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  1. I figure she could kick start a 747. My eyes, my eyes!!!!!!
  2. It would be neat to see an H2 equipped 65 and a standard suspension car side by side. I have look at literally hundreds of 65's in pictures, and most of the stockers seem to have similar stances. The exception to me are the ones with obviously changed (read incorrect) springs that have a stance like a K5 Blazer.
  3. Dang, I'm driving RIGHT THRU THERE Friday on the way to Gulf Shores. If it wasn't so stinkin' expensive, I might be persuaded to stop and look. Be cool on my '65!
  4. I went thru two or three flashers on mine. I finally put in an electronic one that is really designed for working with LED lighting, and no more problems since.
  5. Well, now that it's been picked apart, I would have to say that it's a pretty nice driver that a new owner can piddle with at his discretion, plus drive at the same time. As far as A/C is concerned, it is a perfect Vintage Air candidate. Lose the glasspacks and raised white letter tires; tires like this just look out of place on an elegant car like the 1st Gen Riv, at least to me. Nice different hubcaps are readily available, the rear seat stuff in the middle can be put back stock, and the aftermarket cruise and switch can be put back stock as well, if they so wished. The horns look like the set on my 65, only either painted or buffed to a different finish, again no biggie especially if they work. The trunk liner looks fine to me; put the spare and tools back where they are supposed to go, find a trunk lamp, and maybe some new cardboard trim. Detail it out, and there you go!
  6. Been using Meguires ever since I was a kid. Does a great job. Like Ed said, you can buy it anywhere; I hate ordering crap.
  7. You probably need the plastic sleeve that goes on the rod. CARS and others carry them, or you can get them from a parts house, I think. It is even still a good GM number, but if a dealer has to order them, they only come in a quantity unit pack of 20. Got mine from CARS, and bought an NOS support for my 65 to replace my broken one. My rod stayed in the visor, and the bushing goes in the support where the rod slides in. Pretty tight going back in with the rod and visor, but I removed the set screw from the support, and with advice from Seafoam, I pried it wider as gently as I could. Eventually, I worked it back on, and tightened the set screw. Worked perfectly, no more dropping visor, and dI was able to put my vanity mirror back on.
  8. By left side, I assume you mean as I am sitting in the car? Old parts manager here.
  9. Tom, it's not in the parts book, so you may be right on a manufacturer's book. Think my setup is a Bendix; may be an old Bendix number.
  10. I may go back and check my parts book at see if it coincides with that. Good idea; I'll post back.
  11. Sounds plausible to me. The bottom row of numbers sure don't cross to a part number for a booster though, at least not according to my master 1965 parts book.
  12. So the 5 is for 65, 14 is day of the month? Not sure on the A. Car was built the 4th week of June in '65.
  13. Trying to figure out what this tag that came off my 65's brake booster signifies. Searched the long number as a part number, and didn't come up with much. Any of you 1st Gen folks able to come up with an idea?
  14. Don't see why not. Piece of vacuum hose, and AutoZone's Help section.probably has the filter; they were used on a lot of GM cars.
  15. Wow, watched this a ton.of times, and never caught that!