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    Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    Ben, just wanted to send my deepest condolences to you and the Fam. I know you added a richness to your Granddaddy's life, especially with your work on the family Buick. Be well friend.
  2. Kosage Chavis

    Chavis garage

    This is the reason why I had to take a brief hiatus from my car. I am redoing my garage. Nothing special, it's just a little one car garage that has been needing some TLC ever since we moved in almost 10 years ago. I hope this will take no longer than a month, but nothing much really goes according to plan. I might have some questions dealing with lighting. I know you all got my back. I will provide pictures as I go along.
  3. Kosage Chavis

    Chavis garage

    And then there was light...545 days later.These light are on a 4 way set up.
  4. Kosage Chavis

    1954 century sedan. GA to NC

    You might have to get your own quotes to show that theirs are crap. I agree with Mr Willie. Keep pushing. Draw this thing out and buy it back for no more than 50.
  5. Kosage Chavis

    Dynaflow reliability

    Fly on the wall!
  6. Kosage Chavis

    1954 century sedan. GA to NC

    Yes, I am sure you know their goal is to give as least as they can. You will have a bit of a fight on your hands. They also don't like cases that are old. They like to resolve within a certain time frame. Use that as your leverage.
  7. Kosage Chavis

    Chavis garage

    Thank you Mr Joe. That's exactly what I used for my ceiling. I used the Valspar brand. This weekend, I finished up the ceiling with 2 coats of paint and then installed the strip lights. I should have them wired up next weekend.
  8. Kosage Chavis

    two Post-War Buick wagons

    Very interested in how the 3 speed turns out. You got a nice space to work in as well. Good luck to you.
  9. Kosage Chavis

    1954 banker's hot rod

    Time to go all in on this one Matt. I know you have got to be feeling down about "Baby Blue", but you might just end up loving "Pimp'n Purple" a little more. Buick love must endure. Good luck.
  10. Kosage Chavis

    1954 century sedan. GA to NC

    WHAT?!?! I am glad you are fine Matt. I am hurting for you right now bruh. Feels almost like a death in the family. I really hope this car can be repaired. I will be following.
  11. That's a little disappointing. I was hoping I could look at the cars the day of the auction. I live too far to make 2 trips.
  12. Kosage Chavis

    Chavis garage

    Finished dry sanding the ceiling. Dusted it off and finally got it primed. I am excited at how seamless it came out with no visible lines.Next weekend I hope to apply 2 coats of ceiling paint and then install the strip lighting to finally get some real light in this garage.
  13. I plan on going. Any idea when to be there in time to look around?
  14. Gorgeous cars in this auction. I would love to attend, if nothing else. @MrEarl, did you see the Buick with the green interior? The rear speaker switch knob seems to be the same as all the other knobs. What do you think? @wndsofchng06, this is right around your way, are you going? Anyone else?
  15. Kosage Chavis

    1954 banker's hot rod

    Matt, one of these days you're going to have to let me ride along in this one.
  16. Kosage Chavis

    Chavis garage

    Finished wet sanding all of the ceiling. Only about a third of the way done on dry sanding. Mu hope is to start on primer the next weekend coming up.
  17. Kosage Chavis

    Chavis garage

    I have to celebrate any small milestone with this job in the garage. I get so little time to spend on it...which means no time on the Buick anytime soon. Anyway, I finally finished mudding the ceiling. Every seam got 3 layers of mud, for the exception of the longest seam, which needed 4 layers in my opinion.Next weekend, if time permits, I will start wet and dry sanding the ceiling to prep for primer.
  18. I am selling the rear window and associated chrome trim off of my parts car. I am selling because I cannot use this on my main car. The rear window glass is in very good condition. It has a couple minor scratches on it, but other than that, is practically flawless. Also, there is the associated chrome trim.The trim has no bends or kinks. However, it does have some light scratches that can be buffed out. The whole trim set is in very good condition. Both of these items should fit a 1954 and 55 Buick Century and Special, tourback sedan. This can also fit 1956 Special sedans. The glass is selling for $75 plus shipping. The trim is selling for $50 plus shipping. Thank you.
  19. I am selling the sweep spear set off of my parts car. I cannot use it on my main car. I wanted to make it available to my friends here on this website first. If I have no luck on here, I will try facebook or something else. Here are some pictures...The set DOES have both pieces that mount to the center pillars.The foward spear on the passenger's side front quarter panel does have a slight bend in it, but is not kinked. This bend can be worked out.This set will need new mounting clips. The old ones are rusted out. I am selling the whole set, as-is, for $100 plus the cost of shipping. This set should fit any 4 door tourback Special or Century, years 54 and 55. Thank you.
  20. Kosage Chavis

    57 super 2dr hardtop not mine

    Unfortunately, there's not much that I can do here. Money and time are a little hard to come by right now.
  21. Kosage Chavis

    Where to get a DYNAFLOW rebuilt ?

    Will definitely refer back to this thread when it comes time to look at mine.
  22. Kosage Chavis

    1947-1978 Buick parts

    Battery hold down brace for a 55 Buick?
  23. Kosage Chavis

    1955 Buick Century

    Yes Sir!