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  1. Of course, I feel silly... The word "Top" is always there, whether you get a code with it or not.
  2. Hmmm... You've got a good one, there. I've never seen a number for a paint code, either...
  3. Rain-X is really just wax suspended in acetone. Liquid, paste, or whatever, it gets more effective the thicker it gets. Apply often to achieve best results. If it's already raining, it is too late. I was a skeptic for a long time, but once I got a good layer on, I was amazed.
  4. I've considered bashing into an old wiper control for a slicker look, but that's pretty far down the to-do list. Our wiper control knob is in an existing hole in the bottom of the dash. Not very convenient, but mostly out of sight...
  5. My wife says she'll take it. Of course, she has no money, so I doubt you two will be able to reach an equitable agreement...
  6. Oh, a '56 grille. Wonder if it's the big one or the little one...
  7. there were 2 sizes and im not sure which was which, but heres one of them: https://www.amazon.com/Dorman-77022-Chevrolet-Oldsmobile-Replacement/dp/B000B68BPE
  8. our FM/mp3 module...
  9. looks like electroplating marks from here...
  10. I can't imagine rechroming would be economically feasible. Those are standard GM parts, used on lots of models. Interior and exterior handles are available new from Dorman for less than $15 each.
  11. I would drain the oil, and pay attention to how it flows. If it doesn't seem particularly sludgey, just change it again after a tank of gas.
  12. Plate voltage on a 12V6GT is normally 250-285 in a push-pull installation. 12BA6, 12BF6, and 12BE6 all look like they are happy down to 100v, but are fine up to 300. I don't remember for sure what I used to get in mine, but 230-240 sounds about right. By the way, if you haven't seen it, here's a neat little pub with some troubleshooting tips...
  13. i thought the Sonomatic ran closer to 225-250v. seems to me some of the tube plates dont like more than 275v...
  14. primarily its 2 things: over time, the cone suspension materials (or the cone itself) degrades. the speed of degradation will be dependant on environment (UV, humidity, etc...). voice coil failures usually result from overpowering the speaker. bass frequencies tend to put more heat into the coil than mids & treble. I had an '82 Buick in high school that had an AWESOME sounding stock stereo. unfortunately, the voice coils couldnt handle the Roland 808 that was popular in the late '80s/early '90s music that I listened to. i would overheat the coils, but instead of burning them out, they would distort and start rubbing on the magnet, makkng an annoying cherping sound. i replaced them once or twice with salvage soeakers, but they all met the same demise.
  15. Ive bought from Parts Express before: http://www.parts-express.com/cat/dash-door-deck-car-speakers/390?N=20456+4294967118+4294965865&Ne=10166&Nrs=collection()%2Frecord[endeca%3Amatches(.%2C"P_PortalID"%2C"1")+and+endeca%3Amatches(.%2C"P_Searchable"%2C"1")]&PortalID=1 if you cant find a modern 6x9 that fits, you could adapt to something like a 5.25". if you go that route, id keep the kenwood in the trunk.