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  1. SpecialEducation

    1937 Buick hub caps, free for postage, set of 4

    I'll trade you some '56 bumper brackets for them...
  2. SpecialEducation

    Contacting the original owner

    If you bought the car from them, it would be different, but being a trade in to a dealership, they are probably irritated that you even have their name & number. I would be. If they had sounded like they wanted to be helpful, I’d call them back. If I was the PO, I would have ended the conversation with something like, “I’ll see what I can do.” Then I’d do this:
  3. SpecialEducation

    Use Of Premium Fuel

    It’s been touched on, but I’ll hit it again. Stay away from ethanol. There are 2 major issues with it: 1. It will degrade your soft parts. You’ll buy more fuel pumps if you feed it moonshine. 2. Ethanol is hygroscopic. It will absorb water out of the air, which will separate out of the gasoline and settle at the low points. Older cars weren’t as corrosion resistant, and the more the car sits, the more this becomes an issue. As I’m betting your ‘55 is not your daily driver, it’s more likely to be mixing up a little scotch & water when you’re not around.
  4. Most people aren't equipped to measure amp draws that high. Running a 30 amp generator at 35 amps could overheat it to the point that you start melting the solder inside. Buying a new regulator and assuming it's set correct from the factory is also a mistake. Our old regulator was corroded and the points mostly burnt up, so we bought a new one. Installed it on the car, and it didn't work. The reverse cut-out would turn the generator off if the voltage dropped below 14.4v. Thanks for nothing! https://www.facebook.com/1956Buick/photos/a.568738759868333/568738993201643/?type=3&theater
  5. SpecialEducation

    Why doesn't the Reatta have steel front fenders?

    Same reason Saturns had metal hoods & trunk lids. They are structural and are under a lot of stress, where fenders just sit there and look pretty.
  6. I bought something similar to this for the job, just before switching to an alternator... https://www.ebay.com/itm/US-DC-100V-10-50-100A-Voltmeter-Ammeter-LED-Dual-Digital-Volt-Amp-Meter-Gauge-/253530841811
  7. Voltage regulator has 3 functions: 1. Voltage regulation (duh?) 2. Reverse current cut-out. 3. Ampere limiter. The service manual tells how to set/check these functions on the car, but you have to have a 30 amp ammeter to do it.
  8. SpecialEducation

    Cleaning glass with steel wool?

    I use green ScotchBrite pads on glass all the time. Never had an issue.
  9. SpecialEducation

    Antennae is bent

    Common GM part. I get them from the local self service yard fir about $15.
  10. SpecialEducation

    Need a engine 1988 Buick Reatta

    Yeah, even a LeSabre or Park Avenue in that year range will do it.
  11. SpecialEducation

    700R4 to nailhead hookup

    I have not myself, but many have. Here's one source: https://www.transmissionadapters.com/53-66_nailhead.htm
  12. SpecialEducation

    Wtb 1956 Buick dog dish hubcap clips

    Have you checked Auceco?
  13. SpecialEducation

    Aftermarket radio

    If I was going to put anything other than a Delco in the ‘90, it would be the Retrosound Newport. I’ve not had one personally, and I find them a bit pricey, but I know several turbo Regal guys that love them.
  14. SpecialEducation

    What do you know about this Riviera

    I've seen a few Rivieras over the years that had stretched noses and sidemounts, and I've thought they looked pretty good. That's not the case here, though.
  15. SpecialEducation

    How remove rear seat base from 56?

    Yeah, and since our ‘56 has had a ‘55 back seat as long as we’ve had it, I know it’s the same.