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    Fuel additives are "added" at the point of delivery. Might be Chevron "Techron" when delivering to a Chevron station, and the same truck deliver fuel to a different station with additives other than Techron. BTW, my mom always went to Chevron, and at least at the time her muffler rusted out quick more than once and needed replacement. The shop told her Chevron has more "detergent" which caused the muffler to rust out faster. Not saying I personally know this to be a fact; just what was said to her. Info of the almighty Web: In my part off the country, the same tanker truck delivers fuel to most of the gas stations in the area - Shell, Chevron, Phillips 66, Murphys, Bud’s stop and Go - most all of them. There are only so many refineries around the country and a LOT of different gas stations. It’s pretty rare that you actually see a tanker truck with the same name as the gas station filling the big tanks. If you do, it’s often because the franchise owner has enough stations to own his own trucks and haul his own gas rather than contracting it out, or it’s a corporate owned store. If you watch the driver or go talk to him, you will see him pour an additive package into tank he is filling. This is what makes Shell gas different from Chevron gas - the additives not the base fuel - and they are almost always added at the station as Chevron doesn’t want Shell additives in their gas.
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    Austin-Healy 100 Manuals (free to good home)

    I know someone who has one. I'll PM him, see if he wants these. The '56 is rare I think, and he has one and you have a manual for it. He is: "Wally" Casten - 1956 Austin-Healey 100, 1982 e21 320i, 1987 911 Carrera, 2007 e92 328i, 1997 Triumph T509
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    Shortened 56 Two Ten

    It's an attempt at an American version of a Nash Metropolitan.
  4. mike6024

    Shortened 56 Two Ten

    My neighbors, back in the 60's did that to a couple chevys, to race them around in the wet muddy pasture. The short wheelbase supposedly made it fun. You could say it was a version of the modern sport of drifting. Or maybe auto-x, or autocrossing.
  5. mike6024

    1970 Siata Spring

    Here is a source for FIAT parts. I have bought Alfa parts from them. It's called Vick. Vick's Auto http://www.vickauto.com/newstore/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=5_8 FIAT 850 Spider
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    1970 Siata Spring

    Maybe you want this? Only $13 Water pump shaft gasket for Fiat 600 and 850 models. Fiat part # 4079550 - 4138765 - 4300391.Part: EG-1500-049
  7. mike6024

    1970 Siata Spring

    Is this what the water pump looks like? 3 bolt water pump for Fiat 850 Special, Coupe, and Spider models. $190 http://mrfiat.com/italian/fiat/fiat-850/engine.html
  8. What is the stock radiator, 2 row? Here's what that forum recommends : Three row brass VT Windsor core #128366 by Go/Dan industries. Use to re-core existing radiator. http://teae.org/cooling-the-sunbeam-tiger-tiger-tom-chuck-king/
  9. Seems this is the one you are looking at. http://classicalloyradiators.co.uk/products/312/Sunbeam-Tiger.htm Sunbeam Tiger Sunbeam Tiger high efficency alloy radiator. Fitment as original. Features fan sender switch that comes with plug in case not required. Opptional Etras: 1) Fitted Spal fan - £51.00 2) Fan sender switch various temperature settings - £8.00 3) Classic look Powder coating - £35 Please contact sales team on 01543 502525 to discuss these options. Part Code: RST 1 £365.00 + VAT You would eliminate the original fan if using an electric. The most important thing for cooling is the radiator core, how much coolant capacity, how much coolant the core accommodates. That depends on how many rows and how many tubes per row. I've had success in other vehicles by 1) going from a 2 row radiator up to a 3 row and 2) in another vehicle, retaining 2 rows, but using a new "XL" core that had more tubes per row thus holding more coolant. This last option was something a radiator shop had to offer me, and I told them to put it in. This is after having wasted money having the old radiator with original core dis assembled, old core rodded (cleaned) and old core reinstalled. That was a waste. I'd never do that again.
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    1922 Fiat 501 Targa Florio

    You may be able to get a pre-departure inspection and certification from some private "approved cleaning facility." Have you heard of such things? Apparently there is one in California that is approved by the Australian Border Force to certify cars being sent from the USA to Australia. Here it is (not that it does you any good): The only reason I post this is I figure if we have this in California, you should have something comparable in your home country. http://www.tgal.us/__trashed-3/ We Have the Solution for Asbestos Removal We have been working very hard over the last 18+ months to create an approved Offshore pre-cleaning and an Asbestos pre-testing / removal program with the Australian Border Force control. Our West Coast facility located in Compton, CA is currently the only site recognized as anApproved Offshore Cleaning facility by the Australian government in the USA. This approval enables us to offer “Guaranteed Pre-Cleaning” meeting the Australian Biosecurity requirements for vehicles and motorcycles. This pre-inspection and pre-cleaning system allows our customers to avoid the hidden and inflated costs associated with attendance fees, quarantine inspections and cleaning at destination. We guarantee the cleaning "Trans-Global" in California: http://aiologistics.net/trans-global-logistics-group-establish-aqis-pre-cleaning-and-asbestos-pre-testing-removal-program-in-australia/ They have combined the Pre-Testing for Asbestos and Pre-Cleaning programs in an All-In LCL and FCL Full Service Program, which includes the Asbestos Check and Pre-Cleaning programs, it also includes loading, shipping, marine insurance, port charges, unpacking, clearance and destination fees in Australia. (There are some exclusions that do apply such as customs fees and those exclusions will be fully outlined for you prior to booking). The Australian Border Force has reiterated “Due Diligence” must be exhibited in determining what the risk items are and to assure those items are tested to confirm they are “Asbestos Free”. They have an Asbestos expert whom specializes in vehicles and they will assess the components at risk on each vehicle and test them (which includes all brakes pads), they will provide a NATA approved equivalent certificate. For the items that fail, the items with asbestos will be removed and Customs will be provided with a Statement of Removal. If items are replaced they will be required to be re-tested for asbestos. The cost for the removal/replacement will be obtained and provided to the customer. They have presented their proposed program to the Australian Border Force and most importantly, the Australian Border Force recognizes Trans Global’s program as providing “Due Diligence”, which will eliminate your risk of fines and penalties. If you are unsure on your obligations as an importer, please contact the Australian Border Force directly 1300 558 099 or visit the below link for further facts and reference. Re-importing Australian-based vehicles Owners intending to temporarily export a vehicle from Australia, with the intention of re-importation, such as for the purposes of participation in an overseas rally, must be aware that:  The importation of that vehicle back into Australia is prohibited if it contains any level of asbestos.  To facilitate the return to Australia, the owner should identify any parts or components with asbestos and replace them before export.  Insulation  Brake pads and shoes  Seals: o mastic sealants/coatings o body seams o asphalt undercoating  Gaskets: o cylinder head o extractors o exhaust system  Bonnet liners  Valve rings  Heater/air conditioner housings  Fibrous washers  Sound deadening material  Clutch linings  Firewalls  Heat shields  Wiring wrap  On that vehicle’s return, the owner must be prepared to provide assurance that the vehicle does not contain any asbestos. http://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/Importingandbuyinggoodsfromoverseas/Documents/fs-asbestos-risk-importing-vehicle.pdf
  11. mike6024

    Almquist Sabre

    This appears to be an Almquist body applied to a Crosley, with Crosley engine. Edit, it's a V-8 - Most Almquist cars featured Crosley engines, Glascock's car is powered by the rarely-seen 2200cc. flathead Ford V8/60. 1951 Crosley Almquist H-Mod Almquist Engineering was founded by Ed Almquist, who was one of the most famous individuals in the history of hot rodding. The Almquist catalogs were filled with custom accessories and performance parts. Along with performance parts, Ed also made a line of fiberglass kit car bodies after purchasing a stock of fiberglass bodies from Clearfield Plastics. The Clearfield Plastics Company had made fiberglass sports car bodies to fit on the Fiat Topolino or a Crosley chassis. The production manager at Clearfield, Harry Heim, would later design the Almquist bodies. The first Almquist vehicles were called the Sabre I and rested on a 124-inch long platform and clothed with a European-inspired roadster body. They could accommodate a wheelbase size of 72 to 82 inches. These compact cars with a very short wheelbase had deep side covers and a bobbed nose. https://www.conceptcarz.com/z20650/crosley-almquist-h-mod.aspx
  12. mike6024

    Where to buy parts online?

    Yes, you can email them. I would email them before ordering a part, if I had concerns about fitment. Many people are happy with them, but I think for more common vehicles there are less likely to be issues. But for older, or more unusual I would prefer to go to a local parts store. Question not answered above, nor on the other tabs at the top? Email us at service@rockauto.com. RockAuto, LLC Corporate Headquarters 6418 Normandy Lane Suite 100 Madison, WI 53719 1-608-661-1376 http://www.rockauto.com/help/?page=6 http://www.rockauto.com/Newsletter/
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    1926 Buick Master

    1926 Buick Master Six [26-47] in The Grapes of Wrath, Movie, 1940
  14. mike6024

    Where to buy parts online?

    I went into Car Quest to see about some foreign parts, brake caliper seals, because if they had them on the shelf it would have been better for me than ordering online and waiting for them. Guess what? To see if they could get the parts for me, they went onto the Rock Auto website. They did not have them on hand, but if Rock Auto had them, then they could get them for me. They said they regularly do that, and many other auto parts stores do as well. Rock Auto is like the Amazon of auto parts. They use the Rock Auto search, to look up makes and models, reference correct parts, and see what is available from different suppliers.
  15. mike6024

    This 55 Nomad showed up at my work

    A Corvette as a daily driver?
  16. mike6024

    Pierce-Arrow Wine Country Tour

    A Wine Country tour for Pierce-Arrow http://www.pressdemocrat.com/home/8527642-181/a-wine-country-tour-for?artslide=0&sba=AAS http://www.pierce-arrow.org/annualmeet/meet18/index.php
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    Dealing with Extreme Surface Rust

    I am inclined to think that a molasses solution is a mild organic acid; until someone proves or demonstrates otherwise. Coca Cola can clean things, and it is acidic. Anything below pH 7 is acidic. (The average pH of Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and other colas is 3.4.) Carbonation combined with the acid can dissolve the metal oxides and remove tarnish from copper, brass and other metal alloys. Citric acid is known to remove the stains. Phosphoric acid is commonly used for rust removal http://greencleaningproductsllc.com/mythbuster-science-of-cleaning-cleaning-with-coca-cola-effective-green-cleaning-products/
  18. mike6024

    Dealing with Extreme Surface Rust

    What's the deal with molasses, does it become a mild acid? Muriatic acid is supposed to be good, especially uneven surfaces and hard to get to places. Squirt it on and rinse it off. Brush it around while its on there if you can.
  19. mike6024

    Dealing with Extreme Surface Rust

    There's a laser rust removal tool. Probably a scam. Have you all seen it?
  20. mike6024

    Dealing with Extreme Surface Rust

    Primer and sealer are two different things. So don't just use a "primer." PPG epoxy primer/sealer or similar epoxy or "2K" "sealer" on the bare metal, keeps any water/moisture from passing through. The PPG epoxy is non-sanding, you can't really sand it. You could then put a sandable primer over that. What you use to wipe it down is different, wiping down bare metal vs a surface that still has paint on it. It gets wiped down with a "metal prep" which I think is a mild acid. I used to have some. http://www.myrv14.com/buildlog/20160510/p-196_dplf_epoxy_primer-9-13.pdf Data Sheet for epoxy primer/sealer https://www.chemfil.ca/wp-content/uploads/TDS-DX-SERIES-METAL-TREATMENTS.pdf metal cleaners identified DX-520 Metal Conditioner is a phosphoric acid based coating chemical that will produce a zinc phosphate coating on galvanized or steel surfaces. DX-520 Metal Conditioner contains a small amount of detergent which aids in the removal of light soils and promotes the formation of a uniform zinc phosphate coating. DX-520 Metal Conditioner is pale green in colour and may turn darker over time. DX-579 Metal Cleaner is a multi-purpose phosphoric acid based cleaner and pre-paint conditioner for most metals. It can be used to deep clean a metal surface prior to paint or to prepare a surface for a subsequent chemical coating. DX-579 Metal Cleaner is blue in color and could lighten over time.
  21. mike6024

    1922 Fiat 501 Targa Florio

    Which are you looking to for inspiration, the "Junkova" vehicle? I can't help but laugh a bit whenever I read that name.
  22. mike6024

    1912 Renault Limo at auction

    Re: RESTORATION OF A 1912 RENAULT Louis Renault founded his auto plant in Fre’res Bellancourt, Seine France in 1898 with his two brothers. In 1912 Renault in Fre’res offered no fewer than 15 various models. The bodies of the cars were designed for and by the customer. About 90% of the body parts were made in the United States. This restored Renault is a 1912 Victoria Limousine with 12/20 horse power. The probable top speed is about 30 miles per hour, say going downhill with the wind at your back. This is the 680th model of this car in 1912. Today, only a few may be found in this kind of condition. The original owner was a Madame Alda of New York City. She was a Metropolitan Opera singer who was friends of John McCormack, Jim Brady – known as Diamond Jim and Mrs. Ray Dennis of Convent Station, NJ. At one time a Mrs. Lila Armond owned this car. She was a stock broker and sold or gave the Renault to Mrs. Ray Dennis. After about 20 years, Mrs. Dennis gave the car to her chauffeur, Mr. George Worley of Morristown, New Jersey. Mr. Worley later traded in the car to Frank Frost, a Ford Dealer on Bank Street in Morris Town, NJ. From there it was sold in 1948 to a corporation known as Weiss-Havell-Havell-Pennimpede that collected old cars. In 1961, I bought this Renault, a 1908 Reo, 1911 Cadillac, 1928 Dort and a 1917 Dodge. All the cars were restored by me and I sold them to collectors except for the Renault. The Renault was in my possession for 31 years before restoration was begun. Not until January 9, 1992 did we start to restore this fine car. Starting from the frame up, approximately 1200 hours was spent in time on engine work, de-rusting, painting, upholstery, etc. It has been a pleasure and fun for me to achieve such projects. The Renault is the last car that I will restore for my family and customers. After 42 years in the gas station business, I am in the process of retiring. My Sunoco, later known as “Lou’s Gas and Go Station” will be out of business. In those many years, I have restored about 28 cars. Each car has its memories, headaches, and love. Cars were my life’s work and if this was to be done over again, I would do the same thing. I would like to give my many thanks to a fine person, my dearest friend and pal, Mr Vincent Pennimpede of Morristown, New Jersey. He, above all, helped me in so many ways to understand old cars. LB January 11, 1995
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    New Trend on eBay?

    Speaking of Prime Day, and the decline of Sears. https://www.sears.com/ Here is Sears answer to Prime Day. I happened to buy Something (at a good discount already) for $39, then can use this "cash back" $30 to get something else, maybe some jeans? So I'll be getting about $70 worth of stuff for $40.
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    New Trend on eBay?

    Yes that does work, thanks
  25. http://classiccars.com/listings/view/1110028/1929-desoto-model-k-for-sale-in-cold-spring-minnesota-56320 Is it this one you're referring to?