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  1. Hi beam flickering in ‘63

    There are more ways than one to skin a cat. Interesting to see the variations. The relays that I used came with a fuse on top which I thought was handy. I also have a spare dimmer in the car as I did run into a faulty one in the 80’s...
  2. Hi beam flickering in ‘63

    I went even further and used 2 relays for each side of the car which probably is overkill but I am used to work with highly available computer solutions... I also converted to H1/H4 lamps at the same time. (NARVA have kits for the Australian market for this conversion). My 1963 had already a modern alternator which I think would be needed.
  3. '63 brake tube routing

    Jim, I don’t know what you ordered but I went for stainless steel lines from https://www.inlinetube.com/ and they fit nicely on my 1963. Looking forward to see what you went for and how it fit. I also had a helping hand which made the installation so much easier. I selected stainless as the price difference was so small and, although it is unlikely to fail again in my life time, I hope that one of my children will pick up my hobby. I also changed the hoses at the same time and went with DOT4 as I love to drive the car as often as possible and don’t mind changing the brake fluid.
  4. Speakers and Radio

    Hi Steve, I bought my speaker in Australia but this should be the same one in the USA: http://www.retrosoundusa.com.au/index.php?l=product_detail&p=179 Sorry, the first one was the Australian site. Here is the US version: https://www.retromanufacturing.com/products/6x9-inch-ultra-thin-dash-speaker?variant=31329865422
  5. Speakers and Radio

    I have the 6x9 200W dual retrosound in my 1963 with a modern stereo. It is great.
  6. Front disc brakes

    Hi Manny, I have installed Tony's kit on my '63 Riviera (the second in the following): http://www.mako.com.au/?content_destination=/ibm_bin/common/product_list_display.cfm&productID_list=187 Note that his kit is some parts from him and some parts that are easy to source by yourself locally in the USA as it is too expensive to ship the heavy parts from Australia. I am happy with the kit and one of the reason for installing it was for the issue I had with fading going down hill with the drums. The stock drum brakes are, as some already have mentioned, really very good so you need to decide if it is worth the effort to move to disc. Good luck and do change to dual MC if you go ahead with the conversion.
  7. Bench test for shockers?

    My suggestion would be to replace the shocks with Bilsteins shocks so that you know that you ride safe and nice. You can always keep the old shocks for any future owner if they like to go back in time. The Bilsteins shocks are not cheap but I love and trust them. Just a thought..

    I will never let her go... She is testing the rear seat belt that she helped me installed in our -63 Riviera + the box she made for it. She is a litle bit exhausted after all the work...
  9. Hi Rodney, You can try them out if you come to Canberra:
  10. '68 Riviera front side marker housings

    You probably would benefit from joining before you buy your car as there are a lot of valuable information in ROA that you can get access to for a small fee. just my humble opinion...
  11. KYB shocks for a 63-65

    I am extremely happy with the Bilsteins that I installed on my 63. I use the same brand on my old Volvo 940's which is why I got them for my Buick. Pricey? Yes but not only do they give me a great ride, the shocks do also give me better control and, hopefully, will assist me in an emergency to save my car and my life. I have my Riviera because I love to drive it and the Bilstens shocks together with the "GS" springs that I also bought transformed it to a more modern car whilst still being the milestone car that it is.
  12. tail lights 1st gen

    This might be the gasket that you are looking for: http://www.oldbuickparts.com/cart/tail-lamp-gaskets-1963-64-buick-riviera-p-1110.html There is another set for 1965.
  13. 63 remote mirror sprung?

    The following pictures are from when I had to replace a smashed door skin on the passenger side. You can probably figure out the location of the mirror from this and the mirror on the driver side is in the same location. I don't know when the passenger side mirror was mounted, it isn't a factory option. To my understanding the mirrors have been mounted in different locations.
  14. 63 remote mirror sprung?

    Search for mirror and you will find a number of posts such as the following: There are no info in the manuals regarding the position for the mirror.
  15. 63 riviera transmission questions

    I can relate to the limping home part. It happened to me in 76. The L worked fine but the fuel economy and the top speed was strangely enough a lot worse than before... Me and my brother in law got a kit and tried to fix the transmission. It wasn't fun to have it put together with a screw left on the table... It is so easy today to take lots of photos when one disassembles something, not everything was better before... I finally engaged an automatic transmission expert in Sweden ("Nicko Lamell" if any Swede is listening) and got it working nicely again. It is a great transmission as long as it works although not really made for racing.