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  1. 29 Chrysler 65 oil filter

    The '29 model is way too advanced for me. Fancy braking systems, engine torque rod, sophisticated pulley system for the generator and whatever that thing is that Sasha39 is asking about. I bet its even got Bluetooth. I'll stick with my simple '28...:)
  2. 29 Chrysler 65 oil filter

    I've noticed that both the engine bays in the posted pics above do not have a brake reservoir pump handle. The '29 and above models do not need to be pressurised?
  3. Compression on 1927 Chrysler/50

    Yep, you're over thinking it. Which I usually do as well.
  4. Compression on 1927 Chrysler/50

    Think of it this way. Where does the other side of the coil go to? The points contact then to ground/earth.
  5. SCAM ALERT !!!

    If you haven't already, can you ask Wal-Mart to give you video footage of the person who has picked up the cash?
  6. My 33 Plymouth 189ci rebuild

    Doh! No listing for a '28 Chrysler...:(
  7. My 33 Plymouth 189ci rebuild

    I'd imagine those VE figures are for a OHV engine with better cam profiles, the flathead would be less than 80% if not less than 75%. Unless you are willing to do a fair bit of valve and porting work, and cam re-profiling then I would stick with increasing your CR to gain the extra oomph you are chasing.
  8. 1932 Plymouth

    Make your own pan gasket from a cork sheet.
  9. How do you handle an unsolicited offer?

    That's not how you negotiate.
  10. Chrysler

    That switch under the fedco plate, what does it turn on/off?
  11. Carter BB-1 fuel leak

    Yep, that's where carbking recommends. Its a vacuum port that you can use to tune the carb as well. Same place as mine.
  12. Chrysler

    It looks to be like my 1927-28 series 62 sedan.
  13. Thanks spinney, I will check the casting number on the BB1 and hopefully someone will identify it. What would be the difference between a marine and auto carb? Jetting? Probably smaller pump? I would have thought that the jetting would be larger on a marine carb.
  14. Did the carb swap today, it was actually a JR2, not a JR5 Tillotson, my grey matter is getting greyer. After a hiccup with the starter motor and some fine tuning of the Tillotson, she is now burning rubber like a F1 car. Well almost. After making sure it was at full engine temp., took her for a 10 minute drive and I am glad to say the problem was totally non existent. It actually really liked the Tillotson, had noticeably more get up and go than the BB1. Probably more to do with my tuning capabilities of the BB1... I will do more testing tomorrow and look further into the Carter BB1.
  15. Yeah sorry, I should have mention the vehicle in concern. Its the green machine in my profile pic, '28 Chrysler. Its not a fuel octane or ethanol issue. Ethanol gets blamed for almost every problem in old cars, I feel sorry for poor ethanol, not that I use it. I fill up from the same servo every time. I do agree with your octane comments. The problem definitely (maybe) is more noticeably at higher constant speed. But non existent at idle, partial or full throttle situations. I will try my another carb (JR5 Tillotson) to see if the issue is still present. This should eliminate the carb or ignition.