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  1. Wish I had known that before I read that they are for "63-65, all" in the CARS catalog.
  2. My 65 is still ithe process of being repaired and repainted after an accident in January. I bought a bunch of new gaskets to go on the lights and so forth, since they are 50 years old now. I am replacing the rear bumper, so I bought a pair of "fillers" that CARS sells. Anybody ever use these, and if so, what is their orientation on the car? Never have seen these actually installed, but I figured the originals probably rotted away.
  3. That Navy Blue 65 is the mac daddy as as far as I'm concerned!
  4. Does he supply the sticker itself as well? Can he do one for a 65?
  5. FINALLY making some progress. The replacement quarter is being roughed down now, and the new bumper is being rechromed. Miss my 65 BAD!
  6. What magazine is that laying on the center console? Don't think I have seen that one before; BTW, nice car!
  7. Yup, good possibility hadnt thought of that one. Full of gas now, so it will prolly be after the bodywork is fixed and the car is painted before I can run it all out. Sucker is heavy with 20 gallons.
  8. We have removed the short chrome belt moldings on my car that are just below the vent windows in preparation to fix accident damage and paint the whole car. However, the bodyman and I can't figure out how to remove the longer one that extends to the rear of the door and continues under the quarter windows. Don't want to damage these, so any help on how to remove before we just carefully mask these would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I installed a new, 90 ohm sender in my 65 yesterday to try to solve mthe fuel gauge issue that has plagued me for the last year and a half. Didn't seem to change much; I put in 17 gallons to fill it up, and it still only rose to between 1/2 and 3/4 full. Kinda at wit's end; can't see it being wiring, since it only has one, and I figure if it was a ground, it would always show either full or empty. The old unit had a connection between the potentiometer and wire terminal at the top that was broken in half, so I was sure it was the issue. I have a used gauge to try once I get it home and out of the body shop, so barring any other ideas, this is my next step I suppose. Such a simple system to be such a pain in the rump, lol.
  10. Like clocks. Guy on Ebay has a rebuilt clock to fit my 65 for 250.00. Good luck; I can send mine off and have it converted to quartz movement for 110.00.
  11. GOT to love the sound of these! Can't tell you how many I have scared back into their driving lane and out of mine.
  12. I was 15 years old when I bought my copy in 1985. Still have to this day. Loved 1st gen Rivs all my life, and was just tickled to find an article on them.
  13. Ed, that car is a 1/18 scale according to the website. I have a 65, my Dad had a Midnight Blue 65, and that model is as close to a copy of his as I have found. I wish somebody would do a 65 in that color and size, but I may just have to get one of these coming!
  14. Am I correct in saying that 65's with factory vinyl top won't have the molding below the back window?
  15. I need that a/c controller for my Vintage Air in.my 65. Mine just has the round knobs. I wonder if they would plug right up?