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  1. I like working on tubeset radios, and the originality and nostalgia of the Sonomatic, but there's just nothing on AM radio in this area that I'm interested in listening to when cruising in the '56. Hopefully you've got better programming in your area.
  2. Hi Dan, glad you are here! I've been a big fan of turbo Buicks since the late '80s myself, but have never owned one. I've been tracking prices on these for a while now, and it's amazing the wide price ranges I see on these things. Are you on Facebook? There are a few groups I'm in over there where the guys have been pretty helpful with breaking down some of the factors that affect the value of these cars.
  3. Hi Steve, I hope there might be a Skylark in the future for you, too!
  4. My dad likes the noise. He says it makes him feel nostalgic. Whatever.
  5. The real story: https://www.facebook.com/1956Buick/posts/1262768057132063
  6. In Wichita, ethanol free is about 50¢ more (currently $2.70/gal).
  7. Geez... You can get AVGAS with genuine TEL for less than that!
  8. OK, I know we have talked about this, and it appears that Buick did different things in different years, so I'm looking for someone to settle this once and for all... We know that there are 3 different compression ratios used in 1956 322s. My '56 factory manual states that the Synchromesh got lower domed pistons, and that ALL series got .015" head gaskets. We also know that there are 2 head castings out there for 1956 cars (not worried about the trucks). When I look up replacement parts, I see that Fel-pro lists two sets for high & low compression, and I think that may be applicable for '54 & '55, but if all series got the same thickness in '56, is that all the "high compression" gaskets? I see others selling .045", so I assume that's the low compression. Let's stop assuming. Can someone tell me the factory part numbers for the pistons, head gaskets, & head castings for 1956 322s for 40 series SM & Dynas, and the same for the 50-60-70 series engines? Sorry if this has been answered before somewhere and I couldn't find it. I'm still having tremendous issues with viewing this site. I find a lot of 'in 54 they did this' and 'in 55 they did that' stuff. I want to nail (heh) this down for '56. Thanks...
  9. Absolutely. Ours was single exhaust from the factory and we converted to dual using the original manifolds, but I've seen nothing in the original materials that suggested there was any requirement to bundle any of these...
  10. The issue with pot metal is that impurities in it seriously affects the chrome. When rechroming it, you need to chemical strip it. Mechanical stripping & rework can embed more impurities into the pot metal, which pisses of the chrome. Virgin pot metal is pretty easy to work with, it's the used stuff that's a nightmare. That's why repros are more economical than refinishing originals.
  11. The auction above is Bob's. I'm sure Bob's & Cars are made in the same factory.
  12. I'm having issues with the forums that makes PMs difficult, but here's a couple links: http://www.oldbuickparts.com/cart/fender-porthole-1953-buick-p-6488.html http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/111146690117
  13. Remind me what year we are talking about. We bought repros because they were cheaper than rechroming our originals. I'm not going to say they are factory perfect, but they are pretty good...
  14. Of course, I feel silly... The word "Top" is always there, whether you get a code with it or not.
  15. Hmmm... You've got a good one, there. I've never seen a number for a paint code, either...