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  1. `64 trans woes

    Did it spew fluid from the pump?
  2. Went out to do my weekly warm up of my car,started her up and heard noise like the exhaust pipes rattling . Next was a whirring sound. I put her in reverse and ...nope no reverse, drive,no dice. This was not part of my plan! Fluid is full and red so my Fall will be pulling motor and trans (easier to pull both at the same time) I`m hoping it`s something wrong with the torque converter but who knows until I can get it into a shop that understands these Transmissions
  3. I think they all moved up to Canada at least in my area
  4. Car Show Poster California

    Call the Chamber of Commerce, but soon because after the weekend they will throw them out. Tell them where you are and send an appropriate envelope with postage due. Anything will be better than $60.
  5. Gremlins

    I have spent more hours than I care to admit on those windows. Mine came disassembled in a box . My guess is that something is binding along the way. The manual is only somewhat helpful , for me anyway. I ended up loosening all the adjustment bolts and then ran it up and down to see where it bound in a slack situation. I should add that I replaced all the rollers and cad plated the rails so there would be no rust. Keep at it and keep us posted when you have the ah ha ! moment.
  6. Gremlins

    Have you checked the bottom of travel stop?
  7. I don`t usually buy magazines ( except when Rivs are involved ) thanks for posting this, I might have missed it
  8. First generation Car Cover

    There are many vendors that dismantle these old Rivs, are you a member of The Riviera Owners Assn ? The bi-monthly Riview is the association magazine that has a classified section in the back . Lots of vendors and great people to boot. Also the local machine shop is another resource if you have a sample. By the way, it`s better to start a new thread or topic as it ruffles some peoples feathers if you "hijack" a posting with off topic stuff.
  9. First generation Car Cover

    RRB now your cooking! Both those artists are among my faves.
  10. Custom phone holder

    Where did the factory heater controls go ? I`m not used to seeing a Riv without them
  11. Held on with 5 speed nuts. Go back in the trunk and look up for access holes. put a good seal around the studs and holes in the body to seal the trunk penetrations. I have to put this one back on when i finish the cut and buff of the paint . Good luck !
  12. Great discussion, I love the discourse about the minutia that makes up these automobiles . As mine ( a `64} has parts from a 63 to a 66 , I have no horse in the race but love the attention to detail that others strive for. Keep up the good work !
  13. Door Panel Hardware

    Clarkes Corvair (Riviera Upholstery Catalog) carries this and everything else for the `63 -65 upholstery.Great people with great products.
  14. Vin tag placement `64

    `64 Chassis Service Manual calls for placement on the left front body hinge pillar above the lower hinge. My manual has been incorrect before. I`m guessing that as it has dimples for mounting holes and what looks like some adhesive residue on the back , that it was mounted on the cowl. Another mystery solved. Thanks Boys!
  15. I wonder how deep the trim rings are ?