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  1. Willie Wurke

    Updating brakes

    DON"T DO IT !!!! I spent 15 years in dealership service departments as line mech and service manager. You wouldn't believe the factory recall campaigns and what percentage applied to the braking system! These were all systems designed by professional automotive engineers. I think you are headed down the wrong road1 What is the goal? Bragging rights or stopping your car?.
  2. Willie Wurke


    LIKE NEW Was replaced when car was 1 year old! Tests as OK. $375. 304-469-9648
  3. Willie Wurke

    1956-57 Continental MK II Radiator

    This radiator sprung a leak in 1958 and was replaced under warranty. It is now repaired and like new. Price is $375.
  4. Willie Wurke

    6 volt to 12 volt conversion 1951 Packard 300

    Trade the '51 for a '41 with factory air. Problem solved plus prettier car!
  5. Somebody needs to wake up and smell the coffee! Arnold has an ad in the current issue of ANTIQUE AUTOMOBILE ( I think he always has an ad there)
  6. Willie Wurke

    Do You Remember When Edsels Were New? What Did You Think?

    To me it was just more work to do. I was the service manager in a Mercury-Edsel- Lincoln dealership. The 1959 Edsel was really good. They outsold Mercury for us. Only got one 1960 model . Sold it to the man who had bought our first 1958 model. Very few can claim they bought a 60 model.
  7. Willie Wurke


  8. Willie Wurke

    Wiring Question

    I am going to be different from all the above! Back in the good ol'(when we parked a lot!) days you could turn the key to the left and play the radio without burning the points. If you have this type ignition switch (3 position)the terminals will be BAT--Coil--Acc(gauges plus radio) Keep us posted as ever ,Willie
  9. Willie Wurke


    CARTER C3VE-9510-A NEW/OLD STOCK FITS 1963-68 LINCOLN 460cid (was original equipment) PRICE $400. 304-469-9648
  10. Willie Wurke

    Classic car fraud scheme shut down

    WAY TO GO-----Old saying "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em"
  11. Willie Wurke

    1929 Buick battery

    F Y I : Starters are not polarity sensitive. Also: Reversing the cables does not reverse the rotation of the starter.
  12. Willie Wurke

    '57 Thunderbird generator/regulator

    This is my source for info : A good library plus 75 years in repair shop with 9 years as Lincoln/Mercury Service Mgr. Re activated a pretty little 1934 Ford roadster yesterday!
  13. Willie Wurke

    '57 Thunderbird generator/regulator

    You MUST disconnect the field wire to polarize the generator. Otherwise you will burn the contacts in the voltage regulator (ie: destroy it!)
  14. Your idea if an oil level gauge in dash is old hat!! My 1953 Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn has a pressure gauge plus a push button below the gas gauge that when pressed will show engine oil level. I can check my oil while driving. If it shows "above minimum" all is well. Now you have reason to get a RR!! I don't think there is anything that has never been tried on an automobile!!!
  15. The first thing to do is READ THE OWNERS MANUAL!!! I have a 1993 Chev with the 350 fuel injected with Auto trans. My manual states that on a warm day , after a sudden stop,the light might blink on. THIS IS NORMAL ( and mine does it )