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  1. Any suggestions on what type of glue to use for the Leatherette set?
  2. Hi Rodney, I do have one sitting on the remote vacuum trunc that I bought and I could measure it up for you in case you can't get one. Sorry but it isn't for sale as it is to be installed .. It even looks a little bit different from the manual so I hope that I got the correct one...
  3. Just a quick update on what has been going on since my last update. Some nice enjoyable driving, including to the 2016 Australian Buick meeting, has put a smile on my face. I have put in water temp and oil pressure meters instead of the ashtray although it needs a little better finish at a later stage. Nice to see that oil pressure and temperature is good. The problems that I had with the front bearings and the spindle knuckle combined with what my former mechanic did made me reconsider my initial thought about keeping the front drums. I bought a disk brake kit from Tony Gentilcore and it is all in place now after a few issues. Nice to have much better brakes when going to the beach (~800m or ~1500 feet height difference with some rather steep descents). A new stereo is in place replacing the original but still looking classic. I had the replacement skin for the passenger door repainted again as there where issues with the work. There are other things that also should be done but it is summer here and it is fire season so I prefer to have the car drivable until it cool down a little.
  4. Clark's Corvairs website: http://www.corvair.com/user-cgi/pages.cgi?category=buick&dbkey=24&level=1 I don't think they have anything for a -67 but I might be wrong.
  5. A short story on what you might find when you start with a seat: http://forums.aaca.org/topic/267922-1963-riviera-front-driver-seat-fixup/#comment-1443226
  6. You could also go with a 3 point seat belt solution but you would then move away from the original solution. See the following for an example: http://forums.aaca.org/topic/267813-1963-buick-riviera-3-point-seat-belts-installed-in-the-front/#comment-1442388
  7. Check Sweden in 1967. Moved from left side to right side over one night... probably easier as all cars already had the steering wheel on the left side.
  8. Note that in the picture above it has been cleaned as he tried to cut into the fused bearing to remove it so I don't think one can draw that conclusion just from the picture. I doubt that the bearings could have lasted ~600 miles without grease. it could possible be too little grease or one of the other alternatives that Rodney mentioned. I don't think that there is a brass static collector on this car btw.
  9. Hi Rodney, yes, I have asked similar questions to my mechanic who claims he did everything correct. He do have a 1960 Impala that he have changed wheel bearings on himself.. I bought the bearings from oldbuick parts (Cars LLC) which always have delivered good parts earlier. I have sourced new wheel bearings and steering knuckle spindle (used) that should be here tomorrow. It seems that it is better if I (or my lovely female mechanic) do the work in the future although it probably take 3 times longer. I have attached a picture of how it looks in its fused state.
  10. Hi All, Earlier this year my mechanic changed the wheel bearings in the front on my -63 Riviera. Both of the new ones has failed within a few months of each other and he now claims that the Steering Knuckle Spindle need to be changed and then best to do it on both sides. One of the bearings disintegrated and the other failed today with it being fused to the steering spindle knuckle according to my mechanic. Firstly, as I am out of my comfort zone here, does this make sense or could he have been doing something wrong when installing the wheel bearings? Secondly, I have been locking at oldbuick and classicbuick website without any luck. Am I missing something or is this something that I need to source from a wreck? Looking forward to your suggestions.
  11. One place to look at including PDFs copies is: http://www.oldbuickparts.com/cart/literature-c-19_28_683.html note that there are several pages to look at.
  12. Hi Rodney, the one between the seats will follow the seats out as the seats are attached with it (it isn't 2 seats but more of a one seat with a divider in between).
  13. Hi Ed, Thanks, that worked. I think I need new glasses.....
  14. I got the new door skin painted and it looks OK (although it was revealed that the Teal Mist color actually was the same as one from Mazda...). I have a silly question in regards to moving the large top door skin molding from the old door skin (see picture) to the new. I cant find any screws that hold it in place. Do I have to remove the fuzzies (is that the correct word) on the back to find some screws? If so: is the fuzzies just glued on and is there a trick to remove it such that it can be reused?
  15. Hi Rodney, Great to see that you are on the road with the beauty. My -63 doesn't float after having the Bilstein shocks, new "GS" coil springs, some parts replaced in the front with modern replacements and Tony Gentilcore's sway bars installed. It did become a little bit hard but it drives very nicely. BTW I like the red internal color.