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  1. Yep, the sun was dropping fast. We took a lot more, and sent them to the ROA; Ray wants to use the car in a Showcase in a future issue.
  2. Here is my recently painted 65, showing what a friend of mine who is a pretty good amateur photographer can do when he borrowed about 4 grand in camera equipment from his boss.
  3. I wish Buick had went all the way to the top in 65 with the wood the way they did in 64. Seems to ruin the continuity when it doesn't.
  4. Heard this interview on YouTube. And I still have the Hemmings Muscle Machines issue that it appeared in back in 2005. As a matter of fact, I have EVERY magazine I have ever seen that has 1st Gen Rivs in it back to at LEAST 1985. To say I love these cars would be a huge understatement. Still love your car, Dick!
  5. 63 Driver

    Just make sure you don't do it in the "Fart Zone" section of the garage where that cool Wildcat is parked.

    Yep, I plan on using Mitch to get the caps, now that I have four wheels on the car with 2 1/8 holes. My thing was, the Rally wheel chart I pulled off the V8Buick website shows an 853 wheel having 2 1/8 holes, but the 853 that I removed had a 2 inch center. Same code number, but 2 different center hole sizes.
  7. I had one wheel on my 65 with a 2 inch center hole and three others with 2 1/8 sized holes. I pulled off the 2 inch wheel and put on a code 853 wheel that has the 2 1/8 inch hole. I assumed the wheel I removed may have been an original 65 wheel, since the hub didn't stick past the rim, and it had the 2 inch hole. To my surprise it was ALSO marked with an 853 code. What gives, or is it just a production variation and using up spare parts? I was just wanting all my wheels to have the same sized center hole since I plan on ordering new caps soon.
  8. I actually bought two Formula V wheels from a friend with the 802 code, meaning 66-67 drum brake wheels. Problem is, they turned out to be "wobbly" according to the tire guy. Going to try to spin them up at work and see how wobbly they are. Guy I got em from used them on a 62 Buick for years with no issues. If I can't find anything else, I'll let you know, and thanks!
  9. But have you ever seen one of those elusive creatures in the WILD????
  10. '63 glove box question

    I have this reinforcement on mine; it is slid onto the top of the glovebox liner, and nothing else. Doesn't really do a great job of keeping it from sagging, though. Wondering if someone installed it incorrectly?
  11. Will these fit a 65 Riv? I know the Rivs originally had register rings and these don't, but I can't see why it would keep them from fitting?
  12. I agree, the magazine is worth the price of admission alone. I, too, hope to have an article and pics of my '65 in there shortly.
  13. 65 Rivi LW 425

    When I was searching for a 65 all those years, I really didn't care for the vinyl top. However, when I saw this white with the black vinyl top, I was sold. Just really seemed to set it off. BTW, base engine, no GS car, but pretty well equipped otherwise.
  14. Off topic, but are your vent windows power? And if so, did you make them that way, because the switch is in a position where the handle would normally be.