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  1. http://classiccars.com/listings/view/1110028/1929-desoto-model-k-for-sale-in-cold-spring-minnesota-56320 Is it this one you're referring to?
  2. mike6024

    ID of this car

    Yep that was quick!
  3. mike6024

    Help with Modern Car Problem

    Ignition problem is the most likely. Rough idle, sounds like misfiring. And it ran well for a while and is back to misbehaving. So bad fuel delivery would not do that. Faulty ignition system could though. Bad coil pack or a wiring problem, like loose electrical connection. And here are some common symptoms of bad ignition coil: Backfiring. The backfiring caused by your vehicle can indicate the symptoms of the ignition coil failure in its early stages. ... Fuel Economy. ... Engine Misfiring. ... Vehicle Stalling. ... Engine Jerking, Rough idling, Poor Power.
  4. mike6024

    ID of this car

    One up front there, License V2-541. Looks distinctive, but not familiar to me. Movie is Shadow of a Doubt by the way; and a very good movie too.
  5. mike6024

    Pierce-Arrow Wine Country Tour

    1. 1909 Model 24 Runabout Richard Anderson 2. 3. 1920 Series 51 4. 1917 48 B-4 7 passenger
  6. mike6024

    Pierce-Arrow Wine Country Tour

    1. 1929 Model 133 for sale for $29k Petaluma, CA 707-887-1906 (home) or 478-1831 (cell) 2. 1930 Model B Roadster, George Teebay 3. 1937 1703 Enclosed Drive Limo Bob Koch 4. P-A full suspension bicycle, front fork is like 2 leaf springs, 2 leaves each side, and the rear has a pivot point at the bottom bracket, so it is a swingarm and monoshock.
  7. This one at auction 2009, the "estimate" had been 70-90k. It was a no sale. Fully restored, concours. Pre-Auction Estimates : $50,000-$75,000. Sold for $33,000 at 2015 RM Sothebys.
  8. mike6024

    1922 Fiat 501 Targa Florio

    That's OK with me, but looks a little unconventional. That is a pulley, with the cable taking off straight from it's top, but at the bottom the cable takes off to the side of the pulley? If it is what I think I see then unusual wear on the pulley is what one would expect.
  9. mike6024

    Pierce-Arrow Wine Country Tour

    A Wine Country tour for Pierce-Arrow http://www.pressdemocrat.com/home/8527642-181/a-wine-country-tour-for?artslide=0&sba=AAS http://www.pierce-arrow.org/annualmeet/meet18/index.php
  10. Published on Sep 8, 2017 1929 Chrysler Series 75 Roadster walk around. This vehicle is currently offered for sale. This one sold in 2009, like the color combo - http://www.goodingco.com/vehicle/1929-chrysler-series-75-roadster/
  11. mike6024

    Anyone need a small restoration project?

    They use those at the college I went to, still do. Davis near Sacramento. These vehicles are the pride of the Unitrans fleet, and they are available for chartering services with STS. They are roughly 60-65 years old and are kept in great shape by our fantastic shop mechanics. In fact, the bus pictured above is the only known London double decker that runs on clean natural gas in North America. They all seat 56 passengers, however they are not ADA-compliant. Additionally, there is no air conditioning, so it gets rather warm during the summer. No double deckers can be used for charters leaving Davis city limits.
  12. Very well preserved in that dry high desert climate!
  13. mike6024

    The decline of Sears

    Sears essentially ceased to exist when it WAS ACQUIRED by K-Mart. For $11B. Then K-Mart decided to rename the combined entity Sears Holdings only because Sears had a better name, more recognizable. The total market cap now is $247 Million, and so that includes both Sears and K-mart stores! Which makes the acquisition of Sears by K-Mart for $11 Billion look over-priced. I point this out because some people on this board seem confused, thinking Sears bought K-Mart, since it is called Sears holdings. It was like when Nations Bank, in Charlotte, NC bought Bank of America. Bank of America continues to exist, but only because of the generosity of Nations Bank in that they decided to keep that name and retire their own. Bank of America was headquartered in San Francisco, but the new one is in Charlotte, no surprise. On November 17, 2004, Sears announced it was being acquired by the management of Kmart Holding Corporation (company that owns Kmart) for $11 billion after Kmart completed its bankruptcy (USA Today Nov. 17, 2004). As a part of the acquisition, Kmart Holding Corporation along with Kmart was transferred to the new Sears Holdings Corporation and Sears was purchased by the new Sears Holdings. The new company started trading on the NASDAQ stock exchange, Sears sold its single letter ticker symbol 'S' it had held since 1910 to Sprint.[26] The new corporation announced that it would continue to operate stores under both the Sears and Kmart brands.
  14. mike6024

    What should you do with old car paint?

    I think the only reason Jake posted this is he wants to be told it's OK to just throw it out on the dirt and rake some leaves over it. But that could not be futher from the truth.
  15. mike6024

    British Forum Rules

    To no-one's surprise it is now for sale. If you are looking for an MG TD. MG TD Restoration Project $8,000 Excellent partially restored TD project. Everything clean, body painted except for front fenders (which are in New Old Stock condition). Has MGB rear end installed, and front disc brakes. Wire wheels. Includes fully rebuilt original drum brakes and uprights. New windshield frame, full new interior kit, lots of other new parts including brand new SU's in boxes. Also included is the Alfa Romeo engine and transmission that I was going to install (and that will fit), but will never get to. Included MGB engine and trans are mounted, nothing cut or modified as yet to fit the Alfa. Not finished, not presently in driveable condition. No help selling needed or tolerated.