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  1. Kenendcindyc

    1928 Dodge Brothers Standard 6 Barn Find

    Keith that looks great. What size tires are you running? I'm running 4.75-500 lesters but they have allways looked to small on the car.
  2. Kenendcindyc

    1920s Dodge Engines & transmissions

    Dang, I'm from New Hampshire that's a little further than a weekend trip. 😏 Hope they find good homes.
  3. Kenendcindyc

    1920s Dodge Engines & transmissions

    I might be interested ,what state are you located in. Thanks
  4. Kenendcindyc

    1929 DA waterpump repair

    On my 28 std six that I think has the same pump. The impeller has a pin threw it and the shaft ,that's pened on each end. Once I filed and drove out the pin I could press out the shaft from the impeller.
  5. Kenendcindyc

    1928 Dodge Brothers Standard 6 Barn Find

    Keith there is no service manual for the 28 standard six that I'm aware of. I got the info from the Dodge Brothers six cylinder 140 series operation and care manual. It's actually quite indepth. Myers has a CD for the victory six that is fantastic and since we share the same drivetrain with the victory ( minus it hydraulic brakes) it's great.
  6. Kenendcindyc

    1928 Dodge Brothers Standard 6 Barn Find

    According to my manual for a 28 std six it states .005" when the engine is hot. I adjusted mine after driving on a cool day and the exhaust valves were too tight causing a rough idle ,after pulling large hills on hot days. I readjusted them at idle with the radiator partly covered and with the timing retarded to get some heat into the valves. After that engine ran well even at high speeds on hot days.
  7. Kenendcindyc

    Spring to no where

    I have a 28 so it's different, but appears to work the same way. If you want I'll go take a picture just let me know.
  8. Kenendcindyc

    Spring to no where

    It should connect to that tab that's on the shaft seen in the first picture. Just slide it up the shaft to the correct position to adjust tension and the pressure from the spring will hold it there. Some shafts have little bumps that help hold the tab in place on the shaft.
  9. Kenendcindyc

    Need help identifying transmission

    Hi guys, I bought these two transmissions at a auction today. Can Anybody identify them? I'm thinking possibly dodge truck? But I'm hoping someone recognizes the parking brake handle. Right now my brother has them and all I have is these pictures. Thanks for any info you may have. Ken
  10. Kenendcindyc

    28 standard six wheel hub removal

    It's a great idea to get in there and clean and repack the rear bearings like you want to. The wheel bearings have a tapered bore where they attach to the shaft and are quite rare. So anything we can do to make them last another 100 years is a good idea. Total end play of the axle shafts should be .002-.003". End play is adjusted with shims behind the bearing retainers and only needs to be measured on one side since what you do on one side also affects the other.
  11. Kenendcindyc

    28 standard six wheel hub removal

    This is a puller for a Model T ford, but the commercial ones available for the dodge look similar ,only larger and with a courser tread than the extremely fine treads on the T puller.
  12. Kenendcindyc

    28 standard six wheel hub removal

    I like the pullers that have a pinch bolt to tighten the treads securely to the wheel so there is no chance of damaging the treads.
  13. Kenendcindyc

    28 standard six wheel hub removal

    The standard six axle is a little different from that 29 DA axle on the previous post. There is a single bearing on each end and the axles butt together in the middle to control total end play. The wheels are held on by the tapered axle and will require a puller to remove. I have a machine shop so I made my own puller, but I think they are available on e bay once in a while.
  14. Kenendcindyc

    Oil distribution flow?

    Those are the Exact oil pressure numbers i get running 5w-40 oil. Perfectly normal, The pressure relief valve opens at 40 psi when adjusted correctly. I believe the manual states 5 psi hot idle, I can get down to 10 psi when oil is HOT at idle after about 100 miles at 50 mph on a hot day.
  15. Actually the only holes on that flange are on the passenger side where the Steering column would mount on a right hand drive car.