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  1. `While taking off my car cover today, I slipped and snapped of the side view mirror off of the base. This is a universal Buick side view mirror that fits a 56 not NOS. I am ordering a replacement now. Can anyone tell me if I will have to take off my door panels to properly install the side view mirror? Thanks
  2. 1954 banker's hot rod

    Matt, Nice project... Got to love those Model 48s. I am partial to purple too. Mark
  3. No, unfortunately there are no rebuild kits for these old rear ends. Luckily, I have yet to have any issues with the swap.
  4. A nice day in Maryland so took the 56 to my favorite watering hole.
  5. Buick - Turn Signals

    Doug, My 36-60 Master Chassis Parts Book does not show a schematic for the 58 but, does show a schematic for a 57. However, I was able to get some part numbers for you. Section 2.822 part number 1167532....1 Insulator, Horn Contact (flexible wheels) part number 1167527...1 Contact, Horn Button part number 1182181...1 Nut, Horn Contact Plate to Horn Operating Ring Adjusting Section 2.823 part number 1167540...1 Spring, Horn Contact Separator (flexible wheels) part number 1167528...1 Spacer Horn Contact
  6. My 57 Buick special project

    Congrats, looks like an awesome project for your first restoration.
  7. Modified Division - Alive and Well!

    That is good news. I am interested in finding out about when and how the membership dues will be collected.
  8. Wanted 1954/55/56 radiator

    I have the wizard cooling radiator in my 56. no problems with the purchase or use
  9. Thanks for your replies. We are changing oil today.
  10. Trying to help a friend out. Can someone tell me where the oil filler cap is located on a 66 401. We can't find a diagram in his shop manual. Thanks
  11. End of one man's dream and a sobering reminder

    Thanks for the tip.... Just checked with my insurance company and both my classics are insured with a guaranteed agreed amount if they were to be totaled. Wow what a piece of mind. Mark
  12. WTB Turn Signal Switch "56" Special

    Thanks, I will.
  13. WTB Turn Signal Switch "56" Special

    The turn signal switch for a 56 is a one year only. Appreciate your willingness to help.
  14. Looking to purchase a turn signal switch for a 1956 Special. Any help in tracking one down is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mark
  15. 1956 exhaust manifold stud or bolt

    Bill, According to my Shop Manual the thread size is 3/8-16, torqued to 10-15 Ft lbs Mark