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  1. Dude, you're amazing and amazingly helpful always on so many topics. Given your surgery successes, I hereby nominate you as Chief Reatta Surgeon. Thanks for all you put up on here.
  2. Great thread here. Reattas are like "Camel Filters", remember the old TV commercials ? "They're not for everybody". Consider also the changing demographic in the States here - its not hard to predict that even the demand for '68 Camaro Rally Sports won't be increasing as we old americans die off. The "millenials" have no interest even in a GTO Judge model. If the Reatta didn't have such a cute curvy little butt and sleek side view, I would have gone for a porsche or whatever. Fact is, Reatta is probably one of the sexiest cars ever made. If I was a Jeep, I'd be doinking the Reatta every night. LOL.
  3. All the negativeness aside, once you've done something to the car, it won't need to be done again. I had to fix my AC, put new struts in, upgraded the ignition system module and coils, inspected the ground connections under the rug behind the seats, changed out the ECM module, put the magnet back in the camshaft sprocket, changed all fluids, new transmission filter, fuel filter. So far my headlamp covers work fine. Also, my ABS sensor wire leads are ok but the deal is, there's lots of parts that are getting hard to find. So hard, that I bought a second Reatta so I could rob parts from it as needed. I also had to replace my trunk latch solenoid. Also, my electronics would randomly lock and unlock the doors and trunk. I finally figured out accidentally, the reason. It turns out that after I disconnected the trunk illumination bulb from the circuit, all the weird electonic happenings stopped !! I like my car because its challenging.
  4. It'll be difficult to find a nearly 30 year old car that doesn't have any issues. Even if when you get it there are no issues, some issues will likely develop. I don't think these cars at this point in time are for owners who are unwilling to work on them, and also a lot of garage mechanic professionals are not motivated to learn about the idiosyncracies of these almost 30 year old vehicles. That's obviously just one man's opinio, take it for what its worth. If I had to pay someone to do all I've done on my 90 in the past year or so, the bill would have been around $5k on top of the purchase price. That said, the folks on here are knowledgeable for when issues pop up. Welcome to the forum, and good luck.
  5. When you say old car enthusiasts, do you mean car enthusiasts who are old, or enthusiasts of old cars ? Or both ? ok, just joshing you, thats a nice car. Welcome
  6. I've only seen it about 3 times. But I noticed the script on glovebox and running boards that says "Supercharged" appears to be of the same script as the Series II SC Riv's which came way later than 90. Also, my 90 has an airbag steering wheel and the SC 1990 model steer wheel appears from a different MY. I wasn't aware transmission issues are so huge on our cars until this thread.
  7. The transmission is near the very end of that video but I can't make out which trans it is
  8. Theres one dude out there with a SC Reatta, I think it was silver and supposed to be previously owned by a GM exec. I wonder what drivetrain is in that car....
  9. Wow, some great postings here. Sorry to hear about your trans issue. If it were me, I'd write down the various options and put a time figure next to each, like how many hours each potential path might take, then balance it against cost and what else I have going on in life. On a trans, I generally just buy a rebuilt that comes with a guarantee. If selling the car, its a great selling point that the trans is new. So, in a way, a rebuilt with a warranty would help you achieve your aim of selling the vehicle !!
  10. I drove a 93 vette for a decade and it was normal for operational coolant temp to be up to 237 deg. before the fans would kick on, that was the design spec
  11. Installed rear struts; weatherized the abs leads.
  12. The size of the molecules shouldn't matter at all, I think the issue stems mostly from R12 being used with mineral oil as a lubricant, wheras with 134a you're using a more polar lubricant, typically erythritol esters, and the issue is whether the o-ring material that is designed to withsttand non-polar mineral oil, will stand up to the more polar erythritol esters. Probably both are fine, when pure. But these systems, no matter how hard you try, will always contain or generate some water due to normal operation. Its the presence of water that causes/catalyzes o-ring decay. Another factor is the plasticizer used in the o-rings. There's always many factors most overlook, you have to be a good detective.
  13. there is a lot of misinfo out there, look at this link below, they have the illustrations for R12 and R134a reversed. If people don't know the difference between a methane and an ethane molecule, they should shut up about chem. R12 only has one carbon atom, 134a has two in a chain to which the F's are attached. Never trust an AC tech on chemistry, these guys come to my house trying to sell me new units everytime they come out and think they can pull one over on me, until I start talking like I know their shitt better than they do, then they get disappointed. I got my BS in that subject in 87 from Hope College, if it matters. As concerns my orifice tube, it is clear, just was replaced. If you look you will find compressors typically show high low side pressure right before they fail. So, mine's due any day now to pop. I think if you look into it further you can find the reason why high low side pressure is not always due to a clogged orifice tube.
  14. Thanks Barney, and everyone
  15. Thanks for that. Not only have "they" changed the gasoline so that it sucks, but they also took the zinc out of the motor oils. grrr. I run Harley Davidson motor oil in my John Deere lawn tractor