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  1. YES, there should be a rocker arm baffle UNDER the valve cover , under the PCV valve. Without it if the engine is worn & has some miles on it the chances of sucking oil through the PCV valve happen.
  2. It will be a bolt-up Bill. I may have EVERYTHING you need. Problem is I won't be able to look/find in your time frame. Tom T.
  3. NOT TRACK BAR BUSHINGS BUT RADIAL TIRES!!! You want to go as far positive on CASTER that you can go WITHOUT making modifications. ( but mods are fairly easy) Usually will top out at around +3 degrees, but more if possible safely. Camber around 0 degrees +or-1/4 degree. Toe in the middle of the stock specs. Tom T.
  4. That will be MUCH harder to find than one with a separate heat riser. I am pretty sure '62-'63 ONLY. You could use a '64-'66 manifold would just need the heat riser valve, gasket & matching studs. Tom T.
  5. Bill, Does YOUR manifold have the heat riser valve built in as part of the manifold??? OR, is it a separate piece???
  6. For all intent purposes that is what I said, but I think you explained it better.
  7. drzach, You DON'T have to worry about the signal switch for right now. Jumping a wire across the two terminals on the outside at the HYDRAULIC SWITCH should have turned on the brake lights. Was the ignition key on or off??? There should be 12 volts at one of the wires & crossing them together should have turned on the brake lights. We know it's not the bulbs as you said the signals work. if you have 12 volts at one of the wires then it's time to look at the signal light switch as the brake lights run through the switch, but ONLY when the handle is in the left or right position. Tom T.
  8. Remove the plug & install a grease fitting. Give it a few pumps & re-install the plug.
  9. I don't know the answer, but, you can take 4 repro mats & they will weigh about the same as one original.
  10. The only stops that are limited are the built in stops of the vehicle. Time for others to report their experiences. OR, better yet buy one & find out. Then you can do ALL the testing & theories you want until your hearts content. THINK AGAIN ABOUT PITMAN ARM LENGTH & THE ROLE IT PLAYS IN THE OVERALL SHEME OF THINGS. But, then again I'm sure you'll find something to knock or complain about. ALL I'm trying to do is help those out there that would like to upgrade & improve what they ALREADY have. I just finished a '65 Riv. GS yesterday with the H2 option, faster ratio 15-1 ratio & he is EXTREMELY pleased with the outcome. Again, just my thoughts. Tom T.
  11. Those "Knobs" were used on MANY '63-'64-'65 Buick's & should be relatively easy to find. Tom T.
  12. KongaMan, Since many of us here don't know your 1st. name we will just have to go by your signature. I feel being on a 1st. name basis is much more personal. We DON'T have to know where you live although it would be helpful if someone was close by & needed any kind of assistance. How did I know you would ask that question??? Anyho's Since you like facts, figures, percentages, degrees, angles & ALL the other assorted things you always (not to offend you in ANY way in many cases good things) seem to come up with I will say figure it out. All I will say is the length of the pitman arm plays a big role in the ratio & ALL the "808" boxes installed in MANY different vehicles most have different length pitman arms. The MOST IMPORTANT thing here is the turns lock to lock as no matter what the ratio it's still 2.5 turns lock-lock. Tom T.
  13. TO ALL, This is a constant ratio box. It will FIT ALL full size cars that take a model "808" Saginaw steering box (which the Riv. is a full size). This includes some JEEP. FORD & MOPAR applications from about '62 to about 1976 as long as the box mounts inside the frame rails & NOT OUTSIDE. As stated this is a BOLT-IN SWAP. NO adapters nec. new hoses etc. nec. Priced MUCH MORE COMPETATIVELY than others available. Tom T.
  14. The standard header pipe is 2" diameter with a "S" curve under the front seat (to cut down on harmonics/resonance/vibrations) It would be more thought that a GS with a bigger straighter pipe would be LESS back pressure & a slightly more aggressive sound out the back, but still quiet enough to suit most.