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  1. Thank you Leif, I got this picture too out of the reference book. It looks like the bearing is flush the slider. Hugh, I got the replacement bearing with the spacer and a one like this was already installed. So I will just press it as close to the holder as possible.
  2. Can anybody tell me how the bearing is installed correctly? I pulled mine and it looks like shown in the picture, don't now where is the worn shaft coming from. Looks like the bearing was turning over.. As far as it was installed the spacer is flush to the slider part and then the bearing itself to the spacer, just wan't to make sure it should be like this. Werner
  3. Yes, "X" in front of the model notation is for export models.
  4. Found this in the forum: Reference Book of the 1924 Models seems to have information about the 24-51A too. I don't have the book but the "a" is mentioned here http://www.buickheritagealliance.org/archives/details/341#.W3xN5S3qjgE And in the judge manual the 24-51A is listed as well. In 1925 the "A"-Models (25-24,25,44,45,47) are "Enclosed" models.
  5. dracenroc

    1931 Buick Model 50 sedan on Hemmings

  6. dracenroc

    clear coat carburetor or polish

    Hugh, if you have a chance try soda blasting...
  7. dracenroc

    throttle control

    Grant, here some information: Part is called Steering Gear Throttle Rod. Part numbers are: 204395 Steering gear throttle rod 30700 Throttle rod adjust trunnion (the cube part) 115125 Ball Joint 103319 Lock washer, 1/4" 103451 Hex. machine screw nut, No. 12-32 107762 Cotter 3/32" x 5/8" last three parts belong to the ball joint. Below some pictures. Unfortunately only in metric cm and mm (I don't have an Inch ruler) The length in regard to the bend is 46cm 9mm as an example (in correlation to Hughs information about the 18 11/16" dev. length) The threads on the rod are for 1/4-28 nuts (12-28 thread?) The diameter is 5,6mm, picture shows sliding caliper, I'm sure you can read the figures in inch 😉 The blue cable straps are just to let me know on which part it gets connected. If you need more please ask.
  8. dracenroc

    throttle control

    Grant, Hugh must be right, its 3.421 I guess. I don't have an export but I mixed 3.431 with 3.421, should be 3.421
  9. dracenroc

    Cylinder Water Inlet 28-Master

    Thank you Wayne! Don't know if the '27 fits the '28. Most probably yes, anyone? Werner
  10. dracenroc

    Cylinder Water Inlet 28-Master

    @Terry: I guess the pump and inlet alignment is not to bad but the angle is definitely not correct. And yes, the hose is too short, I will replace it. The worse thing is the diameter differs from the inlet to the pump. Inlet diameter is bigger then the one on the pump, don't think this is factory made? @Hugh: If I couldn't find a replacement I'll try to bend it. The inlet is like this since I got the car, it worked so far but a correct one would be better.
  11. I'm looking for a water inlet for a '28 Master. Mine looks some kind of self-made and doesn't really fit. The angle is not correct which leads to a bend in the hose.
  12. dracenroc

    throttle control

    Grant, Hugh must be right, its 3.421 I guess. I don't have an export but I mixed 3.431 with 3.421, should be 3.421
  13. dracenroc

    throttle control

    The rod to the engine side (the one with the spring attached) is connected to the accelerator pedal (lower end hole, from the middle hole goes the rod to the carb) connected to the firewall. Moving the lever on the wheel will pull the acc pedal forward. The connection to the carb is the same as by the acc pedal. I guess you are missing this rod to the acc pedal? If yes I have it removed and can give you some detail pics and measurements ( in a week plus...)
  14. dracenroc

    throttle control

    I have the engine out right now. Latest when I'm trying to reassemble I can provide you with details. Here a few pictures I made before the removal. As I have all the parts out I'm able to measure it and probably can make a sketch. Unfortunately I will not have the time for this the next week and it will take some time. Maybe someone else here?
  15. dracenroc

    throttle control

    Which part of the control system do you mean in particular? Are you missing the complete mechanism or just a specific part?