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  1. interior roof insulation ?

    Looks to be about an inch thick ?
  2. Fellas, my `64 had the interior stripped out when I bought it . my question is, was the roof insulated under the headliner? If so, where would I get replacement. Thanks
  3. I bought one of those thinking of putting a tach in it .When I learned how to get my clock working it ended up in my spare parts bin . I might revist this project later so its always good to have a spare.Check out Bestoffercounts on Ebay for price comparison .
  4. Well done Bob, the effort shows.
  5. Nailhead weight

    Removing the trans cross member seems a logical move,it will allow the tail shaft to pivot as you lift the engine. By removing the radiator and grill the angle to lift will be less acute
  6. Nailhead weight

    The engine and trans are easier to install for me if they are one unit, I`m done with wrestling under a car with a trans. As I have limited room in my single car garage the engine will be moved into storage till it mates up with the trans down the road after the rebuild. At 61 I still think having a concrete floor is a luxury !
  7. Hi fellas, I am pulling my motor and trans this winter to repair my trans. I will be putting my engine on a stand while the trans is worked on. The stands I can buy or borrow are rated for 1000 lbs. Does anyone have an idea how much a 425 Nailhead weighs ?
  8. 1964 windshield

    Lots of vendors for used parts, check out the Riview ( Bi-monthly magazine of the Riviera Owners Assn)
  9. Have a look Made in China if that matters
  10. I f you scroll down to she `60s header you will see that apparently Bill Mitchell took his styling cues from Rolls Royce and Ferrari for the `63 model ,Mustang...never
  11. 63 air ride

    I put Air Ride Shockwave bag over shock on the front and double convoluted on the rear. 4 switches Left front Right front both rear and all down.
  12. I got mine at CARS Buick Parts
  13. 65 Rive Wood Grain Trim Patterns Save yourself the bother .this guys product is laser cut and fits like a glove
  14. Supreme Wheels on 68-69 Rivi's?

    I`ve always been fond of Supreme wheels on a Riviera , I have `66 road wheels on my `64 and have grown to like them mainly because they fit without any drama and look good and at this time , they fit the budget. Now, if I fall into a bucket of cash, I`ll be rethinking those sexy Supremes