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  1. ChrisWhewell

    Vexatious squeal no-more

    and moreover, the rear end of Reatta, all lit up, looks as "modern" as any modern car. In fact, the rear end look with all the light bulbs, remains to this evening, still ahead of its time. I'm seriously not a weird person, I never gambled or looked at dirty pics after about age 12, no drugs, drink very little, etc. but I must confess, I feel slightly compelled right now to go turn on the lights on the car and just look at the backside of it. i'm surprised no foreign outfit has copied it
  2. ChrisWhewell

    Vexatious squeal no-more

    Sometimes in traffic, when I want to look cool, I don't do a burnout (because she won't) but rather, just push the radio on button, and the antenna goes up. I know all others who witness it, are in awe at the sight of it, because, their fancy schmancy car can't do that, but mine can. !!
  3. ChrisWhewell

    Vexatious squeal no-more

    I totally love mine, long after I'm buried or vaporized, the body style of Reatta survives in the heart because it appeals to the deepest emotions. I'm sure once you've got the paint on, you'll be pleased. What an awesome car, and what awesome people we have on these forums who can recognize a true Gem. The rest of society is ... like a distributor that's rotated too much clockwise. i.e., retarded :)
  4. ChrisWhewell

    3800 Series II Supercharger Heads and Intake - Will it fit?

    I'm seriously considering it, I've driven supercharged Riv's the past 18 years, a little more guts in the Reatta would be great. But I don't want a lot of down time, I'd need it to be a fairly easy path, plug and play to the maximum amount permissible. Bolt on would be great. I'd pull the Series II and 4t65E out of the Riv and drop it in the Reat if not for computer box, trans control module, etc. I don't want to do extensive mods. If the BS / benefit ratio is too low, I'm out, I don't want to be a pioneer, I'm happy following the footsteps of others on this one. All I'm after is about a 50 ft lb. increase in Tq, and don't want to shatter the stock trans. I had a weak moment seeing that craiglist ad, a fantasy thought I could just bolt on a SC and be done with it. Maybe all I need for my goal is to get some old "pre-series I" heads and rework them and clear the rear manifold of its obstruction. I"m only looking for another 50 ft. lbs.
  5. ChrisWhewell

    3800 Series II Supercharger Heads and Intake - Will it fit?

    Thank YOU Ronnie !
  6. Question is, will this fit on my '90 , or are there engine block mis-match issues with Series II heads ? I would run low boost, maybe 6-7 psi. thanks !!
  7. ChrisWhewell

    Vexatious squeal no-more

    Vexatious. I love it, it was worth reading just for that word. Now, you'll get to hear the other squeals which that one was concealing :)
  8. ChrisWhewell

    Historical article: Reatta, born in 1982

    Thanks, didn't know this info. The model in the upper-right in the pics sure looks a lot like a 95-99 Riviera
  9. ChrisWhewell

    Wheel Alignment Shims

    To each their own. I did the same on my 98 Riv, came out dead nuts in spec on the machine. Pretty much, caster isn't going to be an issue. So you're left with camber and toe. Straighten the steering wheel, and just look at each wheel, separately from above, and together from the front from 20 feet away. For camber you need a buddy to tighten the bolts while you hold it where it needs to be. Toe is just a twist of the tie rod ends. This isn't rocket science.
  10. ChrisWhewell

    Can anyone put a name to these faces?

    The question that hit my mind was, "who is the mastermind among this bunch?" I'd say, its the one who is smiling the least.
  11. ChrisWhewell

    Wheel Alignment Shims

    lol, I have a good eye. I laid 1000's of square feet of tile on floors and walls, built my workshop also without ever snapping a chalk line. Same with wheel alignments, just look at the d&rn thing !! that's all anyone else is going to do, look at it. Its like Chevy Chase's character in Caddyshack told the kid about golfing, "be the ball" heh-heh
  12. ChrisWhewell

    Wheel Alignment Shims

    I took it to the shop for an alignment. When I did the struts, I "eyeballed" it in. the results of the alignment machine were that everything was dead nuts, except the toe on the left front, off 2 degrees. cost me 89 bucks to have the dude twist the inner tie rod arm a couple rotations.
  13. ChrisWhewell

    Wheel Alignment Shims

    Hi, a couple years ago I was buying something from Rock Auto, and they were having a close-out special on shims for rear wheel alignment. So I bought a bunch of them, they were super cheap. Also got a camber bolt kit for the front. But..... I saw a lot of posts about how the rear alignment isn't adjustable. And I'm wondering about the camber bolt kit... I mean, the parts say on their packaging they're for Reatta.... but I've seen contradicting info. I guess I'm just wondering if anyone's ever used shims on the rear wheel alignment, or the camber bolt kit on the front. Camber bolt kit is Moog K6378.
  14. ChrisWhewell

    Wheel bearing ??

    :) Yes, after I was done. :)
  15. ChrisWhewell

    Wheel bearing ??

    Okee dokey, I drove the car and turned right, and it got louder so assumed it was left bearing. Changed left bearing, it helped a little but noise still there. Removed right frnt wheel bearing and yep, its shot, pretty bad. So after this morning I'll have two new wheel bearings, struts are < 1 yr old, brakes are fresh. Should be good to go for a little while. Front bearings are easy, I had them off the car in like 15 minutes.