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  1. Buick engine

    Designed by Buick shared with NOTHING? That’s tough. GMC was using Buick engines back in the 30’s.
  2. 1973 Buick, cheap, not mine

    Funny looking ‘73...
  3. Spam Pie

    I was going to cube it and put it in an omelette, but my middle daughter wanted some… Thus the cheese!
  4. Spam Pie

    The real breakfast of champions. Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving!
  5. Spam Pie

    I wonder if this is more Tank's speed...
  6. Question: Delco Model 986281?

    Yeah, I think a higher week would be in more demand, driving the price up. A *working* radio of an earlier manufacturing date might be more rare, but that doesn't make it more desirable. Ive never gone through one myself, but as far as radios of this era goes, these seem to require more work than average.
  7. Question: Delco Model 986281?

    From what I gather, those radios were notoriously bad from the factory. Good design, poor soldering. I think if I was in the market for one, I'd gravitate towards later production. A week 20 radio would be 8 weeks newer than a week 12 radio, thus the assemblers had 8 more weeks of practice in soldering with the week 20 radio.
  8. Spam Pie

    The P-38 was left at home. Believe me, it was the first thing I thought of. I miss the SPAM key. That was WAY more fun...
  9. Spam Pie

    Buyer beware. I was traveling on business last week, and decided to stock up since I didn't know what my lunch arrangements would be like, and found a multi-pack of Deviled Ham that looked like a good deal: No pull-tab?!? Not funny. Glad I had some Jalapeño SPAM to save the day...
  10. Any reputable pot metal restorers out there?

    Yep. Restoring pot metal is definitely an art. Parts can be broken, bent, & cracked and be brought back, but it's not a cheap process. Not all chrome shops do restorations, some will simply plate what you give them, straight or not.
  11. Any reputable pot metal restorers out there?

    We've used Superior down in Houston. www.justchromeit.com They are one of the few shops left in the country that can chemically strip the chrome from the pot metal before they restore it. Mechanical removal embeds debris into the base metal, which propagates more pitting. They have done steel & pot metal for us, and the pot metal is WAY more expensive. If you can find better used parts or reproductions, that's always cheaper.
  12. Spam Pie

    You are right, there is no comparison! 😜 The guy in the video says it tastes just like SPAM, but he is wrong! He also has a video where he reviews the Underwood products. At first he's disappointed because it doesn't smell like POTTED MEAT, but as far as product quality goes, he's spot on (except for his love for mayonnaise).
  13. Spam Pie

    Challenge acceped. I have never in my life eaten "potted meat," but I've been accused of doing so whenever consuming deviled ham. I decided to put the SPAM spread head to head against my favorite non-perishable meat spread, Underwood's Deviled Ham. Let's take a look: The first thing to note is the price and the size of the can. Locally, I paid $1.64 for 4.25 oz of Deviled Ham vs. $1.38 for 3 oz of the SPAM spread. That's 36¢/oz compared to 46¢/oz respectively. Nutritionally, the contents are pretty comparable. Sodium is a little higher in the SPAM, but if you are salt-sensitive you'd probably want to steer clear of both. I'm not salt-sensitive so the sodium content here doesn't bother me in the slightest. Carbs are a little higher in the Underwood due to the brown sugar, but that's pretty insignificant. The one thing that really stood out is that the Deviled Ham is basically ham & spices, where the SPAM spread ingredients give me the impression that it really is just a bunch of offal scooped up off the floor. Popping open the cans I noted that the Underwood product had a courser, firmer texture than the SPAM, which I prefer. Straight out of the can, both had decent flavor, but the SPAM was obviously more bland, and the chicken content was very noticeable under the traditional SPAM flavor. Both products spread nicely, and held their shape on the crackers very well. This is where the Deviled Ham really shined, as the spicyness of the product still gave plenty of kick over the saltine to provide a more interesting presentation of flavor. The Hormel contender barely had enough flavor behind it to overcome the cracker. As expected, the Deviled Ham also provided longer lasting enjoyment due to the extra 1.25 oz in the can. Don't try this at home. Aside from the squishiness, you'd hardly know the SPAM spread was in there if sandwiched between TWO crackers. The Underwood, however, still held its own under the saltine assault. In the end, this was really no contest. More meat for your money, and better flavor for the long haul makes the Underwood Deviled Ham the clear choice for crackery meat spread. The chickeniness was not bad, just a little unexpected coming from a SPAM product. It really needed some help from some Tobascco, mustard, jalapeño slices, or some other product that can step the flavor up a notch or two to be on the same level as the Underwood straight out of the can. Sorry SPAM! It was a good try, but for today I'll continue to buy the can in the white paper wrapper.
  14. Spam Pie

    Well, I'd guess it's either a group of British motorists touring the US, or an evacuation due to something like a hurricane or zombie outbreak.