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  1. mike6024

    collector cars in California fire

    This is my home. So I should be good then, huh?
  2. I like the fender skirts, and the way the tail lights are done and the trunk sort of tapered on the 51 Fords. It's just the opposite of big fins.
  3. mike6024

    collector cars in California fire

    How about a foolproof rooftop sprinkler system? As it is now it's required to have a sprinkler in the ceiling of your kitchen in case you start a grease fire on your stove; but that does no help when embers land on top of your roof.
  4. mike6024

    1953 Merc?

  5. mike6024

    collector cars in California fire

    It looks like everything along Mulholland Highway burned and that's where that collection was, on Mulholland apparently. https://google.org/crisismap/google.com/2018-Woolsey-fire
  6. mike6024

    1953 Merc?

    A stick is far preferable to an automatic. I don't even buy automatics.
  7. mike6024

    Johnnie's Garage Tow Truck ???

    Here's another advertisement from 1941: https://www.newspapers.com/newspage/360003418/ Clyde's Garage, Reo Sales & Service, 72 North Lee Court Automobile Repairing 110 MOTOR OVERHAUL SPECIAL Including hew Pedrick rings; valves and Seats refaced, rods aligned, bearings adjusted, new gaskets, and motor oil. Complete $28.00. ENGARD BROS., Phone 3758 Cor. Cedar and Green Streets , 111 1 r-. U 0 1 f rr 1 I r If ir n Freeland Official Inspection Station No. 1151. DANKO'S GARAGE 1221 South St., Freeland. Phone 2. Official Inspection Station No. 9396 WILSON'S GARAGE J 419 Johnson St., Freeland.. Ph. 335-M. Official Inspection Station No. 1353. MAURY'S T'RE & BATTERY 726 Centre St., Freeland. Ph. 343. Official Inspection Station No. 6534 JOSEPH KOPSKI GARAGE Rear 444 Centre, Freeland. Ph. 251-J McAdoo Official Inspection Station No. 6136. McADOO GARAGE E. Sherman S , McAdoo. Ph. 4622. Official Inspection Station No. 8887 PETER J. PENSOCK 201 N. Tamaqua, McAdoo. Ph. 4252. Conyngham Off. Inspection Station No. 1370-A. WENNER'S GARAGE Conyngham. Pa. Phone 12-R-9 1 kph. T5 SiiB AUTOMOBILES Automobile Repairing 110 FRANCY'S GARAGE, PHONE 4567. Motorists, before having any Fender, Body Work, Painting or Repairs done on your car, get an estimate at Francy's. Factory specifications on all makes of cars and trucks. Automobile Washing 111 CAR WASH Atlantic ultra car wash 75c. . Engard Bros., Laurel and Green streets. . Your most thrilling emotional experience in the theatre . . . brought to you by three great stars . . . the director of "Gone With The Wind"! TUNE-FILLED SOCKEROO! Hazleton Official Inspection Station No. 961. JOHNNIE'S GARAGE 1st & Arthur Sts. Phone 9055. Official Inspection Station No. 1265. NASH SALES AND SERVICE W. Walnut. Al Reedy. Phone 1876. Official Inspection Station No. 5169. RALPH'S GARAGE 414 E. Chapel Si,. Phone 3074. That's an old building, with cracks in the brick walls due to settling. It now has an address, 445 East 1st Street, Hazleton PA. It's at 1st & Arthur. You can tour the area using Google Maps street view. I am cruising the street from my home in California.
  8. mike6024

    Johnnie's Garage Tow Truck ???

    I think this may be it: It would be near Hazleton, Pennsylvania. Would that make sense? Anyway, this advertisement was in the December 18, 1941 The Plain Speaker from Hazleton, Pennsylvania · 26 http://www.newspapers.com/newspage/268672376/ Official Inspection Station No. 7386. STEELE'S SUPER SERVICE 611 W. Broad St. , Phone 9124. Official Inspection Station No, 961. JOHNNIE'S GARAGE 1st & Arthur Sts, Phone 9055. Official Inspection Station No. 1265 WASH SALES AMU SEKVICE W. Walnut Al Reedy. Phone 1876. Official Inspection Station No. 6169 RALPH'S GARAGE 414 E. C
  9. mike6024

    Year make and model

    Great find
  10. mike6024

    Johnnie's Garage Tow Truck ???

    You might find that Johnnie's Garage by searching newspaper archives because they place many classified ads, and you have the name and phone number (9055) and the year could be 1935+/- and the area NE Pennsylvania. I found a different Towing company with phone 9055 in Shamokin, Pa in a 1934 newspaper. Not the right one, but with more effort and luck it may turn up. Shamokin News-Dispatch from Shamokin, Pennsylvania · Page 9 They scan all the text so it can be searched. AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE TOWING West End Garage Phone 1015. Day and night service. TOWING City Garage. Phone 9055. Day and night service. WEST END GARAGE Official Inspection' station. Reflectors re-nickled. IF YOUR RADIATOR STEAMS let us correct, your trouble in a short while. Hand Motor Company, 627 North Third street. SINCLAIR TRANSMISSION AND DIFFERENTIAL GREASE 3 lbs 25c, in gun ready for use. THE ARISTOCRAT Along the Trevor. jn Road Music by the Aristocrat Orchestra George Magasky, Prop. Forrest Theatre TREVORTON, PA. Tonight (Sat., Feb. 3) at 7 & 9 P. M. Marie Dressier and Wallace Beery "TUGBOAT ANNIE" What picture! Laughs, tears and cheers. Don't miss this picture. Added: Crooks Tour & Novelties This theatre is under new management. Also new sound equipment has been in-tailed. Come In and see us some time. ADMISSION Children 10c AdulU 25c PARIS CONFECTIONERY 322 N. Shamokin St. . Presenting OUR FLOOR SHOW and First-Class ORCHESTRA Come Early or Call for Reservations PHONE 926 Most Famous Soda Fountain in Shamokin For Service & Quality Bring Entire Family and Enjoy Yourself at the PARIS BEER on Tap itlaiestic GOOD to the LAST THRILL From the firsr shock to the last flashing action nd romanc! ZflNE GREY'S A Paramount Picfurt wtti RANDOLPH SC0T1 ESTHER RALSTON BUSTER CRABBE JACK U RUE NOANKIRI ON ICE" News Carson" MON. - TUES. - WED. A drama of the heorf fhaf'j will grip every person who has wondered whether ove if just a bog of frickf fo pay on men 7&i : wusfftth "a I k the exchanging of wives freely It is this extraordinary "matrimonial code" which provides the story's powerful theme. Mala, the principal character of "Eskimo," has two wives and while he does, not mind lending his wife to his brother Eskimos, he deeply resents the lecherous desires of a w'nite tagonism which ultimately culminates in a murder. Among breath-taking spectacles obtained by the expedition are scenes of caribou r.irds on stampede; walrus hunts with natives risking their lives in small boats; whaling expeditions; the terrific roaring and crashing of millions of tons of ice, and other thrills of the far north. A. F. Schiffely rode a horse from Buenos Aires to Washington, D. C; tne trip required two ana one-nan years and ended in 1932 FREE ROAST TURKEY TONIGHT at Novack's Cafe 615 N. Shamokin St HELP WANTED FEMALE EARN EXTRA MONEY copying names, addresses for mail order firms. Home spare time, experience unnecessary. Write for information. Circle Advertising, 401 Broadway, New York. HELP WANTED MALE WEAVERS Experienced on wide gemhead looms. Steady work. Apply Jaunty Silk Company, Inc., 300 Brook street, Scranton, Pa. SALESMAN Experienced. Car preferred. Acquainted with grocery stores. Permanent. Apply 1:00 p. m.- to 3:00 p. m., Sunday. Mr. Abrams, Hotel Penn-Lee. SALESMAN To take orders and deliver goods for Grand Union Tea Co. in Shamokin, Mt. Carmel and surrounding territory. Special offer to get a salesman started at ' once. Address Grand Union Tea Co., Danville, Penna. WANTED TO BUY PIGEONS Best price paid. Jacob Wolf. 948 West Willow street. WANTED ROOMERS AND BOARDERS. E. Sunbury street. 620 PUPILS on banjo, mandolin and guitar. Charles H. Eyster, 32 South Rock street. Phone 115-R. MIDDLE AGED WOMAN WANTS HOUSEWORK Phone 461 -R or write Box 496, News-Dispatch. OLD MATTRESS and living room suites to do over. Exclusive Bedding Shop, 510 North Shamokin street. Telephone 558. TWO GENTLEMEN To occupy one large room. Independence street. Two beds. No. 24 McWilliams Apts.
  11. mike6024

    1906 Version of Hemmings

    Cars for sale march 28, 1909 https://newspaperarchive.com/new-york-times-mar-28-1909-p-24/
  12. mike6024

    collector cars in California fire

    Typical Paradise homes. In the foothills I think you'd call it. Rather wooded; plenty of fuel for a fire. Seems it could have been another wind and powerline situation. An electrical outage was reported just prior to the discovery of a fire, so it may have been a tree branch hitting a powerline.