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  1. 1955 Century 3 speed - $8500 on CL

    Would love to hear how it sounds and see how it drives.
  2. 1953-1958 Buick parts

    Would you happen to have this knob for the F/R speaker switch. I only need the knob. This is what it looks like...Thank you for any help Sir.
  3. 1955 Buick AC/speaker knob with pointer

    I think I have been wrong with what type of knob is needed for my speaker switch. I assume the knob pictured below is correct and what I am looking for.Any help is greatly appreciated.
  4. '54 Rear Speaker Switch Location?

    Can anyone tell me what the correct knob is used on a 55 Buick? This is the set up on my car.Here is a picture provided by Mr Lamar. Is the one in his picture the correct knob for this setup? If so, why does this knob look so different? Mr Lamar, do you still have this knob? Thank you.
  5. 55 Century 66R Project

    I have been waiting for an update on this Buick. Simply gorgeous. Can't wait to see more. Thank you Mr Mudd.
  6. Upholstery Seat Panel Measurements-1955 hardtop

    Looking so pretty!
  7. 1955 Buick general questions

    Thank you for the pictures Ben! That helps a lot. I assume this is the factory set-up? Are the spare T-fitting and check valve that have now factory? Could you send me some pictures of both? I am very interested in purchasing. Let me know and thanks again?
  8. 1954 century sedan. GA to NC

    My fuel gage is stuck on full too.
  9. 56 4dr hardtop special, not mine

    Don't think I can sleep tonight after seeing the carnage in these pictures. Can't get the images out my head.
  10. 1955 Buick general questions

    55 power brake question...cars equipped with power brakes, don't these cars have a fitting that threads into the front, top area of the intake manifold that connect up to the brake vacuum line? My car doesn't have power brakes but still has the fitting seen here...The fitting shown here is sort of like a 90 degree flared fitting. I am assuming cars with power brakes have a tee fitting instead, which allows connectivity to the fuel pump and brake vacuum line simultaneously. Is my assumption correct? Thank you for any help. Please provide pictures that show power brake setup for this fitting if possible.
  11. 1958 Caballero

    Keep the pictures coming Mr. Joe. The car is coming along beautifully.
  12. Power Regulator for Front Window

  13. I wonder why we missed it a year ago. I also wonder why i didn't sell the first time.
  14. The guy sold it to someone in southern California. I wonder who that may be. Whoever it was, I will be keeping my eyes open. I just hope they put the love into it that it deserves.