast up.
  13. Not just a car it's Ruby!😊
  14. Went to a restaurant last week when I came out 2 kids were on my hood with shoes on! parents taking photos bit concerned , but thankfully no damage , would never have let my girls do such a thing ,but would be good to see them in the above pose , will see when they visit .
  15. Sensible info John thanks , currently fill up every 200 miles as calculated should do over 300 on full tank . like your suggestion as will give more accurate mpg . will post results in a week or two as in Uk till next week end , Ruby resting. cheers pilgrim