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  1. After you re-assemble it, then they sell it on the open market?
  2. Crashes are all too common. This one happened just last week a half block from my house. What used to be realatively quiet 2-lane highways are now carrying heavy traffic like freeways, but with no divider down the center. I use this Highway and need to make a left to go to my home. I have to sit there and wait for an opening in the oncoming traffic to make the left and always worry someone will rear-end me while I am sitting there. Suspected DUI driver in head‑on Highway 12 crash CHP investigators Tuesday were seeking witnesses to Monday’s head-on crash on Highway 12 west of Santa Rosa, which caused one driver to miscarry and critically injured three people. Officers suspected driver Tristan Taliesin, 41, of Santa Rosa, of being under the influence of drugs and arrested him on a felony DUI charge, CHP Officer Jon Sloat said. The 4:45 p.m. crash occurred west of Fulton Road, tying up traffic on the two-lane highway and forcing evening commuters to divert to nearby rural roads. Taliesin’s eastbound Toyota Scion SUV drifted into the opposite lane near Merced Avenue and collided with a Toyota Camry driven by Elizabeth Ehrmann-Subia, 33, of Santa Rosa, Sloat said.
  3. On an entirely different vehicle, I tested for leak by squirting with a garden hose nozzle. I isolated it to the lower passenger side windshield seal. Hitting that area would make it drip fast inside even though no obviously defect in the seal could be seen.
  4. Overall it didn't look rusty, but now that you mention the hood it looks like the front edge it completely rusted through.
  5. When I lived in Los Angeles and Orange County I felt driving was not dangerous. I got rear-ended a few times, not too hard. Once i was dead stopped at a red, in my '74 Bug btw, and driver behind me not paying attention, probably braked a little, hit me hard, knocked my rear bumper off. I was not hurt. '74's have high seat back which is like a headrest, and they have lap and shoulder belts. Another time I was driving in the right lane on a 6-lane boulevard and someone pulled away from a curb parking spot without looking and I got a crease along my passenger door. But in spite of driving in extremely heavy traffic it did not seem dangerous. There were times I had to brake to avoid someone else's unsafe lane change. Opportunities for head-on crashes don't really exist with divided boulevards and freeways. And do not go on a green light unless you first look for possible red-light runners among the cross traffic. On the other hand, here in more rural Northern California with winding 2 lane highways and country roads the chance of a head-on or getting run off the road is quite high. Someone will come around a blind curve and be over the center line and speeding.. And if someone runs you off the road you will likely goo off an embankment or smack into an oak or redwood tree. It is amazing how many young drivers are killed by going off the road into a tree or a ditch.
  6. Here's the model lineup for '42 - http://www.nadaguides.com/Classic-Cars/1942/Pontiac
  7. Here is a video of the driver giving an interview. http://www.necn.com/news/new-england/Driver-in-Fatal-Auto-Auction-Crash-Had-Suspended-License-421479283.html
  8. No-one has updated this thread. A FIFTH person has died. Quite a death toll. A Methuen resident who was injured during the Lynnway Auto Auction crash on May 3 has died, making him the fifth victim to succumb to injuries suffered during the deadly crash, according to a statement released by the office of Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan. http://www.masslive.com/news/index.ssf/2017/05/methuen_man_5th_victim_from_ly.html The Lynnway Auto Auction employee, who was driving a Jeep when it struck and killed three people inside the business Wednesday, claims the vehicle was defective. The 76-year-old man told Boston 25 News that the vehicle just began to accelerate when he was driving it in the building so it could be displayed during a regular auction inside the Billerica business. The Jeep driver told Boston 25 News that he was driving slowly into the building. The business has several driving lanes for vehicles and safety lanes where people view the cars for sale. "Then all of a sudden, the car by itself, just took off...somehow it just accelerated," the driver told Boston 25 News. http://www.masslive.com/news/index.ssf/2017/05/driver_in_lynnway_auto_auction.html "Defective car that took off all by itself," he explained. "I put it in drive and something in the car accelerated out of control — it took a fraction of a second." FWIW I'm not buying it.
  9. I am surprised the heavier '59 didn't fare better. In a straight head-on instead of this "offset" crash it probably would have done better. Here is an interesting crash where a new Impala fared poorly: it got ripped in half. When Lansang opened her eyes, she started screaming. Surveying the carnage of her car, she looked onto the hillside and saw what she at first thought was another vehicle involved in the crash. Witnesses later told her it was, in fact, the other half of her own Impala.
  10. "airbags, ABS brakes, traction control" Those things would not be a factor in my mind. And I only carry liability insurance so cost of repairs to my own vehicle is not a factor.
  11. Those are some tail fins, alright. Even the El Camino of that year had them. Not subtle at all in their suggestion they were inspired by jet airplane wings either.
  12. That looks a lot like the '62 Buick Skylark
  13. For Sale – 1922 Packard “Sports Tourer”. From being found in the early ‘60’s, to being fully restored and back on the road in 2013 it’s reluctantly time to sell because of health issues. . Included in the body re-build was the roof, the interior of which is finished with beautiful polished timber full length slats, a new timber steering wheel and completely reupholstered. Located at Nambour QLD. $30,000. Noel Poole, Home - 07 5441 1331 or Mob - 0427 523 159 Price:AU $30,000.00, or Make Offer
  14. Link works fine for me