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  1. 1963 Speedo cable

    I have the dynaflow in my 63, only reason I put a 18 tooth in was because that is what was in there originally. Is there something else that could cause the Speedo to move too fast? Maybe the Speedo lost tension? I will try looking into the hole next time i have it on the lift.
  2. 1963 Speedo cable

    Speedo works again. Cable seems to move pretty freely but is really fast. Might need a different gear head with more teeth. Anyone have an equation or something for figuring this out? I'm working with 18 teeth and the Speedo reads 45mph at 40mph, but 80mph at 65mph. I brought it up to 80mph and the gauge read 120mph. As much as I'd like to scare passengers with my innacurate gauge I would prefer a accurate reading. On the topic of leaking from behind the dash, I would imagine that graphite powder can't leak, so that might be a good upside to using it.
  3. 1963 Speedo cable

    @Jolly_John Curious if the tube says what the lube is made of? Obviously that stuff works, or else our rivs wouldn't have working speedos from the get go. I will try the graphite first since i already have it and see how it works. Getting the cable in the mail today.
  4. 1963 Speedo cable

    Thanks, will follow that procedure
  5. 1963 Speedo cable

    Do I only puff into the sheath, and not the cable itself before reinsertion? I would imagine I just use half the tube on one opening then the other half on the other opening, since it really isn't a big tube. Can it be overlubed?
  6. 1963 Speedo cable

    Old one is broken. And graphite, like for door locks? They have stuff like this at the ace hardware down the street from me. Comes in a tube, or spray can.
  7. I need a new Speedo cable for my 63, was looking at rock auto and was wondering if it was the right length and if anyone has experience with them? Also what lube do you all use? I pulled mine out and it was really dark, looked like grease but that seems a bit thick. Please be specific with the lube part, really want to get that part right.
  8. I pulled the ash tray and behind it is a plain color plastic plate, but it isn't touching the console. I think I will try to stuff cotton balls between the plastic and console, to act as a sound buffer and see of that helps.
  9. Picture for locational reference
  10. A part of the center console on my 63 is rattling. It's the plate on the center console that has the light and wiper control knobs on it. When it tap it with my fingers i can hear it rattle too. If it rattles while I am driving I can put my finger between the lights and wiper knobs and the noise will stop. What could cause this?
  11. Yeah, I got no problem with the temp control lever. Only one I have problems with is the air control and left driver side vent control. I will reconnect and see if relubing the blower control will do the trick. It does seems like it's caught on something, but moves freely after it passes the point it is on.
  12. The air control valve on my 63 is the type with the push-pull lever and the linkage that weaves through the firewall has become difficult to operate. The linkage popped off from the lever and I took the dash off and hooked it up once more. I lubed the heater control next to the blower on the firwall and it worked smoothly for a few days. One morning it was hard to operate again and the linkage popped back off from the lever. I would imagine I need to lubricate this cable, or something. How should I go about This?
  13. I think the moral of this is that some cars are similar to each other and it's not necessarily a bad thing. And some cars make minimal changes between years that increase or decrease appeal.
  14. 1972 Dash pad removal

    Those two nuts were it. Thank you all very much. Wish it were as simple as my 63. (4 screws and tada)
  15. 1972 Dash pad removal

    Thank you for linking that. I got that clip off that you mentioned and it is still stuck. I will use this diagram to complete the removal and go over every bolt listed in the picture.