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  1. the crack sounds like it can be repaired by stitching & NOT welding. Depends on how close it is to the lifter bore. Maybe a pic??? That's definitely an odd place for a crack. The normal area is buy the starter. Would you have & be willing to sell the 2 groove water pump pulley. I would also take the 2 groove crank pulley if the $$$ are OK. The cam doesn't look too good in the pic provided. Also, may want to freshen up the engine with new rings, bearings, timing chain, etc. while it's out of the car. Tom T.
  2. The lifting "eye" is '66 ONLY. The casting is '63-'66, but we know by the "eye" that it's a '66. The rear of the crank is for a DynaFlow trans. I have adapters bushings for this to convert to a ST400. Someone swapped in a 'DynaFlow crank for use in a '63 or earlier car equipped with a DynaFloow. '63's were painted silver in Riv's. BUT, being a '66 engine it could have been Red or Blue(Buick Green-Late). The crank from your '66 can be used in the this engine. Where is the crack located on your original engine??? They CAN be successfully repaired. ALL your original pulleys can interchange. Tom T.
  3. If the carb. is an AFB I have been rebuilding/re-bushing them for yrs. & have done MANY users of this site. After the rebuild I install it on a '64 Riv. I have & drive it BEFORE sending it back to make ABSOLUTELY SURE there are no problems. Tom T.
  4. telriv

    1963 Speedo cable

    I both agree & dis-agree with Dave's statement about drilling a hole. This could both be a savior or a cause for disaster. You most be ABSOLUTELY SURE the trans. is vented PROPERLY 1st. Hot oil climbing up the tube & out the hole could cause a FIRE. Hot trans. fluid hitting a HOT exhaust manifold gets pretty explosive, so USE CAUTION!!! Remember the old KISS principal, KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID. It's amazing how many things can be fixed fairly easily BEFORE taking the big plunge!! Again, just my dimes worth. Tom T.
  5. When I had my shop I TOOK THE TIME TO DO IT RIGHT NO MATTER THE TIME INVOLVED!!!! Most times it was a LOSS!!!. BUT, I had the confidence/knowledge knowing it was done the best way I knew how. ALL CARS got a 4 wheel alignment even though there was NO adjustment for the rear. You would be surprised on how much movement there is on a car with leaf springs & the alignment pins between the springs & rear diff. housing. By loosing up the rear u-bolts & using a bar against the wheel one way or the other & tightening down the u-bolts, if nothing else can get the rear MUCH better than it was. It's amazing how much BETTER a car can ride/handle when the rear is closer to being aligned. Kinda takes some of the roughness out. Another thing concerns ride height. I know there are ALL KINDS of ways to bring the vehicle back up to specs. by replacing springs, adding rubber spacers between the coil springs & control arms/upper mounts. I have used with much success is the plastic spacers used/made by TRW. You need a spring spreader to install but they have been in the front of my '64 Riv. since 1968 & haven't fallen out or caused any advise affects. Since they are plastic you will get NO noises if they do rub, which mine DON'T!!! You wouldn't believe what an improvement in the ride & handling departments. Just my dimes worth. Tom T.
  6. And, '64 & '65 are even EASIER.
  7. A very EASY way to tell is go back to my post #19.
  8. Try advancing the timing 3/8ths. of an inch & see if that helps. Usually with low compression it will at least start & run.
  9. Tom, The non variable ratio box probably has the adjustment 1/8th.-1/4 turn too tight if it over corrects to keep the center of the road.
  10. I've wired kill switches into the cig. liter circuit. Push in the liter kills ign. Pull liter up one notch ign. on. Have ALSO installed a starter dis-abler. Used a H/Duty push button switch mounted under the rug.using the purple wire from the starter. Crank by depressing switch. When in the up position starter won't crank. Mounted under the rug NO ONE will see or even know it's there. Tom T.
  11. Tim, No, sorry I do not. Send me a PM. Tom T.
  12. Tim, $5.00 shipped in the U.S. 48 Tom T.
  13. telriv

    What came loose?

    It's amazing the balancer didn't fall off sooner since it had the wrong washer on it from the beginning. Lots of stranger things have happened.
  14. Yeah, especially '64 & '65 because no where on the exterior of the car says Buick. MANY always ask what kind of car is a Riviera? When I tell them it's made by Buick they get a strange look on their faces.
  15. It's '71-'76 & the model number is 808, not 800. When you go to the salvage yard turn the input. If it turns 3 or very slightly less or more it's the faster ratio. Installed In the car it will be less than 3.