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  1. Mystery part

    That vacuum canister your talking about Ed is for the HVAC unit only. It has, as far as I know, NOTHING to do with supplying vacuum for anything else.
  2. The LEDs that are available are MUCH BRIGHTER than the regular bulbs. This may be all you want/need. They also make a 3rd. brake light that flashes when you 1st. touch the brake peddle. That's another option.
  3. Also remembering he is the one, I think, who gave me the NEW REAR PACKAGE TRAY. I was not at the shop at the time & was said, to my boss at the time, to give this to the kid that works here. Turns out it was the prototype that was made in Germany in very late '60 or very early '61. After many yrs. of hanging onto it on the shelf my Riv. was starting to need a rear tray. I called Clark's to see if they would be interested in supplying these for other 1st. gen Riv. owners as they had started re-proing parts for the Rivs. Calvin, the owner of Clark's had a '64 Riv. & saw that there were few or no aftermarket parts available. He was surprised to find out that some of the materials used on Corvairs were the same as the Riv. So that's where it started by making the upholstery. Then I put Mark & Karen in touch with the manufacturer of the foam to the original makers of the foam for the OEM, GM, Ford & some Chrysler in Wash. state. I had sent some good forms to the manufacturer in Wash. to have my foams re-proed. I didn't have any foams for the custom interior, only the standard interior. I think Clark's does now supply foam for the custom interior. Someone may have sent in foams to be copied from a custom interior since that time. Clark's contacted them & the foam being produced by them was fair superior than the suppliers they were using at that time. Which is still what is sold today. I checked it for fit 1st. & sent it off to Clark's to have it reproduced. The 1st. ones Clark's made were not contoured correctly. I ended up cutting the complete rear metal portion of the rear package tray area out & sending it to Clark's. That's why Clark's is SO much better than any others, they had a BRAND NEW ONE TO COPY. The only small problem I saw after all was said & done, many times, is where the top inside corners are on the top part of the rear seats. It was not as rounded as it should be. When I told Clark's about this it would have been too much to completely re-do the molds, AGAIN, & so many times in trying & the back & forth shipping. Maybe by now this small concern has been addressed. Maybe they added more padding material in this area. So now you know WHY Clark's prices are a little bit higher than some others. Tom T.
  4. I remember one time Bill Mitchell brought what was like a '64 Riv. into the shop I was working at for an oil change. I don't know if he had a vacation home in the town in Ct. where I worked or had a friend he was visiting. At the time, early 60's, I didn't know who he was just that it was a 1st. gen Riv, I was interested as MY '64 RIV. would be parked out front. He asked who car it was out front & beyond that we didn't have ANY conversation. I brought the car into the shop. It sounded diff. Set it up on the lift. The frame set-up was WAY diff. than my Riv. Got it up in the air & to my surprise it was MUCH diff. than my Riv. being FWD. & all. Did the oil change & never did see when the car was picked up to ask questions. Could have been the TORO in disguise???? Tom T.
  5. Mystery part

    If I remember correctly the vacuum tank was hooked up to the power brake booster.
  6. Restoring ashtrays

    The ashtray itself was a silvery color. While the holder for the cigs. was chrome plated. I know exactly what the '63-'64 knobs looked like & I believe '65 was diff. more like the radio knobs if I remember correctly.
  7. Back in '96 maybe not, but today it would be a candidate for repair.
  8. Sorry Tom DO NOT have pictures any longer. The carb. being discussed DID have the one yr. only /64 throttle shaft. There were NO signs that it had EVER been messed with. MAYBE the purchaser of this carb. can commit since he recently bought the '65 GS that he purchased which, it seems to be not an original GS, that was one of the 454 that were produced with the dual quad option that wasn't a GS. Know who I'm talking about. It was a car that you knew about. Would rather not mention his name online although he is well known for his '71 Limemist GSX. Tom T.
  9. BUT, if it was a retrofit for a '66 application why did it have the '64 ONLY roller wheel for the kick down??? Who knows why it was manufactured the way it was???
  10. Jon, I had a 4051, which was supposedly correct for the rear of a '66 set-up, but had a '64 throttle shaft installed. Looked factory as there was NO evidence of someone changing the throttle shaft. I cut off the roller & welded the correct kick down portion to it. It's still in service today in Texarcana. Tom T.
  11. I still have BRAND NEW Cloyes in stock. Most people replace with a steel gear. In most instances I see NO need on a stock type rebuild. And, since the steel gear is heavier it takes more power to turn which robs HP.
  12. Rather than aluminum foil I use Saran Wrap. Clings awesome, Removes easily, plus other positives.
  13. Clark's got the originals from my '64 Riv. many yrs. ago. I know they are the originals as I'm the original owner of my '64. They even returned my originals with NO damage after they were copied. Same with the rear package tray, proper foam, listing wire, original manufacturer of the foam in Wash. state, original patterns for seats, etc.
  14. Pinging when floored

    Don't know about the "M" but the 63-6 = the 6th. month of 1963 I believe. So it was made on June 6th. 1963. What's the number on the tag warped around the distributor?? What's the build date of your car??? As the advance number would indicate your car was a late built '63. Am I correct??? The rubber bush will NOT harm anything the way it is. Your could try backing up the timing 2-3 degrees & see if this helps. Should make little or no noticeable diff. in performance or fuel economy. I believe you stated you were using 98 octane fuel. Correct???
  15. Pinging when floored

    I forgot to add. When you go to clean it DO NOT use any kind of cleaners as they will soften & the internal diaphragm will shortly go bad. Just clean with a wipe down after a little scotch brie pad or sandpaper.