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  1. Nuts and bolts

    The nuts, bolts, and threads on my 26 are odd. The nuts (bolt heads) are between American Standard and metric. The threads are somewhat larger than standard. Why is this?
  2. Wiper switch

    26 Chrysler with vacuum wipers. The switch has 3 hose connections. One to the manifold, one to the wiper motor, where does the third one go? Thanks
  3. WTB carburetor 1927 Chrysler

    Renner's Corner has all the right stuff.
  4. Ever hear of this stuff?

    I like that idea. Thanks
  5. 1926 Chrysler

    It's an F-58
  6. 1926 Chrysler

    It's an F-58. Walk me thru posting a picture and I will be glad to do so. Thanks
  7. 1926 Chrysler

    Dash instruments and switch. Must work.
  8. Mirror

    Did you have to change th hinge pin?
  9. Mirror

    What would be a good outside mirror for a Chrysler 58? 1926 four door.
  10. First Aid Kit

    I went to a safety seminar given by an ER Doctor. His first aid kit: small roll of duct tape, Sunday newspaper minus the color pages, and a can of menthol shaving cream.. Shaveing cream for burns and general antiseptic, news paper, which is nearly sterile, for bandages and splints, duct tape to hold everything together.
  11. Nickel

    Is there an easy way to clean tarnished nickel?
  12. Get rich quick

    This post did not make the idea I had in mind. Some of you guys are way too serious to reply with a smile.
  13. Get rich quick

    Buy a Chrysler pre Fiat takeover. Now that China is poised to buy out Fiat Chrysler Any Made in America Chrysler will be a really good investment. The older the better. And investing in American Made is in keeping with the POTUS goals.
  14. What's your thought ?

    Remote starters can be time bombs. Unless you have a solenoid in the starter wiring don't use a remote. They usually have only 14 ga. Wire. Ok for a solenoid but on a 300 amp starter it's a fire starter.
  15. Pilot bushing

    Where can I find a pilot bushing for a Chrysler F58?