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  1. tripwire

    1940 Buick Drivetrain (all in working order)

    Let me guess, you're gonna stuff a small block in it? Wes in VT
  2. tripwire

    Updating brakes

    Jack, You're late to the party. His posting, now edited, mentioned he was rat-rodding this car and he had follow up questions regarding the original in-line 6 cylinder engine with an internal coolant leak, as in would it generate enough vacuum to make his booster function and he mentioned additional mods to the car, different steering, and some other stuff that I didn't really note, (didn't care).
  3. tripwire

    Updating brakes

    I say Go For It. You've got the inclination, you've got a source for the basic parts, some time, some money. All you'll have to find are some: 15" disc brake wheels, plenty of those around. a properly sized master cylinder, (there are websites that discuss how to size a master cylinder to your project. Most of them are focused primarily on motorsports applications but that is what you are doing, isn't it?) a proportioning valve some brake pipes a vacuum booster some brackets to hang the booster a brake pedal & linkage. Probably would be best to go find a donor car and cut everything out of that car and put it all in your car. And, oh, by the way, a good running engine to provide the vacuum to make the system function. Once you fix the internal coolant leak in the engine problem the one you have should be fine. And when you are all done get it inspected through your state inspection process and and then go to your insurance company and tell them you want to buy insurance on a car that has a brake system you designed and installed all by yourself. I'm sure they'll be excited to sign you right up. Then, god-forbid, if you ever hit anything, they never find out your car has a homemade brake system because if they do their lawyers will rip you apart to the point your descendants will still be paying long after you're carcass has been wrung dry.
  4. tripwire

    Odd little Italian car

    Maybe one of these might be closer to you or more to your liking. Wes in VT
  5. tripwire

    1940 LaSalle Hubcap Medallion

    I'm in the market for at least one '40 LaSalle Hubcap Medallion. Good used is fine. New is ok, too. All leads appreciated. Wes in VT.
  6. tripwire

    Doing dumb things, who has done this?

    I don't consider myself young and back in the day when I spent many Saturday nights at the Sunset Drive-in here in Mallets Bay we always hung the speaker so it pointed inside the car, like in the photo below, not pointed at the car next to us. Maybe they did things differently where you are. I don't know. I've seen people drive away with these things still on the door but most didn't get too far since the ones around here were armored like a phone booth cord. Gas pump nozzles and hoses are another story those don't put up much of a fight and will cling to the car for a long distance. Wes in VT
  7. tripwire

    Doing dumb things, who has done this?

    In the first picture with the Chevy I'm wondering why the speakers are on the outside of the door? Wes in VT
  8. tripwire


    Chris, Thanks for jumping in here. If you are interested in old cars figure out which one(s) light your fire and do some research to determine if it will be the right one for you. There was a lot of technological changes from post-war cars to late 50s cars. Many different brands, body styles, engine & transmission combinations, styling, options, parts availability, ease of maintenance, the list goes on. As far as gasoline, it's not a real big problem unless you are starting from ground zero on a car that hasn't been used in a long time. Lead, or lack of, is not a real issue but can be depending on the car you chose. The biggest concern is ethanol in today's fuel. It will deteriorate old rubber like acid. Any car you consider you'll have to ascertain whether the fuel pump, fuel lines, carburetor, vacuum lines, etc. have been converted to be ethanol resistant. If not, you'll have to change them out. You'll also have to be concerned about the gas tank. Old gas tanks collect rust and other harmful contaminates as the age. Ethanol free gas can be purchased in many places in the US. Google ethanol free gas. You'll find websites to direct you to stations in your area. Also, search this website for discussions on this issue. There has been many over the years talking about this subject. Once you have narrowed your car search to a few candidates look up forums for the marque and read about what owners are saying about their cars. I'm sure other people will jump in with more advice so hang on and enjoy the ride. Wes in VT
  9. tripwire

    Calculating compression ratio...

    A quick Google search brought up several webpages discussing true vs. measured engine specs. Including Displacement, Compression ratios, factory stated horsepower vs. measured horsepower. I found it interesting. I was unable to find a copy of Rusty's letter. It probably got "lost" when Lee Iacocca was doing his housecleaning. Engine Displacement: Static Engine Compression: Dynamic Engine Compression Ratios explained: Mopar Forum Discussion re: true vs. actual compression ratios: Understated Factory Horsepower ratings vs. measured: Wes in VT
  10. tripwire

    54 Cad; 4W Disc Conversion; Soft Pedal Issue

    Dennis, Like everything now. Google your question. There are a ton of sites discussing how to select the properly sized master cylinder. Here's one: Wes in VT
  11. tripwire

    HELP ! 1939 Cadillac Series 75. Headlight Switch.

    John, Is this the switch you're looking for?
  12. VL2, I don't know if you subscribe to Hemmings or not but this month's issue has an article about your car. Well, not YOUR car but cars like yours. I've attached it here in case you're interested. Wes in VT
  13. 16 years old with a 36 year old car. My first car. The only kid in high school with a 36 Buick when everyone else was driving a Camaros, Mustangs, etc.
  14. tripwire

    In honor of Father’s Day

    VL2, Sorry I'm late to the party but here's a couple copies of copies of photos of my dad with cars from back when. He was born in 1925 and passed away in 1971 after an accident. In the second photo he's with his father, my grandfather and finally, in the last photo we see him in his Navy uniform after being recalled to active duty for the Korean war.
  15. I stumbled across these Craigslist ads today. Thought I'd post them here in case someone might be interested. None of it is mine. No dog in the fight. WParo in VT