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  1. "54 Super sedan

    Sharp looking car! Pricing is decent in my opinion.
  2. 1954 century sedan. GA to NC

    I don't think you'll care so much after it has been put in service. Good luck!
  3. 1955 Buick Power Radio Antenna Switch

    This one goes onto a small series 55 Buick.I assume the bezel made for the large series Buick has a slightly different curvature in it.
  4. 1955 Buick Power Brake set

    Matt, do you have the brace that the master cylinder mounts too?
  5. 1955 Buick Century

    That's already in the plans. Now, if I can just finish the garage. Seems like something is always coming up.
  6. 1955 Buick Century

    Also, Mr John introduced me to another Buick guy. He gave me a 55 Buick radioand a 55 Buick clock. Compliments of Mr Jimmy.
  7. 1955 Buick Century

    Yesterday, this part was simply given to me...a 55 Buick Century dash with almost all the pieces still on it and a fuel pump. Compliments of Mr John out of Portsmouth (my neck of the woods).
  8. 1955 Buick Century

    Trust me Mr Willie, I don't take anything you say for granted. It looks like I will need to make a small contoured cut at the bottom rear side of the skirt. I will use my proper skirts as a stencil to make the cut precise.
  9. 1955 Buick Century

    The black pair of seat skirts came off of a 55 Oldsmobile. It seems to me that Oldsmobile used the same skirts whether the seat was a manual, 2-way or 4-way power seat. But just to be sure, I compared the manual black pair to the white pair that actually comes from the 4-way power seat I got recently and everything is practically identical. There is a very small difference with how the skirts wrap around towards the rear at the inner side. All mounting holes are the same.
  10. 1955 Buick Century

    Got these in the mail today. A pair of factory seat skirts in pretty good condition. Compliments of ebay.These come from a manual seat, but should have no problem converting them to a power seat.
  11. 1955 Buick Century

    I have your 20 dollars. Although I have no problem coming out to Portsmouth. PM a number i can text you at. Thank you.
  12. Power antenna (1955 Buick)

    Thank you Sir. I will post here if I do find one.
  13. 1955 Buick rear speaker pointer knob

    I am am no more than 10 minutes from the colisium.