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  1. LeBra 55341-01

    Item is sold, thanks for the consideration!
  2. LeBra 55341-01

    l do not understand the fleabay links.
  3. LeBra 55341-01

    Sorry, Irma took my time away this week! She's gone now (waiting for Jose) and I have some time. D-a-n-I-e-l, gsguy, jscheib are in line. Any of you guys still want it? It may need a large Priority Mail box to fit the original box.
  4. LeBra 55341-01

    So any interest?
  5. LeBra 55341-01

    Wish I could show it to you but we sold the Reatta earlier this year. My wife wanted a car that had a motorized roof. So we got a Buick Cascada.
  6. LeBra 55341-01

    I have an unused LeBra in the original box. $50 plus the ride. Or make me an offer.
  7. 1990 Red Convertible Reatta for sale

    Really need to sell it soon!
  8. My honey wants to sell her Reatta. Red with tan top. Most of you here have seen the posts I've made while working on it. Bottom line: She is a small woman and has a tremendously hard time taking down/putting up the top. We have about 17,000 miles on it. All fluids changed, new tires, etc. Well cared for and always garaged. Small ding in rear passenger fender, rear convertible glass seal damaged in a few spots...could use a new top. Oh and those damn horn buttons need to be replaced! Reasonable...Asking $5000; we paid $16K two years ago. (was $9500) See it here: Craigslist ad
  9. 1990 Brake Issue

    Wouldn't be this one. I have it on Craigslist right now.
  10. 1990 Brake Issue

    So two relays later, it works fine. I am guessing I now have an original accumulator for sale! padgett, we are near the east end of the beeline (old timer, eh? That's what I call it, too!) south of Patrick AFB off A1A. You are certainly welcome to come look at the car! As to the red brake light, it would come on as the pump filled up the accumulator. But I am speculating that it never ran long enough to kill the ABS light or fill up the accumulator for a longer duration between pumps. It works fine now...they didn't even need to bleed it again.
  11. 1990 Brake Issue

    Update: I took the car into the Buick dealer this week (they still have it) and told them to bleed the entire brake assembly again. I check the next day and they are awaiting a code reader to see what's up in the ABS. I tell them I know the code...and tell them what to check. Instead, the tech says the pump is running too little and he thinks the accumulator never gets filled up. He bypasses the relay and the accumulator fills up and the ABS light goes off. He has ordered two relays, will replace them and will bleed the brakes. i suspect the original accumulator was OK. And i remember someone said something about the relays earlier. I suspect some of you with intermittent ABS have similar weak relays. I'll let you know what we finally figure out. Oh and after all of this, she wants to sell the car! So someone is going to get a great deal on a beautiful Reatta convertible!
  12. 1990 Brake Issue

    What would I ask for?
  13. 1990 Brake Issue

    I think this is getting closer!
  14. 1990 Brake Issue

    Two weeks ago. I appreciate all of the suggestions. If you follow the failure of the ABS light to stay off, it follows a time period where the accumulator has apparently leaked down all by itself. After the accumulator is properly pumped up and some time period elapses, the ABS light goes off. It doesn't just come on in the middle of a ride like it would if an electrical component is failing. The accumulator runs for a very long time after it has sat for over a day or two. That means something is bleeding off the pressure from the accumulator. There has to be a mechanical component that is allowing this. I've asked before how pressure is maintained on the system when it is not operating and no one seems to know or has commented. There must be a valve allowing a slow leak in the system. That would account for the accumulator pump running for so long after a few days have elapsed. Since the code focuses on a valve, I think this may be the area of the problem. I will also try some of the other suggestions tomorrow. Thanks again.