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  1. Bump, make me an offer.
  2. I'll see your filter housing and raise you 61 years and 3" of caked grease around upper control arm shafts just to get to the bolts. I filled up a grocery bag.
  3. That's what I was trying to avoid!
  4. The problem is the old insulation seems to be glued up there. It's going to be a chore to get that mess off with it still installed.
  5. I ordered new hood insulation and would like to do this correctly by taking off the hood. I learned a hard lesson a few years back removing doors from a 61 Ford I had...they were never straight again. Are there any tips you guys have for keeping spacing and alignment? Is it as easy as unbolting from the hinges and just putting it back? I've never removed a hood.
  6. No worries. Maybe it'll help the one who wants to buy it!
  7. I tried myself twice and nothin'...handed it over to the pro's. I'm in no hurry to sell, promised the wife I'd try though. I only run ethenol free gas in mine. I've seen too many horror stories.
  8. An identical 4GC, actually. Bought a refurbished one and the bog was still there. Frustrated, I found a gentlemen who is a retired carburetor guy who rebuilt/refurbished it and the bog is almost completely gone. I'm going to mess with the timing a little bit to see if I can get it completely gone.
  9. Rochester 4GC that came off of my 56 Super. Had it as a spare, but don't think I'll ever need it. $250 OBO
  10. Looks like it's bent the right way. I had this one sitting around from my 56 Super.
  11. My problem was the pedal itself, right where it hinges. It had deteriorated to the point that the pedal basically collapsed when pressed. It was more obvious when I took it out and looked at the backside.
  12. My original pedal did that before I replaced it. The hinge point was completely rusted/rotted and it would just collapse down to the right when you pressed it down.
  13. I'll probably stick with conventional. It's leaking from the diff gasket.
  14. So what you're saying is, any 90 gear lube will work? I don't have to find special HGL?
  15. And NEVER talk bad about them when they can hear you. Especially don't mention anything about selling them!