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  1. Side Mirror Date Decoding

    Must be J.C. Whitney!

    I'm thinking something more like: "From Flint with Love..."
  3. Buick Introduces the new Riviera: October 4, 1962.
  4. Usually I find that the 'creaky' noise results from the springs themselves rubbing where the hooked ends contact the hinge. First, try just lubricating those spots and see whether the noise stops.
  5. Is this a worthy car?

    Matt, that's a beautiful car and don't worry -- it won't be long before someone snaps it up.
  6. Excessive pinion lash? Another thought -- could the yoke splines be binding on the transmission tail shaft? It might be worth removing the drive shaft to really check all of the joints and grease the yoke splines.
  7. The biggest issue is having to ship and then dispose of an entire car to make the switch. I hope you have understanding neighbors...
  8. Doug -- just to be clear, which yacht were you referring to; the white one or the red one?
  9. This is a LOOOOONG Shot

    Is there anything special about the lid? If not, get the measurement and shop around until you find a can with the same size lid. Once you do, buy it and throw the can away (er, I mean recycle it)...
  10. Here's a '68 with factory AM/FM stereo... https://fingerlakes.craigslist.org/ctd/d/1968-buick-riviera/6312625403.html
  11. Agree with Paul -- I want to stick with R-12 as long as I can. I also agree that adding a couple of ounces of oil when I finally do get it topped-off is a good idea. There is evidence of some oil film at the front of the compressor, so I'm sure some oil had escaped over the last 50 years...
  12. Chavis garage

    Nice work!
  13. UPDATE: First, I checked the A/C belt tension and it was loose, so I tightened it until I had approximately 1/2" deflection when I pressed the belt midway between the A/C and crankshaft pulleys. After I did that I noticed that the washer on the forward compressor tension lock bolt was now essentially aligned with witness marks in the adjuster bracket that runs from the top of the compressor to the intake manifold (a good sign). Next, I fired up the engine and tried engaging the A/C. At this point the compressor was turning and cold air began blowing out of the dashboard vents -- all is well! With the A/C running I re-checked the voltage at the compressor clutch and measured 13 Volts (voltage at the battery terminals was 14.7). The previous voltage measurements were taken with the engine off (battery voltage was 12.5). So, it turns out that the entire issue was a loose A/C belt. I was surprised because even the 'loose' belt seemed as though it wasn't really that loose... I had recently removed the upper compressor bracket so that I could paint the engine, When I re-installed the bracket I tightened the belt an amount I thought would be sufficient without placing excessive strain on the water pump bearing. I never turned-on the A/C until last Sunday. Anyway, the long story short is I created the issue by having insufficient tension on the belt. That said, although the A/C is now working as before, I did notice a steady stream of bubbles in the sight glass. I did not run the A/C more than 3 or 4 minutes, but I think I need to find someone who can put gauges on the system and check the refrigerant fill level. The system is still running with R-12. I should probably try to snag a couple of cans of R-12 on E-bay. Thanks to Winston, PWB and Jason for your input. I'm glad that for once the issue turned-out to be something simple!
  14. OK, I'll check the belt and then try jumping 12 Volts to the clutch to see whether it makes a difference. It doesn't seem like a head pressure issue to me because it happens immediately when I engage the A/C; it's not like the compressor spins for a minute and then starts squealing...
  15. When I attempted to turn on the A/C last Sunday on the way home from Lake George there was a horrible screeching sound. When I got home and raised the hood I could see that when the A/C was turned on the compressor clutch was slipping. Later I determined that the compressor was not locked-up, as I could turn the shaft using a wrench. Today I checked the voltage to the A/C clutch and measured only 10.2 Volts. I verified a good ground connection (same reading at the negative battery post). So, I suspect a bad clutch relay, but following the wiring back doesn't lead me to a relay before the wires head into the cabin. There are two relays on the firewall, however, neither of them have the green clutch wire on them. Can someone tell me where the A/C clutch relay is located? Thanks in advance for any assistance! -Tim