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  1. Most of the ceiling is complete. I only need to install 4 more panels to complete. I will finish the next time but looking good so far.
  2. Taking a long time in my progress, but it's coming along. Got one of hardest panels in with cutouts for the vent return and attic door.
  3. Starting ceiling drywall installation. This lift works very well.
  4. Man...that engine sounds so nice. Thank you for sharing. You did well. And just to think, you were almost "all to pieces" over this issue. Every problem in life has a number. Just try not to focus so much on the problem, but envision yourself reaching the end of it. Turns out your number was 2 months. Now it seems you are in a better place with the engine. Who would have thought 😉. Proud of you bruh!
  5. Just curious...any power seat items?
  6. Yeah Ben, don't leave us hang'n like that.😢
  7. Following...
  8. Got all the insulation done yesterday. Now, ready to prep myself for drywall. Bought a drywall lift at Harbor Freight Tools. Very affordable and will serve its purpose.My daughter, of course, had to help with putting it together. Very simple process.That will probably be all for today. Next, I will purchase some drywall and start hanging it. Going to spend some time with the kids. Happy Father's Day everyone.
  9. Matt, did you suggest to the guy who bought your car to join this group and post any progress?
  10. Mind telling us the price? Any guarantee with the rebuild? Let us know how well it works.
  11. Who did your fuel pump Matt? Did they do both the air and fuel side of the pump?
  12. Kosage - 0 Mr Willie - 2 I'm coming back hard next time. Just wait, I will get something right.
  13. I would install the pistons from the top using a ring compressor. I don't think the ridges will hurt the rings upon installation.
  14. I already tried parking the Buick in the garage. Not enough room at all...and this was with both the front and rear bumbers removed. So no chance of that happening. The hope is that sometime in the next couple of years, I can build a brand new detached garage...made especially for rebuilding the Buick. In the meantime, this garage will allow me to do some other Buick work until that time comes.