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    '38 Special....Transmission Removal

    Thank you Mr. Hinson.

    '38 Special....Transmission Removal

    Wow, Gary! I guess I couldn't have asked for a better response to my question. Pictures and the whole nine yards! I thank you very much. Dynaflash, will I have any of your '39 concerns with my '38? I thank you also. Tyler

    '38 Special....Transmission Removal

    Got the engine out for a rebuild and figured I may as well take the trans. out and check it over, new seals if nothing else. Any tricks to removing the trans., before I break something? Anything else I should be doing at this point? Tyler

    1938 Buick 248 Mains WTD

    Hi Marv . The car is a series 40, 1938 which, I understand are different than most 248 mains. Tyler

    1938 Buick 248 Mains WTD

    Thanks, Pont, I'll give them a call tomorrow. Tyler

    1938 Buick 248 Mains WTD

    Title says it all . Need new standard size main bearings for a '38 248 and can't find any. Anybody got anything out there? Thanks . Tyler

    1938 Special Tire Size

    I can get tires that are 30" in diameter for 15" rims, about the same as the 16" tires. What would I be gaining by going with 16" rims? Besides that , my rims are already finished. Thanks for the advise, everyone.