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  1. If it helps Ben, I used to be depressed as well. It really hit me as soon as I graduated high school. Did the medication thing and all. I was also extremely introverted as well, so I completely sympathize with your situation, at least to some degree. I agree with Mr Greg and there are ways out of it. My way out of it hit me like an apipheny. As far as the engines goes, my suggestion to you is to just rebuild the one you have now. I rebuilt my first engine when I was about 20 years old. And then I rebuilt another engine even better about 3 years later. You are very smart bruh. Don't doubt yourself. To be honest, I am a little intimidated of rebuilding my nailhead. It has a few nuances that other engines don't have, but then again, I don't trust anyone else fixing it but myself. And I know it will be fine. Besides, you got a good group people on here who got your back. You got this bruh! Just don't eat it all up in one bite. Cut it up into smaller pieces and take smaller bites. I am right behind you. I plan on removing the engine out of my car sometime this year and starting to overhaul. I will be keeping up with this thread. God bless.
  2. Anyone have any suggestions for lighting. The nominal dimensions of my garage is 13 x 28 x 10.5(h). Thank you.
  3. Hey Mr Lamar. Yeah, I need to replace the drywall. There's holes holes all over the place and the previous drywall job was done terribly. I also want to insulate the walls and add some electrical outlets while I have everything exposed. I built those hanging shelves and my work bench about 6 years ago. This was done before I found my Buick. It has served its purpose very well. Thank you.
  4. Cleared the garage out as planned. All Buick parts were moved along with most of my tools and other miscellaneous things. Got a nice workout going up and down a ladder all day long. Here's some shots of the garage after clearing out.I made exception for the evaporator boxes. I refused to move those things around. Anyway, the shelving unit is mostly clear.Work bench is now practically naked.Some of the few things I had to keep in the garage. Fortunately, they all have wheels.Another Buick item I just refused to move...the front seat. I will cover anx work around it.Next weekend, the goal is to remove all drywall and possibly add a few electrical outlets. See you then.
  5. I couldn't help myself. Broke away from the garage to daydream for a minute.She gon be a baddddd car!
  6. Funny thing is 99 percent of this stuff isn't going in the trash.
  7. So here's a few shots of my garage. Yesterday was the first day and I spent that trying to move stuff out of the way to clear it out. A shot from the outside.A shot of one of the corners of the garage right at the bigger entrance. Here is one of the many holes in my garage walls. This is where I will add an electrical outlet with a new shelving unit.More shots with this one looking at the entrance to my kitchen.Looking at the backyard entrance and window.Shot taken from rear of garage looking at front corner of garage.Shot from rear of garage looking at kitchen entrance.Shot from middle of garage, looking at rear. Washer and dryer area.Shot from middle of garage, looking at rear. Work bench area. Yes, this is my only real work light.Just a shot of one of the many holes in my garage.Finally, a shot the ceiling. This is the only general lighting I have in here and it's surrounded by a bunch of holes.Today, I hope to have this garage mostly cleared with exception to a few things. I still have all kinds of Buick parts to move out of my way.
  8. This is the reason why I had to take a brief hiatus from my car. I am redoing my garage. Nothing special, it's just a little one car garage that has been needing some TLC ever since we moved in almost 10 years ago. I hope this will take no longer than a month, but nothing much really goes according to plan. I might have some questions dealing with lighting. I know you all got my back. I will provide pictures as I go along.
  9. Is he parting any cars out or just selling whole?
  10. I'm down!
  11. Thanks Matt. Yeah, I think I'm going with Mr Willie's advice in regards to the sleeves.
  12. Yesterday, I received the proper scoop assembly for my car. Finally, I now have the complete air conditioning system for my car! Only problem with this set is that the penetrating sleeves are not correct to my car. The sleeves fit the bigger series Buicks. But this is a very small problem. I will use them to fabricate new ones that will fit my car. I am leaning towards not using them anyway to avoid cutting out 2 huge holes in the body of my car. Anyway, the scoop assembly set, compliments of Mr Mike.
  13. Forgive my ignorance Mr Willie, but what is "R&L"? The mounting pattern on the power regulator is slightly different than what I observed on my car door. I will post some pictures and maybe you could educate me. Thank you Mr Willie.
  14. Couldn't agree with you more Mr Joel!
  15. I went ahead and took the new regulator out to my shed where both my car doors are stored. I held up the power regulator to the door and observed that it should work fine. However, it looks like I would have to template a whole new set of mounting holes on the door to have it installed correctly. I also looked at the master body parts book to compare the illustration with my part and my part is identical to what is shown in the book. So in conclusion, I am pretty confident that I have the proper power regulator for my car.