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  1. Scott Mckenzie

    Purchase Advice?

    . More of these cars have rust issues than not . Can you get it to start? Move? You cant beat the price and you will get your money back If you part it out. Don`t pay anyone to work on it if you can help it to keep costs down. Think of it as a learner car till you can find your keeper.
  2. Page 2-9 figure 2-6 Chassis service manual stuck together with a purple sticky note crisis averted , My face is red.
  3. Well, I`ve been through the chassis service manual and i can`t find the illustration for the rear trans cross member. I know it`s in there as I`ve seen the illustration but I can`t find it maybe a page is stuck to another.could one of you fine gents help me out by either posting the illustration or letting me know the elusive page I have been searching for . Since my brain injury little tasks like this seem to become overwhelming at times . Anyway any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Scott Mckenzie

    Mistery water leaks

    The rear window is held in with clips that were prone to rusting out leaving holes from the fastenings, the water will drip down into the trunk causing more mayhem. A suggestion is to remove the stainless trim from the outside of the window and do a leak test with a garden hose it should show you if you are leaking from the back window. For the stains, try CLR cleaner. Good luck
  5. Great attention to detail,turned out very nice.
  6. Scott Mckenzie

    Headliner pinchweld clips (64)

    We have some pretty clever Lads on this board
  7. Scott Mckenzie

    Headliner pinchweld clips (64)

    Genius !
  8. I need a lead on Pinchweld clips for my headliner install I only have 4 in my puzzle box.Tim Sweely is looking but more eyes the better . they are 2 inches long 1/4 thick and 1/2 wide with a groove in the middle to slip over the headliner and pinchweld Made of nylon or some other plastic .Page 6 3c in the body service manual. I swear I will never buy a car in boxes again... ( till the next time) !
  9. Scott Mckenzie

    Garnish Molding Screws

    As soon as you order the screws, you know the original bag will show up.That seems to be how it goes in my shop😃
  10. More information here and the price has come down some
  11. Scott Mckenzie

    '63 Rust Decision

    Rust repair is not the alchemy it once was,Mig welders,flanging tools and panel bonding adhesives make it doable for the home builder. Use 023 wire and the welds grind off easily. Start in a area that is not seen and progress from there. Your biggest investment is time.
  12. Scott Mckenzie

    Body ground

    Went into the shop and took a good look at the firewall , I found two fasteners with the remains of a mounting eye, one on each side. My guess is that this is where the two straps went originally. They look like some hex head sheet metal screws to me. Now i`m off to get some straps
  13. Scott Mckenzie

    Body ground

    Thanks,I will revisit .
  14. Scott Mckenzie

    Body ground

    On the firewall at the center of the trans tunnel I found a lonely 1/4 20 stud that was painted over with a generous amount of black paint .I think I have found the grounding stud . Thanks for your help fellas!
  15. Does a `64 have a body ground strap? If so , where is it hiding?