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  1. The first Toyota Prius rolled out of the factory 20 years ago last week, so another 5 years we will talk about the antique Prius...:)
  2. I am not sure about battery manufacturing puts the EV in the 'non green' column. Batteries will be (are being) recycled of their raw materials. Battery tech. will obviously evolve and improve as demand increases in the next 20 years and beyond. Totally agree, but our societies have evolved in such away that we rely and expect freedom of moment at will. It would be easier to make people believe in flying elephants to change existing expectations and wants. But yes, population growth is the real and big problem.
  3. Even if all electric vehicles were powered from a coal power station, they would still be more efficient than an ICE powered vehicle.
  4. Info re asbestos on 56 Buick

    UP side is that it will increase the value of the vehicles already here in OZ...:) Down is that some parts maybe a challenge to import.
  5. Info re asbestos on 56 Buick

    If manual transmission, most likely the clutch plate. Do you have a potential buyer from the land of Oz?
  6. Brake band arc-ing

    Sorry guys, I should have defined the problem better. The problem is that the band is not conforming to the drum, they are bowing in the middle of the band which was making it impossible to adjust an even space between the friction material and the drum. My thought process is to use the gal strip as a spacer between the band and the drum while having the band tight against it and keeping it there for a few days to hope it would bend/conform the band to the shape of the drum. I'll take a pic of the rears to show the how bad it is. Regarding the friction material, it is like a woven material but glued on.
  7. Yes, it was just an example of the distribution. The existing setup is left/right and not front/back. Regardless, if there is a major leak anywhere - no brakes. If I was to go for a dual circuit MC I will change the piping so it is front/back setup.
  8. painting car parts with a brush

    Search POR-15
  9. Brake band arc-ing

    Arc the band to the shape of the drum....
  10. Will this work, or am I wasting my time? I intended to leave it squeezed (band adjustment nut is tightened) between the drum and band for a few days. Its a strip of galvanized roof truss bracing that is about 0.040" (1mm) thick and almost the same width as the band.
  11. The below is a pic of the two systems as a schematic, I have just indicated an arbitrary force required;
  12. I would have thought the force required would be dependent on the friction required at the brake bands.What happens in between would not matter, unless there is a leverage involved.
  13. 1929 Chrysler 65 engine removal

    Its at the machinist waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, etc. My hopes for it to be ready by xmas is fading...:( We've go to catch up when you're next up here in the sunny state.
  14. 1929 Chrysler 65 engine removal

    Drag files here to attach, or choose files... Max file size 125MB Hey @Sasha39, what is that black hose that runs along the top of the water jacket covers from the firewall to the front of the engine? A conduit for the generator wiring? Apologies to Vintageben for the hi-jack.
  15. preferred hand cleaner

    I use de-greaser (not sure what that is doing to my skin, I buy it by the 20L drum) first then SolVol hand cleaner, again buy it in large quantity .