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  1. 1990 electrical issue

    My best theory on it so far is that there's some kind of stray capacitance present when wire is connected to trunk lamp. And that it somehow causes something somewhere to go into oscillation or resonance.
  2. 1990 electrical issue

    Some of you may recall reading my complaints about my 90, door locks and trunk lid automatically going off repeatedly, to the extent it would kill the battery. The answer ? I unhooked the red wire that supplies electricity to the trunk lamp. Problem solved. No trunk light but i'm good with it.

    Just pick a geographical region having an area and determine the # of vehicles, then estimate the fuel consumption per vehicle, to arrive at an est. of all fuel burned. Then convert to Btu's or whatever's convenient and divide by the area of the selected region to arrive at a figure for the amount of heat per square unit of surface in the region. I bet its not that much compared to impinging solar radiation
  4. Meeting Barney Eaton this week

    Wish I were there. How's the farmers ? enough rain this year ? Barney is a walking Reatta encyclopedia :) Mine's been doing well, driving like a new car. I hope your Reatta never breaks down
  5. Transmission glitch ?

    Thank you. Maybe I will try a new modulator, b/c the cable looked good and tight. By the way, I took your suggestion from a while back and used wd40 to get the dealer sticker adhesive off the rear of the car, I used a .58 mm nylon guitar pick as a "scraper", it worked great.
  6. 1990 climate control

    If interested, you can obtain 99.9% isopropanol from electronics supply stores, such as Fry's electronics, its $8 for a quart.
  7. Transmission glitch ?

    On my 90, I'll be tooling around about 40 mph, and suddenly have a desire to go a little faster, so I make a torque request (press the gas pedal) and instead of going faster, the transmission shifts to the next higher gear, which gives me a bog, instead of more speed. arrgh I saw the youtube video of the fellow teaching how to adjust the transmission cable and haven't tried messing with that yet, and am wondering if perhaps it isn't something else. This sometimes happens at highway speed, I'll hit the gas to pass someone, but it bogs, the torque convertor locks and the rpms drop, giving me less torque than I want. I've been manually downshifting which works fine but I sense something somewhere is out of adjustment. I checked vacuum line to the modulator and by visual inspection all is well. So, I'm a bit befuddled !!
  8. This place had 4 Reatta

    Hey Barney, I have a rhetorical question for you..... If you woke up tomorrow and there was a Reatta in your yard with a signed title on the front seat, would you pursue criminal charges against the perpetrator, or just start ripping parts off it prior to calling a wrecker ?
  9. The authority on collector cars

    I agree Dave, as people have less money, once the old timers are gone, and as demographics change, I sense that prices will drop. What's the value of a 69 mustang in a third world country, like Michigan ? lol Its all going to depend on demand, and demand requires money, that people have less and less of it seems
  10. This place had 4 Reatta

    That's insane, sounds suspicious. As in.... how does a fire like that get started ?
  11. 1990 climate control

    Mine had the same problem. The contacts on the buttons are oxidized. The fix has been put up on these boards by Barney Eaton, and involves removing the unit. Then, cut strips of paper 1 cm wide and 5 cm long and soak them in a volatile solvent, such as a naphtha (Ronson lighter fluid) or mass airflow sensor cleaner, and insert the wet strip between the contacts, apply slight pressure to the switch as you pull the solvent-soaked paper back out. Repeat for each button switch. The paper I used was Post-It notes, it worked great
  12. '91 AC intermittent problem

    Check rpm gauge. AC compressor will not engage if the rpm gauge in the IPC is reading zero rpms with engine running. On mine I had intermittent electrical problem with ECM, that made rpm gauge read normally one minute when the engine was running, and then the next minute it went to zero rpm even though the engine was running. When the gauge went to zero rpm, the compressor would disengage. I posted about this but apparently nobody else ever observed it or made the connection, but I guarantee it is a real fact of correlation between rpm gauge on IPC display and whether or not AC compressor runs The fix for me was to replace ECM.
  13. Cruise control again

    My cc just stopped working also. It was fine about 3 weeks ago. Thanks for all the posts above, i think I'll go look for a vacuum leak. The yellow "cruise" light comes on, so maybe it will be an easy fix
  14. Reattas at the National meet

    Thanks for the photos Barney, I enjoyed
  15. You're right on about mechanic shops, they are looking for one of those type of eccentric bolts and yeah, our cars don't have it. LOL, someone trying to turn that camber lock bolt to adjust camber, yeah, they'd break it for sure not seeing it have any effect on the camber. Just have to explain it to them before they get in there. But, by the time I get it to the shop, I could have the job half done by then :) I figure the caster doesn't matter that much unless its really really off, but exactly how is that ever going to happen ?? I guess I'll measure it but really, you can eyeball it, I laid a lot of tile floors and walls without so much as a chalk line, lol. Toe shouldn't have changed much since tie rod ends go same length to knuckle and those new struts appear to be relatively precision-made, probably the oem supplier I wouldn't be surprised. Yee haw, now I can take a nice ride.