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  1. 1937 Special Speedometer Gears

    1937 Special with 4.4 differential gearing............as I recall the speedometer gearing is 7 teeth driving/22 teeth driven. Can someone confirm this ? Jack Worstell
  2. 1937 Buick Model 48: RESTORATION HAS BEGUN! (Photo)

    37-1944: About adding a brake light to the license plate light on the trunk lid ( 1937 Special in our case ) .........we did this successfully . We removed the single contact socket and replaced it with a double contact socket. Then we used a 1154 double contact bulb. Like you we found it was difficult to fit in a double contact bulb ......but.then we found 1154 bulbs with a smaller glass envelope....this solved the matter. We also found that adding a third brake bulb caused too much much voltage drop ( the extra amps caused this ). So we added a parallel wire from a terminal on the headlight switch hence to the stoplight switch hence to the brake wiring back near the rear bumper. In hindsight...I think the brakelight switch we were using wasn't heavy duty enough and was the souce of much of the excessive voltage drop. I'm sure glad we now have three stoplight bulbs in the rear.....the original set-up of two bulbs was too hard too see.and unsafe. Jack Worstell jlwmaster@aol.com
  3. 1937 Buick Model 48: RESTORATION HAS BEGUN! (Photo)

    27donb.........yes you make a good point and one that I should have mentioned in my post above. Ammeters are easy in that if you wire them up backwards.........just flip the connection Jack Worstell
  4. 1937 Buick Model 48: RESTORATION HAS BEGUN! (Photo)

    It is confusing the way Buick labelled the ammeter.....the "+" and "-" bit. To me it's easier just to ignore the + and - designations but otherwise follow the Buick drawings. ( frankly I wonder if the + and - designations were a typo.......but it really doesn't matter ) The previous advice about being careful not to put too many amps thru the ignition switch I think is good advice....in fact we did this on out 1937 Special. It's not that hard to add a relay ( triggered by the ignition switch ) to prevent damage to the ignition switch contacts. I think most auto stores have a relay that would work OK for this purpose. We added quite a few accessories to our 1937 (including overdrive relay and solenoid ) Some things ended up on ignition hot circuits and some ( for example all lights ) ended up on battery hot circuits. We added a little "switchboard" under the dash so that later on we could switch any given component from one type circuit to the other type circuit if we should change our mind about something ( eg maybe down the road we might want to change the radio from ignition hot to battery hot ) Jack Worstell
  5. 1937 Buick Headlight Bulbs

    Jim...there have been several posts about the current draw of halogens. After reading them and doing some research on my own.........my belief is that halogens can give the same amount of light as incandescents and yet draw about 30-40 percent less power.. Of course there's no reason you can't replace a low wattage incandescent with a higher wattage halogen (so long as the wiring and power source will handle the change) and then really get much more light than otherwise. So if halogens are substituted for incandescents of the same wattage....I think a person would get noticeably more light. ....I like your idea of using add-on sealed beam lights as running lights.... Thanks everyone for the good info.....we'll have to sit down and decide halogen/reflector/alternator/12V and see which compromise we think works for us . And I realize the downside of departing from originality.......we want a car that's fun and reliable to drive without making too many changes from "factory" By the way....I clearly remember when PS and PB were novelties....so I don't think you're much ahead of me Jim. Your AC Buick...does it also have PS ? Jack Worstell
  6. 1937 Buick Headlight Bulbs

    Thanks Bloo. I think I know all there is to know now with regarding choosing bulbs for old cars.....and that there is some hit-or-miss in coming up with bulbs that will really work well. ..........I started off with what I thought was a very simple question.......!!! Thanks again Jack
  7. 1937 Buick Headlight Bulbs

    Bloo....now that I better understand the importance of geometery/dimensions with regard to light bulbs/reflectors...I have a couple of more questions The original bulbs for a 1937 Buick were #2330 which uses two C2V filaments and the lcl ( light center line.....something new I have just learned ) is 1.13 inches The 2326 and the 2336 use C2V/C2R filaments The 13007-12 uses C6/C6 filaments. So these substitutes have different shaped filaments vs the 2330. Question do these differences in filaments matter when choosing a substitute for the 2330 ?? Or.............since all four of these bulbs have lcl spec of 1.13 inches.........is this what matters and not the filament differences ??? Jack
  8. 1937 Buick Headlight Bulbs

    Bloo....thanks for your comments. Great information ! .....I understand all of this much better now Boy....I never realized how involved lights/bulbs are.... a lot of angles to all of this You have answered my basic question about 12V bulbs for a 1937 Buick. Jack
  9. 1937 Buick Headlight Bulbs

    Thanks for the tips. Yes I know that these bulbs are sort of special ...they are "pre-focused".....whatever that means ???? I guess it means that the bulb is meant for a specifically designed reflector....But then again aren't all reflectors parabolic so that any bulb of correct volts/watts/mounting base should work ??? Jack
  10. Halagen Bulbs

    Thanks Dave. In the interim I have found LED bulbs with BA 9 bases.....these work also well for instrument panel bulbs in our old cars. Jack
  11. 1937 Buick Headlight Bulbs

    i am aware of the pro and cons of converting to 12V and I'm aware of the issues when making this conversion. But still........are there 12V versions ( regular filament or halogen type ) of the original headlight bulbs for a 1937 Buick ? Jack Worstell jlwmaster@aol.com
  12. 1937 Buick Headlight Bulbs

    We are thinking about converting our 1937 Special from 6V to 12V by adding an alternator. Question: are there 12V versions ( regular filament) of the original 6V head light bulbs ? Are there halogen 12V versions of the original 6V headlight bulbs ? Jack Worstell jlwmaster@aol.com
  13. Engine ID

    OK...thanks for the tip. Jack
  14. Engine ID

    No picture Ben. It's advertised locally...about 50 miles from me. I thought it might be a 263 but it looks like it isn't. Jack
  15. Engine ID