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  1. Keep us posted as to how this fix works out .In many instances,desperation is the key to innovation .
  2. The only Restoration shop that I use is attached to my house. If I sent out all the repairs ,bodywork and paint , I could never afford this hobby. I was blessed with good hand skills and earned my living as a wood worker.I wish I had deep pockets because I would be driving after eight years. Oh well I have all the upholstery parts now so we are getting close. Good luck what ever way you go!
  3. Perhaps an automotive re-builder for starters / alternators might be a source. I took apart my seat motor and replaced all the old dry grease with new and it made the world of difference. these motors are not in continues use so even after 50 + years they dont get much use. I replaced all my window motors with new Dorman units and they work really well.
  4. Clean out remaining gasket, use a product called Form -A- Gasket and form a new bead . let it cure and away you go. I think this product is basically silicone with some additives. Hope this helps,Scott
  5. After seeing Kabers installation, I gave this a go and it turned out great.Sorry no pics. Not for everyone but a great alternative when you are on a budget.
  6. Taking restoration to a new level. Outstanding effort and attention to detail.
  7. Thanks. Ed
  8. Yes but there is another set for the red lens ...sneaky buggers eh?
  9. So I am reinstalling my tail lights after years of laying on the shelf. I seem to remember two sets of gaskets , one for the red lens and one for the bezel am i correct in my assumption? I ask because after a leak test I`m getting water in the trunk. I installed the only gaskets that I had and they were for the bezel. ...Thanks,Scott
  11. I have a fader from a Sonomatic Radio and was wondering if it would work on my Wonderbar radio ? I not even sure where it plugs into? Thanks, Scott
  12. At the time this was the best/safest route as there was no place to relocate the shock .They are adjustable for firmness of ride and lift the behemoth that is the 425 .A double convoluted bag would work well if there was a safe way to relocate the shock. I`m not hopping my car , just simple raise and lower.
  13. The Proverbial Hens Teeth me thinks
  14. The most cost effective solution is lowering springs , that is the route I went with first. I lowered the car three inches but the car scraped going out of of the Garage. Flat garage ,angled driveway. The current suspension is Air Ride bag over shock combo on the front and double convoluted bags on the rear with standard shocks. Feel free to contact me if you have any Questions
  15. Rust is sometime like an iceberg, it`s not what you can see that is a problem. Too many people find rust but don`t repair it properly and just put mud (polyester filler) over the problem . If you`re a handy fellow you can save yourself a lot of money going the DIY route. There are many how to videos on You Tube on rust repair and panel replacement. . I think I`ve watched most of them