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  1. Power Regulator for Front Window

  2. Power Regulator for Front Window

    Lol...the sad face explains it all, but I appreciate the thought Mr Bob. Maybe you'll keep me in mind if you come across one. Thanks again.
  3. Power Regulator for Front Window

    I still need the driver's side. I am missing this part. Thank you Sir.
  4. Chavis garage

    Already there. Purchased the fridge valve box along with the washer valve box last weekend. Trying to figure out the placement. I will post the progress.
  5. Chavis garage

    Didn't get a whole lot done over the weekend. Spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to reconfigure the laundry area. The old water heater will be replaced with a tankless water heater. The washer plumbing will get a new wall box with new connections for the hoses. Just unsure of which side to place the box. All that depends on which side we decide the washer will be on.A shot of the washer area. Put together pretty sloppy. This will all have to be ripped out and correctly replaced. Still thinking up a safe and sensible configuration.This is the capillary tubing that connects to our fridge. Someone tapped it off an existing line and ran it behind the washer and dryer, poked it through the drywall and connected to the fridge. This is all getting ripped out and correctly replaced with hard pipe and wall box.A shot of the cold and hot water pipes in the crawl space just before they terminate at the valve inside the garage. I will probable sweat lose the 1/2" pipe at the reduced end of both tee's and either reroute or replace. Whoever did the bends in this pipe, put bad kinks in the pipe. Again, more sloppy jobs.Got a few of my outlets installed.
  6. Power Regulator for Front Window

    Man, got my hopes up there for a minute. This regulator is a manual one. I need one for power windows. But I appreciate you looking out for me.
  7. LED bulbs

    I asked the same question about the application of LED lights about a year ago. I will be following this thread. I too, would like to convert the lighting in my car to LED, but only if there's improvement to the general illumination.
  8. 1955 Buick Roadmaster with factory A/C (not mine)

    The back seat is overdone. Couldn't agree with you more. But I can get over that if that A/C works as well as he claims.
  9. Nice looking 1955 Buick Roadmaster with factory A/C. Price is a bit hefty, but then again...it's a functional car with functional factory A/C. http://m.ebay.com/itm/1955-Buick-Roadmaster-Black-with-White-Top
  10. Chavis garage

    Progress during the passing weekend. Removed the garage door to drywall correctly.Garage door removed.The bottom portions of the garage door rail base were rotted. I couldn't live with this.Replaced with new wood.New drywall installed.Garage door reinstalled. The counterweight was tough, but got it where I needed.That was it for that day. Drywall installation is now at about 85% complete.
  11. Towing Trailers With '50's Buick's, Who's Done It

    Please tell me that's a doctored photo.
  12. Hello from Italy!

    Gorgeous car. Looking foward to some more posts. Welcome Miguel!
  13. Chavis garage

    Thank you Sir!
  14. On the Road with '54 Special Parts

    Any power window items? I don't remember asking. Thank you.
  15. Chavis garage

    Progress this weekend. Here's a shot of a 12 x 4 panel being hung. I love this lift. It's been a total lifesaver. Drywalled the shelving area...and the rest of the wall below the shelving area...Planning to get little bits done during the week.