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  1. Model T Delivering the Goods

    IN”. Paved roads and sidewalks. OUT”. High topped shoes.
  2. painting car parts with a brush

    One of the tricks to brush painting is Penatrol.
  3. painting car parts with a brush

    Many of the world’s finest yachts are painted with a brush. It’s called roll and tip. Kind of a status thing. I you can afford it go for it.
  4. While going to the doctor today

    Probably cheaper than going underground.
  5. Move over Tesla this was around 100 years ago

    And to this day batteries are about the same.
  6. Best Oil & Lubricants for 1920's Cars

    I agree on cleaning the pan. Then use the same lubricants as in your best modern day car. Hint ( Rotella T)
  7. Clutch parts

    Sorry, it’s a model 58.
  8. Clutch parts

    I need clutch parts for a 26 Chrysler..
  9. Nuts and bolts

    During a clutch overhaul the machinist called and ask if I had the original bolts. He said the original holes were undersized and did not want to clean them with a tap. I had the bolts.
  10. Nuts and bolts

    Didn't know Chrysler made card in England in 1926.
  11. Nuts and bolts

    The nuts, bolts, and threads on my 26 are odd. The nuts (bolt heads) are between American Standard and metric. The threads are somewhat larger than standard. Why is this?
  12. Wiper switch

    26 Chrysler with vacuum wipers. The switch has 3 hose connections. One to the manifold, one to the wiper motor, where does the third one go? Thanks
  13. WTB carburetor 1927 Chrysler (Updated)

    Renner's Corner has all the right stuff.
  14. Ever hear of this stuff?

    I like that idea. Thanks
  15. 1926 Chrysler

    It's an F-58