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  1. Engines that would "work" in the Reatta

    anybody know off the top of their head, what the largest intake valve size the combustion chambers will accommodate ? I tried looking it up but can't find anything
  2. 1991 Claret and Grey $1800 - must be rare?

    Darn, the good ones are always soooo farrr awayyyyy
  3. Intake air box 1990 Reatta

    $65, includes shipping in the continental USA.
  4. Engines that would "work" in the Reatta

    Somebody should pick a motor setup, and make a kit available to easify the swap to a better performing engine. From all the reading I've done, the best I can come up with is heads/ manifold, and clear the restriction out of the rear exh. manifold. Total gain maybe 35-40 ft. lbs. Anything more than that, is beyond my abilities. But, I'd shell out $2500 - $3k if there were a kit offered that would enable me to drop in a series II SC 3800, if it were plug n play.
  5. air cleaner top.

    I hit a deere recently, messed up the black polymeric housing in which the headlamp resides pretty badly, like broke into pieces. So, I got some steel window screen and cut several appropriately-shaped pieces of it and used them as reinforcements for the epoxy I'd had to use in several places. Amazingly, all the holes lined up to where they should !! So, I recommend reinforcing the epoxy, kinda like the screen acts like rebar. I wonder how it will hold up to the Texas heat.... we'll find out come april. Maybe I should be concerned how it holds up in the cold.... we'll find that out pretty quick here...
  6. 1992 Light Switch from a Riviera

    ok, I get it now. Get the Riv headlamp switch from the years you mentioned, and rob the pieces and parts out of its guts to use to rebuild the '90 headlamp switch. I'd be surprised if the internals aren't common btw the two
  7. 1995-1999 Riviera Wheel Center Cap

    I like those chrome Riv. wheels, had them on the first Riv I owned. Worst case, get the centercaps for the Riv, they look great and have a fancy R on them that matches the Reatta R, since they both start with an R, no lay person will ever know. But we will.... lol I think the orig. Riv. centers are hard to find though. Definitely the Reatta center caps won't match, they're too much of a matte finish
  8. What a Horible Shame

    Sorry if I upset anyone, i realize people are a lot more "sennnnsitive" than back in my day. Good luck !!
  9. Car cleaning tips

    Thanks. I have a spare extra second 1990 reatta in the barn, same color. I can take the fender off that one. I'm wondering if this is a 2 hour job, or a 12 hour job, to remove a front fender from a Reatta, because I obviously am the type of intuit person who plans ahead :) ps, I'm running on a Mac, I passionately dislike Microsoft products. :)
  10. Car cleaning tips

    Thanks Barney !! I hope you all have a good Thanksgiving. Given my recent deer encounter, I'm needing to remove the front left fender, I'm wondering how involved that is..... I'd create a new topic but my computer is outdated and doesn't interface well with this site, sometimes it lets me create new topics but 95% of the time it doesn't
  11. Performance Muffler Applications on Reattas

    No worries about the muffler. I hit a Deer last night doing about 50 when my headlights were on. It took off the headlamp piece that flips up and down, and a chunk out of the front left fender. Too bad, I enjoyed riding it. My next vehicle is going to be made of steel, with a huge deer-shredder on the grill
  12. Performance Muffler Applications on Reattas

    Well shucks, I need a muffler but am having rotten luck. I tried looking up Walker 18240 but it was discontinued. Then I looked for Walker 12265, but all I found was a perf muffler with 2.5 inch inlet and outlet. Then I checked rockauto and they don't list a muffler for a 90 Reatta at all !!
  13. 1990 electrical issue

    My best theory on it so far is that there's some kind of stray capacitance present when wire is connected to trunk lamp. And that it somehow causes something somewhere to go into oscillation or resonance.
  14. 1990 electrical issue

    Some of you may recall reading my complaints about my 90, door locks and trunk lid automatically going off repeatedly, to the extent it would kill the battery. The answer ? I unhooked the red wire that supplies electricity to the trunk lamp. Problem solved. No trunk light but i'm good with it.
  15. HURRICANE IRMA UPDATE 09/07/2017

    Just pick a geographical region having an area and determine the # of vehicles, then estimate the fuel consumption per vehicle, to arrive at an est. of all fuel burned. Then convert to Btu's or whatever's convenient and divide by the area of the selected region to arrive at a figure for the amount of heat per square unit of surface in the region. I bet its not that much compared to impinging solar radiation