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  1. The dog only has to bite once -- you don't forget.
  2. 10 years from now nobody will even know what a 'car key' is... Hey Beemon - those chrome valve covers sure sparkle!
  3. The story continues -- new chapter!
  4. Another price reduction on the XX! How low can it go? (For $4K I may have to see it for myself...) https://syracuse.craigslist.org/cto/6164422493.html
  5. My wife gave me an early Father's day gift today -- the August 2017 issue of Hemmings Classic Car. She bought it because of the article on a 1964 Pontiac GP (like mine), but there's also a very interesting article about the genesis of the Buick V6. The V6 was derived from the 215 V8 and the article also details the evolution of the BOP compact car line through the 1960s. (The August issue must have just come out, as it is not yet on the Hemmings website.)
  6. The '55/'56 Chevy dash is an interesting swap. I guess Dakota Digital doesn't make one for the Buick...
  7. I always enjoy watching his character (alter ego?) on "Family Guy".
  8. Wow - this topic sure got off into the weeds! How did we get from Pleasurizers to the BlackHawk...?
  9. Ah -- the "good ol'days"! One model year separates them and they share no sheetmetal! Even the drivetrain changed in this case, from torque-tube to open driveline. Now the only year-to-year changes are those mandated by Congress...
  10. I usually have to mis-align, over/under torque, re-use gaskets or exceed bend radius on old hoses in order to get an intake vacuum leak. This contraption makes it much easier!
  11. Hey John - that color really suits the car!
  12. Something for Ben to aspire to -- 800 HP '47 320 CID straight 8 in a 1984 XJ6! 194 mph at Bonneville last year and going for 220 this year! It would be perfect if thay had kept the Dynaflow, but they wimped-out and went with a Tremec TKO instead... https://www.hemmings.com/magazine/mus/2017/07/Pace---Pace---Pace/3750995.html
  13. As far as I know, there's no 'Riviera patch'...
  14. ...that's why I'm waiting for the first edition of Jason's Second Generation Riviera Restoration Guide before I even consider a comprehensive restoration!
  15. Ha - you beat me to it! I was gonna say she was busy reloading and would be right out!