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  1. I have taken the new Edelbrock carbs. & converted them over using an original AFB supplied by the customer by swapping tops, all the jets, metering rods, springs, etc. & swapping out the throttle shafts. Now the original air cleaner fits & ALL the linkage is correct. You now have a NEW carb. that's actually built better/smoother than the original & in some instances easier to service if ever needed.
  2. I don't know what happened, but part way through it posted ONLY part of my reply. Starting with "I GUARANTEE", to finish, NO ONE WILL GO THROUGH THE TIME, TROUBLE OR COST IN $$$$ that it takes to produce these items in a specialty, low volume market. Were not talking Small Block Chevy here will it most likely would sell in the thousands or possibly more. THERE HAS TO BE A ROI!!!!! Come on people, support him & the others out there willing to take the chance & help them at least recoup some of the expenses associated with taking on such an en devour. Getting back to the Koni shocks. Way back then, in the late 60's, '68 to be exact, when you could by heavy duty shocks for our cars just about anywhere for between $5.00-$10.00 the Koni's cost me more than $50.00 each, but they are STILL on the car. I know MANY will not have the same car 50+ yrs. later as I, but as stated you can't replace known GOOD QUALITY parts & pieces. I know I probably have opened a can of worms & I know not everyone can justify the $$$$, but think about how MANY TIMES you will be doing the same thing over & over again & receive the same crappy results expecting better. IT JUST WON'T NORMALLY HAPPEN!!!! Just my thoughts on the subject. Tom T.
  3. As stated they ARE pricey, BUT how can you put a price on QUALITY??? The Bilsteins are FAR SUPERIOR than ANYTHING that's available on the market today. These will be the LAST set you will EVER have to purchase. I just about guarantee it!!!! George went through A LOT of time & trouble to get us NUTS a QUALITY product. Use HIM, support HIM or else NO ONE will go through the trouble of EVER producing any QUALITY parts for our more cost conses consumers. I go through this SAME scenario that George & others have gone through to produce a QUALITY product, like Mini Starters, Forged pistons, etc. for our beloved "Nails" only to be told they are too pricey. Continue on this path & I GUARANTEE Back in the 60's I sent KONI my original shocks. It took almost a year, but after 48+ years they are still on the car & function as they did when new. At the time I bought oil & rebuild kits for them. Haven't had a need to use them. The AMAZING thing about them is that the faster you drive the tighter they get. Don't know how that happens, but at 120MPH the car feels as stable as at 60MPH.
  4. Older door guards are made of stainless. I don't particularity like them. I feel they break up the lines of the car. Just my thoughts.
  5. Also there's four little small ball bearings that go into the slots in the last picture.
  6. Brian, Ever get a chance to box up those old carbs. & parts??? Tom T.
  7. The way the original mufflers are made you CANNOT just remove & replace the hose. You MUST get a good used one or buy the one from Cars. Tom T.
  8. On most "Nails" there is a T off the back of the carb. for the PCV valve & the pwr. brake booster, but once the booster is full of vacuum it is NO LONGER robbing vacuum from the PCV valve. The rattling could be caused by a vacuum leak, a carb. not adjusted properly, idle speed too low, timing not correct & a host of other problems. Tom T.
  9. If I remember correctly red & white were for diff. apps.
  10. The Jeep & Rolls Royce used an adapter between the engine & the bellhousing since the bellhousing was shorter for a NailHead" because of the extension off the back of the block. So the strength of a TH400 that's adaptable to a wide range of apps.
  11. If the engine is idling TOO FAST it will shift into low & reverse rather harshly. That was the biggest concern way back when. NEVER shift between low & drive with your foot to the floor. Wipes out the front pump plate.
  12. If you had a CHASSIS manual it would state such.
  13. The BEST one out there is from Clark's Corvair Parts. An EXACT COPY of an NOS one I had they copied yrs. ago. A little pricey, but there is NO SUBSTITUTE for a quality piece!!!! Tom T.
  14. The Bilsteins have been SPECIAL BUILT by a member. They ALSO fit some of the Full Size cars. I installed a set on a '64 Wildcat last year. Tom T.
  15. I've been using them for yrs. It's a GOOD middle of the ground as far as cost. They last longer than any of the others & you DON'T experience that "Float-a-Matic" feeling after only about a yr. except of course for Bilsteins. All these numbers are the ones I provided MANY yrs. ago. Tom T.