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  1. I am scared they would be square. Think I may go with American Classic in 215/75-15 with the 1.3" whitewall. Ordered one from Coker today to replace my 32 year old spare. See how it looks, and may get 4 more.

    Things have changed in 30 years. I remember working in a jobber store with four big catalog racks, and writing what you wanted to order down on a pad on the counter. When I got into a dealership almost 25 years ago (crap, can't believe it's been that long), we were using microfiche to look up parts. WONDERFUL on your eyes, lol.
  3. That color is STUNNING. I would love to see a closeup of the data plate too.
  4. Finally got mine back out of the bodyshop after a 9 month sabbatical. Guy plowed me in the left 1/4 behind the tire and destroyed it and the rear bumper. Just redid the trunk this weekend since the original mat and cardboard had had it, and now just wanting to drive it as much as possible. Good living in the South, no crappy, salty winters, and warm weather sticks around a long time.
  5. Great info, got the jack in place today! Tom, you always come up with great documentation! One more question; will a reproduction tire cover from Clark's fit a 215/75-15 or 225/75-15 tire? My spare is an old 205/75-15 dated 1986, so it's due for replacement. Thinking about one of the American Classic whitewall radials in either the 215 or 225/75 sizes, with the 1.3" whitewall. Just don't see any sense in ordering a cover if it won't stretch around it.
  6. Thanks, that does help. For starters, I have the jack upside down. Hopefully, I can flip it without having to wiggle it out of the brackets. I'll give it another go tomorrow.
  7. How in the world does that crazy hook and spring secure the jack in the car? No guide ANYWHERE showing orientation. I have tried several spots for the hook after finally wiggling the jack itself back into its mounts, but nothing seems to secure or tight. Also, does the lug wrench just lay in the floor?
  8. Thanks, Ed. Somebody put rallys on mine in the past, and I don't know which ones they are; these are just three that I bought extra, and they are really in better shape than mine, at least rust wise. I need to check my spare and see which one it is; I'm sure the tire is old on it, and I just got done with the trunk redo last night.
  9. I have three Buick Rally wheels, 15×6. Two are marked "895" and the third is marked "853". Any way to identify what they came off of, and if they will fit my '65 Riv?
  10. Good info to have; I'll have to check it out when I get home. When I made the adjustment, I just barely had to move the rod, then tightened the nut. I think that it could have been jarred in the accident; it was a pretty good lick. I would venture to say I didn't move it 1/8 to a 1/4 inch. Just enough to let it close. My car has two relays in the driver's fender, so I need to reread your troubleshooting guide tonight. That part isn't a big issue, really, but I just wondered why they stayed on.
  11. Think you misunderstood. The motor is shutting off when I shut the clamshells; I don't hear it running. The issue is, when I have the key OFF, and turn off the headlights, the visors close. I figured they would stay open. I had to do the adjustment with the headlights shining. No big deal, but just thought it was odd.
  12. Winston, I just ran home at lunch, and got a small ratchet and 7/16 and gave your suggestion a try. Seemed to do well, I closed them and they met together, so I suppose that is fixed. The only thing it won't do is leave the visors open and the lights off.
  13. Funny you should mention that! I was looking up on here last night for info on how to fix that, and came across an old post you made about yours. Just close the clamshell with my fingers, then take the nut loose and retighten, or something like that?
  14. Loved cars and the 65 Riviera in.particlar since I was little and saw pics of Dad's car. My other passion is Corvettes. This is my 2003 Spiral Gray coupe with 36,000 miles. 30 mpg on the highway, and goes like hell.
  15. After 9 LONG months, almost to the day I got hit, my Riv is back home. Guys did a great job;painted the whole car rather than just fixing the damage. He was actually able to just skin the quarter panel, because my car actually had better sheetmetal, especially around the wheel. No bracing or fenderwell damage at all. Body actually shifted on the frame, creasing the right side as well. A minimal pull, and all was square again.Apparently, thes cars are TOUGH. Had a somewhat bad experience with the vendor regarding the rechroming of the bumper he supplied, and ended up having the rechroming rechromed locally, since he refused to address the issue. So I was out 600 smackers getting that done, but my deductible was waived, so it worked out, I just learned to never do business with that particular vendor again. Beautiful job, and worth the wait. Bodyshop was pretty shorthanded AND busy most of the time, and it sure tried my patience, but it is just fantastic to have this wonderful car back in my garage again.