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  1. Yeah, I got no problem with the temp control lever. Only one I have problems with is the air control and left driver side vent control. I will reconnect and see if relubing the blower control will do the trick. It does seems like it's caught on something, but moves freely after it passes the point it is on.
  2. The air control valve on my 63 is the type with the push-pull lever and the linkage that weaves through the firewall has become difficult to operate. The linkage popped off from the lever and I took the dash off and hooked it up once more. I lubed the heater control next to the blower on the firwall and it worked smoothly for a few days. One morning it was hard to operate again and the linkage popped back off from the lever. I would imagine I need to lubricate this cable, or something. How should I go about This?
  3. I think the moral of this is that some cars are similar to each other and it's not necessarily a bad thing. And some cars make minimal changes between years that increase or decrease appeal.
  4. 1972 Dash pad removal

    Those two nuts were it. Thank you all very much. Wish it were as simple as my 63. (4 screws and tada)
  5. 1972 Dash pad removal

    Thank you for linking that. I got that clip off that you mentioned and it is still stuck. I will use this diagram to complete the removal and go over every bolt listed in the picture.
  6. So I read advice on taking off a 73 dash pad on these forums(pretty similar I assume) and followed the step by step instructions and got most of the dash pad loose. I am now having one problem and I can't find out what is holding the passenger side corner to the frame. Literally the entire dash pad moves freely and I can lift up on it but the single corner where the passenger ac vent is won't budge. when I try to pull on it it brings the bottom portion of the dash that is made of metal with it. I felt around with my fingers trying to find how they are connected and I couldn't feel any bolts. What am I missing? Do I need to take the ac vent out? Note it is only the corner doing this, I can lift up the dash on the problem side towards the windshield freely. I would consult the shop book but it is currently on a fed ex truck and arriving next week.
  7. Guess if the riviera was a 63 or 64 with the indents for the horse shoe trim it would have another similarity. But in the auto industry people always pull inspiration from another source, and sometimes outright copy and paste and just slap their own emblem on. I don't think ford copied from Buick or the other way around, it was probably a coincidence since a lot of things from that time had a coke bottle styling and general that's what people in the market for cars wanted. I don't think anyone should be surprised that older cars had some similarities because by today's standard all the damn things look like clones of each other. And yeah, as time goes on you see more similarities between gm stuff.
  8. So I was able to get the gear housing out of the dynaflow and I can't seem to see how to get the plastic gear out? I have attached a picture of the housing. Any and all help is appreciated. I'm assuming the answer is in plain sight and I just can't see it.
  9. What is This?

    Should only be 4 bolts or so that hold the cover on. No prep works needs to be done before removing it, just take it off and get a flashlight. Is that a 3rd gen rivi?
  10. Will consider doing this. Seems a lot better than my rudimentary lock that I made out of a cabinet lock and a piece of stainless steel. It keeps the honest honest, but that's about it.
  11. Replacing all hoses significantly reduced the rattle. Thanks all. Still curious as to what valve everyone uses, though.
  12. That is how mine looks. My brake booster connects to the front of the engine where is says Nut 100-150. I put new hoses on everything touching the T connecting to the pcv. I can go to the store tomorrow and buy more hoses for the brake booster and vacuum resovior. Idle is at 480rpm.
  13. I will stop by a parts store on the way home and try this out. Will report back my experience later tonight. I also have cruise control and there is a t in the line between the valve and the carb base, so I guess I will replace everything. Can't hurt. And to clarify, yes this is a problem when the car is running at idle.
  14. So it's normal? Just seemed pretty loud.
  15. My pcv valve is rattling on my 63 with a 401 and I was wondering what others have experienced with this? I am using one I got from oreillys. The one that was on the car was the same and I replaced it because it rattled too. At that point I assumed it was normal but now I got some time on my hands so I figured I would see if there was anything I could do about it. If the rattle is avoidable I would like to ask what part number or brand you are using? And yes, it is installed correctly. It only does it at idle.