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  1. maok

    misc 30 plymouth and 30 chrysler parts

    You don't happen to have a Chrysler tail light lens?
  2. When I am doing wedding gigs, people (old blokes) often come up to me and say 'Do you own it?' and I reply by saying ' I am just a custodian who enjoys and looks after it for the next generation.' Do you really own it?
  3. maok

    ‘29 DeSoto hub cap wanted

    Try this bloke, he is on the good side of the globe as well...:)
  4. maok

    Where to buy Penrite water pump grease

    You can get it on ebay from the UK. Even here in Oz its a special order item from Auto parts suppliers. I use it and it works well.
  5. maok

    Pre War Cars - how fast is fast?

    This is also a century - 100kph 😉
  6. Mate, you are so lucky, it could have been a lot worse at 85k/h. Especially if it was up here in the sunny state, some crazy drivers up here. I feel your pain though. It looks like you wont be bored for the near future.
  7. Type the model number of your distributor into Pertronix site and see if there is one available that just bolts on. If not, you can modify a 4 cylinder 12volt positive ground Pertronix unit to work with your distributor.
  8. maok

    Million $$$$ Beetle

    Maybe the original Herbie or the 1st off the production Beetle may fetch $1m but WoW! It doesn't even have a weber on it...🙄
  9. Yep, you're over thinking it cricket. Because you have jammed the timing chain with the generator sprocket, you have no choice but to pull the crank bolt and balancer off then take the timing cover off and check to see that you haven't damaged the chain. Its unlikely that it is damaged but there is only one way to find out.
  10. maok


    @brasscarguy How many electric cars has MB and Jaguar have built? Where will they get the batteries? If Tesla did not make electric cars, the others would be stalling for decades more.
  11. maok


    @Ronnie even it you charge an EV from the most dirties coal powered electricity, it is still more efficient and less polluting than a petrol power vehicle. Why? A petrol powered vehicle only converts 25-30% of the fuel to movement, where as an electric motor is about 90% but probably down to 50-60% with losses in transmission of the power to the charging point, losses in charging the batteries and in delivering the power from the batteries to the electric motor/s. But the future will bring more and more renewable energy production to the grid.
  12. maok

    So whom would you sell it to?

    Highest offer?
  13. maok

    Duesenberg watching

    Are the whitewalls too much for you....🙄
  14. Thanks @thehandleman I hope lady luck is on my side. Does your one have 'Chrysler' on the top of the bucket?
  15. maok

    Headlight bulbs

    Here you go;