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  1. Considering the location it's more for a "Bragging" statement rather than for an actual for use item as you HAVE to take your eyes off the road to view what it's saying. For me, now this my own personal opinion, if I can't glance at it WITHOUT taking my eyes off the road then it won't go in MY car. Tom T.
  2. From my understanding talking with the platers that do the work the copper is the thing that's eliminated & also mentioned the type of chrome. The nickel is what shines, then has a clear coat over it.
  3. I must say that LOOKS REALLY, REALLY, REALLY NICE!!!!! How many hours did you spend on each one??? I got some I MUST clean. Tom T.
  4. IF you have ANYTHING bare aluminum DO NOT use purple power or simple green. It will end up making them white.
  5. Your fuel pump is probably starting to fail.
  6. Correct drain plug washer

    If it has the original size drain plug it will be 1/2". Next time you change your oil take the drain plug with you to the parts store & match it up to a copper style drain plug gasket.
  7. Firewall grommet

    how about a picture???
  8. VERY FEW ever mention these LITTLE details.
  9. Can't mix up my concoction to grease them & it's makes a mess.
  10. Poly has it's place in certain areas, NOT articulating, moving, motion suspension parts. On my '64 Riv. I use poly on the upper front shock mounts, sway bar bushings, (1 5/16ths) & links. Rear poly panhard bushings. NO bushings on the rear sway bar. Front sway bar has to be taken apart & lubed yearly for squeaking. Mix Kendall Super Blue grease mixed with copper anti-seize. Rest of suspension is still original & not showing ANY signs of deterioration as of yet.
  11. I don't use any of those mostly garbage type repro replacement wires. I normally use Taylor Spiro pro & cut & make up myself.
  12. 1964 windshield

    Sorry I'm late in answering. I am in Ct. on the opposite side of the country & I WILL NOT ship & pack. Sorry. Tom T.
  13. My '64 Riv. I bought new still has the original sticker in the same area. I know it's in the original factory location as I've NEVER removed the trunk lid or refinished the underside of the lid when the car was repainted in the early 70's. Tom T.
  14. The MOST COMMON problem is the idle speed is TOO FAST!!!!! Tom T.