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  1. offdensen

    1972 rear window roller

    Ok I will try those, thanks
  2. Where can I purchase the quarter window roller for a 72 riv? Seen in picture. Only one side has it currently and as you can imagine I would like another. Any leads would be appreciated, and also what is the part called? Just a rear window roller? Retainer? Tried looking on ebay to no avail. I know gm used things like this across multiple makes and models, so I was thinking about trying one made for a tempest but nobody seems to post the diameter of the roller so I'm skeptical
  3. Will do that, and forgot to mention it has a dynaflow in it. I have only ever been checking the fluid in park after a long enough drive
  4. That would be when the car is off, correct? That would explain why there is so much appearing on the dipstick in the morning, but I would like to know why nothing shows up while it is warm and running only on the first pull of the dipstick
  5. I am checking while it is idling, when I check it when cold it is over full. There is definitely fluid in it, but somehow the thing shows empty on the first pull of the dipstick after driving it. Before starting it for the first time of the day it will always show something on it.
  6. So ever since I owned my car it has bewildered me as to why nothing shows up on my transmission dipstick on first pull. It's a 63 with a dynaflow Go out for a ride, come back home, pop the hood and pull the dipstick. Nothing will show up on it. I put it back in and pull again and it reads full. Sometimes it will read half on second pull but if it put it back in then the 3rd pull will read full. I never considered this a problem since the transmission shifts well and doesn't slip, or leak, so what does this mean? It doesn't make any sense how there could be nothing showing and then read full after putting the dipstick back in. Could this be a breather issue? Should I be concerned? Can film a video if you want.
  7. Just out of curiosity, does anyone here leave their parking lights on when they park at night and go into a restaurant,down to the shoreline/ect? I think the parking lights on the 63 looks pretty cool and it's a shame they aren't used often. I'm too concerned with the battery dying 😐
  8. offdensen

    Kill switch for 63 Riviera

    Just make sure you got the roa sticker on your car, that'll scare them away and make them think twice
  9. offdensen

    Kill switch for 63 Riviera

    I've been weighing my options for a kill switch but in the mean time I've always just opened the hood and taken the coil wire out. Ain't going anywhere without it, at least I can hope
  10. offdensen

    1963 Speedo cable

    I did some calculations, my Speedo is 23-27% faster than what is shown on my GPS at higher speeds. So above 40mph it's innacuracy becomes more apparent but I have become used to it. Lower sppeds the accuracy is spot on. I know how fast I am going based on what the gauge says at this point, but an accurate gauge would be great to have so people in the car with me stop thinking I'm going near or over 100mph all the time. On the other hand, if I keep it like this it's like it is measuring kmh instead of mph
  11. offdensen

    1963 Speedo cable

    I have the dynaflow in my 63, only reason I put a 18 tooth in was because that is what was in there originally. Is there something else that could cause the Speedo to move too fast? Maybe the Speedo lost tension? I will try looking into the hole next time i have it on the lift.
  12. offdensen

    1963 Speedo cable

    Speedo works again. Cable seems to move pretty freely but is really fast. Might need a different gear head with more teeth. Anyone have an equation or something for figuring this out? I'm working with 18 teeth and the Speedo reads 45mph at 40mph, but 80mph at 65mph. I brought it up to 80mph and the gauge read 120mph. As much as I'd like to scare passengers with my innacurate gauge I would prefer a accurate reading. On the topic of leaking from behind the dash, I would imagine that graphite powder can't leak, so that might be a good upside to using it.
  13. offdensen

    1963 Speedo cable

    @Jolly_John Curious if the tube says what the lube is made of? Obviously that stuff works, or else our rivs wouldn't have working speedos from the get go. I will try the graphite first since i already have it and see how it works. Getting the cable in the mail today.
  14. offdensen

    1963 Speedo cable

    Thanks, will follow that procedure
  15. offdensen

    1963 Speedo cable

    Do I only puff into the sheath, and not the cable itself before reinsertion? I would imagine I just use half the tube on one opening then the other half on the other opening, since it really isn't a big tube. Can it be overlubed?