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  1. Fun with gauges, Buick E-49

    Raw brass, not painted. But you have to stamp PAT on it so people know you paid the patent holder his fee, adjusted for inflation and with compounded interest.
  2. 1917 D45 spring rn

    My clutch housing is full of nesting material. I doubt the mice used kevlar, but the seat was stuffed with horse hair and cotton, which is now in the clutch and may be a good material for proper friction in the multiple clutch system. If not, the acorns and pine nuts would add to the friction. We'll see how it goes when I get the car running.
  3. Cork. The modern replacement is.....cork.

    Yeah but they always sealed it with shellac, to prevent the cork from soaking full of gasoline, because shellac was insoluble in gasoline. But these days the gasoline companies add 10% ethanol which dissolves shellac so what do you do?? Use Permatex "shellac" which is a modern product containing who knows what? Or polyurethane? Who knows? I would like to coat this with old fashioned shellac and use non-ethanol gas. But how can I be sure future owners would know to use non-ethanol? So, I plan to coat this with polyurethane. Does this make sense???????
  4. Did you ever wonder why cork floats in gas tanks and oil pans in early Buicks were always the same size and shape as wine bottle corks? It's not like Billy Crapo called up the cork tree loggers in Spain and Italy and asked them to design pieces of cork the size and shape his engineers designed for Buick floats. More likely he called wine bottlers and asked for 5000 corks, and told his engineers to design a car around them. Actually, he probably asked Charles Nash to do it, it was beneath him.......then he probably tried to buy the wine bottler........but you get the point. The corks in these old Buicks were wine corks. Good thing for us is..........if you want to replace a deteriorated cork, just open a bottle of wine. In this pic the middle cork is the one on my gas gauge which disintegrated into pieces, tried to fix it with shellac. Fail. Then I tried to use a cork from the Morgan Wright winery (Dylan's Ghost) but the the big bottles have the right size cork. This came from a magnum bottle.
  5. Fun with gauges, Buick E-49

    Oil pump was fine, did not need un-sticking or anything. The WD-40 would not pass the oil pump because it was doing its job. Now that I think about it.....if the WD40 had got past the oil pump, that means it was broken! What's this thing for?? A brass or copper insert into the block to decrease the diameter of the oil passage between where the two copper oil lines go. Like a shotgun choke. Only the 1917 has it, the 1918 doesn't, it has a smaller diameter passage in the block itself:
  6. Another 1918 E49

    Here in America we are idiots. We say fender instead of mud guard, and we say cheese when they take out picture, instead of cheers. But we made Buicks so we can't be all bad.
  7. 1936 Buick shutting off

    If shifting gears is the only reason it stalls I guess you need to tell us: 1. Does it happen when you are going downhill and shifting? If it stalls when you shift going downhill, then it's your tranny. If no: 2. Does it happen when you are going uphill and don't shift? If you stay in first gear all the way up the hill, then when you shift, it stalls? It's your tranny. 3. There is no number 3. It's your tranny.
  8. Another 1918 E49

    In USA the fender is the mud guard around wheels.
  9. Another 1918 E49

    Or a front bumper (fender in UK) for $3.95
  10. Another 1918 E49

    You can get rubber buggy bumpers at Monkey Wards for 65 cents a pair:
  11. Please look at my want ad

    Link to want ad please. I have some rims, no idea what you're looking 4
  12. Fun with gauges, Buick E-49

    I finally got the oil spinner together. Finally, the optician reluctantly (they only make eyeglasses with plastic lenses these days and only the old timers know how to do glass or have the equipment) edged the glass to 1.710 inches and polished the edges, and "chem hardened" the glass. Crown glass is much stronger than window pane glass, but chem hardened it's almost unbreakable. Before installing I thought I'd shoot some WD-40 down the copper pipes. The down pipe to the oil pan was clear and the WD-40 came out the pipe clean. The pipe to the oil pump....not so much. It filled it with WD 40 and none came out the other end. Think I need to remove the oil pump and get it loose. Then I'll send a coat hanger down the pipe and install the gauge.
  13. Fun with gauges, Buick E-49

    I'm selling one of the ingition / light switch combination cluster, with ammeter. I don't need 5 of them. It's $150 for a lightly used one, the NOS one with keys I might just keep unless I'm coaxed into selling it, but it will be $ boo-koo. The other 2 are junk.
  14. 1936 Buick shutting off

    You didn't answer whether the accelerator pump was working.
  15. Fun with gauges, Buick E-49

    I'm guessing there must be a reason for the 4 castellations on the nut, that tells me Buick must have put a whole lot of torque when tightening it. I plan on using a pipe wrench when I put mine together. And shellac on the gaskets.