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  1. mike6024

    Identify car from picture

    Were tires ever marked like that, other than for crash-test vehicles?
  2. mike6024

    Identify car from picture

    Yes, policeman is kneeling and checking for a pulse on the woman's arm, and also that is the four fingers dangling. "; and the ominous hand drooping behind the car's rear wing at the left of the image." But maybe it was a Los Angeles car crash according to this source, even though the license plate says MO. The appropriated photograph depicts a Los Angeles car accident, the overturned car weighing down upon five victims, two of whom appear to still be alive despite the painting’s title alluding otherwise.
  3. mike6024

    Identify car from picture

    Here's how the photograph was supposedly found: United Press International (UPI) photograph that served as the source image for the Five Deaths paintings Archives of the Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh The source for 5 Deaths was an 8 by 10 inch glossy black-and-white photograph distributed by United Press International, and discovered by Warhol's assistant Gerard Malanga amongst piles of news agency photos in a bookstore on 7th Avenue and 23rd Street. Despite the horror of the scene before him, the photojournalist has intuitively cropped the image through the view finder to engender narrative and provide an aesthetically satisfying picture according to compositional convention. http://www.sothebys.com/en/auctions/ecatalogue/2008/contemporary-art-evening-auction-l08022/lot.26.html
  4. mike6024

    Identify car from picture

    Great. Love it. Orange Crash car 14 times 1963 http://www.moma.org/collection/works/79223 In 1962 Warhol began to cull images of tragic frontpage news stories. He silkscreened this image of a fatal car accident fourteen times. Warhol's distance from the work’s making parallels his diffusion of this gruesome image through repetition and deterioration. Andy Warhol – Orange Disaster, silkscreen , 1963 The above painting is part of the ‘disaster and death’ series by Andy Warhol. It’s a screen print from a photograph of a fatal car crash. The whole death and disaster series includes paintings that range from car crashes to suicides and the famous electric chair prints (below). Warhol took these pictures from tabloid newspapers and police records, the series wasn’t well recieved initialy because of their disturbing subject matter. http://coralhnd.wordpress.com/2014/01/20/warhol-death-distaster/ Warhol, himself obsessively fixated with the fragility of existence, here scrutinizes the public face of a private disaster and questions why anonymous victims are elevated to celebrity through their appointment with death. Within the painting, the corporeal indications of five bodies are discernible: the man and woman emerging from the car's windows at the right of the image; the woman staring starkly out through the car's rear windscreen; the rear view of a body's trunk behind her; and the ominous hand drooping behind the car's rear wing at the left of the image. The undercarriage and main chassis of the stylized two-tonne automobile are cleanly silhouetted against the night sky. That this metallic expanse seemingly remains largely unscathed emphasizes the vehicle's massive form and accentuates the crushing effect of its weight on its mangled window frames and occupants. Intertwined with the deformed metal superstructure, jointly sprawled across the asphalt concrete, are the twisted human bodies: man and machine fused through mundane catastrophe. Thus one of the great symbols of 1950s and 1960s America, a facilitator of individualism and a key signifier of social mobility, the automobile, becomes the devastating spectre of indiscriminate fatality. As Neil Printz relates, "the car crash turns the American dream into a nightmare" (Neil Printz in: Exhibition Catalogue, Houston, Menil Collection, Andy Warhol: Death and Disasters, 1988, p. 16). 5 Deaths reveals the flipside of the consumerist ideal and shows the version that the advertising campaigns don't mention.
  5. mike6024

    Odd tool

    Early version of shoe size measuring device, and can accomodate wide feet too.
  6. mike6024

    Just found on line

    Well Carl here's something that starts with a c and ends with an e. #Covfefe
  7. 1928 Chrysler 72 Roadster
  8. mike6024

    Another "Why I Love Craigslist" Car

    Why does it say Clipper on it if it is a constellation or consolation? 1955 Packard Clipper Custom 4-door Sedan
  9. mike6024

    1922 Fiat 501 Targa Florio

    I picked this up at the library. It seems to be written in a language I am not familiar with; but giving it a try nonetheless.
  10. mike6024

    Need some local help with cars

    Oh, that's one of those Volvo coupes, similar to the one that went 3 million miles. http://nypost.com/2014/12/29/the-record-breaking-roadster-with-3-million-miles/ It was a '66 though.
  11. mike6024

    The Classic Car Code

    I rated this topic a one-star because zero is not available.
  12. mike6024

    Engine, Fix or Dump?

    http://www.oreillyauto.com/detail/b/melling-4252/engine-parts---mounts-16774/valvetrain-16589/camshaft-12073/8cb684bb523d/melling-camshaft/soc9/4441249/ This supposedly is the oem spec Calif complaint camshaft. Melling Camshaft, Part # SOC9 Line: MEL, $74.99 Fits: Seville Base with engine V8 - 5.7L 350ci GAS MFI vin R - 2 valve OHV 1976-1977* Here's a basic video on camshaft replacement, not your particular engine though -
  13. mike6024

    Engine, Fix or Dump?

    Here's what the other thread said in summary form. Apparently compression was the same in all cylinders.? 145 is not that good though, I don't think. "So, I took the Seville to a shop today that has been in business since the 50's they got the old dodge up and running, etc., they took the Seville apart and drumroll....... Camshaft lobe on Cylinder #2 is worn down! He wont do the work there but gave me the information of two places who would. So what kind of part should I be buying and looking for? " "So, estimate is $950 for cam, lifters and gaskets and labor." "Yes I do remember, but I would not even know what to look for, also a bunch of stuff had to come off the top, it took him most of the day. " "So camshaft and lifters, I forgot to mention that the compression was about 145 on each cylinder"
  14. mike6024

    Any one looking for deal on a car..

    I am watching the auction online. Frazer has not come up yet. Ford van sold for $2800, it was a 1996. And now is the 1966 Plymouth Sport Fury Convertible going for $6,750. 1955 Hudson Hornet, looks to have a bid of $3,000. Sold for $4,000. Nice Chevy pickup, 1971 Chevrolet C10 going for...sold for $7,000, wow way too much. 1972 Honda Trail 90 high bid $1200, did not meet reserve, no sale. 1947 Frazer Standard, Bid, $2,600, bid now $6,100, Lot Number: 24 SOLD, High Bid: $6,400.00 by onsite
  15. mike6024

    Can anyone tell me anything?????

    I think AMA stands for American Motor Club which became the American Automobile Club.