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  1. mcdarrunt

    Vintage Automobile Reamer Sizes

    Measure the spindle bolt (king pin) then go online and buy a ream. If there is an old time garage near you that has a Sunnen machine they are adjustable and can do all piston wrist pin bores and most spindles.
  2. mcdarrunt

    Modified 263 for my 1950 41D

    Ben, You may be more ready than me---still shift problems. I WILL go since I can pick my shift points by manually moving the shift lever. I hope you can make it and of course the shop is at your disposal for any "tweaks" you may need. Shop is just 12 miles from the starting point in Farmersville. Complimentary breakfast provided but most interesting to us old farts is the Audie Murphy Memorial smack dab in the middle of main street. His sister still lives there.
  3. mcdarrunt

    Dicks Classic cars

    Sad to see it go. Visited both the Rosanky and San Marcos museums and could easily spend a day at either. I think the Rosanky one had the greatest variety but I'm sure some of them had to be culled when the move was made to San Marcos. From the Rosanky location I have a picture of a 1930(?) French car, maybe a Peugot or Citroen that had the smallest 4 cylinder engine I've ever seen; my billfold covers the entire top of the flat head 4 engine. I built the 1954 Olsmobile 98 Starfire convertible being sold from a very rough car and an employee told me it was one of his favorite "drivers". The Oldsmobile Club shows only 11 in existence.
  4. mcdarrunt

    Modified 263 for my 1950 41D

    Don't be fooled---He's not 80; He's 81 years, 6 months, and 26 days old. Ask me how I know? Is NOT an old man that putts along in the right lane so whatever the traffic is running at the old Buick runs right with it with zero strain.
  5. mcdarrunt

    Classic car fraud scheme shut down

    When someone wants to sell me a high dollar item then It will be ME running the show. I don't NEED your Duesenberg or 56 Gullwing Mercedes at an amount that's not even six figures but apparently you NEED my money so here's how it's going to go down. If you don't meet every one of my requests the deals off. I will set up a bank account with the agreed upon price deposited into it and one that requires TWO ( yours and mine) signatures to make a withdrawal and must be made out at the tellers window only. In other words you are 100% assured the money is there. You will deliver the vehicle to my shop where it will be inspected, the title and numbers run, and workmanship examined. Then with the title in hand we will go to my bank and co-sign a check for the agreed amount and at which time the account will be closed. I have NEVER had a super deal show up in a truck or on a trailer.
  6. mcdarrunt

    50 Ford Shoebox

    No, a small chrome push button on the left lower part of the dash.
  7. I wish you luck but keep in mind what owners have invested in a high dollar restoration. $12,000 paint jobs don't mate well with belt buckles, high heels, and unpaved roads. If you specify "Driver" class old car then responses may be better. We have a "driver" Taxi that was built to be used for proms and weddings with the usual fee of $125 which of course wouldn't even begin to cover any damage to the exterior or interior but in a small town ( pop. 635) there is a real need for such. Not a discouragement but a window onto how many feel about their "Babies". Picture of Prom Taxi.
  8. mcdarrunt

    1937 Hudson Terraplane

    My very first circle track car---a 37 Terraplane Coupe with a 308 Hornet engine with the export kit. The 302 Jimmy's and 296 stroker Flathead Fords couldn't run with it.
  9. mcdarrunt

    Pinion bearings replacement - 37 Special

    I have everything from the rear of the block to rear end out of my 37 Special. The transmission is inside my storage shed and the rear end is out back in the scrap pile. Been there for several years and if the open end of the torque tube is facing up it's probably junk but shipping cost would transfer it to your possession. At the time it was pulled I had just made a 2000 mile trip and decided the 4.44 gears had to go.
  10. mcdarrunt

    Modified 263 for my 1950 41D

    Got two racks and plenty of gear lube so if you can leak your way to Trenton you can top it off and do the same after the Bug Tussle Trek. I guess that would be in 100 mile segments. Can't help with the oil on floor pan and back end but do have a pressure washer.
  11. mcdarrunt

    Modified 263 for my 1950 41D

    Ben, Haven't checked the Modified site for a couple months (at least) and after reading about off setting the sleeve in the offending cylinder I had to go to the storage shed to see if the 263's have a floating wrist pin---they do. IIRC there is at least an 1/8" between the rod top sides and the inside of the wrist pin boss; way enough for sleeve offset. Finally got the automatic OD problem in my 37 solved for a measly $350 plus another set of bands and clutches so ready for Bug Tussle. That *%#& TV (throttle valve) cable now just selects shift points and has nothing to do with clutch/band pressure since I'm running a TCI constant pressure valve body (that's where the $'s went". My hind sight is on par with you on "shoulda done". A/C kept up fine with this months111 degrees so the last weekend in August doesn't scare me a bit.
  12. mcdarrunt

    37 OD woes

    Had tears in my eyes from laughing. Better outcome than when I tried to put my wife onto a standard transmission---total disaster. I had a Soviet Union jeep back in the 60's when there was no trade between the USSR and the U.S. Guy that worked for Collins Radio brought it back from South America and shortly after broke the transmission. I stuck a SB Ford in it with a 3sp manual trans, screwed the idle up to about 800rpm, showed her how to use a clutch, and got out of the way. Even with the factory 5.14 rear gear she managed to kill the engine every time while trying to get underway. For my blood presser and our marriage never tried again; thus the auto in the old Buick.
  13. mcdarrunt

    1954 Chevy Bel air. An impossible restoration?

    Being a 4dr kills it. As far as condition I would like to get ones in that good of shape but they must be what others WANT. It takes just as much time and money to grind rust on a 54 Chevy 4dr as it does on a 32 Pierce Arrow. Pictures are before and after of a 54 Olds 98 Starfire Convertible which makes your 54 look cherry but then the Oldsmobile Club of America shows only eleven left in existence---big difference. The 55k it brought at sale did not cover the the resto cost.
  14. mcdarrunt

    Who did ‘57 Better? Ford or Chevy?

    Yes, it is a Nomad and I also have a thing about turquoise 55's. The Nomad pictured above has a 502 Big Block and the turquoise Nomad under construction has a small block. They also have a factory correct 55 coupe little sister that is turquoise of course. I'm not rich, I just start with VERY rough (and cheap) projects as the build is what I like the most. All were done in my shop but most have to go to finance the next project.
  15. mcdarrunt

    Who did ‘57 Better? Ford or Chevy?

    If you are undecided why not just get one of each? Or better yet a 55 which makes both 57's look like an open septic tank---from a very biased view.