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  1. mike6024

    Lagonda Rapiers

    Yes I think I understand the principle of operation finally.
  2. mike6024

    Lagonda Rapiers

    The first I ever heard of such a thing as a pre-selector gearbox was when Trimacar talked of how his Cord shifts with it's pre-selector. Apparently what the Cords used was also a Wilson. I just read of how they compared favorably to the "crash boxes" of the time, the 1930's. With pre-selectors the gears are always in mesh, so there is no gear grinding like with a non-synchronized "crash box." Here is a video on how to shift the Cord https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5aozO4Wk9l0
  3. mike6024

    Why? Why?

    Here is that song - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVANQheoRUw
  4. mike6024

    Car Logo Quiz...

    44 out of 47!
  5. mike6024

    Why? Why?

    I think it's a kind of lowrider. It is located in Corona.
  6. mike6024

    Lagonda Rapiers

    Is it possible to overhaul your spare wide-ratio box and actually use that for your overseas trip? Would it function OK for driving up the mountains and otherwise? This way you keep your close-ratio box at home with it's asbestos and all, for re-installation upon return home.
  7. mike6024

    Lagonda Rapiers

    I need to share this email response with you, because I took the liberty of asking the man in Germany, Peter, about relining asbestos-free, and here is his reply to me. My intent was to share what he had to say regarding asbestos-free relining. It seems Peter is referring the job to this UK service; a man named Jeff Bidder. Is this the same information you have Bernie? sorry for the delay answering your mail - I was away from home for a couple of days. We don't sell linings but please contact Friction Services Jeff Bidder fsbl@globalnet.co.uk Give Jeff my regards when you contact him. Cheers Peter
  8. mike6024

    Lagonda Rapiers

    I don't know what you should do. To rent a "modern car" on your next trip would be a shame. Where I got that photo of the band is this German outfit that sells parts for the transmission, including "Brake band, relined." So I was wondering if they were re-lined asbestos-free. Here is the link for this transmission parts vendor: http://www.vorwahlgetriebe.de/spare-parts/?L=1 Your vehicle is small with not many places for asbestos to hide. There are the brake shoes, transmission friction components and all gaskets. I was wondering if you could get all these certified asbestos-free by a licensed shop or mechanic. Or maybe install your wide-ratio box for use on your trip abroad and sacrifice it upon return, meaning let the ABF remove and destroy it. Then re-install your close ration box you left on the shelf at home. It does seem those components could be relined asbestos free, like a brake shoe, don't you think?
  9. mike6024

    Lagonda Rapiers

    Do you have any ideas for dealing with this? It seems if you have new brake pads, with a receipt certified to be asbestos-free, and you have no insulation or heat shield which could have asbestos, then your only potential problem is with the transmission. Once they see you have no conventional clutch disc, then they will think either it has friction material internally or is some sort of automatic torque converter system. Do you have a spare transmission? You could get these bands relined and certified asbestos-free I would think. The ABF would accept a receipt with some sort of certification?
  10. Hard to find pastel blue with hardtop and ragtop. http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/cto/d/2003-ford-thunderbird-pastel/6714058502.html 2003 Ford Thunderbird Pastel Blue - $11499 San Francisco (925) 518-7437 Oops, that interior pic was an accident http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/cto/d/1955-ford-thunderbird/6710890219.html
  11. mike6024

    1922 Fiat 501 Targa Florio

    It's because you added a great deal of value to that previously rusty pile of parts, especially with the body you created. Potential buyers could see themselves taking it out on the road; enjoying it. I'm just sorry you didn't hold until you took it out for the first drive yourself.
  12. mike6024


    TSLA has a Market Cap of $45B, GM is $47.5B, and Ford is $37B. This is rather crazy. The p/e (stock price to earnings ratio) for GM is 8, and for Ford is 6. For Tesla there is none as it's not generating a profit. Someone on the investing board was saying he was shorting Tesla since it was $200-something, because for a stock to be over $200 when the company is far from showing a profit sounds over-priced. He got real mad when that tweet went out and the shares went up to something like $380. It's painful when you have a bet on the table that something is going down, and instead it goes up like that. Personally I do not short, have not in the past nor any plans to, nor do I trade options. But that fellow shorting is feeling better now. He'd also have a claim; htere could be a class-action on behalf of those that were shorting it and got harmed. Tesla is estimated to lose $ 5.50 per share this year, but start to actually show a modest profit for the 4th quarter. Find that hard to believe, but we'll see.
  13. mike6024


    Tesla CEO Elon Musk, company settle fraud suit for $40M Tesla CEO Elon Musk and the electric car company have agreed to pay a total of $40 million and make a series of concessions to settle a government lawsuit alleging Musk duped investors with misleading statements about a proposed buyout of the company. Good news. For him to have been removed as CEO would have been a huge shame. None of us took his tweet seriously. He was just being combative with critics who were constantly on him about not making production goals, when are you going to show a profit, etc, etc... I do realize there may still be a class-action lawsuit from those who bought the stock right around the time of that tweet. Those who understood shorted it when it made that move upward. Many people still expect to be able to short it all the way to near zero.
  14. For the first pic, hide on the right on the clothesline, the biggest unblemished area is in the center, 42" by 25". Another smaller piece to the right 16" by 21". There was a scrape there, at about the 3/4's point as you look from left to right. The second and third pics are the same hide, I turned it upside-down and took another pic of it. It has the scrape in the middle. Unblemished areas are about 27" by 20", and another that same size 27' by 20" and a smaller area 15" by 18". It's got bad areas, as you go from left to right in pic#3, big scrape mark at the 1/4 point, small scrape mark at the 1/2 midpoint, then some holes as the pic shows at around the 3/4+ point.
  15. One of them has a small scrape smack in the middle. I'll take another couple pics and take a tape measure to see what is the max unblemished area. As far as black, I consider them truly black, and not shiny, like the seller said. If they look shiny in the pics that's just glare from the way I took them. I really like them. i think the main intent is he sells mostly to crafts people, making small handbags and things like that.