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  1. Starter Generator wiring

    this might help....
  2. 1928 Buick Master transmission oil

    Transmission around 1.75 quarts, differential 2.3 quarts (for the 128"). The shorter ones need more for the differential. Fill it up to the lower level of the filler plug. Take a heavy one, I take at least W250, follow tinindians hint or calculate a half a day to pour the oil in
  3. 25 Buick freeze plugs

    Me too Terry...luckily I have a lot of other things to do on the engine...at least it's worth to pull it The picture above is from the rear part of the engine, this one is how the front looks
  4. 25 Buick freeze plugs

    I will replace mine with steel plugs too. Don't know what liquids and/or additives all the previous owners used for cooling. I'm just wondering if they had last longer when they would have been made from brass instead of steel.
  5. 25 Buick freeze plugs

    Because the one made of steel look like this after years...?
  6. 25 Buick freeze plugs

  7. 1927 Buick she's home lets begin!

    Good to hear you'll save her Lenny!
  8. 1928 Buick Universal Joint Ball question

    Hugh, I don't think the leather band is to hold the oil back but to protect the ball from dirt. Compared to the picture in the shop manual I do probably not have a '28 transmission or at least a different shell...
  9. 1928 Buick Universal Joint Ball question

    With a closer look to the outer shell it looks like its not the same part as shown in Hugh's (Larry DiBarry's) picture. Mine is completely round. There is no groove to hold a seal or packing. Compared to the 1928 parts book it looks like the correct one. Its hard to see in the picture of part 208295 if it has a groove or not but it looks like there is none. I'm still wondering where this felt packing as described in the shop manual should go. The parts book tells nothing about a felt packing nor something from another seal. The only parts mentioned are flange gaskets and the joint boot.
  10. 1928 Buick Universal Joint Ball question

    Thank you all, very helpful!
  11. I dismantled my universal joint. The shop manual is talking about a "felt packing in the universal joint cup". Can someone explain me where this felt packing should be? Second, the parts book shows a "Universal Joint Boot" (Bobs also sells it) but I cannot figure out were that one is going to.
  12. Front bearing Buick Master Six 1928

    Nice car! SKF is a Swedish bearing company, its most probably not the first bearing installed :-) Where are you from? Post your question in the Buick Pre War section http://forums.aaca.org/forum/60-buick-pre-war/. There you'll address more Buick PreWar guys and one or the other might also have changed the front wheel bearing. Or try to ask Bob from Bobsautomobilia. Couldn't find a '28 front bearing in the catalog but he will know which one fits.
  13. 1928 Buick Master Six clutch rattling & tinkling

    Great idea! Will copy it when I'm going to install my tranny again....with your allowance :-) Mine works actually correctly, no slip and proper engagement, just the noms as you said. I can live with that.
  14. 1928 Buick Master Six clutch rattling & tinkling

    Mine might be too thick, the linings. I will measure the linings. Compared to yours, donb27, I have only the outer holes visible on the three bolts, just 3/4 of the boring. 1/4 is covered by the outer plate. In your first picture, before dismantling it I guess, the complete boring in the bolt is visible. What are the cotter pins (in a 2nd hole?) for?