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  1. SwedeDownUnderR63

    steering column swap

    There is a guy that had Ididit make a special built steering column with tilt: I have a feeling that it was rather expensive. You need to search on that page to find it.
  2. SwedeDownUnderR63

    Brake Pedal sticking

    I don’t know if that is the correct one. Just letting you know I have found Eastwood.com a good place to get special tools from for an acceptable price (although I can order almost any kind of tool at shops in Australia but often for a higher price than in the USA).
  3. SwedeDownUnderR63

    Halogen Headlights

    I did also put in relays and halogen light in my 1963 although I went a little bit crazy with 4 relays (2 for each side of the car) to minimize the risk for full darkness in case of of a relay or fuse failure. (Each of my relays have a replaceable fuse built in). I am a lot more happy to drive after dark with this setup than the old original sealed beams.
  4. SwedeDownUnderR63

    1964 Buick Riviera fuel tank

    Most likely through a new fuel cap: http://www.oldbuickparts.com/product_info.php?cPath=27_339_340&products_id=6552
  5. Just a small update as the fan shroud now is in place, I had to source the 2 x "Radiator Bracket Lower for AC Fan Shroud" from Dan Jackson (I had the "Top Radiator Bracket Mount for A/C and shroud"). Dan was also able to supply me with all the internal parts to convert to A/C for internal factory A/C look. I still have the famous bolt to change for the "A/C and Generator bracket" but that together with the Vintage Air parts will have to wait until next year when the big operation will take place. Small steps but I guess that is the pace I have to take with me loving the driving experience before anything else. BTW as you know my 63 should have had the engine painted in silver but I continued with green as it mostly was already painted in green, something to look into when the engine is out one day. Picture:
  6. SwedeDownUnderR63

    front window channel fuzzies

    Can’t say that I ever used hand signals and I guess it would be inviting to be involved in an accident in today’s traffic. I installed LEDs in the rear of my 63 to make certain that anyone behind my car clearly could see what I was doing as the original lamps was rather weak. Good luck with the turn signal switch.
  7. Installed LEDs that made me happy.
  8. SwedeDownUnderR63

    Clarks customers

    I love Clark’s Corvairs products. This is a good introduction for Riviera owners:
  9. SwedeDownUnderR63

    Wanted : door lock knob

    What year?
  10. How about Honolulu? So much closer to us Down Under and I would love to see the driving instructions... 😎
  11. SwedeDownUnderR63

    Kill switch for 63 Riviera

    I would invite you over for a bite although it might be more of a dog bite than a sandwich snack 😇 Corrected.
  12. SwedeDownUnderR63

    Kill switch for 63 Riviera

    Out of topic but as you touch on it: what do you have in place to protect the interior when you have the dogs in the car? Our mix breed is tiny compared to your giant (only 70lb) and I love to have her in the car but haven’t got a great solution to protect the interior from her as most that is available is hanging on the modern front seats head rests.
  13. Could someone post a link to the judging rules? looking forward to see if there is a deduction for the lack of lead in the gas... Sorry, I am one of the guys that loves to drive my car and don’t mind changing it to get it more secure and fun to drive while still keeping it mainly original. I recently bought 4 new tires for ~AUD$500. Good quality modern radials instead of good old style looking white wall radials that would have been close to 4 times the price. I know this isn’t a cheap hobby but I refuse to get robbed, I could accept to pay twice the price but 4 times... I hope we we all can enjoy our cars in our own ways but I can’t understand why original looking radials should be judged worse than the crappy bias ply, that is just sad.
  14. Hi BBK, I don’t know how easy it would be to put in modern belts in your Riviera and even if it is allowed in your country but here are the stories when me and my lady converted a 1963: Front Rear (might be more what you are looking for):
  15. SwedeDownUnderR63

    Its alive....

    There are several tools that could be much better for this. Some are mentioned in