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  1. Bubble on the side of a whitewall tire?

    How are whitewalls constructed? I have no idea. For all I know the white is just a nonstructural layer glued onto the outside, so if a bit of it comes loose in the form of a bubble it wouldn't forebode a blowout. On the other hand the OP said the bubble was "firm." How can that be? Does that mean it has pressurized air behind it? Air is leaking through the casing pushing it out? In that case it would have blown out already. Seems the bubble should be anything but firm. Just soft.The tire has a tube so no air can be escaping through the casing to cause this bubble.
  2. Well if someone can figure out how to contact the building owner, then an offer to buy it from the building owner would probably be in order. The fact that it was slated for auction suggest the tenant vacated the premises without taking their stuff with them; ie abandoned property. Landlord cannot take ownership of abandoned property until an attempt to auction it and apply the proceeds to either unpaid rent or forward the money to the former tenant at whatever address. If an auction is called and no-one shows up I'd think the stuff then goes to the property owner. I am assuming this based on the circumstances, and contacting the building owner will probably clarify if it is the case. I used to live in Lawndale and work in El Segundo so am familiar with the area but cannot travel there at this point.
  3. eBay Refund

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Stromberg-Carb-for-Auburn-model-8-98-/132312602934?hash=item1ece721936%3Ag%3AUhIAAOSwlnZZpzgM&vxp=mtr&nma=true&si=1cwbEqWYsgzEUNSXs67eru1rDZM%3D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Stromberg-Carb-for-Auburn-model-8-98-/132312602934? Vintage Stromberg Carb for Auburn model 8-98 Parts Only $250.00 Buy It Now +$9.85 shipping Item condition:For parts or not working Item location:Walnut Creek, California, United States Was purchased as a spare for my Auburn Model 8-98 Speedster which has been sold. Never used. Was it this one? Described as for parts only, not working. Seller means it was never installed and used by the seller, so it was never verified whether this used part functioned well. That's how I read it. Not listed as NOS.
  4. eBay Refund

    "Never used" is not a valid option for "Condition" That's not even one of the choices. What's the listing say in the condition spot near the top? New, New other (see details), Remanufactured, Used, For parts or not working are the valid Condition options.
  5. eBay Refund

    I sent an item back once. eBay/PayPal allowed me to print out a return shipping label for it and charged me for it. It was a return label with postage, bar code, and a tracking number. It was actually cheaper than if I just paid postage on my own. So then I got a refund from the seller, price of item plus the shipping the seller paid. I was out the return shipping. USPS parcels are getting very expensive. A light pair of low top tennis shoes cost $20 to ship, I saw the postage the seller paid. I have a FedEx account and I think FedEx ground is usually cheaper, but I ship very little and it's hard to compare unless you take the same item into both places.
  6. Otherwise the best bet would be to contact the landlord to see where the equipment went. It is possible no-one went too the "auction" in which case the landlord would have ownership of it. Landlord looks to be: http://www.arivify.com/property/search/QZmFreMyN 133 Lomita St is a parcel of land located in El Segundo, CA and has a legal description provided by the local assessor of LAX:4135020024. The Arivify.com account number for this parcel is LAX-4135020024. This parcel is owned by Saundra Randazzo and can be described as a Miscellaneous. The estimated market value of this property is $170290 and the the building value is an estimated $76,476. For more information regarding 133 Lomita St including construction details, assessments, previous owners, and sales data please look below.
  7. Cars & Parts now seperate in buy & sell

    It was a mess.
  8. Back around 1990 or 1987 I met a man who was making automotive rubber moldings at his home and garage in Inglewood. People would send him a piece of the old and he would get the profile and make new. That would not be the same man would it and he moved from Inglewood to El Segundo? Just curious.
  9. But Is It Really A Blight Issue?

    I did own one of those, '76 Maroon (Malaga?) 2002 with light tan interior 4 speed stick. Owned it from about 1980 to 1988 I think it was.
  10. 1929 Chevrloet 194 question

    http://www.repairengineering.com/coefficient-of-thermal-expansion.html Thermal expansion coefficients - Gray Cast Iron 5.8, Aluminum 12.8
  11. That's got the same grill as my '64 Dodge D100 pickup. Same turn signals and headlights and hood. That much looks identical to me at least.
  12. edwardsfrank66@gmail.com

    Don't bother asking for photos. This is as dumb as the people who call me leaving a message and saying they are with the IRS and I owe back taxes and may go to jail unless I call them back and give them my credit card information. Don't make a big deal about it. Asking for a WalMart money order (or whatever it is) just screams CROOK! There should be no need to warn people. I do not warn people to not give their credit card to someone who calls and says they owe the IRS money. Just hit the report post button to get them banned.
  13. Air cooled. 1930 Franklin Convertible Coupe***AIR COOLED ENGINE*** RESTORED*** Older restoration that still shows well. Full classic! Rumble seat. Very nice inside and out. Runs and drives great! 3 speed manual. One of only handful left in the world. Franklin air plane 6 cylinder engine. You wont find another true classic convertible priced under $50,000. Correctly restored car. Have documentation going back to 1983 from the last owner. Druk Auto Sales 334 19th ST. SW Forest Lake, MN 55025 651-272-5461
  14. Local car show

    No-brainer, charge the idiot with multiple felonies.
  15. Packard

    Deer antlers included