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  1. So you did go for the electronic ignition after all.
  2. Doh! Thanks mate. Good luck with moving the rest of your stock.
  3. One complete stop/tail light and lens only for 1928 Chrysler? Like these.
  4. Try your local Jaycar electronics store, will be less than 10 bucks. I use to manager one, it looks familiar.
  5. Hey mate, is there anything you don't have? lol We should swap places. You spend more time in Brisbane and I need all the parts you have in your shed....:) I'm still building this shed, so I might get in contact in April, hopefully.
  6. Thanks gents for the informative input, much appreciated. I was hoping someone with an parts/interchange book would chime in, thanks. Makes sense that a 65 would be very similar, if not the same as my 62.
  7. The only thing that is no good on this beautiful Pontiac is the VIC plates. Surely the fog lights will be useful in the Gippsland winter? They look awesome by the way.
  8. A 72? I dream of the day that the Mopar gods give me a 72. I only have lowly 62...:( Is there are difference between 72 and my 62? Do you mean the complete front end axle assembly from left wheel to the right wheel? Or, just the stub axles, hubs with brake parts, wheels? I prefer not to do this type of alteration, but my car is a 'working car', so gets used in hail, rain or shine.
  9. Thanks Keiser. That is what I am curious to know, are the axles the same or different dimensions? I am sure someone has compare them.
  10. Does the pick up have an arrow on it? If so, make sure its pointing the correct way. For negative ground, pointing towards spark plug. For positive ground, pointing towards distributor.
  11. WoW! It goes up higher than I thought they did. Congratulations! Looks perfect.
  12. Would anyone know if its an easy swap from the 28 contracting brake drum wheels stub axle to 29 - 30 internal expanding brake drum wheels stub axle? Contracting brakes don't stop much in the rain....
  13. I have trouble believing any business can run profitably for less than 20% markup. In Australia, the dealers have a 'rebate' based on volume and targets that the factory would set for the month, this is what determines profitability for most dealers. Yes, the add-ons, finance, servicing, spare parts, and other profit making parts of the business make a huge difference to their profitability just as much as selling a car. But at the end of the day, if you don't move a car, you don't have an add-on, financing, etc. Agree with others, last day of the month is a great time to negotiate. And also look out for the slow moving models that the factory has a sale on, often advertised aggressively to clear. These sales are often too good to pass up. Don't be shy to still negotiate.
  14. Spot on. When you're checking your timing with a timing light, make sure the little arrow on the pick up is pointing towards the distributor (not the spark plug) on the #1 spark plug lead.