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  1. Nickel

    Is there an easy way to clean tarnished nickel?
  2. Get rich quick

    This post did not make the idea I had in mind. Some of you guys are way too serious to reply with a smile.
  3. Get rich quick

    Buy a Chrysler pre Fiat takeover. Now that China is poised to buy out Fiat Chrysler Any Made in America Chrysler will be a really good investment. The older the better. And investing in American Made is in keeping with the POTUS goals.
  4. What's your thought ?

    Remote starters can be time bombs. Unless you have a solenoid in the starter wiring don't use a remote. They usually have only 14 ga. Wire. Ok for a solenoid but on a 300 amp starter it's a fire starter.
  5. Pilot bushing

    Where can I find a pilot bushing for a Chrysler F58?
  6. What's your thought ?

    STOP using the ether! Every puff wipes oil off the pistons and valves. Sure way to burn up an engine. Best idea now is to hang a gas can. Then go find the real problem.
  7. eBay sale - 1970 Ford Maverick 21,000 miles original!

    It takes a very special person to want a 70 Maverick.
  8. pressure plate

    Problem solved. I'm having the entire clutch assembly rebuilt locally.
  9. pressure plate

    Looking for a clutch pressure plate for a 1926 Chrysler F58. HELP
  10. Keyed lock

    There is a keyed lock built into the shifter on the transmission. 26 Chrysler. Is it a shifter lock out or maybe an ignition switch. The car has no other keyed ignition switch.
  11. Instruments

    Thanks for the information.
  12. Bearing Applications

    George is the only one that knew what T/O bearing went in the '26.
  13. Instruments

    Anybody know anybody that repairs original dash instruments? Or are replacements available? Working on a 26.
  14. Yes the track vehicle is an ONTOS. We had a few of them in Vietnam. The idea was to sneak up on the target fire the 106's turn around and run like hell. The 50 cal. On top was a single shot spotting rifle. And 60mph is more like it. No armor made of aluminum.
  15. Wouldn't it be a lot easier to get a surplus ONTOS?