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  1. Wow, THAT would be a revolting development, lol. Right now, it's starting fine in Park AND Neutral. May have just not been in the detent good, or like Seafoam said, may need an adjustment as well.
  2. If I can't seem to get my small leak problem with mine solved, I may be in for a new one as well. I really think mine is just a situation that will require the right gasket for the sender, but it sure would be nice to have the option of a new tank if needed.
  3. Good possiblilty, I didn't actually take anything apart; I'm just going to drive for a bit and see how it does. Got to get this stupid gas leak fixed first. Hopefully the proper sending unit gasket from CARS will do the trick.
  4. Well, the no crank issue appears to possibly be a neutral safety switch thing. Came home from work, tried to start in Park, and nothing. Pulled it back to neutral, and it spun right over. Cranked it again in Park 2 or 3 more times.
  5. Brand new battery and cables. Both clean. I really need to go home and look at the shifter and make SURE the thing is in park or neutral, lol. I didn't really look at lunch; not much time. The battery showed 87% on my trickle charger. I am leaning towards a possible neutral safety issue, starter, or ignition switch. Got a jack and jackstands, but the older I get, the more I don't like em. I am spoiled here at work by having a shop with lifts and racks.
  6. Yep, we added a ground wire when we bent the float arm on the sender, just for insurance. Now, if I can figure out why it won't START. I think I need a priest and some holy water.
  7. VERY TRUE! Good thinking, I just cancelled them. On an even BRIGHTER note, I went home at lunch to drive it and burn some of the fuel down so we can pull the tank again and try to reseal the sender, and now IT WON'T START. Lights all work, dash lights up with ignition switch on, but no turning over and no click. I am guessing the starter, but I am about ready to light this damn thing on fire.
  8. Will it be ok to use them? Already ordered the silly things.
  9. No locking ring, just a little round gasket with 5 holes for short screws. Only seems to do this when full, which would make sense. I just don't think there is a split anywhere because it just started when I took the tank down on a lift, and we bent the sender arm and fixed the gas gauge. Only other thing we did was add an extra ground wire to the sender. When I first installed the sender six months ago, I didn't use anything other than the gasket it came with, and it never leaked. Now, it is, so I ordered a new gasket from CARS this morning, along with tank strap cushions which were also missing.
  10. Good question, I don't understand it either.
  11. The car is an original a/c car, and the 3 port filter was new and hooked up correctly. I replaced it when I first got it cause I thought that was why it had a stumble. It just runs a ton better with the 2 port filter and the vapor line plugged off for some reason. As a side note, I noticed tonight after I filled it up that the gauge seems to be in great working order, but it seems to be leaking gas around the sending unit, which it did AFTER we fixed the gauge. This will be the THIRD time in 2 weeks the tank has had to come out. We made a new gasket last week, and used a silicone type product by Permatex that swore it was for fuel pumps and the like and was resistant to gas. Guess not. Will this issue ever completely go away, lol????
  12. Cap is new, and it's vented. I currently have the a/c fuel filter on with the third port capped, and it seems like a lot of pressure on that vacuum cap. If you slide it off with the engine hot, it will spray gas, not vapor. I am going to reinstall the non-a/c fuel filter; then I won't have to worry about it. Just seems like an odd problem, and It's been like that since I bought the car. Switching to the non--a/c setup seems to be the only fix.
  13. Ok, I posted in October about disconnecting my vapor return line from the fuel filter, and plugging everything, and my off idle and first gear stumbles went away. Since it is warming up in Alabama, and I was concerned somewhat about vapor lock, even with a more efficient Vintage Air system, I hooked everything back up. The stumble under hard acceleration from a stop and most of the way thru 1st is back. Telriv, I believe, mentioned the fuel pump may be going bad. I am sure it has been replaced; it's a sealed unit, but reckon it would be a good idea to change it, since they are relatively cheap? The tank and fuel cap are both vented, and it's just weird to me how this is happening. I would like to have the vapor line hooked up, but it runs so much better without it. I plugged it off again last night, and the issue was virtually non existant. Any ideas of what can be done? Got my gauge issue fixed, and another little problem rears it's head, lol.
  14. And then having to go back 2 days later, and basically do it all over because you foolishly did not make a new sending unit gasket, and it tears, dumping gas down the back of the muffler into your garage floor, forcing you to tow it back to work because you are scared of fire if you drive it?
  15. After 2 years of head scratchin', parts replacin', cussin', and general fumin', I THINK my fuel gauge mystery is solved. The original gauge was DEFINITELY bad, and the float was DEFINITLEY too high at full, thus hitting the tank. Bent the arm down about 3/4 of an inch, hooked a used gauge I got last week, and put it all back together. Added an extra ground wire to the sender, and discovered that the original yellow wire to the sender had a wad of the yellow insulation INSIDE the eyelet connector, whch sure didn't help either. Put a new eyelet on it, siphoned the gas back in and it immediately jumped from its previous almost empty reading to just under a half tank. Filled it up with just over 11 gallons, hit the switch, and it shot to full. Haven't seen it work that way since I bought it 2 years ago. Between a new sender that needed modification, an original gauge that was slow and inaccuate, and a bit of screwed up wiring, I HOPE its fixed. Started as a small problem, and has become somewhat of an obssession!