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  1. bgl

    1990 Buick Reatta oil gauge

    So, it sounds like I could expect to replace that part often. Or not have it working.
  2. bgl

    1990 Buick Reatta oil gauge

    Would there be some reason why a sending unit would keep failing? I replaced mine just after I got it last year, and it is not working again. Thanks!
  3. Hello--Currently, there is a 1991 Reatta convertible for sale. It has 130 miles. Price is $42,900, but is currently on sale for $39,900.
  4. bgl

    Reattas at the National meet

    Thanks for the pictures! Nice to see all the different colors.
  5. bgl

    Refurbish rear tail light lens

    Hello--We took the Reatta through a state park, which involved a few miles of gravel--or in this case powder. I now have dust in the tail light. Maybe will try your advice this winter. Thanks for posting!
  6. bgl


    This car is not from the rust belt. Just got here a couple of years ago. I think it started life in Pennsylvania, then to Texas, then to Mississippi, then to Minnesota if I have it figured correctly. It's a clean car. Still might need something, but rust isn't the problem. Thanks!
  7. bgl

    Reatta for sale with 4K miles

    Thanks. I was wondering about that.
  8. I found an ad for a 1991 Reatta convertible with 4K miles for $22,500 in Newton, IA. It is listed on Auto Trader.
  9. bgl


    Hello Does anyone else's Reatta feel like when you want to turn, that the car wants to go straight. I know it does want to go straight, but I mean that the feel is a bit more than normal to turn. Is this a trait of the car, or possibly some type of mechanical issue? Thanks!
  10. bgl

    license plate bracket

    Thanks very much, Barney. Don't know how you could have helped any more!
  11. bgl

    license plate bracket

    Hello I bought my Reatta last year. It did not have a front license plate bracket. Got pulled over by local PD. So, went on a search for one. I found one recently on ebay. Now, I am trying to figure out how to install it. I am not sure how those feet are supposed to fit anywhere. *If I place the feet below the front valance, as if to mount from below, the top comes up to the upper part of the center grille--and top cannot be mounted...unless wired. *If I place the top on trop of the trim, it does not fit flat, and the feet line up with nothing. *If I place the top just below the trim piece, which seems to work out the best, it may fit, but I don't see how the feet will line up again. I thought this would be simple. Can anyone point out where the top of the bracket should be? It looks like in pictures that folks have mounted them in different locations. Thanks for any help! Bruce
  12. bgl

    My new 1990 Convertible

    Hi--I live in New Ulm, MN. I bought my Reatta on 1-1-16. Quite a few more miles than yours, though. I saw your car for sale for a while.
  13. bgl

    book on Reattas

    Hello--There is a book on ebay, called something like Reatta Colors. It apparently provides stats on how many models were available by color and perhaps gives other details. The cost is $22.73 if interested. I am kind of interested in getting one.
  14. bgl

    Anyone on this site from MN?

    Yep, I know about Jim! I did see one two years ago in Henderson. A coupe in fantastic condition. Made me want to get one.