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  1. In November 1951 my brother, who was stationed at Tinker AFB in Oklahoma wrote that he was bringing me something when he came home on Christmas leave. Since I had been tinkering with radios I thought it would something radio related. WAS I EVER SURPRISED! It was a 1931 LaSalle 5 pass coupe. He had driven it 1300 miles nonstop with help from 2 other boys. It was a 1 owner car (an MD). He was 83 years old. I am now the second owner of a car that is 86 years old. It earned its Senior award in 1974. The result of this gift is me sitting here doing this post. PS I am not suggesting that you should give an old car to someone if he will join the AACA!! If you do: give it to one who does not have grey hair! We have too much now!
  2. Advice on a Bentley please.

    This is not my opinion but actual facts. Be ready for some surprises!! I rebuilt the engine in my 1952 SD in 2002.( Basically the same engine but 4.5 litre vs your 4.9 ) 6 Pistons $1813 00. 6 Exh, valve guides $47.23 each Piston rings $350.00 set Head gasket $250.00 NUFF SAID?
  3. Question on old Autolite part

    It's a generator regulator----Mid to late 30's Chrysler products
  4. painting car parts with a brush

    Does anyone on here remember that after WWII the craze was " PAINT YOUR CAR WITH A POWDER PUFF" ? It was a very thin enamel. Most cars were 1930's vintage and pretty shabby so the product had good success!
  5. 1970's GM A/C Receiver/Dryer Help Desperately Needed

    If my memory serves me correctly: Water boils at 40 degrees F. under a 26 inch vacuum. Therefore you can put your ac system together and pull a maximum vacuum on it for about 30 minutes and be home safe. Your maximum vacuum will depend an your altitude. (That is 50 yrs. shop experience talking.) Enjoy, Bill
  6. preferred hand cleaner

    The best hand cleaner I have found in the last 75 years is Joy dish detergent and a scotch brite scouring pad. You have to try it to believe----it is not rough on tender skin ! An old Maytag repairman put me onto it. Might be the cheapest also!
  7. Help with 1940 Limited

    1 6 2 5 8 3 7 4
  8. Head stud removal ,Help

    If it were me I would put a tall nut on the next stud up and use a capscrew.
  9. Head stud removal ,Help

  10. Head stud removal ,Help

    The thin walled hole saw you refer to was made especially for the mid 30's flathead V-8 Fords with aluminum heads. Chances of finding one are slim. Those Ford heads also caused the origin of Liquid Wrench. GOOD LUCK
  11. LOOKING FOR A SOURCE FOR RUBBER WEATHERSTRIPPING AND WINDSHIELD RUBBER SEALS Building a model A Mack Rollback! All leads will be greatly appreciated
  12. 6 Volt Positve ground Horns , found some

  13. Make your belts last longer

    This is the accessory drive belt, not a toothed timing belt.
  14. Wanted to buy. 1985 Riviera Convert

    Seems we have similar tastes in cars. They are like dogs----- they just follow me home! Your turn will come in due time Don't give up hope! as ever, Willie
  15. "Matching Numbers"

    Please explain your quote. Thanks