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  1. Thanks for your replies. We are changing oil today.
  2. Trying to help a friend out. Can someone tell me where the oil filler cap is located on a 66 401. We can't find a diagram in his shop manual. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the tip.... Just checked with my insurance company and both my classics are insured with a guaranteed agreed amount if they were to be totaled. Wow what a piece of mind. Mark
  4. Thanks, I will.
  5. The turn signal switch for a 56 is a one year only. Appreciate your willingness to help.
  6. Looking to purchase a turn signal switch for a 1956 Special. Any help in tracking one down is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mark
  7. Bill, According to my Shop Manual the thread size is 3/8-16, torqued to 10-15 Ft lbs Mark
  8. Congrats, beautiful car
  9. Please share what you decided to go with and approximate cost. I want to do the same thing for my new acquisition.
  10. I have a 401 in my 56 (dual exhaust). Russ Martin in CA sold me my exhaust manifolds. Can't remember what years they are but, contact him, he will tell you what you need.
  11. Not sure all the tours for the 2017 Nationals have been nailed down yet. I understand the Volo Auto Museum is about 1hr away from the Nationals location and is an excellent place for car enthusiasts to visit. If not already on the tour list, it may be one to consider adding
  12. can someone tell me what cad color is, I mean what do I ask for when shopping for the paint?
  13. Hi Steve, I am in Ellicott City. You might want to consider joining BOOM, Buick Owners of Maryland. A lot of cool guys that know a thing or two about Buicks and Nailheads. Mark
  14. Lamar, Thanks and Merry Christmas too you also.
  15. My state requires a license plate in both the front and rear. I have a front license plate bracket from a 1956 Roadmaster, is it a direct fit onto a 1956 Special front bumper?