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  1. If I had the money, I'd be all over this car. And it's a VA Buick too. 7 g's is an awesome deal for this car.
  2. I am looking to purchase a regulator for a front power window for my car. This regulator can come from a 54 thru 56 Buick Century or Special, 2 door or convertible. It also can come from a 54 thru 56 Oldsmobile series 88 or 98, 2 door or convertible. I appreciate any help. Thank you.
  3. Anyone know a guy by the name of Matt Martin? He rebuilds nailheads out in Cali.
  4. I do not plan on racing my car. I want to do what my Dad was not able to do and pass it down to my children one day. I just want the engine to be returned to its full strength...or at least as close as possible to full strength.
  6. Aaahhh yes...the overrated Chevy. All the way with you on the first bullet Ben.
  7. Okay, and that's what I was leaning towards...sleeving the engine. That leads me to the next question...why haven't manufacturers gotten the oversized pistons right?
  8. Forgive my ignorance, but please explain this to me. I am still learning the terminology.
  9. For the sake of performance, would you get more of a desired outcome if you sleeve or if you bore and install a bigger piston?
  10. Ooooh! I really like that green Buick Mr Lamar.
  11. I have seen a few threads on here where people have had their nailhead engines overhauled/rebuilt, but have yet to hear or see anyone bore and sleeve their nailhead blocks as part of the process. So, this begs the question...is boring and sleeving a good idea or can it even be done on these unique engine blocks? Thank you.
  12. Is this something that's available online? I am looking, but with little luck. Thank you.
  13. Right now I only have 4 electrical outlets in the garage. I plan on adding 4 more outlets. It sounds like everyone agrees that I should upgrade my wiring to 12 gage with 20 amp breakers...so that's what I will do. In the picture shown below...I plan on moving my air compressor here. A new outlet will be installed here and this outlet will have its own dedicated electrical line and breaker. I will also build a new shelving unit in this same corner. The other 3 new outlets will be jumped off of existing outlets. Still deliberating on lights, but I am going to take everyone's advice and go LED. Does this sound right so far? Thank you.
  14. So the question is this...the current wires used for my outlets shown here...are 14 gage wire. Should I stick with the 14 gage, or should I upgrade to 12 gage? Are 14 gage wires adequate enough to safely service an outlet that will have a heavy duty power tool plugged up to it (such as an air compressor)? Thank you.