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  1. mike6024

    1922 Fiat 501 Targa Florio

    It really looks nice, especially from that perspective. It appears the slope of the top edge at the side of the passenger compartment matches the slope of the "boot lid." Very aerodynamic profile. (The Junek car just looked like the doors went missing.)
  2. For sale locally in my Northern Calif area. The '36 Dodge truck too. 1936 CAR HAULER ONE OF A KIND THAT HAS SURVIVED FOR OVER 80 YEARS BUY THE TRUCK AND GET THE CAR FREE COME WITH D M V PAPERWORK $5,000.00 CALL 408 849 8450 PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE IF I MISS YOUR CALL ALSO I WILL SELL THE CAR WITH OUT THE TRUCK MAKE OFFER CAR IS COMPLETE BUT NEEDS TLC THANKS http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/cto/d/dodge-truck-1936-car-hauler/6683237031.html
  3. mike6024

    1922 Fiat 501 Targa Florio

    Very nice. It's looks like you took some artistic license with the sides of the passenger compartment and made a big improvement. The rear "deck" looks good too with the rounded corners at the very back.
  4. mike6024

    1977 Seville Update

    Ok I guess you missed my point, or couldn't care less, so I'll delete it.
  5. How about making your own VIN plate with some stamps? maybe a piece of scrap stainless, an attach to the frame with pop rivets, or stamp the frame directly.
  6. mike6024

    1974 Dodge Dart Diesel

    Here is the thread with more discussion - http://www.forabodiesonly.com/mopar/threads/1974-dodge-dart-diesel.370623/
  7. mike6024

    1974 Dodge Dart Diesel

  8. mike6024

    cylinder head

    Very informative website they have. http://www.locknstitch.com/precision-metal-stitching.html LOCK-N-STITCH Inc.'s proprietary, patented mechanical crack repair process "metal stitching" allows us to permanantly repair a crack or blow-out hole without welding. The cracked metal is replaced with special metal stitching pins that we install by drilling and tapping to draw the sides of the crack together. This results in a continuous row of interlocking stitching pins to create a strong, pressure-tight repair. To restore the casting to its original strength, we install locks across the joint line of the pins by drilling a precision hole pattern with special drill fixtures. After the hole pattern is created, the locks are driven in, pulling the repair togther even tighter. The repaired, metal-stitched area is gas and liquid tight to create a pressure tight repair. In addition, metal stitching Dampens and Absorbs Compression Stresses. It also spreads tensile strains and distributes the load away from the original failure point, while maintaining the alignment of the original surfaces. This metal stitching method is employed mostly on cast iron components, but it is also effective on any other machinable metal, such as ductile iron, steel, aluminum and bronze castings. http://www.locknstitch.com/cast-iron-welding.html Cast Iron Welding We want to share some truths about cast iron welding with you. These truths are easy to understand, extremely important to know and yet, ironically, hardly known in the welding world. About 40% of the casting repair work that we perform in our service department is performed by some type of welding procedure. Even though we are the world leader and only complete supplier of metal stitching supplies in the world, we are also the only company who will actually tell you the truth without bias. Some repairs require oven welding and some require metal stitching. The most important thing for you to understand is that electric welding on cast iron is actually the very worst decision you could make to attempt to repair your cracked cast iron part. If you want to make a complete mess of your part, go ahead and arc weld it with nickel rod. Cast iron cannot stretch and withstand the contraction and hardening caused by cast welding with preheating below 1200 ° F. The brand of welding rod does not make a very big difference. It's the heat that causes the changes to the cast iron itself. Sure the nickel weld is machineable but the cast iron will become as hard as a drill bit or tap and therefore will prevent the proper machining that is often required. 50% of the casting repairs we see have been arc welded on with disastrous results often costing the owner at least twice as much to repair properly. Cast iron welding should not be attempted even by experienced welders without years of high temperature oven welding training. Cast iron requires preheat of at least 900 ° F. for brazing and 1300 ° F. for fusion welding. If you want to know why and what the correct way is, read on.....
  9. mike6024


    Fuel additives are "added" at the point of delivery. Might be Chevron "Techron" when delivering to a Chevron station, and the same truck deliver fuel to a different station with additives other than Techron. BTW, my mom always went to Chevron, and at least at the time her muffler rusted out quick more than once and needed replacement. The shop told her Chevron has more "detergent" which caused the muffler to rust out faster. Not saying I personally know this to be a fact; just what was said to her. Info of the almighty Web: In my part off the country, the same tanker truck delivers fuel to most of the gas stations in the area - Shell, Chevron, Phillips 66, Murphys, Bud’s stop and Go - most all of them. There are only so many refineries around the country and a LOT of different gas stations. It’s pretty rare that you actually see a tanker truck with the same name as the gas station filling the big tanks. If you do, it’s often because the franchise owner has enough stations to own his own trucks and haul his own gas rather than contracting it out, or it’s a corporate owned store. If you watch the driver or go talk to him, you will see him pour an additive package into tank he is filling. This is what makes Shell gas different from Chevron gas - the additives not the base fuel - and they are almost always added at the station as Chevron doesn’t want Shell additives in their gas.
  10. mike6024

    Austin-Healy 100 Manuals (free to good home)

    I know someone who has one. I'll PM him, see if he wants these. The '56 is rare I think, and he has one and you have a manual for it. He is: "Wally" Casten - 1956 Austin-Healey 100, 1982 e21 320i, 1987 911 Carrera, 2007 e92 328i, 1997 Triumph T509
  11. mike6024

    Shortened 56 Two Ten

    It's an attempt at an American version of a Nash Metropolitan.
  12. mike6024

    Shortened 56 Two Ten

    My neighbors, back in the 60's did that to a couple chevys, to race them around in the wet muddy pasture. The short wheelbase supposedly made it fun. You could say it was a version of the modern sport of drifting. Or maybe auto-x, or autocrossing.
  13. mike6024

    1970 Siata Spring

    Here is a source for FIAT parts. I have bought Alfa parts from them. It's called Vick. Vick's Auto http://www.vickauto.com/newstore/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=5_8 FIAT 850 Spider
  14. mike6024

    1970 Siata Spring

    Maybe you want this? Only $13 Water pump shaft gasket for Fiat 600 and 850 models. Fiat part # 4079550 - 4138765 - 4300391.Part: EG-1500-049