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  1. My 65 had a Pertronix part number 1181 installed along the way somewhere. No problems so far, always starts well. The resistor is still hooked up tho, which sorta confues me because I thought these units allowed it to be bypassed or removed.
  2. Ride height

    The gold one in the factory brochure sure looks higher in back to me, but factories have doctored photos for years. I personally think it sits about right, and with new Gabriel gas shocks, it sure seems to take speed bumps easier. Previously, even though I ease over them, it seemed to want to get a little cushy in the rear when I crossed them.
  3. Ride height

    I agree, Winston. These cars had a stance like no other, other than maybe a Corvette. I think these mechanics at work are used to seeing Chevelles and late Sixties Camaros that folks have put big block springs in or something. From my measurements, I cannot see any sag from behind the front tire all the way to the rear, where the chrome strip stops. I came up with 15 inches, give or take a quarter inch maybe, from just behind the front tire all the way to the rear where the strip stops.
  4. Ride height

    But it will be different from front to back, no? The moldings arch differently. I was trying to prove to someone at work that the rear end is not sagging. Or maybe I am using the wrong measurement points; the factory manual has a nutty, if accurate, way to do it, but I was just trying to roughly gauge. Hard to justify money for springs if it just is what it is.
  5. Read several threads on correct ride height for the 1st Gen cars cause I have had several people say my standard 65 sits too low. I am assuming the springs are original; they LOOK it, anyway. Well, I checked with a level tonight in my garage. Put it under the rocker in 3 different places, front, center, and rear and the all showed level in the bubble. Took a tape and measured from the ground to the thin chrome trim that runs above the rocker from behind the front wheel to basically a tapered point right to the rear bumper. Made measure in several places all down the side, and every one was more or less 15 inches. So, in my opinion, my car is NOT low in the rear as several friends have suggested. I think it is in the design and forward rake of these cars that make people think the back is low relative to the front. What say y'all?
  6. I am with you, Winston. I feel I got lucky to find a 60,000 mile unrestored car, even if I DID have to paint it all over the year after due to an accident. Now, it's all original except for wheels and repaint, lol. I think these 65's are a lot like old Smith and Wessons; you don't see many for sale because a lot of people don't want to give them up, either.
  7. I think they WILL be a collector car to SOME extent; already are in a way, and depending on what part of the country you live in. I live in the South, and I bet I haven't seen a half a dozen in this part of the world in 40 years. As far as production, they built a crapload of 69 Camaros too, and they have become nicely collectible, even base models. I agree with you about Ebayers and other auctions though. Some of these asking prices on ANY of these vehicles and parts kinda makes me shake my head. I missed out on one of those purse hooks for a 1st Gen Riv on Ebay this past weekend because I flat REFUSED to pay more than 60 bucks for a piece of metal with a screw in it.
  8. Not sure on the others, but on.my 65 that wire off the regulator goes to the negative battery cable.
  9. This is the disassembled clock from my 65. I am no electroics expert, but it sure looks to have been converted to quartz movement to me. Thing is, the second hand sweeps but the clock is dead. When I got it apart, I discovered the black ground strap was attached to some plastic that was broken. Anybody got a good 65 clock that they would part with? I understand that the original mechanisms would almost always function with a good cleaning, but I will take either quartz or original as long as it functions. I like the 65 style, so not really wanting a 63-64 unless nothing else is available.
  10. I wang to leave the 4GC on the car and drive it while I am redoing the factory air cleaner. I needed the adapter to fit a temporary aftermarket air cleaner to the neck of the 4GC.
  11. Thats what I want to use. The adapter just adapts the aftermarket air cleaner to the 4GC neck.
  12. My 65 has a Rochester 4gc carb. I want to redo my air cleaner, new paint, new metal plate, decal, etc. I bought a spacer to use an aftermarket air cleaner while I am redoing my factory one that will adapt to the correct neck size. My question is, will a drop base type air cleaner work, or do I have to use one that sort of perches up high on the carb? I would prefer the drop base if possible, if nothing else but for more hood clearance. This is prolly short term use, but I just wondered what works best.
  13. 88k on a black car that isupposed to be white with fawn interior that is now white and Custom door panels with standard pattern upholstery? These folks have gone CRAZY. 10K for me.