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  1. If it makes you feel better, I paid money to look at a car collection in Tallahassee last Friday, and there were only 3 Buicks in the bunch.
  2. I know a guy who inadvertently connectn ed the wires wrong at the starter and made a short at the solenoid. If it works fine on the bench, disconnect everything but the primary (BIG wire), then connect the battery. Check for voltage on the small leads. Could be a stuck relay or shorted switch.
  3. What Ben means is, "That's a great VISOR." Not everyone appreciates them, but I think they suit these cars well.
  4. Some parts that may be found in true NOS condition can be great (like the afore mentioned body parts), while some NOS parts I wouldn't touch with a 10ft pole. Obviously polymers don't last long (shelf life of maybe 7 to 10 years) and some are junk just because metal technologies are much improved using modern materials. I wouldn't use a set of NOS bearings or rings in an engine overhaul unless there were absolutely no alternatives.
  5. As I recall, the 322s were designed to be sleeved. Pretty sure the procedure is defined in the maintenance manual.
  6. I shared this with a GN group on Facebook. I haven't laughed this hard in a while!!! That luggage rack, the cheap looking plaque, and Chrysler LeBaron badge on the trunk! Oh my gosh that thing is a piece of work. Thanks for sharing, Barney!
  7. Dial back the distributor a little, and maybe enrich the mix a touch before you break something...
  8. Wow, 1 of 500... that makes for an expensive dash plaque that any trophy shop could make for five bucks...
  9. Killed the cat for digging or for laughing?
  10. Better git them up on eBay! "L@@K!!! NOS fenders. Surface rust, minor dents, super RARE. Easy restore, as seen on Barret-Jackson & Mechum."
  11. Watching the hood closing process on a '55 makes me glad my grandpa waited another year before buying his Buick...
  12. Believe me, if this were a '65, gears would be turning. I was wrong on having photos of the car. I've got about a dozen, but it's always in the background of this Toro. I didn't remember the Voodoo on the rear deck lid, but I can see it was there in back in 2013.
  13. I've got a friend that needs to sell her '55, but she's developed a rod knock. She's looking for the cheapest option possible to make it a driver. If you'll be passing near Wichita on your way to Omaha (I could come meet you in Salina on I-70, or York on I-80), I'd be glad to pass on price & information on the motor.
  14. I really like the orange, and as I recall, the flames were pretty nice. I also like the stance. It was an awesome looking color when I saw it in person a few years back. The auction says it's faded now, which is a shame... kinda. A friend of mine summed it up pretty well, I think. He said it looked like the builder couldn't pick a theme. It's like random design elements thrown at it 'because he could,' not because they looked good together. The car actually looked pretty well done. Kind of a case of more skill than taste. I've got a daughter that loves leopard prints, so she'd dig the interior. I've got photos somewhere; let me see if I can dig them up. Oh... and shaved handles with no poppers would drive me nuts. First thing I would do is order a keyless door popper kit.
  15. HA! I know that car!!!! It was bad when I saw it for sale a few years ago. Looks like the new owner made it worse! Ok, seriously, it is local to me. If this is your thing, I'd look at it again for you...