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  1. 34 door handles

    Not sure if I would go with pita's advice at all. He must have got lucky, not to many are come right off. I would say using his advice you be needing excusions as you bend the crap out of the slamming a hammer to the shaft. Right way and a wrong way trust me!!
  2. Purchasing a 37' airflow

    Yeah, maybe a Airstream
  3. Early DeSoto script gas cap

    Hello if still available I'm very interested. Thanks
  4. John, I just received a lot of 36 Desoto motor parts from bearings to mounts fuel pumps all kinds of nos parts. Do you have a number for part this guy pretty much numbered everything. I take a look and see if I might have what your looking for
  5. Back From the Paint Shop

    Very nice your doing a real clean job, keep up the fine work!!
  6. 1936 Chrysler/Desoto banjo steering wheels

    I thought you were sending pics?
  7. 1936 Chrysler C7 Airstream Headlights Lenses

    Just was looking at your pic after paint and it looks like you have 36 Airflo skirts to me. I have a few sets of Airstream for 36's and they have a lil tail at the bottom rear. Just thought I let you know. I may be wrong, but I don't think so.
  8. 1936 Chrysler/Desoto banjo steering wheels

    Shoot me a picture, I would appreciate it. Thx, Ruben
  9. 1936 Buick Victoria Coupe for sale

    People who want to sell a car with no pic's are not to proud of what there selling!! I'll pass
  10. Was wondering if any one might have a 1936 side mount Dodge/Plymouth. Desoto/Chrysler Airstream drivers side fender who might be interested in trading for a 36 Mopar banjo steering wheel. These wheels are super clean and very solid. Thanks
  11. Is wheel still for sale? If so I'll take it
  12. 1962 Lincoln Convertible

    Here's one I will sell
  13. 36 Dodge Fender Skirts

    Orale Primo
  14. 1936 Dodge Coupes and parts for sale

    Sorry about your friend. I'm still looking for a left side mount fender. Thx
  15. eBay Rat Bags

    How about the 36 banjo steering wheel, the seller offered it to me for a buy it now price of $350. By the time I seen his reply back to me this guy snagged it up and now he has it with discount at $1795 what a DICK