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  1. I have a bent steel wheel which needs to be replaced. I am looking for a good used or NOS wheel, the basic steel wheel which came on 65 Rivs. Please call David Baker 636-545-9554 or email dkb9323@gmail.com
  2. Hello. I have a bent steel wheel (the basic wheel onto which a hubcap is mounted, NOT a chrome wheel) on my 1965 Riviera and need to know the number codes to look for when purchasing a replacement. If you have a good wheel please contact David Baker #14360, 636-575-9554 dkb9323@gmail.com. I AM ALSO LOOKING OR A FULL SET OF CHROME ROAD WHEELS FOR A 1965 RIVIERA, CODE 802. Thanks.
  3. Wanted - Chrome Road Wheels for 65 Riviera

    Thanks for Sending the link, but it is no longer active on Craigslist.
  4. Need a set of chrome road wheels, factory correct, for 1965 Riviera. Your help will be appreciated! David Baker dkb9323@gmail.com 636-575-9554
  5. I am looking for a set of Factory correct Chrome Road Wheels for my 65 Riviera. Cannot seem to locate any - HELP! Thanks. David Baker dkb9323@gmail.com 636-575-9554
  6. Hello Riv lovers! I have a very nice 1966 Riv in Aqua Mist with Turquoise mist deluxe bucket interior. The car is in excellent shape but the carpet is faded and I am searching for the correct factory replacement. I have found 2 suppliers that appear to have the correct color/style of premolded carpet: StockInteriors.com and Accmats.com. Do any of you know of other sources or the best source for replacement carpets? Also, it appears that these companies do not sell the premade carpet strips for the bottom of the doors. Thanks. David Baker #14360 St Louis
  7. Sixxer and EM TEE - I appreciate the good advice. I will get an IR thermometer and check I that way!!
  8. Hello all. I have a 71 Riv GS 455. It runs well but I am wondering about the operating temperature. It has aftermarket gauges, including a temp. gauge. On a 90 degree day, driving down the Interstate for, say, 15 minutes, at a speed of 70 with the AC on, the gauge registers 220. When stopping in traffic it rises to nearly 230. Is this normal or too high? The overflow tank registers full. The radiator was replaced by a previous owner in 2007 (only about 2000 miles ago and the car has been exercised regularly since then). All thoughts are welcome! Thanks.
  9. THANKS to all for responding. I will advise when I have replaced/refinished the panels!
  10. My 1966 Riviera has the deluxe bucket interior with full console. The wood grain is "ok", but I would like to either refinish it (if possible) or purchase new panels which match the original color. I am seeking suggestions on both approaches. THANKS. David Baker ROA 14360
  11. Hey, thanks to all for replying! Good suggestions all.
  12. David's Rivieras

  13. Hello. I am the proud new owner of a very original/pristine 1966 Riviera: Aquamist, matching deluxe bucket seat interior. Purchased from a fellow ROA owner who took meticulous care of it. My question is this. It is equipped with glasspack mufflers, which are a bit loud for my taste. On my 1971 Riviera GS, I have a Magnaflow system - while it has a nice rumble, it is much more subdued. I am contemplating putting Magnaflow on the 1966 - should I expect the 425 engine to with Magnaflow exhaust to sound the same (or very similar) to the 455 engine with Magniflow? Or does anyone have different suggestions for nice sounding (but not too loud) mufflers? I don't want to go back to the factory stock set up which would have no rumble. THANKS David Baker ROA14362