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  1. At the bottom of this thread you can see what I did. I used the cheap NAPA mounts. They were close, and workable, but definitely not like original. Some people send out for revulcanization of their originals, but it's pricey.
  2. This should rustle some jimmies....
  3. I gotta say - someone must have done a lot of work and that came out very nice.
  4. I ordered up the Classic Tube set for my '67. First off - the stainless is not very forgiving. The pre-bent lines are good, but not perfect. Whereas steel or NiCopp will give a little to get that last move into the fitting, the stainless feels like you are nearing that "kink it" point much sooner. The long line is a real pain. It comes folded over once in the box so you have to try to figure out the proper un-bending to make it correct. I'm using a lift and it's still a pain threading the line through the X-frame and getting it oriented right. Might be easier on a frame-off. If I was going to do it again, I'd do NiCopp. Perhaps Classic Tube will offer pre-bent NiCopp someday.
  5. RoadShark

    Do you do your own work?

    I've done everything on a complete frame-off in the past. I'll likely do everything except upholstery and body work on this one. Time is the big issue...
  6. I had my 430 out to replace the manifolds. The oil pan bolts were amazingly loose. It might help some...
  7. A commitment to the marque. Tough to drive a Ford after that tat...
  8. Definitely shows a commitment...
  9. RoadShark

    Header question

    Sorry - I can't help you on the '63. I have TA headers on my '67. I don't think they had that same note. They're really nicely constructed, but mine interfered with the steering box (inside the frame) and I had to heat them and dent them to clear. Other 2nd gen Riv owners told me they had a similar experience. If you don't get an answer here, I've gotten some good performance-type information at
  10. '67 with a "custom" paint job... Nice looking '72 for 12k: '63 that needs more than a little attention:
  11. EmTee - It was a pleasure meeting you on Saturday. I'm glad I got to see your '67. I'm a little bummed that I couldn't be there on Sunday too. Work really cramps my style. Oh well, a September motorcycle ride across New England was fun, but I was hoping to have the shark ready for the trip. I got the frame welded and the headers in, but there was still too much buttoning-up to do. Next time. PS - remind me about those control arms...
  12. Hopefully some others will chime in. There's a variety of opinions on this. Try searching on shocks or springs, because I think there's already some threads on this.
  13. I put these Bilsteins in my '67. If you like it a little sportier, you'll like these. '71 part numbers OPG stocked mine, along with some other places. I'd search on the part numbers. I ordered up the AC Delco heavy duty springs for my car. Rock Auto has all the spring specifications (wire diameter, number of coils, etc) and I found this helpful when making comparisons.