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  1. Uptowndodge

    1936 Dodge Headlight

    You might want to say what side your after.
  2. Uptowndodge

    1934 Plymouth PE Deluxe

    What's that Reg, sell his car?
  3. Uptowndodge

    Brake/Stop light switch mounting on RHD

    1828 wow that's one old car
  4. Uptowndodge

    1937 Buick Special - Opinions re. condition

    Phil, stick to your 37/38 Buick . I can't understand why all your talking about is 37 special or roadmaster then Dude shows a classic piece of 1922 he can't sell. You get what your looking for. It's all about you.
  5. Uptowndodge

    36 Desoto sedan and I need a lot of parts

    I got a 36 Desoto parts car I'm might get rid of. Also I have a real clean grill I'm selling. These are Airstream not that ugly ass Airflo
  6. Uptowndodge

    1936 Dodge D2 TS Newcomer

    I know I'm not jealous!!
  7. Uptowndodge

    1936 Dodge D2 TS Newcomer

    Would they look good Yes or No J page I got both set with both emblems. You always got to be so Mopar correct? Relax bro and will fit not should!!
  8. Uptowndodge

    1936 Dodge D2 TS Newcomer

    No you didn't!!!!
  9. Uptowndodge

    1936 Dodge D2 TS Newcomer

    These would look great on your car. If your interested there for sale.
  10. I have fender skirts if your interested.
  11. Uptowndodge

    34 door handles

    Not sure if I would go with pita's advice at all. He must have got lucky, not to many are come right off. I would say using his advice you be needing excusions as you bend the crap out of the slamming a hammer to the shaft. Right way and a wrong way trust me!!
  12. Uptowndodge

    Purchasing a 37' airflow

    Yeah, maybe a Airstream
  13. Uptowndodge

    For Sale, 1931 DeSoto script gas cap

    Hello if still available I'm very interested. Thanks