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  1. SpecialEducation

    Have you got your antique car tag yet?

    My '90 only has an antique tag because I bought it in Tennessee. The PO installed the tag with bolts, so my current Kansas tag is under the pax seat waiting for me to take the time to care to install it. In Kansas, I can't get tags until the car is 35 years old, so my 1983s don't qualify until I renew in August.😒
  2. SpecialEducation

    1990 Coupe - Trying to raise the dead

    From what I’m reading, you have a ‘cranks but no start’ issue? To say it doesn’t turn over sounds like a no crank issue, but what you are really saying is that it will crank and occasionally fire, but no start. If that is the case, can you hear the fuel pump run when you turn the key to run? Those old pumps hate to sit. I’ve seen many ‘ran when parked’ failures related to a sitting electric pump. You should hear it run for about a second when you first turn the key to run (not start). If it doesn’t run, check the relay first. You can also hotwire the pump for diagnostic purposes if its a bad relay. If it is running, check fuel pressure as Ronnie said.
  3. SpecialEducation

    1956 Buick Century Dash Pad Redo

    Sounds & looks like $200 well spent.
  4. SpecialEducation

    Loosing another piece of Buick history

    Do you have a list of museums you’ve tried, so we don’t double-team? The first one I’m thinking of is the Route 66 Museum in Clinton, Oklahoma. It is run by the OHS, which is a state agency (public!).
  5. SpecialEducation

    1989 Buick Reatta Power Antenna Replacement - Wiring Help

    Yes, blue is switched, and red is always hot: http://www.metraonline.com/files/products/INSTAW-PW22.pdf
  6. SpecialEducation

    1989 Buick Reatta Power Antenna Replacement - Wiring Help

    No. The relay on the stock antenna should be internal on your 3rd party replacement.
  7. SpecialEducation

    1989 Buick Reatta Power Antenna Replacement - Wiring Help

    Without having the data for the new one, I’m guessing. Red should always be hot, black always ground. Blue hot makes it go up, blue cold is down. On the car, orange is hot at all times, so it should go to the red. Black-black, pink-blue.
  8. SpecialEducation

    1953 Buick special fuel pump vapor lock problem

    1. Stay away from ethanol. 2. Shield the pump & lines from heat. 3. Install an electric pump. The higher the pressure, the lower the vaporization point. Put the regulator as close as you can to the carb. 4. Create a tank return so excess fuel is circulated through. Faster moving fuel picks up less heat spends less time forward of the firewall where it’s hot.
  9. SpecialEducation

    1968 parts GT in Aurora, Co

    A 1968 GT just hit the LKQ self service yard in Aurora, Colorado...
  10. SpecialEducation

    53 special service frequency

    Do you store the car for the winter there? I’d guess not, but if you do, I’d change the oil just *before* storage. Combustion products in the oil can turn things corrosive as it sits, so fresh oil is better for storage. Otherwise, just change the oil once a year with a good quality conventional oil. Either use oil with ZDDP (zinc phosphate) in it, or add it at every oil change to protect your cam & flat tappets from eating each other.
  11. SpecialEducation

    Parts yard

    I’ve rarely found that salvage yards and customer service belong in the same sentence together. There are exceptions, but especially when dealing with rare parts, they seem to know they don’t have to try, because it’s not like you can just visit the competition across the street & get the same thing. I recently bought a “large console” out of a ‘94 Roady from a self service yard that was clearly an armrest, not a console. Menu price for a large console was about double that of an armrest. I would have let them keep it, if this hadn’t been the first one I’d seen in years that wasn’t broken.
  12. SpecialEducation

    UPDATED: Looking For Help Cheering Up Grandparents

    I don't get it. How does that car only rate as the coolest on the block? It would be the coolest thing on my street. My zip code. Probably my whole town... Makes me wonder what was on the next block! FWIW: Those would be whitewall tires with red wheel felloes.
  13. SpecialEducation

    55 roadmaster 322 , 2 barrel carb problems

    How about a photo to clear things up?
  14. SpecialEducation

    1956 Brake Master Cylinder Reservoir

    Ours developed a hole, too. We just had a guy who was good at welding aluminum patch it up. The patch ended up being about 10 times bigger than the original hole because it was so thin in that area... We now run DOT 5, too...
  15. SpecialEducation

    Automobile Alley - Oklahoma City

    A few more pix from last weekend. Can’t wait for the grass to turn green...