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  1. Schmiddy, Sorry I'm out. Tom T.
  2. NEVER an original or optional feature from Buick. I did the same back in the late 60's on my '64 Riv, but used two on an original '63 air cleaner & fabricated scoops like the Olds 442 Ram Air set-up under the front bumper. If you didn't know to look you would not even notice with the hood closed.
  3. Bill, It would probably be less costly to get the one you're talking about. Tom T.
  4. Originally my '64 was equipped with a 37amp. I switched to 63 amp. They say the voltage regulator was diff. but I didn't change it & it been on for MANY years. I'll look to see what I may have & get back to you. May take a few days. Tom T.
  5. 61 amp (maybe 63 also) was an option as far as I know. I have a whole bunch of '64 A/C alternators. If your looking for a particular one I could check what I have.
  6. Doug at the "Buick Farm" has the good ones. Fit with minimal problems.
  7. If jframe ends up not wanting it can i also have it for shipping costs??? Tom T.
  8. Fix for door jamb switches

    I've been repairing the grounds the same way since the 70's on the Rivs & all the full size GM cars that use the same set-up. You would be better off buying the new belinum (sp) parts from the advertiser who rebuilds the switches. I have bought just the parts from the previous owner. Tom T.
  9. I bought my '64 NEW in '64. The trunk was painted car color & still is.
  10. The seal around the trunk is more than likely your culprit. The trim below the rear window is one. The trim piece above the rear fender needs to be re-sealed, but usually that lets water in under the rear seat. Remove & re-seal. Very common is the window channel is rotted.
  11. Very possible, most likely a bad connection on the printed circuit board.
  12. Rodney, I'll try to do some more digging sometime tomorrow & will let you know what I come up with. Tom T.
  13. Rodney, Just to let you know I've found an UN-blemished rear moulding. I know I have some UN-blemished W/O mouldings also. I will have to do some serious digging of my stash t find something. The only thing I've found at the moment is a W/O moulding that has a small blemish so it doesn't constitute an UN-blemished W/O moulding. I guess I could take pictures of both. I KNOW the rear moulding you would be satisfied with. Not so sure about the W/O moulding. Will continue to look. Tom T.
  14. Not true. Wish you luck it works properly. IMHO highly doubtful.
  15. Oh for sure there will be!!!