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  1. Do good pictures help a sale?

    Once the new owner goes over this truck with his weed-wacker he'll be writing in to this forum to ask how hard will it be to stuff a small block chevy in it along with 12 volt electrics, AC & disc brakes. Just to make it more reliable. Wes in VT
  2. packard engine retrofit

    This 10 year old thread is still relevant today and we've talked about this subject a lot. I always find it interesting these folks want a modern V8 in an nice old car that's been around for 50, 60, 70 or more years and the reason is usually something like, "I want this car to be more reliable." My question is, how much more reliable can you get than a machine that's been running for all those years? And, of course, as we all know, sure it's got a new engine but how does that insure reliability? There's a lot more to a car than the engine. In my years in the GM Service dept. we would see all types of failures that would sideline a car and the percentage of engine failures was always tiny compared to all of the other categories of failure. And it seems a portion of those failures were a result of negligence on the part of the owner. "Why do I need to check the oil, it's a new car, well it was 3 years ago." or, "That squealing noise has been going on for weeks now. I'm no mechanic, how am I supposed to know what's bad?" As far as the wedding car thing. It seems like this is the one of two or three basic questions that come up. Every time I buy another old car that has a back seat I get a lot of people asking me if I'm going to rent it out for weddings. I always shake my head no. "Why not?" I tell them more than likely the wedding will be on a Saturday in the summer and I'll have to miss a car show to stand around in a tux listening to a bridezilla complain about my car. The doors are too small. Where's the AC? Where's everyone going to sit? There's only room for 3 of us in here. Why can't I have champagne with my bridesmaids in the backseat while you drive us to the reception? Don't put the top down until we're parked, I don't want my hair messed up. Hurry up and put the top down so we can get some pictures. The other common questions include: Is this a gangster car? No, regular folks drive cars, too. and, What does it get for gas mileage? If I was worried about gas mileage I'd be driving a moped. Enough for now. Wes in VT.
  3. Another mystery touring car

    I don't know the make of car but the fellow leaning against it looks a lot like Anton Westgard. Wes in VT
  4. Here's one that I just experienced. I was looking at this listing for a Voltage Regulator. I couldn't quite make out the part number on the box in the picture so I wrote to the seller. The attached screen shot shows the conversation. I guess it's my fault I didn't ask this person to just read the number on the box. Wes in VT
  5. Hello, I just discovered Hagerty Insurance is offering a 5% discount to car club members. No verification needed. Just call and they send you a check. Not retroactive but the future is what you make it. Wes in VT

    Cool, we don't see may SEAT's here in the US.
  7. Can you identify these items? (More will be added)

    The copper exhaust manifold gaskets bring $40 - $50 for a complete set. Do you have all three? The fuel pumps are Flathead Ford. Again, only good for cores. Put them with the others you've already found.
  8. Can you identify these items? (More will be added)

    VL2, the carb above this cadillac is for mid 80s Chrysler Corp 4 cyl. cars. Core value $35. Rebuilders are getting about $150 - $200 for rebuilt units with warranty.
  9. Can you identify these items? (More will be added)

    The box marked 1938 shutter stat is a thermostat for a Cadillac or Lasalle. Fits several years. In working condition it will easily bring a couple hundred bucks. New ones are priced at about $500.00 these days. Test it the way C Carl mentioned.
  10. Stylish, It might be helpful to tell folks what kind of car you want inspected. Knowledgeable in one area does not an expert in all areas.
  11. 1941 Cadillac 4 -DR 61 Series Fastback.

    Chris, Nice looking car. You might think about posting this car on the Cadillac Lasalle forum. I'm sure they'd be interested. WParo in VT
  12. 1941 Cadillac 4 -DR 61 Series Fastback.

    Chris, Nice looking car. You might think about posting this car on the Cadillac Lasalle forum. I'm sure they'd be interested. WParo in VT
  13. Gas in a 6.3 litre diesel

    Mike6024, Those boots don't appear everywhere. Here in VT we don't use them at all and I'm sure there are plenty of other states that don't use them either. WParo in VT
  14. 47 Hudson 6 cyl ignition

    Have a look at this. I don't know if it applies to your 47. Scroll down a bit and there's a section titled: TIPS TO TRY WHEN A SUPER SIX or HORNET WILL NOT START