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  1. Now we're gettin somewhere. Found out I just bought this car. I tried to have the seller do the work but he reduced the price instead. So now I'm stuck with the job. I know Fords but this is my first Chrysler. Where do I get a manual?
  2. What's involved in replacing the clutch and T/O bearing in a 26 Chrysler?
  3. Just FYI in three months this year I have had three batteries from O'Reilly's and one from Advance Auto fail. AA warranty is now down to three months.
  4. Assuming you don't have a fuel pump locate it where it is easy to change and away from the exhaust manifold.
  5. I have been talking about a new garage (large) for sometime. The present garage is full of cars. When I ask the question about buying I was instantly hit with 'what's next a new garage?' I think that is the real problem not the car its self.
  6. A couple days age I saw an ad for a beautiful 28 Buick and I thought the price was right. I ask my wife if I could buy it. We do share this kind of stuff. Big hollering match followed. I backed down. Her final comment was and with much anger ' I know you'll buy it if you want it'. The big surprise was the day after when she said with all sincerity and no malice ' Did you buy the car?'
  7. If it runs and drives buy it for $3500 or less then worry about what to do with it. Some folks on this forum seem to be able to buy pre-war cars for next to nothing. I am not one of them. The cost is in the restoration. Example: An $7500 car can easily be $20000 when it's finished. BTW that's a driver not a points car.
  8. After spraying with oven cleaner put the parts in a plastic bag and in the sun if possible. Much better cleaning.
  9. Why is it that most cars listed 1925 to 1940 have mag or chrome wheels? Some people just can't leave a fine old car alone.
  10. For now stay with a car that takes American Standard tools. Ford or Chevy to start.
  11. I've heard of folks doing that. Except my Grandfather would not have done it because he would say it used too much gas.
  12. If you just have gunk in the tank the cleaners will work. However, if the tank does not come clean then save yourself a headache. Take the tank off cut it and sand blast it. Then weld it back and use a good sealer like Red Cote.
  13. Make sure the gallon jugs go with the car. Might be valuable.
  14. A friend bought a new Subaru. The clear coat had a lifetime warranty. She takes it back every two to three years to be repainted. No cost after about thirty years.
  15. Sorry folks but I can't get excited about too many cars over $100K. And this ain't one of them.