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  1. SwedeDownUnderR63

    Wanted : door lock knob

    What year?
  2. How about Honolulu? So much closer to us Down Under and I would love to see the driving instructions... 😎
  3. SwedeDownUnderR63

    Kill switch for 63 Riviera

    I would invite you over for a bite although it might be more of a dog bite than a sandwich snack 😇 Corrected.
  4. SwedeDownUnderR63

    Kill switch for 63 Riviera

    Out of topic but as you touch on it: what do you have in place to protect the interior when you have the dogs in the car? Our mix breed is tiny compared to your giant (only 70lb) and I love to have her in the car but haven’t got a great solution to protect the interior from her as most that is available is hanging on the modern front seats head rests.
  5. Could someone post a link to the judging rules? looking forward to see if there is a deduction for the lack of lead in the gas... Sorry, I am one of the guys that loves to drive my car and don’t mind changing it to get it more secure and fun to drive while still keeping it mainly original. I recently bought 4 new tires for ~AUD$500. Good quality modern radials instead of good old style looking white wall radials that would have been close to 4 times the price. I know this isn’t a cheap hobby but I refuse to get robbed, I could accept to pay twice the price but 4 times... I hope we we all can enjoy our cars in our own ways but I can’t understand why original looking radials should be judged worse than the crappy bias ply, that is just sad.
  6. Hi BBK, I don’t know how easy it would be to put in modern belts in your Riviera and even if it is allowed in your country but here are the stories when me and my lady converted a 1963: Front Rear (might be more what you are looking for):
  7. SwedeDownUnderR63

    Its alive....

    There are several tools that could be much better for this. Some are mentioned in
  8. SwedeDownUnderR63

    65 Riv - Adding A/C?

    I strongly advice that you look for a car with factory A/C (even if it doesn't work as you then could more easily convert it to Vintage Air). I am in the process of slowly converting my -63 that didn't have factory A/C to A/C and there are a number of parts that needs to be changed for A/C. Some of this is covered in the following: http://forums.aaca.org/topic/275740-flowkooler-water-pump-in-none-ac-questions-on-what-more-to-replace-when-doing-timing-chain/ Here is a shortlist what is needed for a -63, I guess it would be similar for a -65 although it is likely to be slightly different for the AC controls. Expect >$1000 for the below parts if you can find them (+ all for vintage air): First for under the hood 401 425 Buick Nailhead Alternator & AC Brackets & AC 3 Groove Pulleys 63 - 66 two groove pulley for the alternator Water pump for A/C (stronger on A/C cars, I bought a FlowKooler for A/C) Fan shroud 20" dia fan with 5 blades Fan clutch "some cars like 63-64 Riviera and all 1965-66 401-425 with AC use a special head bolt that is about 1/4" longer on the front passenger side, the bolt goes through the ALT/AC compressor bracket and into the head. " The 2 Radiator Bracket Lower for AC Fan Shroud. The top radiator bracket mount for AC Fan Shroud You probably also need another radiator( 4 Rows ) Internal: AC LH Driver Side: the AC Dash Vent for this side and the Bezel AC RH Side Glove Box Dash Bezel Opening for AC + the AC Dash Vent for this side. Radio dash bezel AC vent + the AC Centre Vent. Internal heater-defroster control panel for AC with controls. The air vent knobs, the fasteners and the control cables that goes to the fresh air vents in the kick panel. This is different for AC compared to my none-AC where the vent controls are in the heater-defroster control panel. And then all the necessary modifications to get a Vintage Air installed... Good luck.
  9. I haven’t tried a crow’s foot but this seems to be a success story:
  10. SwedeDownUnderR63

    Concept Body Lines.

    I think most of what was done in wind tunnels are computerized today which probably also forces designers to create similar cars.
  11. SwedeDownUnderR63

    Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    Very nice read. Thank you. Looking forward to see the story continue.
  12. SwedeDownUnderR63

    trans pan torque

    I highly recommend a copy of the FSM in soft copy too (PDF) for those times when one can’t get to to the hard copy (and more as I love the search capability and also being able to print a few selected pages for a job). it is available at several places such as the following (for a 65): https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/buick,1965,riviera,6.6l+401cid+v8,1319329,literature,repair+manual,10335
  13. Hi, I am looking for a pair of1963 Buick Riviera Radiator Bracket Lower for the AC Fan Shroud. This is the only part left under the hood that I still need to continue the conversion of my none-AC car to AC. (It will have vintage air in the end). PM me if you have a pair for sale
  14. SwedeDownUnderR63

    Engine Vibration - 1965 Riviera 401

    Ed, it might be worth noting that the chassis manual have a range for most if not all bolts. That is 200 to 220 in this case. I can only assume that Russ prefer the higher value based on experience, maybe to be absolutely certain that one doesn’t run into a harmonic balancer getting loose as a torque wrench could be slightly off. It is even more “fun” if one starts to use stainless steel bolts (not for this case) as the torque then is likely to be different from what is in the chassis manual.
  15. SwedeDownUnderR63

    Engine Vibration - 1965 Riviera 401

    220 seems to be the recommended torque. See http://centervilleautorepair.com/tech-info/264-322-364-401-425-bolt-torque-specs