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  1. Sent another PM. A lot of us was keeping an eye for this car at the bottom when it was put up for auction on ebay. Send me your cell number when you get a chance.
  2. - - ->- - ->- - ->
  3. !!! You funny Ben!
  4. If you were asking me, I would say movies is the answer to why the chevy's are more popular today. Think about it, all of the old movies that had street racing scenes had the chevy. If Hollywood had only chosen to go with the Buick instead, you would most likey have seen the inverse in popularity. I think chevy's are very overrated on all levels. To add on, in my 36 years of my life in Virginia, besides my Dad's Buick and my own, I have only seen 3 others total. Compared to all the cookie cutter chevy's I have seen.
  5. They are different on 55's between big bodies and small. I assumed it was the same difference for the 56's. Someone correct me if I am wrong.
  6. Can we do that then, Mr Greg. I want to stick with Buick, but if nothing else, if the one off the Cadillac is an exact match, we can do that. To also answer your question, Buick switched over to a 6 blade engine fan equipped with AC for 56 to alleviate overheating problems found on 55 AC cars that had the 5 bladed engine fan. Thanks again.
  7. PM sent!
  8. Next up was the fuse board assembly.I labeled everything as I removed each connection. My labels corresponded with the numbers shown on the fuse board. I got say, it was pretty tough disconnecting most of these connectors. Be patient and be thorough with keeping up with the labeling process. Showing fuse board removed from car. Overall, moderate task.
  9. Next was the trunk liner and associated trunk hardware. I started with this piece.Showing piece removed from car.Next piece.Both sides have one screw at the rear. Remove.Be sure to pull up off of locking tabs.Showing one of side liner pieces removed from car.Next piece.Piece removed from car.Next piece. Fold inward at the sides to clear locking tabs. You'll have to tilt and manipulate a little to remove.Showing piece removed from car.Next piece.Showing piece removed from car.Next piece.Showing piece removed from car.Next pieces.Showing pieces removed from car.To removed the spare tire mounting hardware, just remove cotter pin and slide the pivot shaft out.To remove the trunk light, just unscrew.Disconnect.To remove trunk latch, just remove 2 bolts.Showing trunk hardware removed from car.Showing a bare trunk.Overall, easy task.
  10. Mr Greg, I would be interested in the 6 blade engine fan if you change your mind on this system. We still need to talk soon when temps begin to warm up. Thank you Sir.
  11. oooookay.
  12. What is left over on this car?
  13. Got only a little while to mess with the Buick this past weekend. Most of the day was spent working on the family van. Anyhow, I removed both floor plates that protect the wireways at the foot of both doors.Each plate is mounted on with 5 screws. Unfortunately, most of the screws were too rusted to remove normally. I either had to grind new slots into the screw heads and remove with a flathead screwdriver or just grind off all the way. Showing the removal area.Showing the plates removed from car.Overall, moderate task. If you have no rusting, then it becomes an easy task.
  14. So I was looking over part numbers in my parts book to see what would work in terms of Buicks alone. For the front power window regulators, the part numbers are 4157318 (right) and 4157319 (left). Both of these parts work on Special convertibles, Special rivieras and Century rivieras, years 54 thru 56. What about Century convertibles? Well, these same part numbers only fit years 55 and 56. I am not sure why they left out the 54's. For the rear power quarter window regulators, the part numbers are 4158334 (right) and 4158335 (left). These part numbers only fit the Special rivieras and Century rivieras for years 55 and 56. Nothing is listed for 54's at all for anything, leading me to believe that 54's did not have rear power windows available for the smaller series Buick. That would explain the reason why I have heard of some Buicks with only power windows for the front alone.
  15. So 98 series would be a "no-go"?