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  1. Wood wheel with cap and horn bar

    On to Ebay. Buy it now is only $850.00
  2. Hello everyone. For sale is this original wood wheel with cap and one of Rick Rawls horn bars. It is a nice wheel with only two small cracks where the spokes meet rim. The emblem in cap is not cracked. There is some pitting on the top of the hub, but it shines up nicely. Having trouble posting pics, but feel free to contact me at Cornpanzer(at)sbcglobal(dot)net $900 plus shipping from Ohio
  3. FS. Nice HVAC control panel 64/65

    Thanks Ed. So this is for a 64 only? David
  4. FS. Nice HVAC control panel 64/65

    Pix of back...
  5. I believe this is the correct control box for 64 and 65. It's in really good condition. No broken levers. $45 + shipping from ohio.
  6. Need help decoding this 63 data plate

    Jim, It does have a power antenna. I am in the process of removing the AC, and AM/FM Radio to use in my car. The rest of it is going to a friend who will part it out. It is way too rusty to save Oddly enough, it has power vents, but no power seats. Weird...
  7. Need help decoding this 63 data plate

    Nope, this is an electrical knob like a rheostat and it is actually on the fuse box cover. Apprars factory. Will try to get photo later
  8. Need help decoding this 63 data plate

    Thank you all for your help. I did join the ROA, but I think I lapsed recently. Determined that it is not a posi. Have not checked the ratio yet. Car does have original AM/FM, Tilt, AC, Power vents and windows. It has the switch for rear de-fog, but the blower is gone. It does not have power seats. It is a smooth dash car. It has a small black rotary knob on the lower left fuse box cover. What would that have been for? sadly someone took out all the blue interior and replaced it with Brown. Wanted to match the horrible beige paint I suppose. Verified that it is a 401.
  9. Drug this pile home. (63 parts car)

    While digging through his part stash, I found these rocker covers. Just need a little bead blast action and some polishing. ?
  10. So, a while back I found this honey hole of first-generation cars and parts. Last month I came home with a really nice wood wheel with horn bar and center cap intact. Today I went back and bought a 63 parts car. it's really rusty and nasty, having sat in a shed for 25+ years. However, has AC, power vent windows, remote trunk release, factory AM/FM and cornering lamps. Was originally light blue with blue leather interior, but someone swap it out for saddle interior and baby poop brown paint. What were they thinking? it's a very early smooth dash car. All the cool options and AC are going on my 63, but the rest of the stuff including mechanicals is up for grabs. I also swiped the heater valve and got it working. Yay! Again, it is a rusty and deteriorated old car. Not much savable from the interior. Please email me a wish list at "cornpanzer(at)sbcglobal(dot)net"
  11. Just drug home this well optioned 63. Can anyone help me decode the plate. I'm hoping it has a posi unit. Rivnut? :-)
  12. FS 1st gen Wood Wheel

    Oh, where did my photos go..".
  13. Original wood wheel plus hub. In good shape, but a couple cracks in the wood. $300 obo.