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  1. Finally. Today the kangaroo mail delivered my Riview copy. As always filled with nice reads. Thank you all that contribute, I always enjoy reading it.
  2. HOT indicator temp? Does anyone know?

    A Hot goes on at ~248F according to p10-63 in the 1963 Buick Chassis Service manual.
  3. Just found this picture

    Thank you for the picture. I had never heard about Wild Bill before so for me it was very interesting to read up about him on the internet. Good story, good man.
  4. Even air mail seems so slow while waiting for something interesting 😏
  5. You lucky people. Mine will first go by boat to Sydney followed by kangaroo to our home.
  6. Life is fun. I got new tires today and measured the rims at the same time. I got 3x6 inch and 2x5.5 spread over the correct and none correct years. going for 2x6” in the rear and 2x5.5” in the front. Someone must have had fun at one time....
  7. That is astonishing. Maybe they should create a Riviera kit car too?
  8. Ed, thanks for the information. I assume that it should be fine to continue to use the wheels as I really haven’t had an issue with them. Maybe I am best of to go with them using a pair for the front and another pair for the rear instead of how it was with 3x4 slots + 1x5 slots with the last 5 slot as the spare? I might measure the rim width too just in case. It is funny what you start to find when you open up an old can...
  9. Interesting topic especially as I now have all 4 (+ spare) wheels of to change tires. It seems that I have 3x4 slots wheels, which seems to be correct for my -63, and 2x5 slots wheels (and extra holes in them). Can anyone tell me what my 2x5 slots wheels are for and advice if I need to do something to change them?
  10. Moving the spare wheel location on ‘63

    Rodney, Here are a few pictures. Not the best I have taken but hopefully enough for this. (Sorry for the flower-power). Jan
  11. Moving the spare wheel location on ‘63

    Hi Rodney, I will take a few pictures later today. It is possible that your hook could be used but I haven’t seen the setup in real life for an early -63. Jan
  12. Finally finished. Took the car for a test drive today after filling it up with some automatic fluid (it has been standing still for a long time) and all seems OK. Thank you all for the advice (I didn't use any Loctite). This was accomplished: Timing chain (from Russ Martin), water pump for A/C (Flowkooler), timing chain cover (Russ) and fuel pump (Russ) has been changed. The first step in converting it to A/C has been taken with an original A/C alternator bracket, 3 groove pulleys, the A/C fan and a fan clutch used for A/C. The shroud will be put in place when I got the correct radiator brackets for A/C. Next steps won’t be until late this year or early next when I will take out the engine, get all the vintage air parts needed, take out the old heating system and start to have fun internal in the car. I need to feed my hunger for driving the car first. I am not certain yet if I need to change the radiator too, I assume that vintage air is less energy hungry than the original A/C and it might be possible that the Flowkooler is so more efficient that the radiator that I know the previous owner had rebuilt is good enough in this combination. I guess that I will see. Two pictures of the engine after the operation and one of the special setup I had for the harmonic wrench. Note: I had spare bolts for the pulley to be put outside the harmonic balancer which was good as connecting the harmonic wrench to it did do havoc with the bolts.
  13. Hi Rodney, Thanks, the harmonic balancer got in place yesterday evening. I also used a pipe to get more leverage and we “fixed” a special extension to the harmonic balance wrench to the floor to get it completely still. The feeling I got from the click at 220 foot pounds was somewhat liberating. I have started to put everything else back and should be finished in the weekend. My wife had to do some welding first as there were rust in the metal wall between the battery and the radiator. I should be able to start my car this weekend, hopefully without any issue. Jan
  14. first gen outside mirror install

    Maybe 3D-printing would be possible?
  15. Hi Winston, thanks for the info on the torque/Loctite. I thought that the harmonic balance wrench, https://www.summitracing.com/int/parts/sme-906007/overview/ was enough to keep the crank not turning as it did when I removed it?