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  1. Radio Capacitors

    Radio noise drive me nuts, but dad calls it "nostalgic."
  2. 1956 Buick Special hesitation issue

    I think "feathering" the throttle is the term you were looking for... Was a pressure regulator installed with the electric pump? Sounds like the pressure may be too high and it's flooding a little.
  3. No, it was a good show, It would have been great to see you. I'm just exhausted and still playing catch-up on all the things that were neglected for the show. I'll get pix up eventually. The Mid-America (KC area)folks posted some pix, though... https://www.facebook.com/midamericabuicks/
  4. Nope. I don't even want to think about car shows for a while.
  5. People keep asking how they can get one of our Wheatland All-Buick charity car show plaques, so here's your chance! Laser etched from a maple blank, this is a one-off award. There can be only one!!! As a bonus, we are throwing in a dash plaque from the show as well. 100% of the proceeds from this auction will go to Carpenter Place girls' home, the beneficiary of the Wheatland All-Buick Show. Bidding starts at $15 (US), the standard show registration fee, plus actual shipping. Your Buick may or may not be the prettiest, fastest, most original, or even a Buick at all, but if your pockets are deep enough, this award is for you! https://www.ebay.com/itm/162683777671
  6. Not at all, this site is just a PITA to use. Show was good, new location was better than the original in some ways. We also have this for sale: https://www.ebay.com/itm/162683777671
  7. 1965 Jack instruction decal

    It's because the GS is 4 lbs better than the non-GS.
  8. I was in shock. The manager (new owner?) says to me, "Who did you talk to? I don't know you. You have no contract with me." Dad was down there last week and everything was cool, so I had him come in. Again this guy says, "Who did you talk to?" Dad says, "I talked to YOU!" Suddenly the guy's story starts changing, but I'll save the rest for later... This guy has no idea how connected I am with the local hotels. My company brings in THOUSANDS of travelers every year, from all over the globe. Word will spread.
  9. If you want the full story, come to the show. Here's the short version: The Red Roof Inn is not honoring our agreement to host the show. We have relocated to the Ramada at 5805 W. Kellogg, just 1/2 mile east down the service road. We've got the whole east lot to ourselves. Please spread the word if you know anyone planning to come (with a car or not).
  10. Please introduce yourself...

    Yeah, there was an Ebert Buick in Winchester Virginia. That's all production data. An early form of the factory manifest or "build sheet" if you will. I've never seen one quite like it. TAKE CARE OF IT!!! Take a look at your cowl tag and see how the numbers compare...
  11. Spam Pie

    The biggest problem I have on my phone (besides the tiny keyboard and turning off wifi) is that the banner ads are locked in size, so it screws with the formatting: Here's the foul line of code: If I try to go there, it's non-existent:
  12. Spam Pie

    My real solution is to turn wifi off on my phone. When it connects on the cell network, I'm fine. There's still some goofiness when viewing this site on my tiny phone screen, though. A forum iPhone app would be nice. The silly thing is that this is the only site that gives me this problem, and the admins say I'm the only one complaining...
  13. Spam Pie

    It's the way the webpage code is structured. The content is delivered from one file, while the "stylesheet" is delivered in a separate file. The entire look of the page is based on what's defined in the CSS stylesheet. Because the forum software developers decided to point the code back to a CSS stylesheet saved on a server identified as something other than "forums.aaca.org," and that server is blocked by the corporate firewall, so I can't get a stylesheet for this forum. This results in the above appearance. Someone else probably uses the same developer's products to discuss or promote behavior deemed inappropriate by our corporate censor, and this forum is just collateral damage. The solution is simple: Put the CSS stylesheet on the forums.aaca.org server. Apparently, I'm the only one that has complained about this issue, so that doesn't warrant the need for anything to change. Sorry to bore you with the gorey details...
  14. Awards are done. Free pizza for all who enter a car. Dash plaques should be here tomorrow. Who's coming for them?
  15. Spam Pie

    My dream is that someday the forum admins will quit hosting their CSS rules on a separate server. I can get to this site just fine at work, but the corporate firewall blocks wherever the formatting files are stored. My work around has been a side machine on our "guest" network that works just fine, until today. I was enjoying my Jalapeño Spam at lunch time, and a co-worker was telling me about spotting a vintage Hormel add in a 1940 Nat. Geo. I requested a copy to share here, and proceeded to pull up this on my side machine. How often would you visit this site if it looked like this?