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  1. This place had 4 Reatta

    Hey Barney, I have a rhetorical question for you..... If you woke up tomorrow and there was a Reatta in your yard with a signed title on the front seat, would you pursue criminal charges against the perpetrator, or just start ripping parts off it prior to calling a wrecker ?
  2. The authority on collector cars

    I agree Dave, as people have less money, once the old timers are gone, and as demographics change, I sense that prices will drop. What's the value of a 69 mustang in a third world country, like Michigan ? lol Its all going to depend on demand, and demand requires money, that people have less and less of it seems
  3. This place had 4 Reatta

    That's insane, sounds suspicious. As in.... how does a fire like that get started ?
  4. 1990 climate control

    Mine had the same problem. The contacts on the buttons are oxidized. The fix has been put up on these boards by Barney Eaton, and involves removing the unit. Then, cut strips of paper 1 cm wide and 5 cm long and soak them in a volatile solvent, such as a naphtha (Ronson lighter fluid) or mass airflow sensor cleaner, and insert the wet strip between the contacts, apply slight pressure to the switch as you pull the solvent-soaked paper back out. Repeat for each button switch. The paper I used was Post-It notes, it worked great
  5. '91 AC intermittent problem

    Check rpm gauge. AC compressor will not engage if the rpm gauge in the IPC is reading zero rpms with engine running. On mine I had intermittent electrical problem with ECM, that made rpm gauge read normally one minute when the engine was running, and then the next minute it went to zero rpm even though the engine was running. When the gauge went to zero rpm, the compressor would disengage. I posted about this but apparently nobody else ever observed it or made the connection, but I guarantee it is a real fact of correlation between rpm gauge on IPC display and whether or not AC compressor runs The fix for me was to replace ECM.
  6. Cruise control again

    My cc just stopped working also. It was fine about 3 weeks ago. Thanks for all the posts above, i think I'll go look for a vacuum leak. The yellow "cruise" light comes on, so maybe it will be an easy fix
  7. Reattas at the National meet

    Thanks for the photos Barney, I enjoyed
  8. You're right on about mechanic shops, they are looking for one of those type of eccentric bolts and yeah, our cars don't have it. LOL, someone trying to turn that camber lock bolt to adjust camber, yeah, they'd break it for sure not seeing it have any effect on the camber. Just have to explain it to them before they get in there. But, by the time I get it to the shop, I could have the job half done by then :) I figure the caster doesn't matter that much unless its really really off, but exactly how is that ever going to happen ?? I guess I'll measure it but really, you can eyeball it, I laid a lot of tile floors and walls without so much as a chalk line, lol. Toe shouldn't have changed much since tie rod ends go same length to knuckle and those new struts appear to be relatively precision-made, probably the oem supplier I wouldn't be surprised. Yee haw, now I can take a nice ride.
  9. I put it all back together, passenger front camber is right at zero. Drivers side looks to be about 4 deg. positive, so I have to re-do that side. LOL, I lightly dinged the brake sensor during the process and also, the car being jacked in the front I naturally used the parking brake. But forgot the parking brake was on. When I started it up I saw the feared red brake warning light, ugh, I thought I did a damage, but then remembered to release the emerg. brake. Whew. I took it for a spin, it drove straight and when I hit the brakes it stopped straight also. Its nice to finally have all four new struts on, the car rides a lot nicer
  10. We can measure the angle that the brake rotor face is tilted; its position in the air right now looks to be about 2-3 degrees positive camber. The question is, once the wheels are put on the the front end is lowered, how much will the camber be changed from the spring compression ? If it were a known constant that the angle changed x degrees, then it should be possible to set the proper camber with the wheels off and the front end jacked up by the frame.
  11. I just changed the final strut up front. Car on jackstands both wheels off. Looking at this: . Step 4. After step 4, I don't think its an option to alter the position of the camber bolt. In the fsm the camber bolt has a torque spec. Its purpose is to hold things tight and in position after camber is adjusted. Of the two strut-to-knuckle bolts, the lower one functions as a pivot, the upper bolt being the clamping lock. Once the new strut is in, I grab th brake rotor at top and bottom, and move the joint of knuckle to strut to get a feel of its complete amount of total possible travel. Then go to the middle where it looks and feels "good", then I tighten the top clamping bolt, then the lower one. No camber position is going to be at either ends of the extremeties of travel of that joint, and when you're holding it moving it up and down, you can kind of "feel" where it "wants to be". The last step is to tighten the camber adjustment bolt to 7 foot-lbs, its there for stability. The camber adjustment is set in stone by the two clamping bolts.
  12. 3800 V6 Series question

    That's pretty slick, makes me want one
  13. Woo hoo, it was only 98 degrees today so I decided to change out that second front strut. I used the Ronnie method on the spring, except my vise is a piece of fertilizer, so I had to do it when the rig was on the floor. Just went slowly and cautiously, the whole deal took about an hour, getting it back in is harder than getting it out but at least I didn't over-extend the CV joint this time. Hurray, I finally have all new struts in. Next is wheel alignment, I'm hoping to do it myself, I never had much luck with mechanics. Well, my sweat glands are in good shape that's for sure
  14. I don't have the service manual for my 90, wish I had one. So I use the one from my 98 riviera. On a 100 degree day of low humidity it states the AC discharge air temperature is 54-60 degrees. Since they're both 134a systems (assuming your reatta has been converted), that probably represents a best case scenario. For the same outdoor temperature but with high humidity, the book says 63-69 degrees. After passing through all the ductwork, if its delivering 72 F air on a 100 degree day, I'd suggest its working well. I think my Reatta delivers about 68 degree air when its 100 outside here in Texas. If you get the operating pressures correct, that's the best you can do I believe. . . Hey, question for the knowledgeable folk - is the orifice tube any different on a 90 Reatta originally designed for R12 as compared to a 98 Riv that had 134a from the factory ?? It might seem logical they would be different since they're for OEM different refrigerant gases. IF SO, then an AC trick for my 90 that's been converted, might be to install an orifice tube from the 98 Riviera's system....
  15. My Cruise Control Surgery

    Dude, you're amazing and amazingly helpful always on so many topics. Given your surgery successes, I hereby nominate you as Chief Reatta Surgeon. Thanks for all you put up on here.