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  1. I require a bolt with the DCDP stamped on head, used to bolt the front Delco Lovejoy lever action suspension to the chassis. This one looks to be 1/2" thick by approx. 3 3/8" long and had the deep nut. Happy for any length but need the head stamp for originality. Also happy to purchase other bolts and nuts not required for full restoration. Thanks Peter
  2. 1936 Desoto Firewall cable bracket

    Hi Jack, I have put a couple of photos in for you. Thanks Peter
  3. Wanted, Firewall cable bracket for 1936 Desoto (I think it is the same for Mopar's of that year and possibly 1937). It is curved on each end being wider in the middle and takes a rubber grommet insert for cables through the firewall and is screwed to firewall. Will try and get photo. FirewallDoc1.docx
  4. 1936 Desoto

    Hi, does someone have a layout plan for the brake lines for 1936 S1 Desoto. I am have part of old system but it was bent when removed from car many years ago and I am trying to replace with a new system and am not sure where it goes on the chassis or where it goes through the chassis and where t-joiners go. photos or a plan would be great. I also would like to know about the shackle that attaches to the rear leaf spring and chassis, does it only use the metal bushing screwed into the leaf spring eye or should there be a bushing. I was thinking it would wear metal on metal, but maybe the internal thread and shackle do the moving which can be lubricated. I would appreciate any help or assistance. Thanks Peter (Australia)
  5. 1936 Desoto Guard and Horn bracket

    Wanted front guard support bracket which bolts to chassis and the horn mounting bracket which attaches to this support bracket.
  6. Timber replacement for 1936 Airstream Desoto

    Hi again, It does have the wooden roof insert along with timber inserted into the pillars to hang doors from. The car is located in Victoria, Australia. Unfortunately there are only a couple out here. I was hoping someone had gone through this process in America during restoration as I do not have much timber to try and make patterns with.
  7. Hi, does anyone know who can make replacement timber work for the doors on my 1936 S1 Desoto Airstream. Most people want timber out of car to match. I unfortunately have none and need some new ones made. Thanks Peter W
  8. 1936 S1 Desoto

    Curti, do you need my email address.
  9. 1936 S1 Desoto

    Curti, As I am in Australia I am not sure what NAPA stands for. Happy to purchase from you the parts and postage. Can pay with PayPal. Kind regards Peter W
  10. 1936 S1 Desoto

    Hope this helps. Thanks Peter
  11. 1936 S1 Desoto

    Looking for Front wheel guide spring retainer rods (3 off) they go through the spring and clip onto retainers to keep brake shoe in place, spring retainers (3 off) and a clutch housing plug to suit. I think the plug was used from 1936 to 1940. Thanks Peter
  12. Hi, Can anyone please tell me if there is someone out there who makes replacement labels to fix the not so good / no existing labels on the dashboard push / pull knobs for a 1936 Desoto.
  13. 1936 Desoto Airstream replacement rubber

    Thanks, will give that a try. Do you know what glue is best to use if you do the cut and shut. Thanks Peter
  14. Hi, Can anyone point me in the direction where to purchase correct tail light and headlight stand rubbers and headlight to stand rubber with metal insert also any of the door, trunk, horn to fender and cowl vent rubbers. I have tried Steele and they dont have correct sizes for the headlight tail light and horn to fender rubber. Thanks Peter
  15. FS - 1936 DeSoto Airstream speedometer

    Hi, can you email me further photo's. I am located in Australia and will take it, can pay via paypal. Thanks Peter Wilkinson