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  1. The sock is 3/8ths. still available new from your local GM dealer.
  2. telriv

    Engine Removal

    Should have UPGRADED to one of my 2.5 steering boxes while the engine was out. Makes the car so much more pleasurable to drive.
  3. telriv

    63 Riv AC flush and vacuum

    Nothing more FRUSTRATING than putting your blood, sweat & tears into something & end up with a problem. One day one step at a time Bob. You'll be OK. Tom T.
  4. telriv

    Engine Removal

    Usually the right ones are OK. It's the left that takes the abuse. Just send it back & get your $$$ back or sell it to someone else looking for one. You could probably sell it for more than you have into it. Tom T.
  5. Craig DOESN'T have NOS calipers, but has MANY other parts.
  6. The actual sealing surface is the cast iron caliper. ANY pitting & it will suck air.
  7. IF there is ANY pitting inside the calipers just installing new parts WILL NOT solve the problem of them sucking air. Now you think you have a bad master or valve when in reality it's the calipers sucking air. Unfortunately it's kinda big $$$$ but they need to be sent out & sleeved, preferably with brass & NOT stainless. Either spend the $$$ now or drive yourself crazy when other problems start showing up & you will have spent even more $$$$ & still have a problem. How do I know this???? Tom T.
  8. I've taken earlier drums & chucked them up in a drum lathe & machined the hubs to fit WITHOUT removing the drum from the hub.
  9. telriv

    67 brake booster?

    4 wheel disc brake rear wheel drive Cadillac or Pontiac Trans Am for starters. There are ALSO other options out there.
  10. telriv

    Riviera 1972

    IF the carb. on your was original & functioning , maybe not properly, it CAN BE REBUILT. ALWAYS best to use the carb. it originally came with for best results unless you have the tuning skills & nec. parts available to tune. Those big chain rebuilds are normally problematic over a period of time. IF you haven't don't send the original back. Tom T.
  11. telriv

    63 Riv AC flush and vacuum

  12. telriv

    Brake Pedal sticking

    Get a 3/8ths Allen wrench. Cut it to the proper length, about 1 1/4", & use a 6 point 3/8ths. deep socket on your ratchet. Allen wrenches are relatively in-expensive & you may have the 3/8ths. socket in your tool box. Tom T.
  13. 1961-1970 ALL the upper ball joints were welded from the factory on ALL the full size cars including our Rivs. That's why ONLY an upper control arm assembly was available.
  14. What the Buick Farm sells as repros are an EXCELLENT choice over ALL the others that are available. Except for, maybe, these NOS ones. Tom T.
  15. The last yr. for the AFB was '66. The 1st. yr. for the Q-Jet was '66. You would be definitely doing yourself a mis-favor by using the 1411. Go to V-8 & look up Tech8 in Ct. or Carmantx in Texas for the PROPER Q-Jet depending on where you live. Tom T.