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  1. David, you are not alone. I have this policy of always looking in the mirror first to find the root of a problem if something no longer works after I have made a change. That works even for IT... Been there , done that.
  2. http://www.oldbuickparts.com/product_info.php?cPath=27_354_355&products_id=6692
  3. SwedeDownUnderR63

    Appraisals for insurance

    That is a lot of money for a car without air conditioning. I don’t see your problem with the odometer as it is only likely to be how the photo has been taken. Maybe there is someone living near the dealer that could have a look for you. Good luck.
  4. SwedeDownUnderR63

    71 Headlamp Upgrade

    Tony, congratulations to have seen the light... I was extremely happy with my conversation in my ‘63 for which I also used Narva although another model (they might have changed). I also used 4 relays, all with a built in replaceable fuse but I might be a little bit over cautious.
  5. It is beautiful, I could almost eat it https://www.cloetta.com/en/our-brands/brands/ahlgrens-bilar/
  6. SwedeDownUnderR63

    No keys for my 64 Riviera

    Weird but fun. Another mystery to ponder, why did some ‘63 come with one and others with two different keys. A special unknown option?
  7. SwedeDownUnderR63

    No keys for my 64 Riviera

    It is the same setup for my '63 Riviera. The owner manual talks about "Two keys are provided with your new Buick. Each key operates all locks." (page 35).
  8. I bought a new one from Russ at http://centervilleautorepair.com/fuel-pumps-and-filters He might have old ones too as he works with nailheads. I am very happy with the new one that I got.
  9. I found this regarding removal of the rear windows in a ‘63 if it is of any help for someone. Never done it myself.
  10. SwedeDownUnderR63

    Oil & Filter

    Ed, my car will have vintage air a/c in a year or two as driving in Australia without it isn’t as fun as it was in much colder Sweden. You might have seen elsewhere that I am slowly converting it with fan shroud and other parts already in place under the hood. The internal will look stock a/c in the end (I already have all parts for that) so none of your suggestions are an alternative for me. It is strange how the look of the car got stuck in my brain when I bought my first ‘63 as a teenager, the autometer gauges look very nice and I was consider them for a while but went with their oil and water gauges in the ashtray instead to minimize the esthetic impact.
  11. SwedeDownUnderR63

    Oil & Filter

    Here is a picture of my setup. Oil and temp in my "spare" ashtray compartment. As you might see any extra instrument setup in the upper left corner isn't practical on my '63 with cruise control. The dual gauge in the clock might have been a good solution for me if it was reversible but I am happy with the setup that I have, looking forward to see what Steve Gunnoe (jsgun) will end up with .
  12. SwedeDownUnderR63

    Brake lines

    Here is an alternative for a ‘63 in case one would like to go further and add disk brakes to the front and a dual master cylinder: Wilwood Proportioning Valve w/Brake Light Switch. This allows for adjusting the brake power between front and rear whilst also having the brake switch built in. Works fine for me. http://www.freakride.com/product/wilwood-proportioning-valve-wbrake-light-switch/
  13. SwedeDownUnderR63

    Oil & Filter

    Thanks for adding the picture. I am glad that it works for you although it isn’t for me.
  14. SwedeDownUnderR63

    Oil & Filter

    Sorry, I didn't have any intention of starting a heated discussion about how we drive and perceive reality. I too think it is important to look at other things than blindly concentrate on the road which is likely to, as Ed mention, get us to " be falling asleep at the wheel ". I would also be delighted to go for a ride with Tom if that opportunity ever materialize and, as mentioned, I do think his setup is a better practical solution than mine and hope that he can get his camera to upload a picture or two of the setup. I always need to be extremely alert the last 10km (~6miles) to my home as I am driving through the most kangaroo infested area in Australia. There are normally close to 50 dead kangaroos at the side of this highly used country road (some on it too) that are constantly being replaced by 2+ new ones every week. I lower the speed, avoid driving in the dark and bad weather but still I had a kangaroo jumping into the right hand door skin a few years ago whilst getting out of our gate at ~10kph (6mph), I did notice it in my peripheral vision but not a chance to do that much when it comes in from the side. This is probably one of the reasons why I am so concerned with having the eyes on the road and use my "special" instruments in the way as mentioned above. Kangaroos are nice but not on the road, maybe I should be glad that we don't have any moose here. Anyhow, sorry if I upset anyone. That wasn't my intention. I am certain that most, maybe all, of us car lowers are really good drivers as we do love our cars.
  15. SwedeDownUnderR63

    Oil & Filter

    Hi Tom, I am afraid that it is an illusion if one think that one still have the eyes on the road while looking at any instrument. That is probably why so many nowadays thinks they can text and drive without any issues but they are just fooled by how our brain works. Admittedly your setup will minimize the time getting the information compared to my setup which, admittedly, will take longer and increase the risk. However, I do get the benefit of being able to look at the oil pressure at startup and I can also see it with not that much of a risk at lower speeds to get an understanding of where it is at. I am also more concerned with the temperature at lower speeds and especially at stand still. As for you I still have the idiots lights that will alert me when something goes really bad. I am spoiled as I have the pleasure of traveling most of the time with my wife who also look at the gauges from time to time although probably not very frequent as she enjoys the Riviera rides too much. I am still interested in seeing your setup and would appreciate any pictures. I did investigate different options that would have allowed me to get the information that I wanted without impact on the, in my view, beautiful instrument layout in my 63 but couldn't find anything better then what I selected. The -63 Riviera that I had in Sweden between 1976 and 1982 came (from previous owner) with the gauges on top of the dash which was very effective from an information point of view but looked really crappy. I do love the functions of the Dakota Digital replacement instruments but couldn't get myself to go down that road as my car would have lost some of the soul that I love so much. http://www.dakotadigital.com/index.cfm/page/ptype=product/product_id=997/category_id=411/mode=prod/prd997.htm