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  1. Finally got my trans out for repair. Got me to wondering about installing a posi unit in my `64. I have some questions for you fellows. Is a posi unit year specific? also what gear ratios were available in what years ? Any info would be great,My education continues. (I tried a search but no dice,probability using the wrong prompts) I did find out that I have a 3.07 rear end BN code. Thanks in advance, Scott
  2. Looking for a source for new motor mounts and trans mounts for my`64 . Rock Auto has motor mounts but the trans mount eludes me. I have looked at CARS and OPIG ,There is a fella on E=bay who has them all but big $$$ thanks, Scott
  3. A small suggestion , the rear windows have many adjustment bolts that are over 50 years old. The adjustment is via a slot in the top. remove each one at a time and run a die nut { a hex shaped die with the corresponding thread size} over the threads and run a tap through the threaded hole you took the bolt from,oil both , replace and move onto the next one. there is plenty of adjustment to be done, this will at least aid the task.
  4. As luck would have it, I hooked up my remote mirror today it measures 4 1/4 I don`t know if a stationary mirror is the same, cheers
  5. Year End Pic

    Thanks,I painted my car. We were in the process of moving so the front end sheet metal got put on the car more as a storage idea.I had them off the car to paint them. I finished the paint job a few months later .
  6. Refresh my memory pls

    Thank You for refreshing my memory,
  7. Refresh my memory pls

    Thanks, it`s the passenger side
  8. On My 64 there is a small vacuum container on the left hand side . It`s black a nd about 5 inches x 4 inches .Is this for the heater etc?
  9. Wow ! 50K on a motor ! I like the fab work and enjoy that it`s being shared here. This is WAY out of my league but who cares . Build them because you can !
  10. Check all brake lines as well . I found a leak in one of mine,took it out and decided that if one was bad know the rest of the story.
  11. If you aren't a member of the Riviera Owners Assn. You might want to look at joining. Many vendor dismantlers in the Riview . you should be able to find someone near you. If we knew where you lived I could point you in the right direction.
  12. That looks like a suitable fix to a problem that has plagued many a Riv
  13. First generation floor needed

    There are many suppliers of replacement floorpans CARS Old Buick Parts is one. For braces we had to fab up our one makes any repops that I am aware of. I bought a complete trunk floor from Rivi Central in Sacramento CA give him a try. He advertises in the Riview .
  14. Getting the color right

    VHT makes a crinkle red if you have to have crinkle . Bob that looks great,keep up the good work !