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  1. Decarbonizer

    Please please post a picture of this device. I think my 26 has one and I never knew what it was. Thanks
  2. Slotted Screw Removal

    I have the one made by Snap-On. It has never failed to work.
  3. How Many Wrenches Do You Really Need?

    At least two of most. Three of some. I don’t like wasting time looking a wrench.
  4. Something to consider. Wood finishing products have drastically changed especially in the marine industry. The old standbys like natural oils and varnishes have long been replaced by modern technology. Look at what the big boys who own million dollar yachts use on their bright work. If you are around a boat yard see what these monsters use. The down side of all this is many of the best finishes are not made in this country and are very expensive. How much are your wood wheels worth to you? Mine will stay the same with a so so paint job because I know what ‘Ship shape and Bristol fashion’ means and costs.
  5. Dimming coil for headlights - Nichrome

    Common item on old tractors. Widely available.
  6. WAWA

    What engines were the refiners thinking about with the 91 and 93 non ethanol fuels? My Model A’s and mower sure don’t need the stuff.
  7. Anyone else Remember these things?

    What is jigglers?
  8. Build a railroad up there in the frozen country.
  9. Wooden wheels

    Is there a go to place for wood wheel restoration?
  10. Model T Delivering the Goods

    IN”. Paved roads and sidewalks. OUT”. High topped shoes.
  11. painting car parts with a brush

    One of the tricks to brush painting is Penatrol.
  12. painting car parts with a brush

    Many of the world’s finest yachts are painted with a brush. It’s called roll and tip. Kind of a status thing. I you can afford it go for it.
  13. While going to the doctor today

    Probably cheaper than going underground.
  14. Move over Tesla this was around 100 years ago

    And to this day batteries are about the same.
  15. Best Oil & Lubricants for 1920's Cars

    I agree on cleaning the pan. Then use the same lubricants as in your best modern day car. Hint ( Rotella T)