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  1. I am looking to get someone to re-manufacture running board matting for my Airstream Desoto. A guy in Canada said he can do them. I was mainly looking for recommendations by members who have had them made and happy with the final product. Also what is a good glue, I was hearing windscreen glue does the job ??? Peter
  2. wangwilko

    1936 Desoto Replacement Running Board Mat

    Thanks everyone for your information that has helped a lot. Mine has the mats on steel core which then fits to running boards with tabs. 36 D2 Coupe i will send some photos to you and some measurements. I have been using a guy in Muncie to get larger parts back to Auz. Regards Peter W
  3. wangwilko

    Hood latch Desoto 1931

    Have a look on ebay. I did a search on 1936 desoto and ones came up similar. I will try and post the photo later. Peter
  4. wangwilko

    Bucket headlight bolt springs

    How much for the 4 curved bolt springs. Peter
  5. wangwilko

    1936 plymouth

    jpage, I have a 1936 Desoto and that is how mine is also set up. The pin ended bolt is meant to hold the U section in place, Peter
  6. Looking for left hand side headlight stand to suit 1936 Desoto Airstream. Have right hand side to trade if required or if someone is looking for one. Any email leads greatly appreciated. Also after the rear pinched end bumper bar to complete my ground up restoration. I have had some contact with some forum members who have these parts, but they will not sell to anyone outside America. I find it sad that I am restoring a beautiful American car in Australia and this is the brick wall. Looking for someone who has these parts and will sell to me. Thanks Peter
  7. wangwilko

    1936 Desoto airstream bumpers wanted

    Hi Uptowndodge, we already had this conversation back in May and you would not sell to someone outside America. Thanks, Peter W
  8. wangwilko

    1936 Desoto Airstream Headlight Stand & Bumper Bar

    Thanks for that keiser31, still looking and still no replies. Peter W
  9. wangwilko

    1936 Desoto airstream bumpers wanted

    If you find any spare ones, I would be interested in a rear bumper bar. I have been asking the question for 12 months and had no leads. Looking for headlight stand as well. I have a few bits if you are after something. How close is your restoration. Regards Peter W
  10. Hi Scott, I forgot to mention they are the same as for my Desoto.
  11. Hi Scott, They look similar to what i have on my car. How much are you looking for them. Are they nos or been on a car. Regards Peter
  12. wangwilko

    Scammer Possible

    Just heads up, I think this guy Marcus 44 is a scammer as he says he has all parts stated in advert, rather than saying he has the particular part and sends photo. I may be wrong but things are not adding up. Peter W
  13. Looking for 1936 Desoto Airstream headlight stand. Need only the LHS but happy to buy both if available. Can swap a spare RHS for LHS if required. Thanks, Peter
  14. I have been looking for a rear bumper bar for my 1936 Desoto Airstream and having no luck, I think the part number is 653843. Did the Airflow of the same year use the same bumper bars? Looking at a photo the front looks more rounded, however the rear may be the same as for the Airstream. I have been offered parts off this Airflow from a guy looking at buying it, as he only wants the engine. Not sure of year and if the rear bumper is the same. Can anyone help with part numbers or Desoto knowledge. Thanks Peter
  15. I need information on the rebuild of these shockers. There was a great article posted last year about pulling apart for repair. I don't know how to get the shaft out when you do not have the bolt holding the rocker lever to the shaft. This photo is of mine., no bolt Not sure if what appears to be a pin bellow mounting thread which has been cut off. I was thinking this needs to be drilled out?? Any clues would be appreciated, I may need to cut shaft in half to see what is going on in there.
  16. wangwilko

    Delco Lovejoy Lever Action Shocker Rebuild

    Sasha39, See the plug above the threaded hole near 3" on tape. That is the plug that does not rotate when you move lever, I think you will find the one in your photo will do the same and not rotate/move.. I believe you are correct that the shaft is splined and the cam is pressed onto it. The cam did move the spring up and down when the lever was moved. I have the spring and piston out but now looking at getting the shaft and lever out, when you jiggle the lever in and out the cam moves in and out but not that plug. I am not going to let this beat me so will keep everyone posted. Peter
  17. wangwilko

    Delco Lovejoy Lever Action Shocker Rebuild

    Spinneyhill, you are correct with model this is for 1936 Desoto rear, I will start reading on weekend, the photo from Sash39 looks the same. As you can see above one of the threaded holes is this plug or pin which has been cut off. Bushmechanic, Mike I think what you are saying would be required for mine. I believe the plug needs to be drilled out then pressed from that side. What do you mean by stacked. Peter
  18. wangwilko

    Delco Lovejoy Lever Action Shocker Rebuild

    I have read Taylormade article which is well done. His lever had the bolt which needed to be undone, mine does not have that bolt. Spinneyhill, rotating the lever reveals no clues, the holes are threaded for the bolt to mount to the chassis. There is nothing in there except the thread. I think that the cut off plug looks to cover something up and may reveal clues if drilled out. It is at the exact line of the shaft with the lever attached. When you rotate the lever this pin / plug does not move.
  19. wangwilko

    36 Desoto sedan and I need a lot of parts

    Just wandering if you were able to track down the parts you were after. I am looking for bumper bar and a couple of bolts. I wish there was a site for people with these cars to help find or swap parts. Thanks Peter W
  20. wangwilko

    1936 Desoto Airstream Questions

    Thanks for that, I'll just keep looking not easy to find.
  21. Can anyone tell me if the front bumper on the Airstream Desoto is the same as the rear. I had a Google and it looks to be that the rear is more curved, does that sound right. I have located 2 front bumpers and was thinking I may have to get one rolled if this is the case. Another question with front suspension there is a steel spacer ring that goes where the coil springs are. Are these used on both sides or only the side the driver sits or when are they used? Has anyone tried 3D printing for rubber pad parts, still investigating this option.
  22. wangwilko

    1936 Desoto Rear Bumper Bar

    Looking for rear bumper for 1936 S1 Desoto Airstream. Any leads would be appreciated. Happy to pay or trade some parts which I have. Thanks Peter
  23. wangwilko

    1936 Desoto banjo steering wheel horn parts

    Do you have photo's to post up of what you have, so we can see what you may need. Thanks Peter
  24. Just putting this out there. What is the best way to remove the Diecast slotted cover on the horn covers for the 1936 Desoto / Chrysler. I need to remove them to get re-chromed then what's the best thing to re-install them. I am not up to this stage on re-build but as these covers are probably as rare as rocking horse poo then I need to remove correctly to minimise damage. Any help greatly appreciated. Peter