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  1. Wow -- literally TONS of beautiful Buicks!
  2. BS -- this is true for any API certified oil that is sold today...
  3. Ethanol free -- your gas tank will appreciate it.
  4. Correct center cap

    In my opinion, a '71 Tri-shield cap would be appropriate.
  5. Gremlins

    Possible stuck brush, bad spot on the commutator or armature? Maybe removing the motor spins the armature just far enough to work on the bench. Repeat the bench test 99 more times for the next one, or give it a good smack before taking it out and see what happens...
  6. I have to Brag

    It's easy to see why!
  7. Magic Potions

    Ah - that makes sense! I kept thinking "average warhawk" ???
  8. Cars That Made America

    I remember when "TLC" was "The Learning Channel"; now it's just "TLC". When the History Channel becomes known as simply "HC", all will be forgiven.
  9. Cars That Made America

    I never realized that Ed Cole created the small-block Chevy in order to spark the aftermarket speed parts industry. Zora Arkus who...? Clever of Delorian to disguise his GTO as a LeSabre for those Woodward Avenue 'tuning' runs.
  10. Can't speak to the ebay car, but someone clearly re-painted my engine. The original red is visible on my valve covers where the quickie orange paint is flaking off. I hear ya regarding the stickers. Fortunately they did a decent job of masking mine, which appear to be original (not the cheap re-pops)...
  11. Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    Best part is at my age I can just flip it over and use the concave side...
  12. There -- that's the ticket!
  13. Nice color and nice, clean car. It appears to have the same 'Chevy Orange' engine paint as mine, however. That's something I'm rectifying now...
  14. You'll need to ask him. Send a PM to KAD36. He's active on the Buick forums.