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  1. I've removed MANY WITHOUT damage. Just need a pick & lift one corner of four at a time.
  2. Supposedly the Riv. GS had springs that were 1" lower than stock with a slightly heavier spring rate & shocks to match.
  3. Yeah, but what caused the fuse to blow in the 1st. place????
  4. No Ed, the carbs. were 750 up to '70 them 800 from '71 on. There's a way to identify one, with pics, on V8Buick. Do a search.
  5. I may try a set Dave, but I've had NO problems with the Taylor's. Arnulfo, they DON'T make a ready made set. I ALWAYS use universal & make them up myself. Tom T.
  6. I use the Taylor Spiro-Pro universal wires on most of the cars I do. Been VERY HAPPY with them. They come in 90*, 135* & Straight. Depending on where you buy are also reasonably priced.
  7. Obviously he didn't crack it open. Now you'll be spending MANY DAYS fixing his mistakes/lack of knowledge all for the sake of NOT opening a book..
  8. There is NO ignition relay. IF there was one it would be the starter solenoid.
  9. By the looks of the linkage on the rear carb. this set-up looks like '65-'66. Can't see the casting number for the manifold to determine if it's for a '64 or a '65-'66
  10. For anyone wishing to do this. BEFORE drilling the extra holes required put tape on the drill bit so it DOESN'T go too far & put a punch mark in the deck lid. Just a precaution. Tom T.
  11. Do your glass guy a favor & bring him the shop manual.
  12. Start at the source which is the battery. In situations such as yours the 1st. thing to check is the battery cables & for dirty connections.