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  1. Cool Car! Have you found the Cadillac Lasalle form yet? They'd be a great resource for you. Wes in VT
  2. How to install front springs on a 63 Riv

    Have a look at this:
  3. Take the top of the air cleaner off and listen, and watch. You might see / hear some backfiring there. That will tell you if it's something internal to the engine.
  4. Hard starting after sitting a few days

    Greg, Regarding your fuel pump location. Electric fuel pumps push better than they pull so you want it to be mounted close to the tank. You also want to have an inline filter mounted on the inlet side of the pump so no debris goes into the pump. So, does the electric pump work? Usually you can hear it run ( humming for a few seconds) when it is powered up. You didn't mention if it is powered by a separate switch or when the key is turned on. If you think you're lacking fuel at startup as a cause of the hard start; before trying to start the car, take a look down the throat of the carburetor while you move the throttle from closed to open. You should see a squirt of gas go into the venturi from the accelerator pump. If no fuel is seen chances are your carburetor is leaking from a bad needle and seat or some other reason. Let us know how you make out. Wes in VT
  5. HELP!

    I'd be surprised if that disc works after all this time. Floppies usually lose their magnetism over time. Wes in VT.
  6. Looking to buy a 1971 Cadillac Fleetwood

    I use There are other websites that do the same thing. Wes in VT
  7. Looking to buy a 1971 Cadillac Fleetwood

    Here's a few. None of 'em are mine.|1972|1973 Cadillac Fleetwood&searchNearby=2&sort=date|1972|1973 Cadillac Fleetwood&searchNearby=2&sort=date|1972|1973 Cadillac Fleetwood&searchNearby=2&sort=date
  8. Mulling over a barn find

    Maybe contact a locksmith to see if they can make keys using the VIN? My 2¢.
  9. Try this one:
  10. Actually, the people in the car were from Connecticut.
  11. Thinking about loaning your car to friends? How about renting it out to strangers? Are we ready for self-driving cars yet? How about, "put the phone down and look out the window?"
  12. Hauling the 48 Jeepster Home

    Did either of the officer's look like this guy?
  13. Choosing an engine stand

    Hello, You should select an engine stand that will support the load you expect to put on it & how much you plan to use it. There are a ton of brands out there so take a look at a few and determine which features are important to you. If you want to put a transmission on it you'll most likely need an adapter of some sort depending on the transmission. I don't know of a stand that will support an engine & transmission at the same time. FWIW, back when I was working on manual transmissions I usually just put them on my work bench. These guys have a few stands you can look at. Wes in VT
  14. Not mine. No dog in the fight. 1903 Cadillac Model A Runabout with optional rear entry tonneau. Fully restored to running condition 12 years ago, and has been in storage since. Has optional wicker baskets as well that have yet to be attached. $150,000 Serious inquires only.
  15. Hay, How are you going to move that car?

    What! Don't they have milk crates or cement blocks in Oregon?