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  1. ChrisWhewell

    Code 41 Engine Control - Throttle Body Senssor

    Wow, thanks. I currently have an intermittent 041 code. My heart sank when I read it, since I replaced the magnet 2 years ago. But, if I turn off the engine and restart it, the 041 goes away. Also, my AC will cut out unexpectedly, whenever it wants to. Answer is to turn off engine, and re-start. The problem I have is the ECM, I got it out of a second 1990 Reatta I owned. My original ECM had a fault, that the rpm gauge would not work, and when the rpm gauge doesn't work, the AC compressor will not kick on. So, I swapped the ECM from my spare car to the one I like best. It fixed the rpm gauge 100%. But, my instrument panel, once in a while now, goes black and gives the ERROR. Fix that by turning off the motor and re-starting. So basically, my car inherited the ECM faults in the one I'd swapped from the other '90. Who in the world would ever have imagined the rpm gauge not working, would not allow the compressor to kick on ?? So, I believe anything's possible on these cars re electrical issues. My knock sensor is reading in the 500 knocks range constantly, I diagnosed everything as in the manual's suggestion, the conclusion is a bad ECM. I'd like to replace it if I knew I could find one that is totally functional
  2. ChrisWhewell

    Looking at a 91 questions

    91 year model is most desirable, to me at least. The cup holder is the deal maker. But, I also like the braking system on the 91's. As soon as one comes up near me with low mileage and at the right price, I'm grabbing it. I realize this may take years, but that's ok. The 1999 supercharged Riv. I just got with 40k on it, I spent 6 years looking for !! Buicks are awesome, some of the best engineers in the trade... I think my 99 Riv. is my all-time favorite, but still love driving Ms. Reatta. Just need to find a reliable ECM for it. Get the 91 for sure, you can always drive it down thisaway and sell it to me.....:)
  3. ChrisWhewell

    Looking at a 91 questions

    Find something wrong with it, and get them down 500, shouldn't be hard to do, esp if you pull out a wad of $ 100 bills. I've noticed people seem to react to piles of green paper differently than they do to words. Maybe run the codes in in on-board diagnostics, something is certain to show up in history at least. Alternately, if price is firm, ask for a 90 day warranty on drivetrain, all dealers typically give that as a default anyway
  4. ChrisWhewell

    Do you like very large engines ?

    96 LT4 vette is good, the epitome of reverse-cooling production motors. Meantime, I'm going off on a limb here...... anybody ever see a Reatta with a Diesel in it ?
  5. Trademark Infringement !! Probably some un-creative real estate developer was boggling their mind over what to call their new neighborhood they created from what used to be a cotton field, and just in the nick of time, I pulled out in front of them after gassing up my 90. The rest is history.... Everybody in that neighborhood should receive a postcard, congratulating them that their community was named after my car. hahaha What's next ?? Toronado Estates ? Riviera Terrace ? Skylark Mountain sounds mysterious.... :)
  6. ChrisWhewell

    knock sensor

    I'll get to it after october I guess, have other vehicles and if the Reatta is retarded (ign timing), I can deal with it. I suspect most of us have experience dealing with things other than ignition systems which are retarded :) Maybe someday I'll be able to appreciate the full acceleration potential of the LN3, its a bucket list thing at this point.
  7. ChrisWhewell

    knock sensor

    According to FSM, I need to check if the mem-cal is properly installed. How about, if the mem-cal is NOT properly installed, what other systems might I expect to see erratic or faults with ? Thinking, if I'm going to go digging the ECM out, I might as well put a new mem-cal in while I'm down there. Golly, where does one get a new mem-cal ?
  8. ChrisWhewell

    knock sensor

    Good for you !! It sounds like a success. quick question, did your computer indicate a code 043 ? Mine didn't, and I think it should have.
  9. ChrisWhewell

    knock sensor

    Yeah, I hate going under jacked-up cars, I put mine on a jack stand for this job on passenger side only, but also kept the floor jack snug on the body, in case for some reason the chinese steel in the jack stand decides to take a permanent vacation. Once you know where the sensor is at, you can later feel your hand down there when the vehicle is on the ground. My next step will be to locate the YD9 terminal on the ECM, and check the continuity in the wire between YD9 and the connector of the knock sensor. With luck, there's an open or short in that wire. Otherwise, I need to find a replacement ECM. Hey AZVet, did you have good luck after you put in the new Knock Sensor ?
  10. ChrisWhewell

    knock sensor

    not exactly the smartest connector, in my opinion. Has a male rod that goes into a hole in the knock sensor, but looks like mr. male rod of the connector might not have the girth fo make good contact with internal walls of female hole on knock sensor. Ugh. maybe I can get a piece of copper foil in there
  11. ChrisWhewell

    knock sensor

    Correction. With Ign On, I now read 4.9v at the knock sensor connector. Problem was, one of my voltmeter wires has an open in it, discovered that when replacing a rechargeable battery in another device, couldn't get voltmeter to read 1.5 v on a battery that was brand new. Next in the sequence is to check the connector itself, make sure it is contacting the knock sensor contact. If so, next step is to remove ECM and check memcal to make sure it is properly seated in ECM. If so, then replacement of memcal is the remedy, according to the FSM. Maybe the problem is just the connector if I am "lucky."
  12. ChrisWhewell

    knock sensor

    checked FSM, it is CKT 496. First test in flow chart is "ign. on" and then measure for voltage in ckt 496 which is basically disconnect connector from knock sensor and measure from there to ground. My reading was zero volts. Chart next indicates this means either 1) ckt 496 is grounded, 2) ckt 496 is open or 3) ECM is bad. Something also mentioned in FSM about a "pull up resistor" which should be present at the knock sensor terminal, YD9. I can't remember seeing a resistor there when I swapped the ecm last year. its all on page 8D1-54, 55 of my book. but my book is not the full FSM, it is the "New product information" version, but I adjudge it to be accurate.
  13. ChrisWhewell

    knock sensor

    Well, here's the fun part..... I disconnect the lead to the knock sensor, fire up the motor, and ED 17 is unaffected, it still reads 9999. So, some open wire somewhere ? but why no code 043 ?? Befuddled.....
  14. ChrisWhewell

    knock sensor

    well, I'm in trouble now ! Installed new knock sensor, and ED 17 still reads 9999 at idle. It intermitently drops into 3000 and 5000 range, and for a half a second might read 100. No code 043, so presumably CKT 496 is at its proper voltage btw. 1.5v and 3.5v. ugh, maybe its an ecm snafu
  15. ChrisWhewell

    knock sensor

    Thanks ! I'll take you up on that ! Please let me know when is a good time to drop by ....