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  1. Are the guide wheels that run in the track worn out ?Perhaps the window fuzzy sweeper is worn out? I have spent many hours fussing with those windows, but can`t offer much more help.I`m hoping someone will offer an "AH HA" moment .
  2. Very nice, loads of fun for years to come !
  3. I get an appraisal for insurance purposes only . To recoup some money spent in case the car was stolen, totaled etc. The Price of your car is whatever the market will bear. I think you did a great job and I have the build bookmarked for reference. If I calculated the cost per pound for fish I`ve caught I would never go fishing.
  4. How thick was the lexan ?
  5. Looks good, I like the `55 Olds air cleaner. A suggestion ,if you haven`t already, use Loctite on stainless fasteners, they have a way of loosening off.
  6. Try calling some of the used part vendors in the Riview. They are good people and maybe they can help you out on pricing or better yet have a client that is looking for just what you have. Good Luck.Scott
  7. Yep, I would roll with that too ! Although I would lower it 2 inches
  8. I could roll with this.
  9. Where are you locating the mounts ? After replacing a good section of sheetmetal for the floors,I forgot to note where the seatbelt mounts were in the rear.A picture would be a Godsend. Sorry to hijack your thread Regards. Scott
  10. Thinking I was getting a bargain , I ordered one from OPGI a few years ago. It came flat and non contoured but with holes where required. I was disappointed . I`m not sure that a person requiring the fit and finish of an original would be happy. I repaired the two speaker holes in mine.fixed the warping and recovered it in vinyl from Clarkes. It was a time consuming job but worth it when I was done. Caveat Emptor
  11. Looks alot like the one from opgi
  12. So it`s time to reinstall my doorskins on the`64, It`s been a few years since I removed them. Are there any pitfalls to avoid when i reinstall them ? Hard to get at bolts etc?
  13. Is there any way to show a picture to compare ?
  14. I`m into year eight of my resurrection , I paid a little over $3000 (US) for mine and it was in boxes. The main reason I bought it was the Nailhead and trans. I know the rebuilder personally. All the bodywork and paint was completed by myself My son is a metal fabricator and did the rust repairs. I did not go into this to make money and keep my eye on the bottom line . If you have to farm out the work , the costs will go through the roof. When I saw your photos , I kinda cringed, knowing the amount of hours you have ahead of you. If you love these cars as I do it`s not about making money but I`m not into losing my shirt on my hobby either . Check out the cost of rebuilding a Nailhead and a Super turbine 400 It may shock you. Good luck with your project which ever way you go.
  15. Ok . thats what I thought. I will make a new one myself,after 50+ years plastic can get brittle.