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  1. Willie Wurke

    Wiring Question

    I am going to be different from all the above! Back in the good ol'(when we parked a lot!) days you could turn the key to the left and play the radio without burning the points. If you have this type ignition switch (3 position)the terminals will be BAT--Coil--Acc(gauges plus radio) Keep us posted as ever ,Willie
  2. Willie Wurke


    CARTER C3VE-9510-A NEW/OLD STOCK FITS 1963-68 LINCOLN 460cid (was original equipment) PRICE $400.
  3. Willie Wurke

    Classic car fraud scheme shut down

    WAY TO GO-----Old saying "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em"
  4. Willie Wurke

    1929 Buick battery

    F Y I : Starters are not polarity sensitive. Also: Reversing the cables does not reverse the rotation of the starter.
  5. Willie Wurke

    '57 Thunderbird generator/regulator

    This is my source for info : A good library plus 75 years in repair shop with 9 years as Lincoln/Mercury Service Mgr. Re activated a pretty little 1934 Ford roadster yesterday!
  6. Willie Wurke

    '57 Thunderbird generator/regulator

    You MUST disconnect the field wire to polarize the generator. Otherwise you will burn the contacts in the voltage regulator (ie: destroy it!)
  7. Your idea if an oil level gauge in dash is old hat!! My 1953 Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn has a pressure gauge plus a push button below the gas gauge that when pressed will show engine oil level. I can check my oil while driving. If it shows "above minimum" all is well. Now you have reason to get a RR!! I don't think there is anything that has never been tried on an automobile!!!
  8. The first thing to do is READ THE OWNERS MANUAL!!! I have a 1993 Chev with the 350 fuel injected with Auto trans. My manual states that on a warm day , after a sudden stop,the light might blink on. THIS IS NORMAL ( and mine does it )
  9. I polished my aluminum brake drums. RESULT:DUAL WHEELS
  10. Willie Wurke

    Hydra-Matic Adjustment

    That sounds very serious ! TIME TO FIND A GOOD REBUILDER
  11. Willie Wurke

    Hydra-Matic Adjustment

    So sorrow ;I might have mis-led you. . I thought you had the 1946-55 version Hydra Matic , Ignore the band adjustment I recommended. MY APOLOGIES, Willie
  12. Willie Wurke

    Hydra-Matic Adjustment

    Glad to oblige. Get rid of that Junkaway trans and replace it with one from a 1955 model .I was with an Olds dealer when the Jetaway came out in 1956 Our showday car could not get over the curb into the shop! as ever, Willie
  13. Willie Wurke

    Hydra-Matic Adjustment

    My suggestion: Adjust the bands----check governor operation---- A bad seal on the rear clutch will also cause your problem
  14. Willie Wurke

    Hydra-Matic Adjustment

    The trans website is correct. I have done it this way since 1952. Still have the GM tool kit .
  15. Willie Wurke

    Borg Warner Transmission filter needed

    The transmission did not have a filter; it has a fine mesh brass screen that can be washed and reused. Use sheet cork to make a new gasket. Wllie in WV.