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  1. 1937 Buick Radio Antenna Plug

    Matt. replacing the input port on the radio would mean removing the radio to make the conversion....not something I look forward to. But in the interest of keeping all options open.....exactly what would I have to buy from Radio Shack or eBay or wherever so as to make this conversion? Can you point to something currently on eBay ? Thanks Jack
  2. 1937 Buick Radio Antenna Plug

    Don...my buddy has a machine shop and could probably make a replacement....so yes I would like to have details. He also has a small 3D printer...would this lend itself to 3D printing do you think? Jack Worstell jlwmaster@aol.com
  3. 1937 Buick Radio Antenna Plug

    Thanks Carl. The plug end in the second photo...I guess this is the proper type plug for the OEM 1937 Buick radio. If I should need one...where can I get the adapter you mentioned ? Jack Worstell
  4. 1937 Buick Radio Antenna Plug

    Our 1937 has an original OEM radio. The antenna however is cowl mounted so I guess it is not original...because so far as I know the 1937 Buick Special came only with a running board type antenna as OEM. The plug on the end of this ( non-OEM ? ) antenna plugs into the radio socket....but it doesn't feel "snug". So...my question....does anyone have a photo of the plug on the end of the OEM antenna lead ? So I can compare it to the plug we have ? Thanks Jack Worstell jlwmaster@aol.com
  5. 1954-55 Rear end swap into a '37

    Jim Nelson........In your 38....did you use an OD set-up from Lloyd Young ( near Columbus Ohio ) ? Did you retain the governor/kick-down elements ......or did you delete them and go to a more so "manual" system ? When will you publish a write-up of how you are doing this ? Jack Worstell jlwmaster@aol.com
  6. 1937 Special Radio

    Gary....it's easy enough to hook up power and ground......but do you have an antenna for it ? Hard to really test without an antenna, And I don't think ( but not sure ) that the antenna port in the radio will receive a modern RCA male jack. If you haven't installed it yet....it would sure be good to replace the vibrator with a solid state one. And replace these capacitors : the buffer capacitor any electrolytic ones and any paper ones and any coupling capacitors. If Larry can post his info....you will have a good start on how to do this. Jack Worstell
  7. 1937 Special Alternator

    Steve and Matt Thanks for your photos of alternator installations......a big help. We would like to install a Gener-Nator unit but from what I hear these things are really expensive. But maybe a PowerGen ??........still about $400 But for now we are thinking about a 6V Delco Remy CS 121....these are about 1" smaller diameter than a 6V Delco Remy 10Si. ....... It should be easier to mount the CS 121 ( so far as I know the CS 121 and the 10Si are the only commercially available alternators that can be converted to 6V either PG or NG ) Jack
  8. 1937 Special Alternator

    Maybe someone can help. It seems to me that PowerGen and Gener Nator are not the same thing. PowerGen units look like generators but for any specfic application are usually not quite the same dimensions ( and may differ in other details ) as "original". Price about $350 to $450. Come in 6V and 12V and PG or NG. There are about 8 different models of PowerGen ( if 6v/12V and PG/NG permutations are ignored ) Gener-Nator units are built using the same housing as "original" and thus all external dimensions are the same. So these would be more so "custom" than PowerGen units These come in 6V and 12V and PG as well as NG. Not sure about the price but I think much more than PowerGen and maybe pushing $1000. These..... since they use original housings........ are true "bolt-in" Because original housings are used I guess you could say there are hundreds of different models Can anyone confirm this ? Jack Worstell jlwmaster@aol.com
  9. 1937 Special Radio

    Thanks Bill. I guess I have to remove the radio so I can open it up to get to the label ?? I think I'm going to have to put in a solid state vibrator replace the buffer capacitor any electrolytic capacitor any paper capacitor. By chance do you know if any of this can be done without removing the radio ( my buddy keeps the car at his place about 30 minutes away....so it's not handy fro me to look at. Jack Worstell jlwmaster@aol.com
  10. 1937 Special Alternator

    Robin....the car came with a radio and a heater. We have added an overdrive ( via Lloyd Young ) driving lights fog lights back-up lights and turn signals. So the 27 amp generator is now borderline. We don't like to depart from originality ......but still we want to enjoy driving the car. Jack
  11. 1937 Special Alternator

    Just a clarification......the intent is to keep the car 6V. The Delco Remy 10Si and CS 121 ( and probably the CS 130 ) alternators are available in 6V versions. No doubt there are also other 6V alternators I would guess. Matt yes...I would appreciate photos. You have a 320 engine and we have the 248 but I doubt this would make much difference so far as the mounting arrrangment. Jack Worstell jlwmaster@aol.com
  12. 1937 Special Alternator

    We would like to put an alternator in a 1937 Special. Any tips ? Anyone tried a Delco Remy 10Si or a CS 121 or a CS 130 ? Any problems mounting the alternator ? Photos ? Thanks Jack Worstell jlwmaster@aol.com
  13. 1937 Special Radio

    The factory radio in a 1937 Buick Special.............can anyone tell me the manufacturer and the manufacturer model number ? Thanks Jack Worstell jlwmaster@aol.com
  14. 1937 Special Window Channel

    ....Sorry......I'll try to be more specific. The channel for the main glass, all four doors. The vent windows are OK. The vertical dividers ( between the vent glass and the main glass) are also OK. I'm asking about the four pieces of channel, one each for the four main pieces of glass. Jack Worstell
  15. 1937 Special Window Channel

    We want to replace the window channel ( only ) in our 1937 Buick Special. Hints on how to do this ? Does the window glass have to be removed ? If so.....how is this done ? Jack Worstell jlwmaster@aol.com