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  1. Scott Mckenzie

    Mice Mice Baby...

    Wear a good mask or better yet a respirator ,Tyvek overalls (disposable) gloves nitrile gloves under cotton work gloves. I worked in a Shipyard for 32 years.this was SOP. Filthy vermin Don`t sell the car just yet
  2. Scott Mckenzie

    Mice Mice Baby... Just a bit of light reading.
  3. Just wondering if the Halogen headlights are ok to use in my `64 . I read somewhere that they can over heat the light switch. Please advise, Scott
  4. Scott Mckenzie

    1st Gen. turn signal cable

    Well, all the info seems to be contained in this post . I ordered a roll of spring wire yesterday and I have a wood lathe that I can run at crawl speed and a Taig mini machinist much trouble could I get into ?.Installing the headliner next week so playtime in the shop will have to wait.Thanks to all who contributed with all the size requirements . I dont know if I even need a cable at this point but these cars are getting old and cranky at times.... Hey! you kids ...get off my lawn ! oops maybe it`s the owner.Cheers lads.
  5. Scott Mckenzie

    1st Gen. turn signal cable

    Can you give us more info on CJ Lang ?
  6. Ok, what model do I ask for? ( `1964 425 single carb } Wish you were closer, I think I`d have to hook up the dog sled.
  7. I`ve often thought that if they were available , I would have bought aftermarket floor braces ,too bad nobody makes them...they could charge a kings ransom.
  8. I`m wondering if Pertronix ignition module is a good upgrade for my `64 425? What have those of you who have changed over found out? I have read about the failures of the units and hate the idea of not being able to get home. School a young 60 yr old please
  9. I have a set on the old gal now but a couple are looking a little rough.I believe they are( from my investigations ) from a `66 . What would a fellow be looking at ($) replacing the set ? I also would go with the trim rings Ed posted a few months back but I want to be sure they would fit my wheels, has anyone gone this route? I would have to have them shipped to Canuckistan so I would want to get this right.
  10. Scott Mckenzie

    Buick cookies

    The way way to a mans heart is through his logo. That was a a super nice thing for her to do!
  11. Will the stock air cleaner fit on the new Edelbrock ?
  12. Back in the day these would have been injection moulded to get front and back (with all the support ribs) done in one go. The tool and die makers machine the mold . 3D printing would be interesting to see , I wonder about the cost but intrigued by the process. please keep me posted.
  13. Scott Mckenzie

    front window channel fuzzies

    Re-Pops makes the fuzzies CARS sells them probably many other vendors. The only alternative for turn signal switch I know of is arm signals til you can fix the
  14. Keep what you have ,repair and repaint. 5 min. epoxy ,or cyanoacrylate (crazy glue) reinforce the cracks on the backside with fiberglass matt and glue . Flip it over ,body filler over any imperfections. Paint to match.
  15. Took out my `64 this morning , backed it out of the Garage , shut it off. Went to start it...nada zip zilch. I took out the starter and bench tested it ( You Tube ) all tests positive so I reinstalled the starter and the car started. I don`t want to get stranded somewhere with a bum starter.I`m thinking there is flat spot on the armature. I`ve experienced in the past when the starter would whirr a few times before it would engage .Perhaps it`s time for a replacement?