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  1. First generation floor needed

    There are many suppliers of replacement floorpans CARS Old Buick Parts is one. For braces we had to fab up our one makes any repops that I am aware of. I bought a complete trunk floor from Rivi Central in Sacramento CA give him a try. He advertises in the Riview .
  2. Getting the color right

    VHT makes a crinkle red if you have to have crinkle . Bob that looks great,keep up the good work !
  3. Did you find the trick for clipping the beauty on so they stay put
  4. Ed, could you post the information,I would like a set but things here in Upper Canukistan are not as easy to aquire as down south
  5. I got my sail panel barrel clips from a guy on E Bay with the handle "Best offer Counts"
  6. That`s some pretty automobile, converted into Canukistan currency thats $133,196.81. Seller must have a big grin on his face this morning.
  7. Year End Pic

    Clever engineering, thanks for the pics !
  8. Year End Pic

    What was the concern about the shockwaves I would like to see how you fabbed up the shock mounts, any chance you have some pics
  9. Year End Pic

    I`m mulling about some red pinstriping , but the problem seems to be finding what I call ''understated and subtle" I did replace the top knob of my antenna with a translucent replica in red . Perhaps my homage to Bill Mitchell without knowing it at the time ha ha
  10. Year End Pic

    no,not yet.Trans had a calf so I have a rebuild coming in the New Year
  11. Year End Pic

    I put the one below the rear window on today....I`m a little sore ha ha
  12. Year End Pic

    Shockwaves front ,double convoluted rear. The jury is out on the bag situation so I have a set of drop springs waiting in case I prefer a more static ride.
  13. Trying to post a pic of my progress for the year,lots of work to go yet,aligning fender gaps etc.Big push to get the trans out and rebuilt . Heres to a happy and productive New Year.
  14. Just finished cut and buff on the quarters of my 64, went into storage to get the horseshoes and Im pretty sure im going for new ones. After all the bodywork, paint and buffing, the horseshoes just look pretty shabby. Has anyone replaced the old with new ones from CARS or similar vendor. Just wanted to see if there was any drama involved with fit and finish.