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  1. Modifying

    kinda reminds me of KIT from Knight Rider
  2. Buick Reatta gap size..?

    It just looks sooo sloppy I guess, I don't know. I still plan on making a weekend project out of it though just to put my mind at ease.
  3. Buick Reatta gap size..?

    Yeah I am not sure if it is warped or if the bumper is just sagging. If you look at the second picture you can see how there is a large gap between the lights and the fender, so I am not sure what is going on.
  4. Buick Reatta gap size..?

    Thanks I guess I will have to set aside a weekend and tackle this job and see if I can fix it.
  5. Buick Reatta gap size..?

    Mine has some problems then!!! Is there a way to adjust this?
  6. LED Replacement Headlights for Reattas?

    That is what I have always been afraid of since our cops here all have those newer Dodge Charger that have stock extra eye-burning bright headlights. It is hard to tell if their high beams are on.
  7. Hey Ron, I use to work for Varian X-Ray tubes but yours that you worked with were probably from GE My story was a bit of happenstance, I really wasn't looking for another car at the time. I was just browsing the car classifieds out of shear boredom when I saw this unusual car, a 1990 Buick Reatta. It was in really good shape the owner said it had always been garaged, and only driven on long trips, no accidents or issues. So I thought I have got to check this thing out, I called the guy and made an appointment. I then made a 50mile trek to see it ONLY, so I thought, I really had no intention to buy the car, I just wanted to see it. When I got there it was still in his garage, which was a car guys garage, covered in car posters and stuff hanging everywhere even from the rafters, there was even rubber mats on the floor. First thing he said was "I just waxed it the other day, in fact I waxed it every month whether it needed it or not and changed the oil". Now here is this 70 year old guy doing all this stuff with a passion. My first impression was, he's not going to sell this even if I wanted to buy it, he was too attached. I then started looking at the car on the outside first and wham it hit me then and there, I was hooked just by the sleek design and looks of the car. Meanwhile this guy was telling me his life story about the car, like what trips they went on with it and what all was done to the car (Minor Repairs) he even kept all the receipts, which I still haven't gone through all of it yet. Then the guy says that his son is the one that posted the ad and wants him to sell it because he was getting old and his back wouldn't allow him to do those things anymore. I then told him that I am really interested in the car and would like to take it for a test drive, keep in mind I still haven't seen the inside. He said sure so he goes in and gets the keys and he starts it up and drives it out of the garage. I then am able to see the inside and sit in it, my heart was racing, then he says take her for a spin. Once I sat in the seat and put it in gear I decided that I had to have this car, I barely took it around the block because I just wanted to get back and buy the car, it was like I was a boy getting his first puppy. So when I got back I told him that I wanted to purchase the car, he hesitated and told me that he needed to talk with his wife, which he did for a while. Then he came back out (he went in his house) and told me I don't want to sell the that moment my heart sunk, then he said, but my son was right. The rest is history, after what seemed like an eternity at the bank I was able to buy the car, but then I realized that I had no way to get the car home, I was so caught up in this car that it didn't even occur to me. Anyway after a long day of juggling transportation I finally was able to get the car home with the help of several family members...hahaha! My Likes: Sleek design and the sporty look, sophisticated interior, the bullet-proof GM 3800 engine, and many other things. My Dislikes: At the time when I seen it and had it for a while, there wasn't anything I didn't really like, and as for now I can't think of anything to dislike. Maybe something will eventually come up but for now I am satisfied with my Two Reatta Twins, maybe I should change my user name to '90Twins. The other Reatta story will have to be for another time.
  8. LED Replacement Headlights for Reattas?

    Hey Guys/Gals is there a tutorial or a before and after pictures of the relay harness and headlight brightness. I remember when Daves89 posted his conversion but I can't seem to find pictures and stuff. The one Reatta I bought has LED headlights but the previous owner did a hack job and I don't think it has a relay (I am not sure how he got everything to work) so I would like to fix all that and put in a relay. Also upgrade the other Reatta but not with LED's just the Silverstars.
  9. Mecum Auction

    If that is a new low then I must have got a steal of a deal for mine. It had 59,563 miles on it when I bought it for $2,200 Although I wish I could afford $25,850 I would have bought the Select 60. I almost wonder if the recent weather there has anything to do with it???
  10. I for one actually liked it because of the blurry syndrome I have too ... You guys are great for a few laughs now and again. Thanks
  11. Modifying

    Have you thought of maybe extending out the back and making it into a hatchback like the old 80's RX-7, unless you want it to look more like the Pulsar. By the way you are very talented to want to take on something like that.
  12. Original Document??

    I want to know what happened to the "Experimental" one that was tested? Was it an actual Reatta or more to the tune of a concept car that is in those pictures. Very interesting Rare find though, might be worth quite a bit or maybe you could seal it and frame it so it doesn't get anymore brittle.
  13. Does anyone know anything about this car?

    If she starts talking about sending her money or transfers I would run away as fast as you can...Just some advise.
  14. Someone was in there before!

    Sounds Great I will definitely try this... because mine actually move up and down about 1/4" or more Thank You
  15. Someone was in there before!

    Since all this talk about the headlight motors I thought I would give mine a try since I don't drive at night very often. When I turned them on and off they sounded like a screen door slamming shut and this was with the windows up. Is this normal or are they suppose to be somewhat smooth and not as noisy? Could this be an indication that mine are wearing out? Thanks