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  1. gdmn852

    New rear axle seals

    Anyone use the new rear axle seals from CARS of NJ ?They seem a lot different than the ones that came out . Look to be very tight on bearing race diameter.Thanks
  2. gdmn852

    Torque tube seal or bushing

    Hello thank you for your reply after I found the replaced bolts on springs I wondered if something was left out on drive shaft currently trying to indicate it in made up a way to hold carrier to turn and indicate the shaft just a piece of plywood cut to fit around front of carrier .Thanks again , Gary
  3. gdmn852

    Torque tube seal or bushing

    Ok yes it’s a 49 with Dynaflow I have the new spline seal I must have been thinking of later models like the 53 . It has been taken apart sometime in the past they didn’t know about left hand thread on bolts holding springs as they were replaced with nut and bolts didn’t know if they left something else out.Thanks again ,Gary
  4. Is there supposed to be a seal or bushing at leading end of the torque tube? Enclosed picture, or does the universal joint hold everything in line when assembled. There is the spring loading spline seal but that is it . Thanks Gary
  5. gdmn852

    how do you work under your cars ?

    Have mine on ramps in front and large jack stands on rear frame at x member meets outer frame on my 49 with never ending differential operation ongoing.Getting them off the ground is about half the job.Gary
  6. gdmn852

    1948 Buick rear shocks ( lever typle )

    I also bought mine for a 49 from Apple front shocks also. Had them for 3 years big improvement over old ones.
  7. gdmn852

    How to remove totque tube?

    Hello going to change out the whole differential carrier with another,have the rear end out of car ,pinion bearings feel rough when turning drive shaft going to take it apart just to check it out once I get the other one in.
  8. gdmn852

    1940 grey engine paint

    Hello Buick had a engine replacement program in the early postwar period,most of them were painted black , or as you mentioned it’s the base color you are seeing. If it’s a 1948 or later engine ,there will be four holes about a foot back from front on both sides of block for later type engine mounts .Buick engines are quite impressive with the valve cover that says Buick fireball dynaflash on them .
  9. gdmn852

    Oil change noises

    Oil pump may lose prime when oil is drained would be my guess,as noise stops when oil pressure goes back up .have you dropped pan and check oil pickup on pump?
  10. gdmn852

    How to remove totque tube?

    Hello I might be able to answer the bearings numbers in a couple of days ,when I take apart my 1949 differential.
  11. gdmn852

    California "V for Victory" license plate tag

    Speaking of movies if you get a chance watch White Heat ,1949!release they use a 1941 Buick,Century or Special in it ,”Top of the world,ma”
  12. gdmn852

    California "V for Victory" license plate tag

    Hello again, this is Pennsylvania version of metal saving war tags .Good looking dog too.
  13. gdmn852

    How to remove totque tube?

    If mr. Earl will let you borrow the Special tool set that would be the way to go save a lot of time .once again shop manual shows how to use it .
  14. gdmn852

    How to remove totque tube?

    Shop manual will show how correct mesh pattern on gear teeth at least the 1948 49 does,
  15. gdmn852

    How to remove totque tube?

    Hello good luck on your rear end project I am currently doing this on my 1949 ,torque tube on it bolts to carrier .I am going to change out the complete carrier assembly with one from a Buick that is street rodded Was looking for new ring and pinion gears , but with no luck so far .I have a post looking for parts on the post war forum going to update it once I get it changed over.It has a howl like being chased by a pack of wolves. Pinion gear will have numbers stamped on it to show how much it is from standard for shimming , unfortunately you would need the dealer tooling to set it up that way, shims in pinion housing adjust it for gear mesh you may have to blue up the gear set to check mesh,trial and error .Again Good Luck.Gary