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  1. Yep, my ol' man had a thing with big-block V8 swaps in his pickup trucks. Started with a '66 Chevy he put a Camaro 396 into. The ultimate, however, was his '68 Chevy 3/4 ton (C-20) with the 440 6-barrel and 4-speed plucked from a wrecked '69 Road Runner. That was my father's version of the "Farmtruck" in 1973. That thing embarrassed many Camaros and Corvettes! Just cranking the starter would get your attention quick -- that gear reduction starter whine was definitely NOT the sound a normal Chevy would make!
  2. My best friend in high school had a '68 Charger RT with a 440, 4-speed, 4-piston disk brakes and Dana 60 rear end. That thing was a beast - I had it indicating 142 on the speedo one night on an empty interstate. (Yikes!) The front end would get pretty light at speeds above 80...
  3. I have a piece of plywood and several pieces of 1 1/2" thick foam board leaning against the front bumper of my '56 Chevy (currently up on jack stands). I nose the Riviera in until i see the top of the foam board start to move, then back up about an inch. That leaves me about 2 1/2 inches between the back bumper and the door! I have more room on the other side, so I just have a short 4x4 block on the floor that I roll the GP into until it stops. Nothin' fancy, but it seems to work.
  4. Wow -- that polish really does the trick! It's great to see the ol' girl back on the road doing what she was designed to do.
  5. Nice car and perfect steering wheel (no visible cracks). I grinned when I saw the picture of the 'Wildcat' on the air cleaner!
  6. Thanks, I needed another excuse to go back and check that out again!
  7. Wow! Even the exhaust manifolds look like new! This car needs to find a 3rd owner just like its first two. I wish I had the means (and space) for this one...
  8. Bubble-Top "to the max"!
  9. ...and prosper!
  10. Ed, from your description I'd say mine is like yours. My Schrader valve is shown on the right wheel tub. They could also have been a dealer-installation. I'm assuming they were also available from the factory.
  11. Although I generally agree and do not normally recommend 'band-aid' repairs, I make an exception for these seal tabs. Being 'OEM blessed' sets them apart from the other fly-by-night concoctions hawked on store shelves. Also, if you look at these up close, they are actually a VERY fine powder that is pressed into a tablet. In fact, generally one has to break them up into smaller chunks to get them through the radiator filler neck. My point is that as long as there is sufficient flow through the core, I don't see these causing any restrictions on their own. If there are mineral deposits significantly reducing flow, then I suppose the powder could see the situation as a 'leak'. For prophylactic purposes I would probably only add 3 of these at a time.
  12. They're on my 1967 Riviera - and they still work!
  13. Do it -- they work! My father had an 83 Eldorado with the HT4100 aluminum V8. They were known 'leakers' and the GM answer was to use the seal tabs. Fast-forward to about 2 years ago and I noticed a slow, but steady loss of coolant in my 2004 Silverado. After being unable to locate any external leaks I started reading and discovered that I was apparently experiencing the dreaded LS head casting crack. Sure enough, saw some 'cream' on the inside of the oil filler cap. I bought a package just like the one shown above and in under 200 miles the leak stopped. I have not added a drop of coolant since. I did a couple of 'short' oil change cycles and once the oil came out clean (no chunks) I went back to my usual interval. Now at 216,000 miles it's still smooth as silk and doesn't use any fluids. Within the last year, my wife's 2006 PT Cruiser with 130K miles developed an intermittent leak. Sometimes it would need a pint of coolant, then go weeks without needing any. After about a year of this (and a gallon of antifreeze) I figured I'd give the seal tabs another try. So I did -- and just as before, the leak stopped for good. The best part is the active ingredient -- ginger root! (You could probably eat them if you had a package in the glove box and got snowed-in somewhere for a few days!)
  14. I remember attending the Syracuse Dealer's Association New Car Expo in the late 80's (I forget the exact year) but I distinctly remember that the Yugo was displayed in the basement of the War Memorial (about as far from the Jaguars, Mercedes and Porsches as possible) and was the only new car in the show displayed with a drip pan under the engine/transaxle. Oh - and there was a guy at work who had one! He broke two windshields while changing tires...