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  1. New high zinc oil in the stores

    AY-MEN! Stick with the recommended weight (the winter weight on multi-vis oil doesn't count), unless you have low oil pressure. Putting 50 weight in an engine designed for 30 just loads the pump up with stress & starves the bearings. If the engine is worn enough that it's showing low oil pressure, it's time to step up to a heavier oil.
  2. 1985 LeSabre Trunk Light

    Pretty sure my '82 still had the mercury switch in the fixture itself. I could be wrong, I've slept once or twice since then (1998), but I spent a lot of time in that trunk...
  3. 1956 Buick 4 Barrel Dynaflow cam specs

    What's the history/source of the cam that was analyzed?
  4. 1954 Buick Club Authenticated Skylark

    I guess, "Has been authenticated by the buick club car is 99% all there," would mean it's a 396 point car? It would be nice if his grammar and photos were 99% there...
  5. Towing with an Enclave - Anybody done it

    Don't get hung up on RPM. I drive all day long down the highway at 3500+ RPM. Big deal, the engine was designed for it. Turning it slower and using more throttle is actually worse, from a mileage standpoint and internal heat damage. Spinning a SBC at that speed is a different story, but that's not what what we are taking about. Pushrod V8 architecture is completely different than the "high feature" engines, so applying old school generalities to modern powerplants is not really fair. I saved money in fuel and insurance when I sold my '03 Sierra and bought the Vue - which I have abused sorely over the last 13 years. Obviously, your mileage may vary...
  6. Towing with an Enclave - Anybody done it

    True. I'd rather tow my camper with my Vue than with my '83 Scottsdale (305/Q-jet). I know, because I've done both.
  7. Towing with an Enclave - Anybody done it

    The max weight of my camper is 3500 pounds, which is the max capacity of my Vue (which is smaller than an Enclave). I bought this Vue new in 2004, and have been pulling trailers since day 1 as I was running a mowing business at the time. I'm at 308k today. I did just break a rear sway bar link yesterday, but I doubt that has anything to do with trailering. I'm still on my original brake shoes back there. Stability is more about how the trailer is loaded than anything else. I usually run with a sway-bar, but it tows fine without it. I've also got electric brakes on the camper, so stopping is never a problem.
  8. Towing with an Enclave - Anybody done it

    Depends on what you are towing, because areo is a big factor. My Vue has a 2.2 4 cylinder, and the drive from the keys was pretty nice, even on the two Lane blacktop of Georgia and Alabama. However, the aerodynamic brick of my 3500 pound camper is a bit much for it unless we have a good tailwind. Based on my experience with this rig, I'd think an Enclave would do just fine. Yeah, the mileage may not be any better than a truck, but if you have seven passengers, they'll be much more comfortable.
  9. I flogged the daylights out of an '82 307 back in the '90s. Great motor. If you find a well-cared for example of any '80s GM car and it has the original bumper fillers in place, don't expect them to last long. Some replacements out there are vinyl, some are fiberglass, and I've seen some Grand National guys welding some up out of stainless for the Regals. It's pretty much a given that 35 years seems to be the limit, even on garage-kept cars.
  10. Prices slashed - Dynaflow and other NOS and used parts

    Yeah, I've been eyeballing that park dog.
  11. 364 Nailhead carb for compression check?

    Stromberg WWs were used on many makes & models back then. While the Buick version was unique because of the throttle start system, I'd bet that any WW would work with minor adaptation. There were two different 2bbls used in '56, but I only remember the Stromberg because that's what we have. The other was probably a Rochester, but I don't recall the model.
  12. Ethanol resistant fuel line

    30R9 is supposed to be fine, too. True story: Gates once made a batch of vacuum hose, but labeled it as 200psi fuel hose. We say replace it every 7 years, but this stuff was cracking out & leaking after 2 or 3 with only gravity pressure 100LL behind it.
  13. Salvage Yard GT

    Just checked the inventory list, and it looks like it has gone to the crusher, sorry.
  14. Favorite Pictures of My Post War Buick

    Ugh... I hate it when ugly things creep into the background. Here, I helped you out a little: If I get a chance, I'll slip a Sparty on that front tag for ya! 😁
  15. 1956 Roadmaster Carburetor or fuel pump issues

    Sounds like a charging system problem. It should not drain the battery while idling.