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  1. mcdarrunt

    Single, center post, in ground garage lift

    I am kind of a lift nut and now that I have both a drive on and a two post Rotary lift I want more. Allard Machine in Ennis, Texas has maybe five single post lifts that are flush with the floor to use with the super low sprint cars they work on. Dusty's Rod Shop on Baily, Texas has a drive on lift that is flush with the floor (no ramps) so the chopped, dropped, and bagged cars they build can roll on with a 1/4" ground clearance. Now to the crown jewel of lifts, which of course are illegal to sell, is the one owned by a muffler shop in Bonham, Texas. It has two wheel troughs, one stationary and one on rollers. You drive through the stationary one till the front wheels fall into the rolling one and keep driving till the rear wheels drop into the stationary one. (what could possibly go wrong here?). This leaves the entire bottom of the vehicle wide open with no arms or runners in the way. The shop also has a two post lift but I wait till the "suicide" lift is open just so I can watch and covet.
  2. mcdarrunt

    Pre War Cars - how fast is fast?

    My 37 Buick Special has an 120mph top speed on the speedometer face so one time I plugged in my GPS and opened it up for two miles on a dead level road. It topped out at 93mph on the accurate gps and 105 on the optimistic speedometer. This was on a paved road and radial tires so I'd guess half that speed was close to the norm in 37 with bias ply tires, tubes, and a gravel road. Had TERRIBLE wind noise at that speed.
  3. My memory is fuzzy about yesterday so take what I remember from 1967 with a grain of salt. IIRC my partners 1967 Mercury Cyclone GT with a 427 (medium riser?) had a 160mph speedo which I think was just a factory installed Stewart Warner unit with maybe the "SW" deleted from the face. I do remember it's speedo showed a few more mph than some of the other muscle/super cars so they must have had 150mph units. Many years later I stuck me head in a GT40 at a Ford dealer and it's speedo was over 200, maybe 225 or 250. So far out of my price range I didn't look that closely.
  4. mcdarrunt

    1940 Resto Rod Buick Special Tourning Sedan

    All's cool guys; did not realize project was first posted in General Discussion.
  5. mcdarrunt

    1940 Resto Rod Buick Special Tourning Sedan

    Did I miss read what this section of the forum is called? I swear it says MODIFIED, that's M-O-D-I-F-I-E-D. It has a V8. that's a modification. An open rear--Ditto. Automatic--Ditto. I guess all some will accept is fuzzy dice and a locking gas cap but in my opinion if you don't want to see real changes that took original thought and even some design/engineering then maybe you shouldn't click the "Modified" heading. I promise I won't click onto your pre-37 rides and make snide comments about "termite farms" even though I'm thinking it.
  6. mcdarrunt

    1940 Resto Rod Buick Special Tourning Sedan

    A little giggle about my 37 Special trailing arms. When I put the open rear end in I welded spring perches in the correct position and bolted the housing in place---all done on the drive on lift so weight could be on rear for wheel and shock positioning. Moved over to two post lift to rebuild the brakes and when I raised the car one wheel was way forward in the fender opening and other way back---something WRONG. A little checking showed a 37 Buick has shackles on BOTH ends of the spring thus the trailing arms. So much for a "Professional" rating.
  7. mcdarrunt

    What is the value of R12 refrigerant?

    I'm in my 80's and the only one left in the shop licensed for R-12 About the only use anymore is for street rods that only have room for a small condenser. If room for a large enough condenser everything is 134A. One thing about the 12 is you only need a vacuum pump and a sight glass in the high pressure line although a manifold gauge was handy for leak down check. When the bubbles disappeared in the sight glass you were at max cool. I have two R12 recovery machines, one with tank, that need a new home (cheap) but don't expect a mob at the door when I list them. Anyone remember the propane torch with a "sniffer" hose for leak checking?
  8. mcdarrunt

    Give the people what they want

    I absolutely refuse to buy a car that does not have a shift on the column, a bench seat, cloth interior, and a flat floor. I can afford pretty much what is offered but till I can BUY WHAT I WANT it's a no sale. Bought my wife a new Infinity and after a 3000 mile trip of sitting down in a well where I couldn't stretch a leg over onto the passenger side, having the console rub the side of my leg raw, and leather keeping my shirt wet I sold it for 10k less as soon as I got home. Did a search and the last American car offered with what I want was an Impala but we like a Buick better so 2005 is the limit. I bought her three of them several years ago with 70-90k miles on them and put two in storage. We are in our 80's and the way that 3.8 engine is still purring along with 170k miles I figure the stored ones will get auctioned off after we die. My 98 Ranger has 374k miles on it but until I can get a single cab long bed TRUCK instead of a 4dr sedan with a tiny box in back it's another no sale.
  9. mcdarrunt

    1929 Fisher Body wood patterns

    We have THREE 34 Chevy's in the shop right now and a different approach on each. A 2dr that is factory stock, a 2dr Town Sedan which has the integral trunk, and my 5w Coupe. The Town Sedan is a hybrid with floor, door pillars, and inner door skin being converted to steel, and the coupe now having zero wood. The total steel conversion is a lot of work and probably not practical to pay to have done but once done I wouldn't trade it for a half dozen termite farms. All three look like 34 Chevy's and not chopped and dropped radicals..
  10. mcdarrunt

    Change in selling trend

    I'm sure Matt could give a definitive answer but my customers are opting for "updates" more and more. 12v and radial tires lead the way and hydraulic brakes are the norm. Many are going away from the old babbit/splash/dipper engines and we now very seldom work on these. A-C is increasing rapidly as well as power options. When finding a car for a customer they say they will pay extra if NOT stock but rather a resto rod. Any others noticing this?
  11. Ben gave me a little (deserved) dig on not finishing the straight eight serperntine but of course I plead a degree of innocence. As I was staring one for ME the 235/261 Chevy guys came out of the woodwork wanting one for their I6 Stovebolts and as the engines are very similar except for cylinder count I fabbed up a few. The front of the two engines are alike so the pics of the first protos may be of some help to one contemplating giving it a shot. I'm terrible about not keeping updated with photos but the idea is well developed and they have been trouble free. 1st a bit of lathe work on both the V crank pulley and water pump pulley; all the accessories have the ribbed serp pulleys. 2nd is set up mouned 3rd is first trial---all studs left long for final alignment shims and much heavier idler bracket used. 4th is details of alt mount 5th is details of a/c comp mount---later a plate to the factory generator mount that accepts all 4 comp bolts I'm terrible on "how to" but do have details.
  12. mcdarrunt

    Vintage Automobile Reamer Sizes

    Measure the spindle bolt (king pin) then go online and buy a ream. If there is an old time garage near you that has a Sunnen machine they are adjustable and can do all piston wrist pin bores and most spindles.
  13. mcdarrunt

    Modified 263 for my 1950 41D

    Ben, You may be more ready than me---still shift problems. I WILL go since I can pick my shift points by manually moving the shift lever. I hope you can make it and of course the shop is at your disposal for any "tweaks" you may need. Shop is just 12 miles from the starting point in Farmersville. Complimentary breakfast provided but most interesting to us old farts is the Audie Murphy Memorial smack dab in the middle of main street. His sister still lives there.
  14. mcdarrunt

    Dicks Classic cars

    Sad to see it go. Visited both the Rosanky and San Marcos museums and could easily spend a day at either. I think the Rosanky one had the greatest variety but I'm sure some of them had to be culled when the move was made to San Marcos. From the Rosanky location I have a picture of a 1930(?) French car, maybe a Peugot or Citroen that had the smallest 4 cylinder engine I've ever seen; my billfold covers the entire top of the flat head 4 engine. I built the 1954 Olsmobile 98 Starfire convertible being sold from a very rough car and an employee told me it was one of his favorite "drivers". The Oldsmobile Club shows only 11 in existence.
  15. mcdarrunt

    Modified 263 for my 1950 41D

    Don't be fooled---He's not 80; He's 81 years, 6 months, and 26 days old. Ask me how I know? Is NOT an old man that putts along in the right lane so whatever the traffic is running at the old Buick runs right with it with zero strain.