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  1. I had my 430 out to replace the manifolds. The oil pan bolts were amazingly loose. It might help some...
  2. A commitment to the marque. Tough to drive a Ford after that tat...
  3. Definitely shows a commitment...
  4. Header question

    Sorry - I can't help you on the '63. I have TA headers on my '67. I don't think they had that same note. They're really nicely constructed, but mine interfered with the steering box (inside the frame) and I had to heat them and dent them to clear. Other 2nd gen Riv owners told me they had a similar experience. If you don't get an answer here, I've gotten some good performance-type information at
  5. '67 with a "custom" paint job... Nice looking '72 for 12k: '63 that needs more than a little attention:
  6. EmTee - It was a pleasure meeting you on Saturday. I'm glad I got to see your '67. I'm a little bummed that I couldn't be there on Sunday too. Work really cramps my style. Oh well, a September motorcycle ride across New England was fun, but I was hoping to have the shark ready for the trip. I got the frame welded and the headers in, but there was still too much buttoning-up to do. Next time. PS - remind me about those control arms...
  7. Hopefully some others will chime in. There's a variety of opinions on this. Try searching on shocks or springs, because I think there's already some threads on this.
  8. I put these Bilsteins in my '67. If you like it a little sportier, you'll like these. '71 part numbers OPG stocked mine, along with some other places. I'd search on the part numbers. I ordered up the AC Delco heavy duty springs for my car. Rock Auto has all the spring specifications (wire diameter, number of coils, etc) and I found this helpful when making comparisons.
  9. Welcome. There's nailhead info to be found here also:
  10. Is that a steering wheel spinner on the shift handle?
  11. "Missed your birthday"! LOL. That's for sure...
  12. That's what I bought my Riv recently. This is the "good old days"...
  13. How Many Cars, How Many Buicks

    50 8 cars 1 Buick
  14. car fell on me last sunday

    I know you were referring to the 4-post lift, but I just have to throw 2 cents in on 2-post lifts - especially with the X-frame. I have a substantial Mohawk 2-post, but it grabs the frame near the centerline of the car. Even accounting for that, if I'm getting frisky under there, the nose is a little heavier and can start rocking. Two tons at 6 feet up is a lot of potential energy. I bought two of the tall vertical jack stands, and I think I'm going to buy two more. They're like motorcycle helmets - they seem expensive when you're buying them, but so cheap when you're really using them! Just to add: the brake lines don't look like that anymore!