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  1. HI there... this is the site I used with success to install my new speakers.... good luck! Don x #2 Posted July 21, 2013 Yes you can splice in two wire speakers for sound, Green is audio +, Black is audio -, red is +12 amp power, grey is amp neg if you want to add a rear amp to power your new rear speakers. You can also try a u-pull yard for factory original speakers, the top end mini vans came with infinity sound into the late 90's very early 2000 and the dash speakers are the same as the TC rear.
  2. Degerb

    convertible top replacement

    Hi Roger: Here is a site I found that my local top shop could order and install. Installing a DYI top on a TC seemed very daunting to me, so I wanted to have in professionally installed. My last top that I installed was on a '76 TR6 that I owned at the time and these tops are much more intricate, at least to me LOL! I have decided to wait until fall to have it done. I hope this helps with your re-top job!
  3. Degerb

    Rear calipers..?

    I believe in November Marty at Arizona parts still had OEM rear calipers for sale.
  4. Degerb

    Just got my first TC

    Hey Reaper.... I came across with an open wire problem with my cigar lighter. I don't smoke but would like to use my GPS. It appears the circuit has an open under the carpeting on the passenger side. My question is b4 I start to tear things apart... does the rear console need to come out to gain access under the carpet? Both my seats are currently out of the car. Any words of wisdom on getting the carpeting out? Is the wire bundle under the sound deadenor or is it between the carpeting and the sound deadenor? I saw a prior post with an owner that had a problem with corrosion c/t the connector under the carpet/seat.. I believe that is my problem but I can't locate that darn post! I Hope you can give me some insight. Thanks!
  5. Degerb

    Just got my first TC

    Hey Reaper sorry for not taking the time to compliment you on your project. It looks like your cart turned out very well.... I 'm sure it works as well as the one I spent many bucks for on Ebay! Keep up the good work and the great articles!
  6. Degerb

    Just got my first TC

    I have a 90 TC and had a similar thing said about mine. When I first put the top up I latched it down but it wouldn't close all the way... the top had shrunk. I finally had to weigh it down with my Mopar parts book and a steel plate that I had laying around. It took a good week in my heated garage to stretch it out enough to hook up and latch it above the windshield. The exterior of the top was fine but then I noticed a black granular substance sifting out of the padding over the bows that I think was originally a black foam inside of the padding that has started to disintegrate over the years. I continue to use the car but every time I put the top up I need to use the vacuum and clean up residue. Long story short it will depend on how the top was stored whether it was put away wet or allowed to properly dry. Our cars are 20 odd years old and many things can happen from years in use and storage.
  7. Degerb

    Front license plate holder

    I just checked and the P/N I listed is for a 2001-2005 PT cruiser..... You should be able to do the salvage yard route and save some money!
  8. Degerb

    Front license plate holder

    Search for the Chrysler #68238790 Lic. plate holder. Once you see what your looking for you can go to a salvage yard and possible get one for a couple of bucks. My straps were about 6" long X 3/4" wide were and attached to the valance below the bumper. You should have some empty holes there. I can't whether there were 2 or 4 holes, using large sheet metal screws. Hope this helps. +
  9. Degerb

    Front license plate holder

    I imagine it matches as well as one specifically designed for a TC. At least on mine I had to raise it on the brackets to match the curvature of the bumper. When I bought my TC, it only had two strap/type brackets installed on the bumper.... I "assume" they were original. I DID try one of those "fit all" types, it was a complete waste of money, It looked very chintzy! Try searching on Ebay and you will see the cutout on the backside of the holder that I'm referring to. Good Luck!
  10. Degerb

    Restoring leather seats

    Thanks for the input guys.... I had a '76 TR6 That I had put skins put on, they were great on either a winter or summer day..... no cold or overheated backsides !!
  11. Degerb

    Front license plate holder

    I have a 1990 TC.... mine was missing also. I bought a Chrysler #68238790AC on Ebay. The cutout in holder fits the TC's front bumper curvature very nicely, and looks like it belongs on the car. An undamaged original will be extremely hard to find.
  12. Degerb

    Restoring leather seats

    Thanks Reaper...... Perhaps I was expecting too much with the Leatherique Treatment. I had envisioned a set of leathers being restored to a condition that I had experienced with my '78 JAG XJS years ago. What I may be seeing with my seat bottoms is just the result of years of poor or no care and sun/age related issues. I will try the Leaterique process again when the snow leaves and the weather warms up. I then will have the choice of either living with the results or by installing a set of Sheepskins.
  13. Degerb

    Restoring leather seats

    Thanks guys for the inputs.... I agree with all of your thoughts! If you have to resort to fine sandpaper and acetone on leather, I would think a person might be turning the leather into a suede finish if not extremely careful. I think this job might best be left for a professional! My car only has 65000 miles but is obviously 27 years old. I read somewhere that Chrysler decided to go to a Plasticized finish on all their cars in 1990 in part because of customers not being happy with the upkeep on natural finish leather. Since my TC has some sort of plasticized finish.... When did Maserati start doing this or was this just used on the Chrysler TC's starting with model year of 1990? I was curious if anyone else has run into this problem and had a solution besides either using professional help or using sheepskins.
  14. I have a 1990 16V 5 speed and have a question about the leather in a 1990 TC. I tried the Leatherlique process and it did nothing for the distress cracks in the seats, the cleaner, however did work well. The cracks do not appear to be into the leather surface. The leatherlique instructions say something about 1990 and on Chryslers, having a plastic coating on the seats that must be removed using Acetone and sandpaper. The seats must then be re-dyed. Has anyone tried this process? I really hate to try this without a heads-up on the process. Does this plastic coating apply to the TC's?
  15. Degerb

    Hard top

    Good news, bad news.... no repair kit that I'm aware of but good news they can be repaired.... search porthole windows and opera windows on this site. Lots of tips available. Check my post in March this is the tip I used with success! This is not an uncommon problem! . Good Luck!