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  1. Email Security

    John , I agree that using our old cars in such an event can be very fulfilling. I recently did this for my son at his marriage this past summer (see ). Unfortunately there are various legal and insurance entanglements that can result from such arrangements, for hire or not, and that is why we do not use the club to facilitate such arrangements. Of course our members are free to do as they please just as I did for my own son.
  2. Email Security

    We had the email addresses published for all officers. Some of the officers complained of getting an excess of bogus email. I removed all of their addresses and inserted a contact form next to the list of officers. If anyone wants to contact an officer they must use the contact form that is next to the listing of officers. They must give their email address and name and indicate in the body of the message area who they want to contact. All email is directed to me (I am the webmaster). If I think it is something that our executives would like to consider I forward it to them. If it is bogus I delete it. If I know that it is something that we are not interested in (according to club policy ... for example we do not connect members with people wishing to hire a car) I respond to the sender and so inform them. It works. Please see our page that lists executives and explains how to contact them. We also list the email addresses of members but the area of the webpage where these are is password protected. It is for member use only.
  3. Buicks and Weddings

    Thanks, Ken! Using the Buick for my son's wedding was the most fun I ever had with it.

    My pump worked fine but leaked a bit at the diaphragm. I tightened all screws. One was loose and not even engaging the threads. I got it to tighten. It still leaked after a 10 mile run. I sent it for a rebuild to Classic Car Trader in NJ. He did a nice rebuild and found that he had to put a helicoil in the hole where the loose screw was. I suspect my 'repair' never held. So, a bad thread possibly? By the way, the rebuild looks good and is OK 6 months later. Cost was very little more than a kit. He did take over a month because I sent the unit just as he was going on vacation. Check ahead on return time. Carl (owner) uses only modern materials that resist damage from modern fuel. He also pays for return shipping.
  5. I.D. this bumper guard--1941?

    Neil ... mine does look just like yours. I have the two center bumper guards around the license plates as you do. I just took the photo of one of them from the side. I like those fog lights you have. Are they original to the car? Details?
  6. I.D. this bumper guard--1941?

    I have attached photos of my installed bumper guards. I have a 1941 Roadmaster sedan (model 71). Front Bumper: Center guard about 13" long and 4" wide at point where it crosses top of bumper Front Bumper: End guard about 11-1/2" long and 3" wide at point where it crosses top of bumper Rear Bumper: Guards about 11-3/4" long and 4" wide at point where it crosses top of bumper. Notice the deep curve/notch to conform to the bumper shape. does yours have this? I believe mine to be original and correct to this car.
  7. Buicks and Weddings

    Thanks, Neil! It's feedback like yours and others on this site that encourages me to write about the Buick.
  8. Oil Filter advice needed

    I get my filters at NAPA . The number is the NAPA Gold 1001. Their catalog part number is FIL 1001. They are presently going for $14.49 if ordered online for store delivery. Check the dimensions to be sure. They come with two gaskets, one of which fits just fine. I usually order 2 or 3 at a time and stock up. Click on the blue link to see the item at NAPA.
  9. 2016 Hershey Fall Meet - nearly 400 photos

    Hershey 2017 was great too and the weather was even better. I posted over 250 images (fewer than last year) on our AACA Region site. We all had a great time.
  10. Buicks and Weddings

    avgwarhawk -Thanks for the encouragement, it's always appreciated here. They did have a good time indeed! AC Furman - Congratulations to you and your bride! I'm sure the '55 made the day that much better. It's been 41 years for my wife and I. Enjoy every minute because the years go by in a wink. (recently installed front seat belts ; now my wife is less reluctant to ride with me ; that's her in the photo below.)
  11. (2016-09-24) Success

    Kaftan .... That is a great series of photographs documenting the restoration of your car. Congratulations! I looked at every photo and got a big kick out of it. Nice work.
  12. Buicks and Weddings

    Kaftan ... Thanks for complement. The car makes me happy (most of the time). The photo was done by the wedding photographer, Matt, who went to school years ago with my children. Matt is very good. He even rode shotgun in the Buick so he wouldn't miss a thing.
  13. Buicks and Weddings

    My son and his fiancée made a very special request of me back in May of 2017. They asked me to chauffeur them in my '41 Buick Roadmaster sedan on their wedding day. I was thrilled to be given this opportunity. I was also quite anxious. My car is no beauty and it is on a constant repair and improvement schedule. A lot had to be done before the wedding date. I have chronicled the event on my WordPress blog and you are welcome to read the entire story. Just click the blue link to get there. I hope some folks enjoy the story and are encouraged to post their own story here on the AACA forum. Thanks! (Note: Photograph courtesy of Matt Ferrara Photography)
  14. The Buick Goes to a Wedding

  15. Our club, the Westerly-Pawcatuck Region AACA has been going to Hershey for decades. This year we will be in our regular spot behind the stadium as usual. Exact space is listed in link below. Several of our items are pictured at the link. Have a little fun and stop by our For Sale at Hershey page to see our flea market treasures and to meet the guys. We enjoy talking with fellow AACA members and we may even have that elusive part you are looking for. And if you want to see what Hershey looked like last year check out our gallery of over 300 photos