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  1. Wow's a shame you are cutting so many corners. 😲 Seriously, that is going to be sweet!
  2. Back in a 63 Riv after a 13 year hiatus.

    Making more progress. The bumpers are good driver quality, but I just don’t have the cash to have them plated at this point. Same with the wheels. A friend of mine owns Dayton Wire Wheel, but I just don’t have the spare cash. Paint turned out really well. When I delivered the car, I told them not to make it a concours piece like we did on the Porsche. I told them I want a nice cruise-in quality car...Something I can enjoy. A critical eye could pick out some gaps that are not exact, but it’s going to look really good at the local cruise night.
  3. Back in a 63 Riv after a 13 year hiatus.

    Paint is nearly done. Pretty much everything is buffed out and reassembly is starting. Getting pretty excited
  4. Back in a 63 Riv after a 13 year hiatus.

    Being a lifelong midwestern guy, it’s nice to work on these old California cars. Check out the paint on the cowl. That’s all original just wiped down with wax and grease remover.
  5. Back in a 63 Riv after a 13 year hiatus.

    Yes, full Saddle interior - Headliner, package tray and headliner I already have. Just ordered all the side and door panels from Clark’s on Friday. Going to have to build up some operating cash before I can do the seats.
  6. Back in a 63 Riv after a 13 year hiatus.

    Sunny and mid-40s today, so I tried to get some detail work done. I hate buffing in my shop, slinging debris everywhere.
  7. Back in a 63 Riv after a 13 year hiatus.

    This morning the paint-work began. Yay!
  8. Back in a 63 Riv after a 13 year hiatus.

    Sooo...once we got in there I started waffling on only painting the back half this year. Monday afternoon I started stripping off the front half panels.
  9. Chrome Headliner Molding 63-65

    These are sold. Thanks
  10. Some surface rust on some of the pieces, but none of it too pitted. $10 each piece except for the 65 package tray molding which is $30 for the pair. thx!
  11. Nearly a full set. Missing the piece above the rear window and one rear quarter diagonal. Average condition… Shiny but a lot of pits. $90 plus shipping for all of it
  12. Looking for new rivets that fasten the vent grill to the kick panel. Is this a common upholstery rivet? Thank you.
  13. Back in a 63 Riv after a 13 year hiatus.

    Here is what distracted me for so long. It's a cool car and I'm very proud of the end result, but I'm looking forward to having something that I can pile all my buddies in a go out for a night on the town.
  14. Back in a 63 Riv after a 13 year hiatus.

    This has been dormant for a long time. Now that I have my Porsche project done, I'm back on the Riv. It had got lightly rear ended back in the 70s and the bodywork repair was questionable at best. The only real rust on the car was in the trough below the rear window… Pineneedles had collected there and rusted out the window frame. Last year I rebuilt the window frame and that was about as far as I got. As of this week it's at my buddies body shop getting the rear half straightened out. Some think I'm crazy, but I'm only going to paint the back half for now. That way I can get the glass and interior back in and enjoy driving it this summer. Next winter I will do the front half. I don't have the time, money or zeal for another full restoration. It's white, so I'm not concerned too much with paint match. Meanwhile, I have collected a really nice wood steering wheel, factory tachometer and original aluminum valve covers. I have a new carpet and headliner from Clark's and a full round of chrome interior roof line moldings. Can't wait to be driving it again