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  1. My '28 manual calls the level the 'hand brake' but deep in the manual, the drum assembly is referred to as the 'emergency brake'. Both terms are probably for most people, interchangeable. User Manual page 69.pdf User Manual page 69.pdf
  2. WoW! You must have a great battery, being able to crank for that long.
  3. I wouldn't worry about the magneto as yet. Clean the plugs and see how it starts with the small plug gap. The plugs look to be very rich, may need to play with the main jet screw. I think your starting issues maybe the wide plug gaps and mixture being too rich. But it could also be timing, ie too advanced, as another issue in the mix.
  4. Try .025" for the gaps and work your way up to .030" when you verify you timing/ignition is correct. Do you have pic of the plugs?
  5. Out of this world. Thank you so much for sharing, made my day. I have never seen it. And they didn't rod it...:)
  6. Have a play with the idle jet screw. screw it all the way in then back it out 1 to 2 turns.
  7. I use Penrite T250 for the trans and diff. Its very think, almost like honey. If you overfill, it will take longer to get to operating temp. and gear changes will very stiff and crunch, especially from 1st to 2nd. The Penrite water pump grease is excellent. Its more like a wax structure than grease.
  8. I prefer to use ' Start Ya Bastard'
  9. Are you running an electric fuel pump? If so, you will need a fuel pressure regulator between the pump and carb. If not, then check the needle&seat, and float level. You are probably over thinking the problem(/s) at hand. Most problems are ignition related then carb related.
  10. Yeah I was just showing off with the triple SU's Wilf not being serious. But you could go for a two barrel manifold (readily available) and place a simple but very suitable Holley 350. Or a weber 32/36 or similar.
  11. Seeing as you are just down the road from the UK, why not go this way....
  12. Leeroy, being an updraft carbie you will get fuel dripping from the bottom of the carb if it doesn't start straight away. There should be a small drain hole. I would recommend that you pull the choke fully and then try to start it when cold. If you are familiar with any carbie, you wont have much trouble with that one, they are very simple to clean and make new gaskets for it.
  13. Show us a pic, you from the non convict state.
  14. Sorry, I should have been a bit more clear in my response;
  15. I think you have discovered that you have to choke the hell out of it to start it when not at running temp. I'm in Brisbane, even I have to use the choke to start.