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  1. If you just have gunk in the tank the cleaners will work. However, if the tank does not come clean then save yourself a headache. Take the tank off cut it and sand blast it. Then weld it back and use a good sealer like Red Cote.
  2. Make sure the gallon jugs go with the car. Might be valuable.
  3. A friend bought a new Subaru. The clear coat had a lifetime warranty. She takes it back every two to three years to be repainted. No cost after about thirty years.
  4. Sorry folks but I can't get excited about too many cars over $100K. And this ain't one of them.
  5. A museum car would likely be listed on Hemming's not flea bay.
  6. At least the rear wheels are in the right place. I doubt he could find a bed for that old Chevy.
  7. Hemings has a listing on one with some good pictures.
  8. No but the boy and the kitten is priceless.
  9. I would hate to see the AACA lower it's self to the level of e-bay. Leave the junk to the junk dealers.
  10. Last week in June. This is right up my alley never know what you might find. My wife does not like auctiones. Her impatience might be helped by the nearby casino. So I suggested a driving vacation in the heartland of America. So if I go to the auction for a couple days what other attraction are to be found between Tennessee and Illinois? I have to make this sound like a real vacation just to get to the auction.
  11. Who wudda thunk. Great story. Thanks
  12. We used signs like that in DC while making deliveries. Double parking, loading only, no parking were some of the places. Sometimes the cops would look the other way but usually not.
  13. Back the car onto the trailer. Much safer.
  14. And is that isn't to your satisfaction there are resistors that screw on top of the plugs. Personally the right plug for the car is more important than the radio.
  15. Easy somebody wanted it more than you. It was his lucky day.